Page 8A - - THE SPECTATOR, Ozark, Ark.

, Wednesday, November 19, 2014

by Clydene Overbey
It’s November, and here
comes snow in many places.
It’s a time for rest, a warm
comforter over your lower
extremities while you watch
TV, read, snooze on the
couch or in your favorite
I love winter. Time to
have sweet reunion with
folks you hadn’t talked to
since spring planting.
I remember well those
first days of winter as we
kids ran to the windows to
watch the first flakes fall.
The house would be warm
and smell of supper cooking
on the stove when we’d
come home from school.
Mama had a four burner
gas stove in the kitchen,
and one of the rear burners
could be lifted out, and a
special pot that came with
the stove, lowered into it (I
swear it was the first crockpot ever!) Many a great pot
of bacon and brown beans
were simmered all day in that
Mama’s fried chicken
also was the best I’ve ever
tasted to this day! She made
it in a cast iron skillet with
plenty of lard in the bottom
crackling away when her
seasoned and floured
chicken parts landed in it. It
would turn out crispy and
golden brown. Potatoes,
some peas and biscuits and
gravy on the side, and you’d
make a pig of yourself every
Those were and still are
the meals I long for, and try
to imitate when the weather
turns chilly.
Through the years, I’ve
become a crockpot queen,
and love the time it saves me,
and delicious meals it provides.
Funny how smells can
bring back lovely memories
of family, friends and home,
with me it’s usually food
smells, (and I wonder why I
can’t control my weight, ha!.
With November here, I’m
sure most of you ladies are
looking toward the holidays,
and cooking traditional
meals for your family at
Thanksgiving and Christmastime. Can you just smell
that turkey or ham, homemade dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, cranberries, sweet potatoes with
marshmallow topping, and
pumpkin pie? Lordy, there I
go again! Well, that’s the traditional meal, and I’m anxious for it to be that time of
year again.
I love the festivities and
decorations and giving
thanks for all we have, and
remembering our Father in
Heaven is the “Reason for
the Season!”
So many folks in my
memory have passed on
now, but in my mind’s eye I
see them still, and it warms
my heart, their faces laughing and enjoying food and
funny tales passed from one
generation to the other.
We were kids unaware,
not knowing we would cherish those cold winter days
of November’s holiday feast
followed by walking on top
of frozen snow without
breaking through as we ran
outside to play after our
stomachs were full. We
thought Thanksgiving was
only for church, and a lovely
meal at the end of each November in memory of the
pilgrim-people we’d read
about in school who shared
their harvest meal with Indi-

ans in their area far from our
little country town.
Tho’ my heart is heavy
this year for my first cousin
(who was raised like a sister
to me), Brenda, died the day
before Thanksgiving two
years ago. I miss her so
much, but I know we have
so much to be thankful for
even though it is harder for
me now. No big feast will be
prepared for a big family that
have mostly scattered or
gone on to Heaven. I can
bask in their memory though
and know that they are sitting around Jesus’ table now,
and oh what a feast they are
1 Thessalonians 5:18 In everything give thanks:
for this is the will of God in
Christ Jesus concerning
Psalms 106:1 - Praise ye
the Lord. O give thanks
unto the Lord; for [he is]
good: for his mercy
[endureth] forever.

St. Mary's Mtn.
By Lynda Evans
Greetings! Kathy and I
had a great time. Her time
here was way too short. I
couldn’t believe the end of
her vacation was with snow
flurries. Yuck! I have had a
fire every night this past
week it has been so cold.
Thanks to David and Greg
Myers for the wood.
We are sewing labels on
the quilts this week and I
can’t believe Thanksgiving
is almost here. I sure hope

they sell well this year.
My deepest condolences
to Barbara Becker. Her husband, Wayne, died last week.
He had a short fight with
cancer, but had a peaceful
death. She is one of our
quilters and a friend. Our
quilting group has had five
deaths in 11 months. That
has hit us very hard; 2014
can’t get over soon enough
for me.
Get well wishes to Larry

I saw Mildred Lachowsky last week and she
looked so good. Hope she
can make it back to church
Condolences to Aunt
Lucille Post Johnson of
Wichita, Kan., on the death

of her husband, Byron.
Uncle Byron was a quiet,
gentle soul, a good father,
grandpa and uncle. Many
relatives and friends attended his funeral.
I am making it short this
week, have a good one. Bye.

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