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Abbreviation Meaning

AA Always Afloat
AAAA Always Accessible Always Afloat
AAOSA Always Afloat or Safe Aground. Condition for a vessel whilst in port
AARA Amsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
ABAF oward the rear !stern" of the ship. Behind.
ABOAR# On or within the ship
ABO$% #%C& On the dec' !not over it - see A(OF"
AB About
A#CO) Address Commission
A##%*#+) Additional chartering terms at the end of a charter party
AFS,S Arrival First Sea ,ilot Station !*orway"
AFFR%-./)%* he hiring of a ship in whole or part
AF At or towards the stern or rear of a ship
A.RO+*# ouching or fast to the bottom
A.0 All .oing 0ell
A/( Australian /old (adders
A-#S O *A$-.A-O*
Artificial ob1ects to supplement natural landmar's indicating safe and unsafe
A(OF Above the dec' of the ship
A)-#S/-,S -n or toward the centre of the ship
Arrival *otice - an import document send to the notify party and2or importer3s
bro'er containing all necessary arrival info for Customs clearance4 normally
with freight charges.
A*C/ORA.% A place suitable for anchorage in relation to the wind5 seas and bottom
A*/A) Antwerp-/amburg Range
A,S Arrival ,ilot Station
ARA. Amsterdam-Rotterdam--Antwerp-.ent Range
)ethod of settling disputes which is usually binding on parties. A clause
usually in a charter party
A2S Alongside
ASBA American Shipbro'ers Association
AS* Advance Shipment *otice
AS,0 Any Safe ,ort in the 0orld
AS%R* -n the bac' of the ship5 opposite of ahead
AA Actual time of arrival
A# Actual time of departure
A#*S/-*C Any ime #ay2*ight Sundays and /olidays -ncluded
A/0ARS/-,S At right angles to the centreline of the ship
A+C Actual imes +sed to Count
A0B Air waybill
0here a seller2shipper issues a 3letter of indemnity3 in favour of the carrier in
e6change for a clean bill of lading
BAF Bun'er Ad1ustment Factor. A Fuel Surcharge e6pressed as a percentage added
or subtracted from the freight amount5 reflecting the movement in the mar'et
place price for bun'ers.
BA(% CA,.
Cubic capacity of a vessels holds to carry pac'aged dry cargo such as
/eavy weight5 often sea water5 necessary for the stability and safety of a ship
which is not carrying cargo
BA((AS BO*+S Compensation for relatively long ballast voyage
BAR%BOA C/R. Bareboat Charter - Owners lease a specific ship and control its technical
management and commercial operations only. Charterers ta'e over all
responsibility for the operation of the vessel and e6penses for the duration.
Before Brea'ing Bul'. Refers to freight payments that must be received
before discharge of a vessel commences
B#- Both #ates -nclusive
B%A) he ma6imum breadth or the greatest width of a ship
B%(O0 Beneath the dec'
B%*#S Both %nds !(oad 7 #ischarge ,orts"
B- Both -nclusive
B-)CO he Baltic and -nternational )aritime Council
B( Bale
!Bill of (ading" A document signed by the carrier which acts as a Contract of
Affreightment5 a receipt and evidence of title to the cargo.
B) Beam
B* Boo'ing *ote
BOB Bun'er on Board
BOFF%R Best Offer
BO0 he forward part of a ship
BROB Bun'ers Remaining on Board
,ercentage of freight payable to bro'er !by owners in c2p3s" or applicable to
sale or purchase
BSS Basis
BSS 828 Basis 8 ,ort to 8 ,ort
B Berth erms
B+(&/%A# A vertical partition separating compartments
his is the assembly of pieces of cargo5 secured into one manageable unit.
his is relevant to items such as Structural Steel5 /andrails5 Stairways etc.
0hilst this is a very fle6ible description5 a rule of thumb is to present cargo at
a si9e easily handled by a large !:; tonne" for' lift.
*ame given for vessels Fuel and #iesel Oil supplies !Originates from coal
An anchored float used for mar'ing a position on the water or a ha9ard or a
shoal and for mooring
B0A# Brac'ish 0ater Arrival #raft
Currency Ad1ustment Factor. A fee applied to the shipping costs to
compensate for e6change rate fluctuations.
CB) Cubic )etres
CBF !or CF" Cubic Feet
CFR !or C7F" Cost and Freight
C/AR A map used by navigators
C/O, Charterers Option
C/RS Charterers
Cost5 -nsurance 7 Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated port or
place of discharge.
C&# Completely 'noc'ed down
Contract of Affreightment - Owners agree to accept a cost per revenue tonne
for cargo carried on a specific number of voyages.
C-, Carriage and -nsurance paid to...
Certificate of Origin - a signed statement from a semiofficial organi9ation
certifying the origin of an e6port item5 re=uired by certain nations.
COAC, Contract of Affreightment Charter ,arty
COB Closing of Business
COB(#* Closing of Business (ondon
CO# Cash On #elivery
CO.SA Carriage of .oods by Sea Act
CO*.%S-O* ,ort2berth delays
CO*S Consumption
C*%% CO*S-.*%%. *ame of agent5 company or person receiving consignment
CO, Custom Of ,ort
C, !or C2," Charter ,arty
C,# Charterers ,ay #ues
C, Carriage ,aid o
C># Customary >uic' #espatch
CR Current Rate
CROB Cargo Remaining on Board
CR* Crane
Cargo Retention Clauses5 introduced by charterers based on shortage of
delivered cargo because of increased oil prices
CS Centisto'e
CR Container Fitted
#A #isbursement Account
#AF #eliver At Frontier
#A,S #ays all ,urposes !otal days for loading 7 discharging"
#A)FOR#% #amages for #etention. ,enalty if cargo is not ready when ship arrives for
wor'ing !8st day of (aycan". his is not detention which is charged for ships
time on delay. -f the cargo is ready there is no #A)FOR#%.
##+ #elivered #uty unpaid.
##, #elivered #uty ,aid.
#%C& A permanent covering over a compartment5 hull or any part thereof
#emurrage !>uay Rent". )oney paid by the shipper for the occupying port
space beyond a specified ?Free ime? period.
#%> #elivered %6 >uay
#%S #elivered %6 Ship
#%S, #espatch. ime saved5 reward for =uic' turnaround- in dry cargo only
#% #etention !See #A)FOR#%"
#%$ #eviation. $essel departure from specified voyage course
#FR #eadfreight. Space boo'ed by shipper or charterer on a vessel but not used
#/#ASB% #espatch /alf #emurrage on All ime Saved Both %nds
#/#0SB% #espatch /alf #emurrage on 0or'ing ime Saved Both %nds
#-SC/ #ischarge
#& #ec'
#(OS, #ropping (ast Outwards Sea ,ilot !*orway"
#O #iesel Oil
#O(S, #ropping Off (ast Sea ,ilot !*orway"
#O, #ropping Outward ,ilot
#O #epartment of ransport
#*RCAOS(O*( #iscountless and *on-Returnable Cargo and2or Ship (ost or *ot (ost
#RA+./ !or #RAF"
#epth to which a ship is immersed in water. he depth varies according to the
design of the ship and will be greater or lesser depending not only on the
weight of the ship and everything on board5 but also on the density of the
water in which the ship is lying.
#R& #erric'
)aterials of various types5 often timber or matting5 placed among the cargo
for separation5 and hence protection from damage5 for ventilation and5 in the
case of certain cargoes5 to provide space in which the tynes of a for' lift truc'
may be inserted.
#0A !or #0"
#eadweight. 0eight of cargo5 stores and water5 i.e. the difference between
lightship and loaded displacement.
%BB A receeding current
%C %ast Coast
%-+ %ven -f +sed
%($%* %lectric $entilation
%stimated ime of Arrival - the pro1ected date and time a shipment is
scheduled to arrive at its destination.
%C %stimated ime of Completion
%stimated ime of #eparture - the pro1ected date and time a shipment is
scheduled to depart from the port2airport of origin.
%S %stimated ime of Sailing
%@0 %6 0or's
FAC Fast as can
FAS Free Alongside Ship. Seller delivers goods to appropriate doc' or terminal at
port of embar'ation and buyer covers costs and ris's of loading
Free to Carrier. A modern e=uivalent of FAS used in intermodal transport
where goods are transferred at a nominated forwarders premises5 depot or
terminal but not actually on board vessel.
Full Container (oad - a container that is fully loaded by cargo5 occupying all
space5 or loaded to the ma6imum permissable weight. -t can contain cargo
from multiple shippers5 but normally is consigned to the same consignee. he
shipment is e6pected to be delivered to the consignee with the shipper3s seal
F# !F#-S" Free #ischarge
F## Freight #emurrage #eadfreight
F#%S, Free #espatch
Freight #eemed %arned5 #iscountless And *on-Returnable !Refundable" Ship
And Or Cargo (ost Or *ot (ost
A cushion5 placed between ships5 or between a ship and a pier5 to prevent
Standard A;B Container5 forty-foot e=uivalent unit5 a standard si9e intermodal
F/%@ Fridays2/olidays %6cluded
F/-*C Fridays2/olidays -ncluded
Free -n2(iner Out. Seafreight with which the shipper pays load costs and the
carrier pays for discharge costs.
Free -n2Out. Freight boo'ed F-O includes the seafreight5 but no
loading2discharging costs5 i.e. the charterer pays for cost of
loading2discharging cargo.
F-OS Free -n2Out Stowed. As per F-O5 but e6cludes stowage costs.
Free -n2Out and rimmed. Charterer pays for cost of loading2discharging
cargo5 including stowage and trimming.
Free -n2Out and rimmed. As per F-OS but includes trimming5 e.g. the
levelling of bul' cargoes. F-OS includes seafreight5 but e6cludes
loading2discharging and stowage costs.
F- Free -n rimmed
F-0 Free -n 0agon
F-@-*. Chartering a $essel
F-@+R% Conclusion of shipbro'ers negotiations to charter a ship - an agreement
F(A,AC&-*. Cargo to be presented stac'ed and secured as an integral unit.
F( Full (iner erms
F)C Federal )aritime Commission
F)% Force )a1eure %6cepted
F)S Fathoms
FO For Orders
FO !-FO" Fuel Oil2-ntermediate FO
FO Free Out
Free on Board. Seller sees the goods ?over the shipBs rail? on to the ship which
is arranged and paid for by the buyer
FOFF%R Firm Offer
FO. For Our .uidance
FO> Free On >uay
FOR Free On Rail
Clause limiting responsibilities of the charterers5 shippers and receivers of
FOR%-A*#-AF -n a line parallel to the 'eel
FOR0AR# oward the bow of the ship
FO Free On ruc'
FO0 First Open 0ater
FO0 Free On 0harf
F, Free ,rati=ue. Clearance by the /ealth Authorities
FR First Refusal. First attempt at best offer that can be matched
FR%%BOAR# he minimum vertical distance from the surface of the water to the gunwale
FR Freight. )oney payable on delivery of cargo in a mercantile condition
FR%% #%S,AC/
-f loading2discharging achieved sooner than agreed5 there will be no freight
money returned.
FR%% %@-*S Free of any %6tra -nsurance !Owners"
FR%% O+ Free of discharge costs to owners. -ncludes seafreight only.
Charterers when cancelling agreement sometimes =uote 3doctrine of
frustration3 i.e. vessel is lost5 e6tensive delays.
F0A# Fresh 0ater Arrival #raft
F0## Fresh 0ater #eparture #raft
F<. For <our .uidance
F<- For <our -nformation
.A .eneral Average
.%AR A general term for ropes5 bloc's5 tac'le and other e=uipment
.(S !.(%SS" .earless
.*C* .encon !.%*%RA( CO*#--O*S"
.* !or .R" .rain !Capacity"
.O .as Oil
., .rain Capacity. Cubic capacity in 3grain3
.R .eographical Rotation. ,orts in order of calling
.R# .eared
.eneral Rate -ncrease. +sed to describe an across-the-board tariff rate
increase implemented by conference members and applied to base rates.
.R .ross Registered onnage
.SB .ood5 Safe Berth
.S, .ood5 Safe ,ort
.%% .uarantee
.+*0A(% he upper edge of a ship3s sides
:/ Second /alf
/A /atch
/A.+% R+(%S Code of minimum conditions for the carriage of cargo under a Bill of (ading
/AC/ An opening in a ship3s dec' fitted with a watertight cover
/BF /armless Bul' Fertili9er
/#(SB%*#S /alf #espatch (ay ime Saved Both %nds
/#0S /alf #espatch 0or'ing !or 0eather" ime Saved
//#0 /andy /eavy d.w. !Scrap"
/-R% 2C Remuneration
/)S /eavy )etal Scraps
/O /old
/O(# A compartment below dec' in a large vessel5 used solely for carrying cargo
/+(( he main body of a ship
/0 /igh 0ater
-ntercoastal 0aterway D bays5 rivers5 and canals along the coasts !such as the
Atlantic and .ulf of )e6ico coasts"5 connected so that vessels may travel
without going into the sea
-)#. -nternational )aritime #angerous .oods Code
-)O -nternational )aritime Organisation
-* 72OR O$%R .oods carried below and2or on dec'
-*CO%R)S !Refer to comments in covering statement on front page A-F"
-*# -ndication
Carriage of a commodity by different modes of transport5 i.e. sea5 road5 rail
and air within a single 1ourney
-nternational ransport 0or'ers Federation !rade +nions". Complies on
-S,S -nternational Ships and ,ort Security System
--*%RAR< Route.Schedule
-+ -f +sed
-+/A+C -f +sed5 /alf ime Actually o Count
-0( -nstitute 0arranty (imits
&%%( he centreline of a ship running fore and aft4 the bac'bone of a vessel
&*O A measurement of speed e=ual to one nautical mile !E5;FE feet" per hour
(A*% )%%R
A method of measuring the space capacity of Ro2Ro ships whereby each unit
of space !(inear )eter" is represented by an area of dec' 8.; meter in length 6
:.; meters in width.
(AS/ o hold goods in position by use of Ropes5 0ires5 Chains or Straps etc.
(atitude. he distance north or south of the e=uator measured and e6pressed
in degrees.
(A<CA* (aycan !(ayday Cancelling #ate"
(A<-)% ime at Charterers disposal for purpose of loading2discharging
(2C (etter of Credit
(ess than Container (oad - a shipment that ta'es up only a portion of a
consolidated container. (C( shpts are to be pic'ed up at a CFS only5 whereas
FC( are to be pic'ed up at a container yard2terminal.
(CR (owest Current Rate
(%% he side sheltered from the wind
(%%0AR# he direction away from the wind. Opposite of windward
(%%0A< he sideways movement of the ship caused by either wind or current
(oad Factor. ,ercentage of cargo or passengers carries e.g. A5;;; tons carried
on a vessel of 8;5;;; capacity has a load factor of A;G
(-%* Retention of property until outstanding debt is paid
(*. (i=uefied *atural .as
(OA (ength Overall of the vessel
(OA# (-*% See ,(-)SO(( (-*%
(OF (loyds Open Form
(O. A record of courses or operation. Also5 a device to measure speed
(O- (etter of -ndemnity
(O*.-+#% he distance in degrees east or west of the meridian at .reenwich5 %ngland
(O0 (ast Open 0ater
(S !or (+),S"
(umpsum Freight. )oney paid to Shipper for a charter of a ship !or portion"
up to stated limit irrespective of =uantity of cargo
(S# (ashed Secured #unnaged
( (iner erms
( (ong on H 85;8E.;I 'ilogram !:5:A; lbs"
(// (iner erms /oo'2/oo'
(0 (ow 0ater
(<C* (aycan !(ayday Cancelling #ate"
)A*-F%S -nventory of cargo on board
)B )erchant Bro'er
)#O !#O" )arine #iesel Oil
)-#S/-, Appro6imately in the location e=ually distant from the bow and stern
)-*2)A@ )inimum2)a6imum !cargo =uantity"
)OA )emorandum of Agreement
)O(C/O, )ore or (ess Charterers Option
)O(OO )ore or (ess Owners Option
)OOR-*. An arrangement for securing a ship to a mooring buoy or pier
) )ertic onne !i.e. 85;;; 'ilos"
)2$ )otor $essel 2 )erchant $essel
*AABSA *ot Always Afloat But Safely Aground
*autical )ile. One minute of latitude4 appro6imately E5;FE feet - about 82J
longer than the statute mile of I5:J; feet
*A$-.A-O* he art and science of conducting a ship safely from one point to another
*CB *ational Cargo Bureau
-mplies that cargo is presented stac'ed in the contour of similarly shaped
cargo5 it may be li'ened to a stac' of plates. his is particularly relevant in the
presentation of tan'age stra'es for transport
*O*-R%$%RS-B(% !#etention". -f loading completed sooner than e6pected5 then saved days will
not be added to discharge time allowed.
*OR *otice of Readiness
*R *et Restricted onnage
*<,% *ew <or' ,roduce %6change
OO Owners Option
OBO Ore2Bul'2Oil $essel
OS/ Open Shelter #ec'
O$%RBOAR# Over the side or out of the ship
O0S Owners
,7- ,rotection and -ndemnity -nsurance
,AS+S ,ast +s
,C ,eriod of Charter
,C.O ,art Cargo
,C ,ercent
,#,R ,er #ay ,ro Rata
,%R#-%) By the #ay
,%R S% By -tself
,/,# ,er /atch ,er #ay
,(-)SO(( )AR&
,(-)SO(( (-*%
(OA# (-*%
An internationally recognised line painted on the side of merchant ships.
0hen a ship is loaded5 the water level is not supposed to go above the line.
0ater can reach different parts of the line as its temperature and saltiness
varies with the season and location. From where ,limsoll Shipping derived its
,OR he left side of a ship loo'ing forward. A harbour.
,RA->+% (icence or permission to use a port
,R%A)B(% -ntroduction to a charter party
,ROFOR)A %stimated Account
,+S ,lus +s
,00# ,er 0eather 0or'ing #ay
RC$R Receiver
R%CA, Recapitulation of the terms and conditions agreed
!#etention". -f loading completed sooner than e6pected at load port5 then days
saved can be added to discharge operations.
ROB Remaining On Board
Revenue onne !i.e. 8.; metric tonne or 8.; cubic meter5 whichever greater".
he overall R is calculated on a line by line basis of the ,ac'ing (ist using
the largest amount. he overall freight liability is calculated on the total R
amount5 multiplied by the freight rate.
SA,) Saturday ,.).
SB Safe Berth
S# !or S-#" Single #ec'er
Costs charged for transporting goods over the sea. his does not cover
haulage or loading2discharging costs but the sea transport only
S%A0OR/-*%SS Statement of condition of the vessel !valid certificates5 fully e=uipped and
manned etc."
S%(F# Self #ischarging
S%)--RA-(%RS Are usually 8:.; meter flat bed road trailers
Stowage Factor. Cubic space !measurement tonne" occupied by one tonne
!:5:A; lbs285;;; 'gs" of cargo
S/-*C Sundays2/olidays -ncluded
S/%@ Sundays2/olidays %6cluded
Shipper - the party in whose name a contract of carriage of goods has been
concluded with at carrier or any party by whom5 in whose name or on whose
behalf the goods are actually delivered to the carrier in relation to the contract
of carriage.
Are bearers !timber or steel" positioned under the cargo to enable for'lift
handling at port5 and for ease of rigging and lashing on board ship.
Satellite *avigation - A form of position finding using radio transmissions
from satellites with sophisticated on-board automatic e=uipment
SOC Shipper Owned Container
SOF Statement of Facts
S, Safe ,ort
-s the strengthening of circular tan's for transport5 this prevents the tan's from
becoming warped. he tan's are strengthened with steel or wood crossbeams
giving a ?spider? appearance
SRB( Signing and Releasing Bill of (ading
SS/%@ Saturdays5 Sundays5 /olidays %6cluded
SS/-*C !or SAS/-*C" Saturdays5 Sundays5 /olidays -ncluded
-t is paramount that a vessel is stable in all aspects at all times. 0hen cargo is
loaded2discharged5 the stability is monitored by a computer5 which ta'es into
account the weight and position of cargo within the vessel.
SARBOAR# Right side of a ship when facing the front or forward end.
Sub1ect to %nough )erchandise !Availability of cargo". Also5 the forward
most part of the bow.
S%R* he aformost or after part of a ship
S+B Sub1ect !to". #epending upon as a condition
,erson employed by a ship owner5 shipping company5 charterer of a ship or
shipper of goods to supervise cargo handling operations. Often called a port
S0A# Salt 0ater Arrival #raft
S0## Salt 0ater #eparture #raft
/0ARS/-,S At right angles to the centreline of the ship
-#% he periodic rise and fall of water level in the oceans
-)% BAR ime after which legal claims will not be entered
B* o Be *amed 2 o Be *ominated
ime Charter - Owners agree to hire a particular ship for a set length of time
and provide technical management5 crewing etc.
C, ime Charter ,arty
%+ Standard :;3 Container5 twenty-foot e=uivalent unit5 a standard si9e
intermodal container.
he sides of a ship between the waterline and the dec'4 sometimes referring to
onto or above the dec'
ranshipment - a shipping arrangement in which a shipment is discharged of
the vessel at an intermediate port enroute and subse=uently reloaded to
another vessel for carriage to its final destinationl
R-) Fore and aft balance of a ship
( otal
0 ween #ec'er
+SC +nless Sooner Commenced
++ +nless +sed
++-0CA+C +nless +sed -n 0hich Case ime Actually +sed o Count
$,# $essel ,ays #ues
A line painted on a hull which shows the point to which a ship sin's when it is
properly trimmed
0A< )ovement of a ship through water such as headway5 sternway or leeway
0CCO* 0hether Customs Cleared Or *ot
0-BO* 0hether -n Berth Or *ot
0-F,O* 0hether -n Free ,rati=ue Or *ot
0-*#0AR# oward the direction from which the wind is coming
0-,O* 0hether -n ,ort Or *ot
0(O/C 0ater (ine-o-/atch Coaming
0O. 0ithout .uarantee
0eather ,ermitting. hat time during which weather prevents wor'ing shall
not count as laytime
0,# 0eather ,ermitting #ay
00# 0eather 0or'ing #ay
0R-C 0ire Rods -n Collis
00R 0hen5 0here Ready
0000 0ibon5 0ccon5 0ifpon5 0ipon
<AR <or' Antwerp Rules
<A0 o swing or steer off course5 as when running with a =uartering sea
K +C H .)