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Press Release

September 10, 2014
Statement of Senator Nancy Binay on the submission
of the Bangsamoro Basic Law draft to Congress
The submission of the draft of the Bangsamoro Basic Law to Congress is a significant step towards our
pursuit of lasting peace in Mindanao.
We are all praying for the decades-long conflict in Mindanao to come to an end so that progress may
finally take place on the island. Ending violence in Mindanao will ensure a better future for our people in
the region, especially the women and children who suffer the most in times of conflict.
Congress will prioritize the proposed measure and as a member of the Senate, I will give utmost priority
to the thorough review of its provisions to ensure that it is in accordance with the Constitution.
The Bangsamoro Basic Law is an urgent measure, however, we should recognize that such an important
piece of legislation requires serious scrutiny from the members of the House of Representatives and the
Rest assured that in all our discussions, our priority will always be the welfare of the women, children and
elderly trapped in strife-torn Mindanao. Likewise, we shall see to it that the rights and interests of the
lumad are represented, upheld and protected.