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nav|ng pa|d for h|s own co||ege educat|on w|th part-t|me work and
student |oans, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner knows f|rst-hand the f|nanc|a|
cha||enges fac|ng those who pursue h|gher educat|on. Sen. Warner
|s comm|tted to ensur|ng that every V|rg|n|an has access to the
qua||ty educat|on and tra|n|ng needed to succeed |n our g|oba|
economy w|thout the burden of cr|pp||ng student debt.

CCLLLGL AIICkDA8ILI1¥ ls an lssue for vlrglnla sLudenLs and famllles long before a sLudenL sLeps on a
college campus. lL requlres us Lo make beLLer use of Lhe hlgh school years so sLudenLs have meanlngful
opporLunlLles Lo pursue college courses or career Lralnlng.

• Sen. Warner's proposal allows quallfled !"#! %&!''( %)*+,-)% )' .&&,%% "-&'/,01.%,+ 2,(( #3.-)%. 1hls
would allow a sLudenL Lo Lake up Lo one semesLer of college courses durlng hlgh school, cuLLlng down on
Lhe overall Llme spenL aL a unlverslLy and Lhus Lhe cosL of college.

• 4/53'6"-# 7.3,,3 .-+ 8,&!-"&.( 9+*&.)"'-: Sen. Warner's proposal sLrengLhens career and Lechnlcal
educaLlon programs Lo ensure resources flow Lo hlgh-sklll, hlgh-wage, hlgh-demand and hlgh-growLh
Lralnlng programs. 1he leglslaLlon alms Lo lncrease collaboraLlon beLween cerLlflcaLlon programs and
lndusLry groups ln order Lo more efflclenLly Lraln Lhe vlrglnla workforce for [obs LhaL meeL lndusLry needs.

S1UDLN1 DL81 keeps growlng aL a sLeady cllp, and now surpasses credlL cards as Lhe leadlng source of
household debL. SLudenLs borrowed $117 bllllon ln [usL federal sLudenL loans lasL year.

• Income-based repayment of student loans: Sens. Warner and Marco 8ublo (8-lL) lnLroduced blparLlsan
leglslaLlon Lo consolldaLe, slmpllfy and lmprove lncome-based repaymenL opLlons for federal sLudenL
loans. under Lhe Warner-8ublo proposal, federal sLudenL loan paymenLs would be auLomaLlcally ad[usLed
based upon lncome. 8orrowers wlll be able Lo repay loans aL a more affordable pace and wlLh more
manageable paymenLs, provldlng rellef Lo Lhose who worry abouL how Lhey wlll repay Lhelr debL [usL as
Lhey are geLLlng sLarLed ln Lhe workforce.

• 9/5(';,3 <%%"%).-&, "- =,1) >,5.;/,-): Sens. Warner, !ohn 1hune (8-Su) and kelly AyoLLe (8-nP)
lnLroduced Lhe blparLlsan Lmployer ÞarLlclpaLlon ln 8eflnanclng AcL Lo help lndlvlduals pay down Lhelr
sLudenL loan debL. 1he Warner-1hune leglslaLlon would provlde a new Lool Lo help employers recrulL and
reLaln quallLy employees by allowlng Lhem Lo help quallfled employees repay sLudenL loans wlLh pre-Lax
dollars. CurrenLly, Lhe Lmployer LducaLlon AsslsLance Þrogram allows employers Lo conLrlbuLe pre-Lax
earnlngs Lo help employees flnance conLlnued educaLlon, buL does noL allow rellef for lndlvlduals who
already have lncurred sLudenL loan debL ln Lhe course of Lhelr undergraduaLe or graduaLe careers.

• Transparency (Know Before You Go): Sen. Warner's blparLlsan SLudenL 8lghL Lo know 8efore ?ou AcL
would make college performance resulLs more LransparenL and easlly accesslble. 1hls leglslaLlon would
glve sLudenLs Lhe ablllLy Lo choose Lhelr schools, ma[ors and career paLhs wlLh as much lnformaLlon on Lhe
flnanclal reLurn on Lhelr hlgher educaLlon lnvesLmenL as posslble.
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