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The idea for the home originated as a result of a mid 1950's fire
in downtown Nassau. when Lady Hermoine Ranfurly, wife of the then Governor General, the
Earl of Ranfurly during the aftermath and cleanup, discovered a group of homeless children
sleeping in cardboard boxes in buildings and alleys near the burnt buildings..
She used her local and international contacts and together with the Queen Mary's Sewing Guild,
began galvanizing worldwide support for the creation of the home. Help came from as far away
as London-based merchants to as close as a group of Bahamian workers on the Out Islands who
pooled their limited resources, sending in eighty pounds to help change the lives of Ranfurly's
first residents. Just six months after securing a spacious property on Mackey St. with room for
children to play under the shade of Poinciana and sapodilla trees, the patrons and caregivers at
Ranfurly welcomed the first residents into their full time care.
In 1997, the home that came into being as a result of a tragic fire was nearly destroyed by fire.
Patrons and board members had to once again turn to the community for support in rebuilding
the boys' dormitory.
The home now has the capacity to accommodate more than 45 children who range in age from 5
to 20 and is equipped with three dormitories, a study room, living room, a computer/library
center and a kitchen and dining facility.
Fifty years later, the Ranfurly Homes for Children is still a place of hope for young Bahamians.
The home is a haven, a learning ground, a place where warm memories take shape for boys and
girls whose life circumstances may have otherwise taken them on a very different path.
The Ranfurly Mission
To provide a home for children who are displaced as a result of family problems, who have been
abandoned, who are orphaned or whose primary care givers are deceased. The team continues
the legacy of founder Lady Hermoine Ranfurly, wife of the then Bahamas Governor General, the
Earl of Ranfurly. Lady Ranfurly envisioned similar homes being established throughout the
Aims and Objectives
On February 29, 1956 Lady Hermoine Ranfurly outlined the aims and objectives of the home as
1. To provide a home for Bahamian children who are orphaned or who through sickness or
some grave misfortune, find themselves alone in the world.
2. To maintain and educate these children until such time as they are fit and able to support
3. To assist them, on leaving the home or homes, to make a decent start in life and obtain
suitable employment.
4. It is believed that if the home or homes are properly run, these children will become
responsible and useful citizens of The Bahamas.
5. It is thought that by alleviating suffering, these homes will act as a preventive to
delinquency. But the homes will in no way be delinquent homes or places of punishment.
6. It is our wish that the religion of every child in our care shall be respected and they shall
be able to attend their own place of worship.
7. It is our intention that the children in our homes shall benefit from existing youth
organizations such as the Boys Scouts, Girl Guides, the Dundas Centre and other fitting
childrens organizations.
The current administration has partnered with local and international organizations to further
enhance the lives of Ranfurly residents. Future goals include funding for transitional housing for
older residents, securing job opportunities and scholarships for outgoing residents and enhancing
the current dormitory facilities at the home. The Ranfurly team continues the legacy of founder
Lady Hermoine Ranfurly, wife of the then Bahamas Governor General, the Early of Ranfurly.
Lady Ranfurly envisioned similar homes being established throughout the Bahamas.
The Ranfurly Homes for Children has been a safe haven for thousands of Bahamian children
since 1956.
The Home provides a safe, structured environment for children who have been orphaned, abused,
neglected or abandoned.
The majority of money received for the organization is via public donations and charities but the
Government does provide a 10% grant that is used to cover operating expenses.
For on-going maintenance and additional resources to care for each and keep the doors of the
Home open, Ranfurly looks to the generosity of corporate and private citizens and international
While the support from the community has been tremendous, the future development of the
home requires additional support. Current fundraising projects include upgrading the existing
teenage dormitory to include private rooms. The ultimate goal is to continue Lady Ranfurlys
legacy of laughter, love and kindness for the children. The Ranfurly Homes for Children has
been a safe haven for thousands of Bahamian children since 1956.
The Home provides a safe, structured environment for children who have been orphaned, abused,
neglected or abandoned.
The Transitional Home
We are currently raising money for the Transitional Home for the children when they reach a
certain age and haven't been adopted or have a place of their own to move into.
The Home has currently raised $180,000. For the proposed housingTransitional Home
The transitional home is a project that once completed will offer independent housing for the
young boys and girls moving into adulthood.
This program will help them learn how to live indepentally. Each apartment unit will need a
stove, refridgerater, bathroom/kitchen fixtures and cabinets.

Ranfurly is a learning ground, a place where loving memories take
shape. Headed by a primary administrator, Ranfurly caretakers work
with a team of social workers and psychologists to meet the emotional
and physical needs of the children in their care.
The elected Board of Management is the overall governing body for the
Ranfurly Homes for Children. A House Committee has responsibility for the
day-to-day running of the home and serves as a liaison between the board and
the homes administrator. The home is governed by the provisions of the
Children and Young Persons Act and falls under the jurisdiction of the
Ministry of Social Services & Community Development. Lady Caroline
Simmonds, daughter of the homes founder continues to support Ranfurly by
securing donations from around the world.

E-Mail address:

Board of Directors:
Alexandra Maillis-Lynch
Alexandra received her early education at Queen's
College in Nassau, Bahamas. She later moved on to study Political Science at
the University of Sussex, Brighton, England where she received her
Bachelors of Science Degree in the hopes of becoming an aspiring Attorney.
Although she initially pursued a legal career, Alexandra's love for food and
catering to people surpassed her legal aspirations. She found herself
consistently cooking for her family members, charity events and anyone who
sought her assistance. Thereafter, she decided to make a career out of catering
to people and has been doing the same since 1990.
Alexandra currently has a catering and event planning company called
"Events by Alexandra" and is the owner of "August Moon Caf" in Lyford
Alexandra is of Greek Descent and is the mother of four boys ranging from
the ages of 8 to 21 years old.
Alexandra was married to the late Norman Lynch. She decided to volunteer at
the Ranfurly Homes for Children upon her husband's untimely death. She felt
that she needed a change from the projects she and her husband worked on
together as a couple. She often says God chose Ranfurly for her and that she
will never leave the beautiful children that she has met at Ranfurly that have

brought much joy during her sorrow.
Joey Premock
Vice- President
Born in Alexandria, Louisiana and raised in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida. With an Associate Degree from the Art Institute of Fort
Lauderdale for Interior Design, she uses some of her experience and
knowledge in the real estate industry along with her commitment and eye for
good design, makes Joey an integral part of a family business, Damianos
Sothebys International Realty organization. She is a wife to Mr. Chris
Premock and a mother of two young boys.
Joey started as a volunteer at the Home and now has served four years as
Vice President of Ranfurly.
Mr. Alexander Roberts
L. Alexander Roberts was born and raised in Dominica,
attended university in Canada with a BSC (mathematics) and BEng
(electrical). Mr. Roberts served as a Math and Science teacher from 1978-
1987 and then served as Headmaster of Queen's College High School from
1987-2000. After Queen's College he spent 8-years at the Securities
Commissioner of the Bahamas as Manager of the Authorities Department.
Mr. Roberts joined the Ranfurly family in October of 2010 where his
continued love, experience and other talents with children would be utilized.
Thomas Hackett
Tom serves as the chief financial officer at Fidelity
Bank & Trust International Ltd since 2007. Before 2007, Tom served many
years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in various positions and
relocating from London to Nassau. His involvement and dedication with
Ranfurly dates back to 1977. Tom's hobbies are playing golf and squash.
Kristy L. Kemp
Kristy L. Kemp received her early education at Nassau
Christian Academy, Nassau, Bahamas. She attended the College of The
Bahamas where she received an Associate in Law and Criminal Justice. She
continued her studies at the University of Buckingham, England where she
obtained a Bachelors of Law (LLB) degree. She then attended the Inns of
Court School of Law in London, England where she successfully completed
the Bar Vocational Course.
She is a member of the Honourable Society of Inner Temple.
She was called to the English and Bahamian Bars and she worked as an
Associate with Dupuch & Turnquest for three years. Ms. Kemp is now
practicing as a sole practitioner.
She is a civic oriented person and loves and cares for the children dearly.
Ms. Kemp also successfully completed a diploma course at Florence Design
Academy, Florence, Italy in interior design.
Other Board Members
Catherine Chisnall
Linda Eldon
Clement Foster
Ruth Gardiner
Latoya Polacek
John Robertson
Aneka Rolle
Members of the Association
Sonia Bowe
Deanne Cash
William Cash
Ezzard Charles
Alistar Chisnall
Philip Cumming
Yolanda Darville
Nicole Fair Bhatti
Silvia Fair
Brenda Hackett
Neteisha Humes-
Michael & Joan
Kim Kooskalis
Allison Levarity
Cathy Lorandos
Bryn & Allie
Joan Moss
Joan Pinder
Bruce Raine
L. Alexander
Honey Robertson
Jeff & Diane
Antonio Saunders
Susan K Saunders
Shacara Scavella
Asantia Smith
Francheska Smith
Jennifer Tini
Nancy Treco
Alexandria Wemys
Becky Wszolek
Honorary Members
Lady Caroline Simmonds
Jacqueline Bain
Flossie Cooper (Member of the Queen Mary Sewing Guild)
Lillian Edwards
Brenda Ingraham
Delano Knowles
Cally Maillis (Member of the Queen Mary Sewing Guild)
Isadora Maynard
Remelda Moxey
Elizabeth Sweeting
Child Members
Kyiesha Andrews
Stephanea Ranger
Naliyah & Ryan Storr

Programs offered at the ranfurly home
After school and weekend activities are at the center of learning at Ranfurly.
Programs in place are geared towards motivating kids to possible life careers
and allowing them to excel in the arts and sports. Some Ranfurly residents
have been sponsored on trips as far away as Africa, seeing the world, others
have found their passion in the arts and craftsusing natural passion to
create their own worlds as they go along.
From musical band and piano lessons to karate, practicing the indigenous
Bahamian musical art form of Junkanoo to a mandatory study hour, evenings
are abuzz with activities at Ranfurly. Heading the events are the homes
caretakers and a stream of volunteers whose rewards are measured in smiles
and small triumphs.
Summer Camp
Field Trips
Band Practice
Computer Club
Basketball Club
Big Brother/Big Sister Program
Gardening Club
Study Hour
Adolescent Peer Counseling
Piano Lessons
After school and weekend activities are geared towards tapping into the
childrens academic and social interest. The current administration of the
home will take this a step further with the introduction of academic
counseling and adolescent health counseling. Academic counseling will help
to access the individual childs educational development in areas including
cognitive skills and speech development. Additional goals include the
incorporation of psychological counseling on a case-by-case basis for
Student sponsorship is a program that provides an opportunity for individuals
to cover the cost of educating a child. The average cost per year is $5,648.00
which includes tuition, books and other supplies, uniforms, extra-curricular
activities and lunch.
However, if you cannot fully sponsor a child, then we would be grateful for a
general donation towards education.
For further detailed information on sponsorship, please contact Mr. Alex
Roberts at Ranfurly, 1-242-393-3315.

The home has a dedicated group of volunteers who spend their evenings or
weekends teaching and learning from the children at Ranfurly. Volunteers
range from high school students to professionals who head to the home after
work to tutor residents to retired grandmothers who bake cakes and spend
time with the children on weekdays.
Volunteers are selected by the administrators at Ranfurly. If you are
interested in volunteering at Ranfurly, please fill out the form below to have
us contact you with additional information. You can also call or email us for
further information.
Volunteer Areas
Home work and special needs tutorial services during study hour 6:00 to 7:00
p.m. Monday through Thursday.
Assist for about 2 hours a week with the further development of the existing
Ranfurly Band which was established in 2002 by Duke Errol Strachan, a
leading Bahamian musician.
Project sponsored by Ansbacher (Bahamas) Limited where employees work
with residents on a weekly basis to beautify the grounds and teach residents
to grow food for consumption.
Two hour weekly assistance with the development of cooking and related
skills needed to be self sufficient as residents transition into adulthood.
Personal Care Development
One hour weekly sessions with teenage residents to expose them to
fundamental personal hygiene and care.
Bible Study
One hour Friday evening or Saturday session with all ages to expose them to
the word of God and it's application to their lives.
Track and Field
Volley Ball
Church/Home Outings
Church organizations and citizens are always encouraged to invite the
children to attend church functions and to visit their homes in order to
broaden their experience and lives. Such visits are subject to screening by the
Department of Social Services.
Quick Info:
Gifts in Kind
Our immediate needs are listed below. However, if you would like to offer
your skills or donate to Ranfurly in any other way not listed, please contact us
and we will do our best to receive your giftedness and extend it to our
After-School Tutors and Mentors for the Home
Many of our children struggle with school and so we do everything in our
power to help them succeed. Each day after school they are assisted with a
tutor, who meets on a regular basis with the Education Committee so that we
know exactly where help is needed.
Sponsoring a Child
With great pride we have all the children in a private school. We
continuously need donations to keep them enrolled each semester.
Transitional Home
The transitional home is a project that once completed will offer independent
housing for the young boys and girls moving into adulthood.
This program will help them learn how to live indepentally. Each apartment
unit will need a stove, refridgerater, bathroom/kitchen fixtures and cabinets.
Fax machine
Laser printer
Copy paper
Computer (qty 2)
Desk (qty 3)
Chair (qty 3)
Filing cabinets (qty 4)
Copy machine
Garden pots
Playground set
New benches (basketball area)
Solar heating
Water bins (qty 2)
Tiling back room
Hurricane proof front door
Hurricane proof observation window
Educational games
Recreational room
Glasses (qty 50)
China place setting (qty 50)
Baking pans, commercial grade
Cooking pots, commercial grade
14" Skillet
Garbage bin (qty 4)
Sanitation bins (qty 4)
Clothes baskets (qty 4)
Bath towels, white (qty 40)
Wash clothes, white (qty 40)
12 ft Ladder
Wheel barrow
Brooms & Mops
Living room set (TV room)
Dining room set
Fire extinguishers (qty 2)
Camera security system

Here is a list of services we currently need. If you or your company can lend
us a hand please fill out the form below to have us contact you with
additional information. You can also call or e-mail us for further
Building Maintenance and Construction
Community Services
Plumbing - Replacement of old castiron to PVC. Immediate repair is
happening on the Northwestern of the building.
Security - We are in need a more security lighting for the northeast
section of the property and monitoring cams throughout the premises
Yard Maintenance

The children at the home are sent by Social Services they
are not up for adoption in most cases. They are released
only when social services decides governed by law.