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Multiple personalities: Fact or Fraud?

The ABCs of SRA and DID

WARNING: If you have been involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), do
not read this article. It is very triggery. - Dave

While most of Satanic Ritual Abuse occurs well below the radar and
is not known or understood by most people, it is widespread. SRA
likely involves millions - those loyal to Satan and its victims. The lurid
details and hurts are tightly held secrets that haunt its survivors.

By NiteOwlDave

The idea that a person can have alternate personalities, which can be
created through horrific trauma and torture such as sexual abuse by Satan
worshippers, can understandably be seen as utterly fanatical by anyone with
a working brain.
It’s hangover fiction from Hollywood's Three Faces of Eve,
Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist. Isn't it?
Satan isn't real. The cartoonists and marketers of Halloween created
him. He's Casper. He's friendly and funny, right?
Those who write books about alleged Ouija Board power are quick-
buck artists or drama queens with twisted minds. Yes?
Let me state here boldly:
1. Satanic cults/covens/grottoes are very real. They are highly
secretive, operate well out of sight, and involve typical people from a bank
manager to a postman. These Satan-worshipping adults sexually abuse and
traumatize girls and boys from infancy. Newborn babies are sacrificed to
Satan in an orderly bloodbath ritual too gross to describe here.

2. Satan is as real as God. He is the father of everything evil who was

tossed out of Heaven with one third of the angel force who rebelled against
God Almighty. The demons are Satan's foot soldiers. Their short term of evil
power ends when God disposes of Satan and his minions into the eternal
Lake of Fire along with all Christ-rejecting humans. According to the Bible
and what we see happening today, that event is on the near horizon.
3. Yes, a Ouija Board provides an opening for demons to attach
themselves to us with the possibility of giving us mental torture, which
could lead to things more dangerous. Occult books, palmist play, séances,
cursed charms and crystals are also part of satanic linkage. Demons attach
themselves to such things because of their occult use.
AVOID all of it!
Satan is one VERY powerful, VERY dangerous evil power. He is no
lightweight cartoon dressed in red.
1 Peter 5:8 points out, "Be sober, be vigilant; because your
adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he
may devour."
There is proof aplenty of the reality of his devilish lure and power.
They are often not mainstream.
The Bible sums up clearly the reality of the subtle power of Satan.
Ephesians 6:12 states,” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,
but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the
darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
11 Cor. 11:14 states, "And marvel not; for Satan himself is
transformed into an angel of light."
Satan is alluring. Christians do not have to fear him – just be ever alert
- because we have authority over him and access to the power of the Lord
Jesus Christ.
Severe sexual abuse causes Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), or
Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) as it more commonly called today,
which is the sad result of severe childhood trauma where personalities will
form in a defensive measure that usually takes a skilled counselor years to
help sort out. The brain creates these "Alters/Insiders/Others" to protect the
core person from melting down and not being able to recover.
Few who are DID will admit it to friend or a stranger. Many outsiders
remain puzzled because of personality changes or switches they may have
observed in those who deal with it. DIDers know they are different at times
and feel embarrassed. They feel ashamed about their horrific past. Can we
blame them? No.


DID is not always sourced to Satan. It can be launched by other

extreme trauma in a child under the age of six. However, in SRA it generally
is reinforced by repeated childhood rape.
SRA is all about Satanism. Children are generally forced into Satanic
Ritual Abuse by parents who worship Satan and belong to Covens where
they gather to perform rituals.
It is difficult to comprehend how a parent can watch their children
regularly be raped by many Coven members, see them forced to vow their
soul to Satan which is "sealed" by drinking blood. Many SRA parents also
sexually abuse and rape their own children and allow them to be forced to
become baby killers when they are still toddlers?
It is further beyond comprehension how a parent can watch their
newborn grandchild ripped from their daughter's arms, and with their
destroyed daughter watching, chant to Satan as the child's throat is slit and
the body drained of blood. The warm blood is then served up and drunk as a
cocktail salute to the prince of darkness and the body cannibalized by the
group, including the forced numb or drugged mother.
If the baby’s mother weathers this crushing outrage, she may not be
destroyed. But witnessing this may force her to become a dedicated Satanist.
She learns that she has to be powerful so she won't be controlled, and the
way to be powerful is to participate in ceremonies and receive demons for
The remains of a slaughtered baby are often buried in full view of all
coven members and its trapped kids. To cover their trail, the Satanists
sometimes dig up the remains later and rebury it somewhere else. This
undermines any later report by a woman who many lead authorities to where
she could claim a taken child is buried. Usually the remains of a sacrificed
baby are burned.
Blowing the horn to authorities is rare. Covens instill strict and
frightening rules about revealing any details about coven activities and
locations to outsiders. Fear is a powerful weapon.


Here's why DID kicks in.

When a child experiences
devastating trauma or


horrific abuse, her/his mind may not be capable of coping with the
pain and torture.
Subsequently, part of their mind separates from the rest of their mind
to hold the pain and hurtful memories. This separation or division of
personalities allows a person to go on with life, although with needs for
mental coordination. Ultimate cure is called reintegration where separated
personalities become one.
Counselor Shirley Brounley suggests that God gives the gift of
dissociation to ALL children if they need it.
A long-serving counselor in the field of SRA, demon removal,
and who helps DID survivors reintegrate their personalities through
the power of the shed blood of Christ, Brounley, who heads the
independent Haven of Hope Ministries, says,
“Dissociation saves a small child from committing suicide or
winding up in a mental hospital. If children commit suicide or go
berserk, it is likely because generational demons and curses, etc., were
put on them.”
Sadly, most who do survivor the mind and soul tortures of SRA and
dissociation of personalities never do heal to become one again.
Not all who deal with alters act the same, but there is much
The reaction is alarming, but a relief, when a counselor is able
to fill in the many whys and wherefores to someone with DID/MPD
who, to that point, had believed what acquaintances had tossed in her
face her whole life; that she is crazy in the head. A DIDer is not
They are different, for sure. But it is NOT their fault.


While each DID system is distinct, here, in no particular order,

is a list of what I have found is generally true of survivors of Satanic
Ritual Abuse.

1. They say "Sorry" often because their satanic rulers demanded it.
Reflex memories burn deep.
2. They hate or will not wear a dress because they had to wear them
all the time at the coven or at their abusive home for, uhhh, quick


3. They hate mirrors and photos of themselves. They don't like whom
they see, even years after escaping or being set free from their
4. They don't like makeup, although they have an insider or two who
5. They have one insider who likes sex. Others hate it. The one who
likes it is the alter who took on that duty at the coven and that urge,
for some reason, remains.
6. When they sit, they often squirm in their seat or swing their left
7. If their hair is long enough, they chew it or play with it.
8. They chew on poke holes in their cuffs.
9. Each SRA system has a protector who will fly out to defend orally
or physically anyone who threatens the system.
10. Similar to brainwashing, trigger words are installed by the
Satanists. Certain spoken words like Jesus Christ or certain sexual
words affect or trigger different insiders. Triggering means
personality switching.
11. They have been warned and believe that if they go into a Christian
church something bad will happen – like the building will burn down
or the roof will cave in.
12. They have been warned NEVER to talk about Coven activities.
They are told if they do, someone dear to them will die or they will be
punished even more.
13. They are told they are so bad even Jesus Christ – “if He were real
and cared” - would never forgive them.
14. They have been told Jesus Christ is a fake or that He is evil.
15. They never feel clean.
16. They can eat a banana only if it is cut up.
17. At least one insider deals with Manic Compulsive Disorder which
means they are obsessed with showering, hand washing, or such
things as flipping a light off and on a certain number of times when
they enter or leave a room.
18. They self-injure (SI). They cut, scratch or burn themselves. They
feel they want to let out the “evil” inside them. It helps them to feel
alive, in control, and is a way of gaining focus from zoning. It grounds
them to keep them in the present. Sometimes, SI is prompted by a
high cult’s obsession with blood.
19. They HATE to be hugged except perhaps by someone whom they
consider is trusted and safe.


20. They have a problem accepting compliments or gifts because they

feel they will owe that person sexual payment.
21.They hate the word "love." It is not a safe word. They feel if
someone tells them they love them, they want sex.
22. They hate any kind of touch.
23. When they are scared, they hide under a table or sit in a corner,
rock and often hum.
24. No matter what the age, they find comfort in their "blankie" and
"stuffy" (stuffy animal).
25. They often sleep in a closet or under a bed. One that I met
sometimes sleeps in a bathtub. They try to find "safe" places.
26. They sleep very little and often when they do are still totally
27. They are always tired because when they do drift off to sleep, they
have vivid nightmares.
28. Their "body" also gets little rest because when asleep, the "littles"
- personalities formed when they were abused as a youngster - often
come out to color or play.
29. They often have horrible memory recalls when awake. Thus, “I’m
having a bad day.”
30. Acquaintances tell them that they
talk to themselves. They do talk out
loud amongst themselves.
31. They drink booze or use drugs at
times because their abusers gave them
to them so they wouldn't fight back as
much during rape. The booze and drugs
now help - for a while - to lift them
away from the hurting memories.
32. When they trigger or switch, the
personality who was out joins the other
insiders in a relatively-safe inside place
like a building, a cave, a woods, etc.
33. One or more insider may stutter.
34. They might have one or more
Christian insider. A non-Christian
insider might refer to these ones as
“white lighters”.
35. Hair touching is often off limits.


36. They shower and don't bath. Bathtubs can make them feel trapped.
37. They hate the color red. It reminds them of blood from Coven
abuse. They cannot stomach ketchup, tomato soup or reddish meat.
38. They pinch themselves.
39. One or more may know sign language.
40. Evil, hurtful shadows - some, likely Demons - often lurk inside.


It appears to me that we are most vulnerable to demon

oppression and possession when we are weak physically, spiritually or
traumatized by severe fear.
It seems the enemy of our soul lurks for any opening to claim
ground. Of course, there is much demon play around those who been
exposed to Satanic stuff, willingly or forced. If we associate with
garbage, we attract flies. Satan is lord of the flies.


A troubling question arises here: Can a "saved" Christian who

has placed his total faith in the completed sacrifice of the risen Jesus
Christ for their eternal salvation be inhabited by a demon.
The prevailing thought is that the sent Holy Spirit of God will
not share quarters with a demon, and that a demon must flee a person
the moment a person repents of his sin and invites Jesus Christ into
his heart as his new Lord and Savior. The blood of Jesus is preached
as a protective divide between the Holy Spirit and the hordes of Hell.
That notion must be questioned in light of what happens when a
single personality – the host or an alter - in a Multiple Personality
Disorder system gets saved while other personalities refuse to accept
Jesus as Lord. That is common.
Shirley Brounley points out that no where in Scripture does it
state that demons can or cannot indwell or harass a born-again
I asked her: “Do you believe that the Holy Spirit and demons
can indwell a Christian at the same time?”
Her response: “I only work with Christians who have Demons
and/or Alternate personalities.”


“Once, a Demon said to me through a client that demons can

affect the body and the soul, but cannot do anything with the spirit
because that’s where Jesus is.”
When dealing with suspected demons, it is wise - before you
dialogue - to ask God to protect you by the power of the shed blood of
the Lord Jesus Christ
Some Demons linked to a survivor of SRA will speak clearly if
ordered to in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. They mock, they curse,
they challenge.
Alters report that Demons shout from inside to a host or alter
who may be listening to the good news of salvation and deliverance
through Jesus of Nazareth with, "That's a lie! Leave!"
On Jan. 4, 2007, I chatted toe-to-toe with a demon that goes by
the name Mastema (you may want to Google the name.) He told me
he inhabits an SRA girl, age 27, in Australia and hangs around
Christian Internet chat rooms on Paltalk to cause problems.
He scoffs and challenges remarks made by Christians and non-
Christians in Net chat rooms. He knows the Bible well. He is often
bounced from chat rooms for his distracting text.
He boasted to me that he prompted the girl's father to rape her
at age six, that she had a half dozen personalities, was institutionalized
until a few months previous, and as of that date, had her own place
and a boyfriend.
Before I blocked this bothersome bozo, he did offer some
interesting insight in a one-on-one chat. I am aware that the Bible
points out that demons lie their faces off. Nevertheless, I found these
comments of interest - and disgust. I spoke, he typed.

Mastema_01 said:

"We (many Demons) came in the fall. We were in the

2. "I AM not an alter, I am the One in control."
3. "I am protected, You will not cause Me to react, I
AM strong and Many."
4. "I went to a church last w'end, was soo easy to slip
in, they were a hopeless bunch of losers. Would you
believe, it took Me 15mins to gain the trust of the
pastor and the sunday school teacher LOL.. hillarious.
They always trust a woman. Hey, ****** (the girl he


inhabits) comes in handy sumtimes, even if I dont

need her mind just her body to do the work. You only
need to put a little doubt in children to deter them
from the xian belief.. or change things just slightly,
ie, jezuz had an older brother Lucifer who was the
most powerful, who was the word in the beginning,
who ruled all of heaven in praise and music, whom
God loved."
5. "You know, We've taken over many things in her
life now, people can't tell the difference now."
6. "Using multiples (personalities) allows US to
remain without detection."
7. "Now go away, you can do no help to this worthless
I suppose like his powerful but dim-bulb leader, Satan, Mastema is
filled with pride. I goaded much information from him about what Heaven is
like, the crucifixion and much more. He’s likely furious his text is being
shared now to hopefully enlighten. Looks good on ya, Hell boy!
I’m advised it is not wise to chat with a demon. Jesus quoted Scripture
to Satan only when He was tempted in the wilderness prior to launching His
public ministry.
We can presume a demon will start out telling us truth. Mastema
confirmed a number of things not listed above but supported in the Bible. Once
we are hooked to a source like him, we can presume he will introduce error.


Satanic Covens are naturally located off the beaten path. A

remote farm is perfect. Rabbits and cats used for sacrificial blood are
easily raised and disposed of there.
There are six Satanic levels or cult types:
1. Criminal Deviants
2. Orthodox
3. Narcosatanistros
4. Dabblers
5. NonCriminal
6. Luciferians. This group is said to be the worst. It is
reported this level of evilists is empowered to install death
triggers in its victims.



These are subjects I'm not too familiar with. I am told that SRA
Satan worshippers do place curses on children that can be removed
only through the help of a diligent counselor and prayerful power
citing the delivering and saving blood power of the Lord Jesus Christ
of Nazareth.


Satanists are devilish

partiers. Not all groups
follow the same calendar,
but here is common
“holiday” calendar. You
won’t see something like
this posted on a fridge.


Satanic holiday dates change annually according to the

regular calendar and differ from cult to cult

Date Celebration Type Usage Age

Jan 1 New Year's Day Druid Feast Day 15-33

animal and/or
human sacrifice (male, if
Jan 7 St. Winebald Day blood
and human)
Jan 17 Satanic Revels sexual oral, anal, 7-17 female



oral, anal,
Jan 20- preparation and sexual and female or child
27 holding of sacrificial blood (any age)
human sacrifice
victim for
Jan 29 St. Agnes Eve casting of spells
Candlemas animal and/or
Feb. 2 blood
(Sabbat Festival) human sacrifice
oral, anal,
Feb. 2 Satanic Revels sexual 7-17 female
communion of
Feb. 25 St. Walpurgis Day blood blood and any age
drinking of
human blood for
any age (male
Mar. 1 St. Eichatadt blood strength and
or female)
homage to the
Spring Equinox any age (male
Mar. 20
(Sabbat Festival) oral, anal, or female,
date orgies
(Major fertility vaginal human or
Sabbat) animal)
Shrovetide - three
days before Ash
(which is a Witch
Good Friday
date male only
Day of Passion blood human sacrifice
varies (adult)
(death of Christ)
date male or female
Easter Eve Day blood human sacrifice
varies (adult)
Apr 21- Abduction,


preparation and
holding of sacrificial
divining and
Apr 24 St. Mark's Eve
herb gathering
oral, anal,
Apr 26 - vaginal
Grand Climax De Meur 1-25 (female)
May 1 Corpus De
Walpurgisnacht animal and/or
Apr 30 blood any age
Roodmas Day human sacrifice
Beltane Eve (often
celebrated with a
festival that includes
bonfires and fertility
rites) - greatest
Witches Sabbat
Beltane Druid Fire
May 1 Walpurgis Day Festival
May Day Coven Initiations
oral, anal,
Jun 21 any age (male
Feast Day vaginal
date orgies or female or
(Summer Solstice) animal and/or
varies animal)
human sacrifice
Druid sexual
any age
Jul 1 Demons Revel blood association with
Jul 20- preparation and
26 holding of sacrificial
victim for Grand
gathering of
Jul 25 St. James Day
Grand Climax (5 oral, anal,
female (child
Jul 27 weeks, 1 day after Da Meur vaginal
or adult)
summer solstice) human sacrifice
Lammas Day animal and/or any age (male
Aug 1 blood
(Sabbat Festival) human sacrifice or female)


(Feast of Sun God,

Harvest seasons
oral, anal,
Aug 3 Satanic Revels sexual 7-17 (female)
St. Bartholomew's
Day large herb
Aug 24
(Great Sabbat and gathering
Fire festival)
Marriage to the sacrifice, infant - 21
Sep 7 sexual
Beast dismemberment (female)
and hands
Sep 21 Midnight Host blood (female)
removed for
Hand of Glory
Sep 22
Feast Day oral, anal,
date orgies any age
(fall equinox) vaginal
Preparation for all
Hallows Eve,
Abduction, holding
Oct 13 -
and ceremonial
preparation of
individual for human
(13 -Backward
Halloween Date)
Satanist High
Oct 28- human sacrifice any age (male
(Holy Day related to blood
30 each day or female)
sexual climax,
association with any age (male
Oct 30- All Hallows Eve and blood and
the demons, or female
31 Halloween Night sexual
animal and/or and/or animal)
human sacrifice
Satanist High any age (male
Nov 1 (Holy Day related to blood human sacrifice or female)


oral, anal,
Nov 4 Satanic Revels sexual 7-17 (female)
any age (male
Winter Solstice
oral, anal, or female,
Dec 22 (Sabbat Festival) orgies
vaginal human or
(Feast Day)
any age (male
High Grand or female,
Dec 24 Demon Revels Da Meur
Climax human and/or
Receive body
Christmas Eve blood parts as infant male
Christmas gifts

A. The highest ritual holiday is the member's birthday. It usually involves the
member or a victim of the member's choice and someone in authority, usually
the coven's leader.

B. The first and third of every month. Put 1 and 3 together and it makes 13,
though ritual/worship can occur at anytime, frequently coinciding with times of

C. All Friday the 13th's are high satanic days.

D. All full-moon nights provide reason for major occult activity (easiest to move
around without difficulty and without being detected).

E. Holy week (Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday). Some groups are thought to
sacrifice, cook and eat a human baby on Easter Sunday.


The name on the birth certificate of someone with Disssociate

Identity Disorder is known as the core or main person in a DID
system. However, some systems present themselves as a multi-alter


core built around the one host body. This ain't always easy to figure


Alters remind me of an ice cube tray: One but many. One tray.
Same water. Many divides. There is limited commonality in the
personalities, but each one has distinct deep roots connected to a
distinct memory.
An alter/insider/other is created from a single, horrifying
traumatic hurt. If triggered by a spoke word, a scene on TV or a scary
exchange between arguing people, the survivor relives that painful
incident from which it was created. We must be careful not to use a
trigger word and prompt a survivor to revisit a memory, or mem as
they are sometimes called.
It’s confusing to me why the word alter is part of the lexicon of
those who try to help those who deal with DID. The word alter can be
a trigger word because it reminds survivors what happened on the
ceremonial altars at Satanic Covens. Let’s not speak that word.
Insiders/alters/others are often male and female. Perhaps both
sexes are created because children are sexually mauled over by men,
women and older kids of both sexes. When an alter speaks, the voice
can be distinctively male or female.
Warning: Treating alters as demons will cause spiritual
abuse, and drive the alters deeper into bondage and farther
away from opening up to where they can receive true healing
from the Holy Spirit of God.


It is a given that all Jesus-type words and every sexual word out
there can be a trigger. Other common trigger words are hit, beat, slap,
chains, handcuffs, blood. Shouting can trigger. Crowds of people can
trigger. Smells like beer and aftershave can trigger. Certain colors –
chiefly red because it reminds a survivor of blood - can trigger. Movie
scenes can trigger.
I spoke with one abuse survivor who triggered to the sound of
jangling keys. Her father who abused her would rattle his keys when he
arrived home from work. As a youngster, the girl would freak when he


arrived home. Is it any wonder wounded SRA survivors are often loners?
The high cult Satanists - the Lucifereans - program and install
triggers. This, says counselor Brounley, is completely different from other
triggers. Their programmed triggers are for bringing up a certain alter who
does a certain job on command - like an assassination, she says.
Satanists are able to grab control of a person’s mind because they
teach that Jesus Christ is to be feared and hated, and is not to be trusted.
“Hearing the words ‘the blood of Christ’ triggers the person's
demons,” Brounley says. “It is the demons who react. We must be careful
how we talk about triggers.”


Switching means DID personality changing. It occurs when a

DIDer chooses to switch with another alter or is triggered by
something scary. Switching sometimes causes headaches. Some do
switch often and without headaches, however.


When a personality is triggered or chooses on his/her own to

get away from stress, they go to an inside place of safety where they
sit and rock. (They sometimes stay out and sit and rock, too.)
These inside mental places can be wildly imaginative; a ravine
area, a building, a cave, a woods, a garden, an attic.
While inside, another personality takes over outside duty as the
new face. This sometimes causes complications as not all personalities
have the same outside abilities. MPD systems are amazing adept
however, so if there were a switch while driving, another personality
with driving skills would appear.


Since Multiple Personality Disorder is launched before age six,

there are always young personalities involved. The group usually calls
them the littles. The protector is especially watchful over them around


Littles are often a handful of fun, and problems. A mature alter

may be busy dealing with people at work when a youngster may pop
out and cause embarrassment.
One woman told me with a chuckle she had to hurriedly leave a
church service - which was an extremely-tough function to attend
because of SRA fear teachings about church attendance - after a little
spilled out and sang loudly in the voice of a seven-year-old, "JESUS
The young alter had lost all fear of the true Jesus when a kindly
grandmother spent quality time with several of the "kids" and sang
Jesus choruses to them while stroking their head.
Like normal youngsters, the little personalities in an MPD
system like to be read to, play with toys, stomp in mud puddles, and
paint on walls. Picture a 40-year-old woman doing that and you see
what DIDers have to deal with.
Sometimes when a DID friend comes online, I'll get a typed
message, "Wantta a chippie, Mr. Dave?" That's a warm fuzzy.


I haven't met a woman yet who has told her/their kids that they
deal with other personalities.
What is commonly explained is, "I want to raise my children to
think of me as being normal. When they sometimes see me running a
toy car across the kitchen floor, painting like a child, excitedly
watching a cartoon, they brush it off with a, 'That's our mom!"


DIDers speak of shadows they see in their “safe” insider area.

Many well-meaning Christians insist all shadows are demons. The
shadows very well may be harassing sources of evil but we must also
consider the shadows are vivid harassing memories.


While DIDers generally learn to deal with major flashbacks

when they are awake, trying to grab a quiet night’s sleep is a horror
DID survivors hate to sleep because at least one personality will


be invaded by nightmares of past, real-life torture. With many, it’s

always the same horrific dream. This often prompts a survivor to
scratch herself deeply or hurt their hands by pounding on a nearby
table in an effort to defend them or to get away.
Switching while asleep where a little takes control of the body
and plays with toys, colors or even goes on the Internet can also
interrupt survivor sleep.


Self-injury or SI is
very common among
abuse survivors.

SI means one cuts

themselves with a
sharp object or finger
nail, burns
themselves with a
cigarette, places an
arm on a hot stove,
reopens a wound by
picking at it, or punches a wall, etc. “It gives me relief, it makes me
feel,” one DIDer explained.
Internet Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia explains SI this
“A common form of self-injury involves making cuts in the
skin of the arms, legs, abdomen, inner thighs, etc. However, the
number of self-injury methods are only limited by an individual's
creativity and include, but are not limited to, compulsive skin picking
(dermatillomania), hair pulling (trichotillomania), burning, stabbing,
poisoning, alcohol abuse and forms of self harm related to anorexia
and bulimia. The locations of self-injury are often areas of the body
that are easily hidden and concealed from the detection of others.”
Christians uneducated in the subject might charge that such
activity is surely evidence of Demon possession. SI could be
prompted by indwelt Demons, yes. But let me suggest the majority of
self-abuse is to claim focus or to let out the dirty inside feelings.



One of the chief goals of a

Satan-worshipping coven is to
make a survivor feel so
worthless and bad that a real,
caring Jesus of the Bible would
never forgive them.
The Satanists do this to
maintain control. They also do it
because deep down they fear the
Lord Jesus Christ, although they
will never admit it.
Here are some tips when
sharing with an SRA survivor
the truth of salvation and
deliverance through the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ:
1. Speak softly and don't preach.
2. Ask them if they have problems hearing certain words that
will trigger them, making them switch which means the angry
protector will emerge. There are always trigger words.
3. Use initials like “JC” for Jesus Christ, “B” for blood, “L and
S” for Lord and Savior, “M” for Master, etc. Many sexual or hitting
words, or words like “babe” or “cutie”, will usually prompt a person
to switch personalities.
4. Explain there are two JCs. One is the lying, hurting "JC" the
Satanists refer to. The other “JC” is the Jesus of the Bible who is
"nice" and does not hurt. The “love” and ‘trust” words don't compute
with someone who has been battered and abused. Don’t use them. It
will take years – if at all – before a survivor is able to lower his/her
defense fence and embrace a helper as a trusted friend.
5. Find a Christian counselor who realizes SRA issues are
spiritual issues which cannot be resolved solely with medication and
chat. A patient, knowledge friend may also be able to help alternate
personalities reintegrate.


Counselor Brounley responds here to two significant questions.

1. Why do you think people get involved in SRA and worship

“There are three types of people who get involved in SRA and worship
“In these times, many are exposed to Satanism through movies, TV
shows and websites. They become ‘dabblers’ who try out things they read
or see. If they become intrigued by the occult spiritual world, demons are
ready to take them to the next level.
“Some are recruited by friends or acquaintances who recognize their
vulnerability. They are drawn in to ‘low cult Satanism’ because they are
looking for acceptance and approval or power and control.
“The Satanists have finely tuned their recruiting techniques. People are
exposed to the teachings and practices a little at a time. By the time they are
participating in ritual slayings, it is too late to back out. Even if they want to
quit, they can't because they know too much about the cult and may tell
“Some are born to Satanist parents who worship Satan but are
not high cult Satanists. They are raised knowing only Satanism as the
normal way of life. They will be taken to ceremonies and forced to
participate, but not necessarily by their parents.
“In this group you will NOT find personalities that have the kind of
programming that is intentionally placed on the high cult Satanists. These
are the people who are used by the high cult. Many of these groups are also
covers that hide the high cult. The public may know something about these
people, but never dream the high cult exists.


"High cult Satanists" are extremely secretive and are born into the
high cult. They are born with demons, which carry curses, ungodly vows and
programming inherited from their ancestors.
“Their parents have programmed personalities and torture their
children so they will have personalities to be programmed. They believe, and
teach their children, that love is bad and hate is good. They alternately show
caring and torture to their children so they will never be able to trust anyone.
“Their job is to prepare the child for the "handler" who is going to take
over and give the complex programming the cult desires. All are abused
sexually, emotionally and physically. They never learn what love is. Any


talk of "love" is accompanied by torture. Hating makes them feel strong.

Their internal personality systems are complex and hidden.
“They appear as ‘normal’ people who are active in churches and have
important jobs in government and professions. Most have Christian covers.
Their jobs all go together to prepare the way for the antichrist.
“Picture small children who cannot protect themselves. Their parents
don't protect them and neither do their siblings. Each one is on his own,
without any rescuer.
“It is no wonder that they vow to become powerful - which they do by
using demons. Demons give them power when they give what the demons
want - sacrifices of blood and sexual innocence. The Satanist's vow is to ‘Do
it to others so it won't be done to you.’
“One of the first things a small child is forced to do in a ceremony is to
kill a baby. The priest holds the child's hand so it will be accomplished.
Then the child has guilt that is used for blackmail to get the child to do other
things. After a while, demons make the child feel as though he or she enjoys
killing. Actually, some do, but I am convinced it is because they are so

2. With so many alters and a host body, when do we know a

DIDer is truly saved?

“I don't know when a multiple is truly saved.

“I believe that God is true to His word and saves anyone who trusts the
Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior. I believe that includes personalities.
“It is my observation that when personalities start to be saved, it is likely
that others will also be saved, including the core person. However, I have no
proof. That is just my experience.”

YouTube video - SRA and MPD discussed with survivor on Oprah –