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Sample Credit Report

Below is a sample credit report with typical components labeled. The components are described in the legend.


Credit Report Agency Name
Biographical Information Jane Doe 555 Market Street City, State 00000 Personal Information Social Security Number 000-00-0000 Date of Birth 08-30-66 Last Reported Employment: ABC Hospital Previous Address 999 Main Street City, State, 00000 Please address all future correspondence to: Credit Reporting Agency Business Address City State 00000 (800) 555-5555




Date of Report: 10/30/06 Report Number: 123456789


Public Information Lien Filed 12/04; Any District Court; Case Number 00-000-000; Amount $27,045; Class-state; Released 09/05; Verified 01/06 Bankruptcy filed 10/00; Any District Court; Case Number 000000; Liabilities-$35,000; Personal; Individual; Discharged 09/02; Assets--$3,000 Account Information

6 7 8 9 10

Company Account Number Account Type Date Opened Date of Last Activity High Credit Terms Balance Past Due

National Bank XXX 0123 Joint 12/03/05 09/06/06 $2489 NA $0 $0 Paid as agreed 01/01/06 10/01/06 1 time 30 days late

Store XYZ 98-7654 Revolving 04/15/03 08/23/06 $597 NA $0 $0 Paid as agreed 05/01/03 10/01/06 On time

Auto ABC 2468 Installment 11/04/04 09/01/06 $5698 $225 month $4225 $225 30 days late 12/01//04 10/01/06 3 times 30 days late

11 12 13 14 15

Status Reported Since Last Reported Previous Payment History Consumer Statement:

16 Inquiries
Store XYZ AutoWorld Local Bank XXX PRM Credit Capital Bank 04/15/03 11/04/04 11/04/04 12/15/04 12/03/05

Sample Credit Report
Information on Credit Report
1. Biographical Information 2. Personal Information

Your current address — check for accuracy. Personal information may include your name, social security number, employers, telephone numbers, etc. All variations of this information will be listed so you can confirm that the information belongs to you. Report Number — You will need this number to refer to this credit report if you contact customer support. Your previous address(es)—check for accuracy. Public information comes from federal district bankruptcy records, state and county court records, tax liens and monetary judgments, and in some states, overdue child support records. Public records can remain on your credit report for up to 7 years for some items, up to 10 years for bankruptcy, and 15 years for unpaid tax liens. Provider of account information Account type indicates the type of account (Open = entire balance due each month; Revolving = payment amount changes monthly; Installment = fixed number of payments; Joint = owned by two or more people) The date this account was opened. High credit is the maximum amount that has been charged to that account. Terms indicates the amount of the monthly payment due Indicates the current status of the account/timeliness of payment. (Approved, not used; Paid as agreed; 30 days past due; 60 days past due; 90 days past due; 120 past due or collection amount; 180 days past due; Chapter 13 Bankruptcy; Derogatory = foreclosure; Chapter 7, 11, or 12 Bankruptcy) Reported since indicates the length of time the creditor has reported on that account Last reported indicates the most recent update of activity for the account from the creditor Previous payment history shows a record of on-time or late payments, and how many Any statement provided by you appears here. Companies who obtained a copy of your credit report. Inquiries remain on your report up to two years.

3. Report Number 4. Previous Address 5. Public Information

6. Company Name 7. Account Type

8. Date Opened 9. High Credit 10. Terms 11. Status

12. Reported Since 13. Last Reported

14. Previous Payment History 15. Consumer Statement 16. Inquires