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Topic: informational report

Deadline: Aug 07, 2011 4:10PM
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Citation: apa
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English: US
Final Research Paper: Informational Report
Situation: Your supervisor has asked you to put together a report on a specific
topic in your particular field of expertise. She has asked this task of you, bec
ause you are the expert in the department. The objective is to present this repo
rt to the Board of Directors to show that more funding is needed in your departm
ent. The only way to do this is to convince the Board through your extensive kno
wledge on the topic. Your mission is to collect as much information about the to
pic as you possibly can, and then give the report to your supervisor to present
to the Board. (Think about the career you want when you graduate. What will you
need to be an expert in to be successful?) Your paper should include the followi
Define the topic of the paper.
Determine the thesis, or main point, of the entire paper.
Write an introduction identifying the topic and stating the thesis.
Organize the supporting material in a clear and effective order.
Develop the body of the paper, demonstrating support for the thesis andusing top
ic sentences within each paragraph linked to the thesis.
Identify and rebut opposing viewpoints in the body of the paper.
Provide specific details or evidence that supports the thesis and the topic sent
ence of each paragraph.
Use correct diction, syntax, grammar, mechanics and a varied sentence structure.
Compose a conclusion that restates the thesis plus the most important points, an
d ends with a summary and/or presents a recommendation.
Check all of your in-text citations for APA style.
The last page of your paper is the APA style Reference page.
Review your paper for appropriate grammar, punctuation, and spelling before subm
itting it to your Instructor.
My topic is how keeping up with technology and science can benefit the respirato
ry therapy department, therefore increasing the budget to buy better equipment l
ike ventilator machines ( breathing machines)
Intro: Where lies the success of healthcare -- lead to the use of technology in
improving quality of life
Thesis: Keeping up with science and technology can benefit the respiratory thera
py department, and therefore increasing the budget to buy better equipment like
ventilator machines ( breathing machines) will increase the department's effecti
veness and productivity.
I. Current situation in respiratory therapy department
- What the department does
- how many units avalable in the department
- how many patients received each day
- insufficiencies of the unit to meet the demands of the patients
- mention studies about how many units required to effectively service the pe
- mention evidences or samples of successful respiratory therapy department

II. How technology helps in improving the situation in the medical field.
- technology and what it did in the past in terms of improving health care si
- keeping up with technology
- show graphs or eivdences on how keeping up with technology can be useful an
d helpful

Suggest to increase budget for buying better equipment

show evidences how better equipment can help
how much we need vs the benefit we can get
cost-effectiveness / cost-benefit

IV. Conclusion