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Venus in 9th house

Auspicious Results : One will have a strong physique, and is physically strong
. One may have very strong legs. One may be pleasure loving, good natured, affe
ctionate, religious, clean hearted, benevolent and talented. One will believe in
God and religion, be engrossed in the service of one's elders, gods and guests.
One will be a religious soul, sympathetic, liberal, contented and devoid of ang
er. One is a pious soul, an ascetic. One will visit pilgrimages, have a pure nat
ure and will perform religious rituals. Due to this religious nature, one is eng
rossed in religious and charitable activities, which will spread one's fame far
and wide. One may be skilled at singing, playing instruments, fine arts and in t
he field of cinema. This will bring fame. Skill at acting will be natural. One m
ay read poetry and drama and be interested in studies. One will be very wealthy
in one's city and one's wealth will be accumulated due to one's own hard efforts
. One may be engaged in money lending and one's wealth may therefore multiply. O
ne may become wealthy in the fifteenth year and one's good fortune may start in
the 25 yearth. One will be endowed with all types of worldly happiness. One will
attain happiness from one's servants and friends. One will get happiness from o
ne's own brothers. One will respect guests. One may be favored by the king and w
ill get good fortune through the king. One's family may progress due to the king
's favor. One will have good clothes. One will wear simple clothes like an ascet
ic and will be calm in nature. One will progress due to one's own efforts and ha
rd work. One will have a spouse, son and friends. One's parents will have a long
life. The mother's life span may be exceptionally long. One will undertake voya
ges. One will make efforts to get the unattainable. One will get support and hel
p for marriage expenses. One will be respected, victorious and popular in the fa
mily. One will be fortunate and will acquire a position of authority.
One will be fortunate and will possess horses, palanquins and vehicles. Inauspic
ious Results : There will be some inauspicious effects due to the planetar
y positions. The daughters of the native may exceed sons. The spouse may be
ordinary but the husband and spouse may live lovingly together. The spouse
will be have a round face, and will be arrogant and angry. She may not get alon
g with anyone and may have a selfish temperament. One may marry outside one
's caste, or marry a person whose spouse is dead or is an elderly person Or may
even have illicit relations. One may oppose one's parents and be under one's wif
e's domination.