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The Truth About Once Saved Always Saved Eternal Security

Dan Corner

The teaching of once saved always saved (also known as eternal
security) is defined exactly as its descriptive name suggests, that is,
once a person becomes saved or regenerated he will always remain
saved. The hidden, but inferred, remainder of that definition of once
saved always saved is that a Christians immoral behavior or doctrinal
apostasy, after getting born again, is irrelevant as to adversely
affecting his salvation! Hence, pandoras box has been opened and a
license for immorality has gushed forth. Irrefutable undeniable
substantiating proof of this is shown in their faulty understanding of
the sin unto death. From the perspective of the once saved always
saved proponent, there are Christian alcoholics, Christians addicted to pornography, etc.,
that is, there is salvation security in heinous sin, even if one dies unrepentant. Shocking!

Evangelical Outreach has received letters from criminals in prison who stated they are
there because when they committed their crimes they thought, at that time, they would
not be negating their salvation by doing so. In their minds, they were Christian thieves,
Christian rapists, etc.! Besides these Christian criminals, we also have the categorical
proof that various suicides occurred because those suicides were proponents of once
saved always saved, thinking they could murder themselves and go a paradise heaven
afterwards because they were previously saved! Once saved always saved proponent,
George Sodini went even further! He murdered three women then committed suicide in
Pittsburgh, PA in August 2009 under that delusion! Please see The Believers
Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted, pages 449-473 for other examples and
various OSAS teachings on suicide.)

Since salvation is the most important Biblical subject that can be studied, that makes this
topic supremely important. If once saved always saved is not true, then surely multitudes
have already perished and multitudes more precious souls are traveling down that same
broad road to hell in vital need of repentance for salvation, but totally unaware of it!

In order for once saved always saved to proliferate as it has -- spreading like gangrene
(2 Tim. 2:17) -- grace had to be twisted into an allowance for immorality. That is
precisely what was and is done by all of the once saved always saved, once a son always
a son, once in grace always in grace teachers! That list extends from small time local
preachers, only adversely affecting a few to public eye people like Charles Stanley, John
MacArthur and Joseph Prince, who have untold hundreds of thousands, if not millions,
listening to their arsenic- laced sermons! Without question this issue is the issue that
needs to be addressed and understood, but too few recognize it because once saved
always saved has been embraced as the evangelical gospel of grace and is not even
questioned by many.

King David is a perfect example to note while pondering the license for sin involved
here. He proves that a redeemed and regenerated man can afterwards backslide
horribly! Holy Writ shows King David turned to adultery and murder, after he coveted
Bathsheba, Uriahs wife. Clearly, King David died spiritually when he turned to evil (Ezek.
33:18; etc.). The once saved always saved proponents are forced to say, as reluctant as
they might be, that King David remained saved during the entire time before he
repented of those sins! That proves, without question, that once saved always saved
allows for Christian adulterers and Christian murderers, even though that is diametrically
and violently opposed to the Biblical message (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Eph. 5:5-7; Rev. 21:8; etc.)!
Such OSAS teachers have changed grace into a license for immorality, the very thing
Jude 3,4 state happened 2,000 years ago and which Christians are to battle against!

True Biblical grace does NOT allow for immorality (Titus 2:11,12). Grace is also given to
the humble, while the proud are overlooked (James 4:6; 1 Pet.5:5). If grace was
unmerited favor, even the proud would get it, but they dont!
Furthermore, true Christians can fall from grace to the point where Christ is of no value
to them at all (Gal. 5:2-4)! That makes the believers security conditional upon the
believer in Christ remaining a follower of Jesus. If that believer disowns Jesus, Jesus will
disown him (Mt. 10:33). If that believer becomes lukewarm, Jesus will vomit him out of
his body (Rev. 3:16). If that son of God becomes fruitless, he will be cut out of Christ and
thrown into the fire and burned (Jn. 15:1- 6)! Those truths, and many other Scriptures,
demolish the teaching of once saved always saved.

Many Scriptures (like John 10:28; Phil 1:6; Rom. 8:38,39; etc.) have been misused by the
grace changers and many others have been avoided (Rom. 11:19-23; Gal. 6:8,9; Heb. 3:14;
etc.) to teach once saved always saved. They also teach once saved always saved under
the infinite work of Christ, grace, the gospel and the blood of Christ when it has
absolutely no connection to such. Consequently, these distortions have far reaching
doctrinal impacts! The holy image of a Christian has been smeared, the apostle Paul
himself has been slandered, and the gospel itself has been rendered powerless before
the world. Professing Christians need to know the vital truth -- that they must endure
hatred to the end for salvation (Mt. 10:22). Jesus taught Christians, after the cross: Be
faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an
ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt
at all by the second death (Rev 2:10,11). All of that is clear enough, but then we have the
clincher. Scripture explicitly says: We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly till
the end the confidence we had at first (Heb 3:14). Thus, there is NO once saved always
saved. Do not be deceived by that popular fine- sounding doctrinal myth.