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Psychology Classical Conditioning Project

You and a partner need to choose a subject (or subjects) and conduct a classical conditioning
procedure involving them. If you want to work alone, because some of you are so busy and its
tough to line up schedules, thats ne. I would encourage you to work with someone, however,
particularly since Im giving you awhile to do this. !his handout is being given to you on "onday,
#eptember $% and you will be given $&'() minutes in class (today) and some of the class period
on !uesday, #eptember (), to brainstorm and try to come up with a plan. You must then carry
out the conditioning process and submit a brief report on *ednesday, #eptember (+, detailing
the events that took place.
Requirements (for report)
!he report has to be at least $ page in length, but should not be over ( pages in length. !his is
merely an informative report and is not meant to involve e,tremely deep re-ection or analysis.
.lease have a title page with your name/s, date, period, and project title. !his way you dont
need to put anything in the paper itself, only te,t. 0ames will not be necessary in the report,
since you have a title page. 1nly te,t should be in the report.
2ormatting 3 $('point font, !imes 0ew 4oman. 1ne inch margins all the way around. 5ouble'
2irst half of the report ' .rocess (1/2 - 1 page)
6,plain the process that you chose to implement, step by step. 7e specic8 include all
o If it seems like a step is missing, Ill :ask; in writing, which means a loss of points.
.rocedure must properly t the traditional << paradigm = 0#, ><#, ><4, <#, <4
o <orrectly identify/label these in your report8 dont assume that I know9
#econd half of the report = 4esults and 4e-ection (1/2 - 1 page)
?ive nal results
o *as this successful@
o Aow did you measure this@
o *hat was the subjects reaction@
o *hat would you do diBerently (if you did this again)@
o *ere there any surprises or confounds@ #hould be able to give at least one.
o ?ive at least one thing that you learned from doing this project.
!his report will be worth a total of 75 points. .oints break down like thisCC
2ormatting = $) points
.rocess = D) points
o $& for process8 $& for the & << terms, or D points apiece
4esults E 4e-ection = D) points
o $& for nal results (& for each of the three bullets listed above)
o $& for problems/re-ection (& for each of the three bullets listed above)
#pelling/grammar = & points
o $ point deducted for every spelling error or :major; grammatical error (theyre,
their, there = for e,ample)
o You can accrue negative points if there are more than & errors