Alternative Tentacles Records ----------------------------I bet most of you have never heard of Alternative Tentacles Records.

They are a relatively small record company that deals mostly in alternative and hardcore punk music. It is owned and operated by a man named Jello Biafra. You may or may not have heard of this man. He used to be the lead singer of one of the greatest punk bands to ever exist, the Dead Kennedys. Definitely on par with the Sex Pistols in pioneering the punk f ield. He is still going strong with several new projects and singing with a lot of different bands. He has had several albums out since the break up of the Dead Kennedys after going to trial for a piece of art from a famous artist named H.R. Giger. Some of these albums are; Lard: Lard: Jello Jello Power of Lard The Last Temptation of Reid (new) Biafra with D.O.A.: The Last Scream Of The Missing Neighbors (new) Biafra and NOMEANSNO: untitled

Jello is also sponsoring The No Censorshi p Fund based out of the offices of Alternative Tentacles Records. If you want any information about Alternative Tentacles, or The No Censorship Fund, then send requests and/or money to: The No More Censorship Fund or Alternative Tentacles Records P.O. Box 11458 San Francisco, CA 94101 USA --Quadrac -----------------------------------------------------------------------------Newspapers and Candy Canes -------------------------A few semesters ago, there were around six rapes within a 3 month span on the ISU campus. If you will think back, you will notice that you didn't read about this in the Indiana Statesman or the Tribune Star. In fact, you didn't read about thin in ANYTHING! ISU is a very powerful state institution that gets what it wants when it wants it. What does this say about our repressive government? Half of the people reading this will probably forget about it tomorrow, or just don't give a damn now. Wha t does that say about our repressive society and what it does to it's offspring? We wouldn't want to print something bad about our lovely state owned and operated campus now would we? We wouldn't want to say anything about the hella lame police force that can't stop rapes from happening because they are too busy eating doughnuts and chasing skateboarders. The worst part about the whole damn thing is the fact that it was all smoothed over and forgotten about. If people aren't informed of t

he past, then the past repeats itself. How many more of those girls do you think would have been raped if the first one would have been talked about? Think about it... --Quadrac -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The Information Crunch ---------------------This article will only cite a couple of examples of our wonderful government trying to stop us from getting information they deem it unlawful for us to po ssess against our constitutional rights. Only a few can be cited from the simple fact that there are too many to talk about! The sheep are easier to drive when they don't know they are going to the slaughterhouse. First of all, I will mention a little something about NBC news. If you follow the lines of ownership back, you will find that NBC is a subsidiary of RCA records (another form of information distribution), which is in turn owned by General Electric. General Electric is the large st manufacturer of nuclear arms and nuclear power in our country. What I ask of you, the reader, is to see if you can find anything about accidents with nuclear waste or spills on the NBC news. What you might also want to look for is RCA artists (still employed by RCA) singing about nuclear weapons and/or toxic waste. Our friends, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been going on a rather large witch hunt to destroy a very popular underground computer magazine called Phrack. A little history on Phrack seems to be in order here for those of you who are unfamiliar with the publication. Phrack stands for Phreak/Hack. Phreaking is the art of knowing just what buttons to push and what tones to send when having phun with the phone company. Hacking is NOT what the TV programs portray it to be. Hacking is dealing with very competent computer users who are able to find security holes in large computer operating systems and networks. This magazine was started by two hackers with the aliases Taran King and Knight Lightning. It is many years old and was first made on old Apple II computer systems. The magazine spread information to the computer underground, which by the time it was out, the information was no longer useful. The FCC has now forcibly entered the homes of the phrack writers, taken their computer systems (never to return them), and stolen their mailing lists. The FCC is also going through the mailing list busting anyone who subscribed to the magazine for possessing the information. However, the law states that holding information is not unlawful, but the use of information to perform illegal actions is unlawful. They ARE getting away with this, and nobody is doing anything about it. If you would like to see the Phrack that talks about the busts (they didn't get them all!), then drop us a line to our P.O. box in the back of this rag, and we can make arrangements. Leave us a phone number and a first name. We can also give you any

issue number of any underground computer magazine, we have them all. Activist Times Inc., Computer Underground Digest, Phun, Pirate, Narc, and Papers. Here is a little note I would like to leave you to think on before I end this article. Take a look at any new elementary or junior high school text book and see how much information you can find on the United States dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. It's not even mentioned! --Quadrac ----------------------------------------------------------------------------Smack Attack -----------Our government has a philosophy. If they pull off a dirty deed and nobody finds out for 15 years, then it becomes so much worthless paper. I assume everyone has heard of the facts behind the movie Air America. During the Viet Nam War, the CIA smuggled smack into the United States with a bogus airline called Air America. Now, the government does not care if you know. That was 15 years ago, right? Wrong! t hat might very well be today. What is supposed to make us think anything has changed? They can smuggle in drugs now better than they could then. The drugs make good fuel to feed the "drug crisis" fires at home so the people will think their government is looking out for them. From the knowledge that the government used people to test the effects of LSD on in the 60's we can come to the conclusion that they know more about it and it's possible uses than we do. It could be very possible that peopl e are much easier to control when their brain is thrashed on drugs. Just say no? Say no to drugs, or no to your government? We need change! We need a government that cares, and so does the rest of the world. --Quadrac -----------------------------------------------------------------------------The Temple Of Sheep ------------------Well, if you haven't thrown this away yet, then we would like to thank you for reading! Consider yourself and open minded person. this is my "tidying up" article to attempt to strengthen my beliefs and observations I have put forth in the earlier articles. There are so many lies and cover ups going on in the world today, that it is difficult to tell what is truth and what is fiction. Most of our baby kissing politicians spend their time trying to find loop holes in the Constitution (or just plain ignoring it altogether) in order to tighten the noose of militarism. The philosophical disease of tryi ng to keep the peasants productive has gone on for too long. It seems it is too late to turn it around. This isn't true. If enough

people jump on the band wagon, we could save ourselves before we all drown. As children, the system works through it's slow-to-build prototypes (the previous generation) to try and control our thoughts and actions. As you grow up, you begin to like the blinders you are wearing and just look upon our governments actions with adoring eyes never pierce that fals e shell of kindness. When you finally get put into your "chosen" profession, you work the best years of your life away in order to exist. There are too many things missed, and too little shared. as you grow older and a little less productive, you start to reach retirement age. Oh yes, the golden years, when you turn 65, start trying to live off of social security and if you're lucky, a pension. All those years of work to be thrown out in the end to die alone. Just like the sheep model society has molded you into. That's it, that's all, --Quadrac -----------------------------------------------------------------------------What's the Point? ----------------I'm sure some of you are thinking of a few questions you would like to ask us or have something you wold like to point out. We would like to clear up a few things right away to maybe clear up a couple of possible questions. You probably noticed a lot of these articles are pretty vague about some things. These weren't meant to tell you what is right and what is wrong. They were meant to cast a "shadow" of our thoughts onto your thinking. The main point, however, was to make you start to think and maybe open up your eyes and your mind a little wider before you take a look at the world. We've gotten a lot of hell in the past for speaking out, and we have done this kind of thing before. As long as there are people that get pissed off because our views our different or wrong in their eyes, than we will keep publishing. You can call us names, or chase us down, but that won't change us, and we stand by our values. We are out of step with the world and not ashamed of it. --the crew If you are interested in mailing us your questions, comments, or even articles of your own, then go for it. We have obtained a post office box for this purpose. Who wants to give out our real address, we would probably get killed! Oh yeah, if you are after us now, you might as well giv e up trying to go through the P.O. box, dead end there... If you send us an article, don't expect it to be printed, we can't print them all. However, we will start a regular letters to the editor(s) column and will print plenty of letters. Later, and have fun... [:()-

So you've heard the new song, 'Personal Jesus', right? Well, there's a new Pizza Hut tie-in to promote worship & fellowship in the '90's: PIZZA HUT INTRODUCES THE NEW PERSONAL PAN JESUS! You to can eat the body of Chri st at a limited number of Pizza Hut locations. His flesh is available with cheese, tomato sauce, peporoni, sausage, and green peppers. Mushrooms and mustard extra. The new Personal Pan Jesus, at select Pizza Huts for a limited time. Only $6.66 / buy one get one for only another $6.13. ( { ( ) * ) } ) ( / _____________________ |_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| Mmm-mmm good! Old Pink On Everything Let me start by saying I was going to bang off about 8 million little articles on a lot of topics, but I opted for a few real long articles that ramble. So, as co-editor, I will ignore the Chicago and the AP & UPI and the New York Times... I am in control, so I will ramble. NOMEANSNO: This is a group that has a lot to say. I only have a few of their works, but they rule. Small Parts Isolated And Destroyed and WRONG are the two I have, and from this sample (hell, it's 50% of their discography) I think this band will go far. We couldn't cat egorize them, so I just called it psychopunk. I guess it fits. Tipper Gore / PMRC / Religious Right / Jello Biafra: This is one topic that gets me hot: censorship. If you listen to the people talk, they sound reasonable; it's not like putting a label on a record stopped it from being produced, right? WRONG. John Denver, super mellow guy, got kicked off his label for telling the Tipper Squad to stuff it. Not saying this is bad or anything of that nature, I'm sure he'll do well, but to quote "I f John Denver tells you you have your head up your ass, isn't it entirely possible you have your head up your ass?" Someone as lame and innocent as that gets the axe, and it's not censorship. Something doesn't connect here. So the PMRC hearings got our pal canned, and produced some startling nonrevelations: who funds the PMRC? Where does the cash come from? A clue: your tithing brothers of Gawd. The Religious Right sees fit to quash any type of thought that does not follow the conventions of the church, and they do so under the guise of 'concerned parents'. Who wouldn't give a sawbuck to hear a concerned mom bitch about evil music? Who got all this going, anyway? Who released the studies to get the ball rolling? The Ku Klux Klan. The KKK released the original reports of the affectations, which caused the music of 'the negro' to be banned from 'white' airwaves. This persecution &

prosecution of music continued on into the 80's, where Tipper says that the music of the occult underg round is driving our kids to do heinous things. Right. I was doing heinous things long before I ever heard of the Dead Kennedys. I really am just paraprhasing Jello, so I'd ask you all to buy a tape or two: (1) Jello Biafra Spoken Word Album, and Jello Biafra Tales Of the Trial. (2) Some DK tape (pick one, my fav is Frankenchrist). If you know me, ask me to borrow (BORROW) my copies... I'll loan you the disks,and make you ill. Oh yes: the Religous Right, they funded the publication of Tipper' s book. That's a tie-in I forgot. GET STUPID GET VIOLENT: When you read this, and you get hot, and want to kick our asses and show us who's tough, don't. Go put out your own paper, or hold talks. I'm trying to get Jello to come to Terre Haute (dre-e-e-e-eam...) to speak to ISU, but if I can't I want to say what I think is important without getting the shit knocked out of me. If you disagree with us, write us, get a hold of us, mail us on the nets... do something. But don't prove us right by t rying to nail us. We already think you need awakened or we wouldn't be doing this. Don't show you're too stupid to learn to listen. High Priced Computer Equipment: OK, little thing, I went into ValCom the other day to scope out the shop, and I saw this box of disks for 49 fucking dollars and 95 cents. It looked very much like the box of 10 to be had at sam's for $6.91... hmm. Lesson: don't shop ValCom or Computer Solutions, they suck. So does Computerland. They all suck. If you knew how litt le it costs to buy the equipment, you'd have a cow when you read the sticker price. What alternatives am I offering? Find and befreind some guy (or gal) who knows their respectiva ass from a hole in the ground and have them show you how. Most computer geeks need very little prompting to get them started talking about it... just like me. I sk8 Hardc0re, don't tell me I d0n't: Well, OK bud, but I'd like to talk about some shit that everyone on this campus think's cool but isn't. It's skate harassm ent. I skate a little, and I get tired of the shit spewing from the preppy asses in low riding trucks painted stupid colors with plastic regular fucks in the seat beside them. What's a real gas is you don't stop and back yourself up, you just yell and run. that's weak. When we say come back, it's not a bluff. Come back and we'll fight back, but I have yet to see a skate go 60 so we can't catch you. It's the perfect crime, but what's funny is when we attack YOU. You run and grab about 80 drug cra zed stupid fucking preps who run up, yell, and run off. You're sad. Fight back or go away. Racism: new hot topic, racism in the schools. It's real, folks, and I'm just world weary enough to know one article in some degenerate publication isn't going to change your views, but I ask you to think next time you let loose with a big string of 'goddamnniggerfuckingsonofabitchingassholejunglemonkeychick

wetbackchinowearinggoon' into the world, you look to see who's standing next to you. They might no t like it. And you may find out what it's like to eat a knuckle sandwich. 'liberals' Here's one that really pisses me off, these self deemed liberals that are so right wing they make Nixon look good. I work with one, let's call her Margret. Oh that's her real name, oops. Well her ideas are that music is too free, the government needs to clamp down on this porno-rock, that Jesse Helms rules, that Penthouse readers should be prosecuted, and the newspapers need to be shut up. AND THEN she has th e gall to say 'but I'm a liberal on these issues'. She's not the first one I've met, and probably not the last. Not even the worst, just the most recent. I'd just ask if you must hold views, stick up for yourself and slip into your niche. Don't pose, say 'I'm a conservative' not 'liberal except for speech' or whatever. arg. The servants of your inner sun I'm on this BBS (Unholy Temple) where the topics of discussion are phreak, hack, and do so as hard as you can. The anarchy base rules, and I 'd post some of the messages, but since I wrote them and I don't need busted. The number is 1 4o8 PRI-VATE (it's private, don't waste your time or $$$) and the members of the BBS include pain hertz (phz) and the conflict. if you ever meet them talk to them, they are really cool. this is just filler. /tmp/ftp/Phrack /tmp/ftp/ATI /tmp/ftp/CuD, Pirate, CdC... MINOR THREAT A cool band that broke up a long time ago, real harDCore, the complete discography is $9 at headstone 's. so go buy it, it's fast and hard as hell. PYROTECHNICS OK you're bored and you need to warm up the night. do this safe thing in a field or something, it's cool and painless and expensive. take a pound of gunpowder (or less, depends you know) and pour it in a big pile on some wood. then pack 50 pounds or so of flour on top of it, and stick in the fuse. reverse the last two steps, oops... then light and get back! makes a hella big fireball. real big, real quiet, and real bright. make sure t he flour is real dry, too. l8r... living in terre haute ok my damn shift key broke so now it's all lower case. first, go to headstone freind's at 12th and poplar or thereabouts. real cool place, head shop, record store, totally cool. just get up the balls to go in, don't talk about it DO IT! to eat: go to sam's wholesale club (get a pal with a card) and buy a shitload of food and grub out. they rule for cheap bulk food, like bulk snicker's bars and cases upon cases of cola. but no cherry cok e... fun: go to bloomington. ok, maybe cruise the bash or get drunk or something. sorry, if you knew me... inside joke. but seriously folks, the ritz in indy is a reknowned slampit place, and the groups are usually hardercore than old terror hate.

sex: if you find it, tell me... in terror hell, it's all either 12 years young or 50... all the good looking plastic girls are in sororities and therefore attached to me nemesis... frat packs. c'est la vie. What I really hate is this: last time we did o ne of these papers, we both got groupies... girls looking for someone notorius to sleep with. funny, when I asked these girls out before they were flossing thier cats or something... but now I was 'popular' and they all wanted to say they were my buddies. fuck off, I only want people who care to talk to, not people with severe personality weaknesses who do nothing for themselves. what am i saying? NO GLAM FAGG GROUPIE BITCHES, OK???? some minor threat lyrics: you tell me you like the taste you just need an excuse you tell me it calms your nerves you just think it looks cool you tell me you want to be different you just change for the same you tell me it's only natural you just need the proof did you fucking get it? it's in my eye's and it doesn't look that way to me in my eyes you tell me nothing matters you're just fucking scared you tell me that i'm better you're just hate yourself you tell me that you like her you just wish you did you tell me that i make no difference AT LEAST I'M FUCKING TRYING WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE? it's in my eyes and it doesn't look that way to me in my eyes more lyrics get your bravery from a six pack get your bravery from a half pint drink your whiskey, drink your grain bottoms up, feel no pain go out and fight, fight bottled violence lose control of your body beat the shit out of somebody half shut eyes don't see who you hit but you don't take any shit go out and fight, fight

bottled violence from the minor threat complete discography, stolen no rights available. POETRY CORNER. Death Poem In the valleys of freedom/live weak men/who worship false gods/ or any god at all In the plains of hatred/live strong men who worship money/any money at all On the rivers/the weak and strong/have wars and battles and the losers go home/and pray for better lives. The winners go home/and rape the loser's wives. They have fun/and rule the weak. Song of the Sea, a pleasant memoir I ventured to the land of Te xas/To watch the sea tumble over the sand what I watched instead/was the waste of man. The sun rose and set over the sea/The black cloudy water washed over me I slid into the Gulf of Mexico/And landed in waste from Texaco I thought life wasn't so bad/In younger years I wasted But the world is small,/the land basted. When the water was green or clear/Man fished and swam, never fearing The hydrotoxic holocaust/They were breeding. The sea is dead and rotting/the world is turning black All the wh ile the fisherman/Are stabbing us in the back. ---These pleasant thoughts provided by Xanthroid. the endtroduction well, it looks like we managed to bang out our first edition in a record one year since inception. Actually, the idea goes back to NFP 1989, but this is the new revised, more liberal view. I guess I'm done rambling. credits: poems, personal pan jesus, the big ramble, the one article, and this half of the endtroduction: old pink. the rest of it all: quadrac. l8r dudez cya round. on e more lyric (DK): some guy in sacremento was dragged into court he shot his lawnmower 'cause he said it wouldn't start might makes right it's the american way they fined him fifty dollars and sent him on his way you know some people don't take no shit maybe if they did, they'd have half a brain left! you know some people don't take no shit

maybe if they did, they'd have half a brain left! --------------end of endtroduction by old pink---------------------------* EOF *