Total number of institutions: 372/730

―1‖ Portland Community College.
―2‖ Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA), American Culture and Language Institute
―3‖ American Language Communication Center (ALCC).
―4‖ EF International Language Center, New York.
―5‖ Zoni Language Centers - Manhattan Campus.
―6‖ EF International Language Center.
―7‖ Framingham State University.
―8‖ EF International Language Center, Santa Barbara.
―9‖ University of California, San Diego Extension English Language Institute.
―10‖ International Education Programs, University of California, Riverside.
―11‖ BIR Training Center.
―12‖ Boston University Center for English Language & Orientation Programs (CELOP).
―13‖ Central Piedmont Community College.
―14‖ New York University/American Language Institute.
―15‖ EF International Language Center, Los Angeles.
―16‖ INTO Oregon State University.
―17‖ Glendale Community College.
―18‖ Glendale Community College.
―19‖ EF International Language Center, SAN FRANCISCO.
―20‖ Language Systems International – Downtown LA.
―21‖ Nashville State Community College.
―22‖ Kaplan International New York Empire State.
―23‖ SOLEX College.
―24‖ Manhattan Language.
―25‖ American English and Culture Program at Arizona State University.
―26‖ English Language Program, INTO University of South Florida.
―27‖ Green River Community College.
―28‖ San Diego State University, American Language Institute.
―29‖ Cuyahoga Community College.
―30‖ EC New York.
―31‖ Connect English Language Institute on Alvarado Canyon Road.
―32‖ Brookhaven College.
―33‖ Kaplan International New York Midtown.
―34‖ Kaplan International New York Soho.
―35‖ LASC.
―36‖ English Language Institute at the New York Institute of Technology.

―47‖ EC Los Angeles. ―48‖ EF International Language Center. ―73‖ SUNY Westchester Community College . ―42‖ Kaplan International Boston Fenway. ―69‖ Approach International student Center Inc. ―60‖ Kirkwood Community College. Chicago. ―52‖ Transworld Schools. Seattle. ―67‖ Language Systems International – South Bay.. ―65‖ Converse International School of Languages (CISL). ―56‖ St Giles NY. ―44‖ Evergreen Academy. ―71‖ San Joaquin Delta Community College. ―46‖ Kaplan International Boston Harvard Square. ―70‖ Program for Intensive English. ―38‖ EF International Language Center San Diego – Alliant Campus.Upper West Side. Evergreen State College. ―62‖ Henry Ford College. ―63‖ New York Language Center. ―50‖ EF International Language Center. ―58‖ Mesa Community College. Clackamas Community College.―37‖ Rennert International. ―59‖ EC San Francisco.Midtown. ―61‖ INTO Colorado State University. ―51‖ Global Village Hawaii. . ―68‖ Embassy English Boston. San Francisco. ―72‖ Lane Community College. ―54‖ Kansas State University. ―55‖ University of Massachusetts Boston. ―57‖ Intrax English Programs. ―49‖ Aims Community College. ―43‖ Camden County College.English Language Institute. ―53‖ Kaplan International LA Whittier College. ―40‖ New York Institute of English and Business. ―45‖ ESL Institute – University of New Hampshire. ―39‖ Embassy English New York. ―64‖ New York Language Center. San Diego. ―66‖ USA ENGLISH LANGUAGE CENTER at the San Diego University for Integrative Studies. ―41‖ Citrus College.

―85‖ San Diego International Academy of English. ―107‖ Kaplan International at Illinois Institute of Technology.Blacksburg. ―100‖ American English College. ―103‖ Boston School of Modern Languages. ―83‖ Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute .NYC. ―97‖ Mercer University / English Language Institute. ―105‖ Whatcom Community College. ―75‖ EC Boston. ―86‖ Richland College. ―76‖ Kaplan International San Francisco.Beverly Hills. ―109‖ Mentor Language Institute . ―93‖ Cal America Education Institute. ―101‖ Kaplan International Santa Barbara City College. ―82‖ ELC Boston. ―79‖ Connect English Language Institute on Shoreham Place. Long Beach Auxiliary (on Hancock University).San Diego. ―90‖ ELS Language Center / SAN FRANCISCO DOWNTOWN. ―87‖ ILSC (San Francisco) LLC. Southeast Missouri State University. ―84‖ College of English Language . ―106‖ English Language Institute (ELI) at Pace University . ―102‖ Inlingua Washington DC. ―94‖ Inlingua Florida (Aventura). ―108‖ ELS Language Center / Boston Downtown. ―92‖ California University of Management and Sciences-San Diego. ―78‖ Embassy English . . ―89‖ College of English Language. ―91‖ Uceda School of West New York. ―88‖ Intensive English Program.―74‖ Ohio University Ohio Program of Intensive English (OPIE).Chicago. ―81‖ Bell Language School. ―98‖ INTO Marshall University. Chicago.San Francisco. ―99‖ Kaplan International Berkeley. ―111‖ English Language Institute. ―110‖ Berlitz Learning Center . ―104‖ Cal America Education Institute. ―80‖ Century College. ―96‖ Montgomery County Community College. ―77‖ Harrisburg Area Community College. UC San Diego. ―95‖ Seton Hall University – English as a Second Language Program.

Sacramento (CSUS). English as a Second Language Program. ―146‖ English Language Institute at LIU Post. ―148‖ Kaplan International Boston Northeastern University. ―137‖ Medtech College. ―143‖ ELS Language Center / Manhattan (Adelphi University). Intensive English Program. ―135‖ Nomen Global Language Center. ―115‖ Language Systems International – Orange County.―112‖ Harvest English Institute and Services. ―134‖ Global ESL Academy. ―119‖ Language Studies International. ―113‖ Professional and Collegiate English (PACE) International Academy.Columbia University. ―142‖ Tulsa Community College. ―141‖ ELS Language Center / Boston-Newton (Mount Ida College). ―116‖ Institute of Intensive English. ―118‖ University of Colorado Boulder. ―126‖ Uceda School of Elizabeth. ―128‖ ELS Language Centers. ―123‖ The Language Company-Edmond (TLC-Edmond). ―125‖ LADO International Institute. ―120‖ Savannah College of Art and Design. California State University. ―132‖ Fort Hays State University. ―144‖ Target International Student Center. ―138‖ ILSC Education Group (New York). ―124‖ LADO International Institute. Berkeley. ―133‖ Rice University Intensive English Program. ―117‖ University of Hawaii at Manoa: Hawaii English Language Program (HELP). ―121‖ North Carolina State University. ―127‖ American Language Program (ALP) . International English Center. ―130‖ EC San Diego. ―122‖ American Learning Institute. ―140‖ Intercultural Communications College. ―114‖ Goal Training Educational Center. ―131‖ English Language Institute (ELI) at the College of Continuing Education (CCE). ―147‖ International Language Institute. ―136‖ SUNY Fulton-Montgomery Community College. ―139‖ Southern States University Newport Beach. ―129‖ Brandon College. ―145‖ Snow Colleges. . Center for English as a Second Language.

―154‖ University of Nebraska at Kearney. ―180‖ Red Rocks Community College. ―163‖ University of Central Missouri. Irvine. ―157‖ English Studies Institute. ―161‖ Auburn University at Montgomery. East Bay.―149‖ English Language Institute .English Institute. ―177‖ Hollywood College. ―172‖ American Language Program. ―174‖ Saint Louis University ESL Program. ―173‖ University of Tulsa. ―160‖ FLS Chestnut Hill College.The College of New Jersey. University of Hawaii at Manoa – Outreach College. ―159‖ Everett Community College. ―167‖ California University of Management and Sciences . ―165‖ Pierce College. ―155‖ English Language &amp. ―166‖ Eastern Michigan University – ESL Program. ―153‖ University of Florida English Language Institute. ―175‖ Howard Community College . ―169‖ New Intensive Courses in English (NICE). California State University.San Diego. ―156‖ University of Mississippi Intensive English Program.Florida International University. American Culture (CELAC).Main Campus. ―168‖ American English Institute California State University. ―151‖ Intensive English Language Institute Utah State University. ―164‖ Uceda School of Hackensack. ―179‖ University of Georgia Intensive English Program. Fresno. ―183‖ ELS Language Center / Charlotte (Affiliated with Queens University of Charlotte). ―158‖ University of Arizona. ―152‖ Gulf Language School (Intensive English Program) at North American University. ―176‖ TALK International School of Languages. ―184‖ Salt Lake Community College. ―170‖ Embassy English . ―181‖ University of New Mexico – Center for English Language &amp. ―182‖ Institute for English as a Second Language and American Studies . San Diego. ―171‖ Intrax English Programs. ―150‖ Nazareth College of Rochester. . ―178‖ POLY Languages Institute. Orientation Program (ELOP) at Louisiana State University. ―162‖ Center for English Language Programs – New Mexico State University.

Public Programs: The English Language Institute. ―209‖ Manhattanville College English Language Institute. State University of New York (SUNY). ―207‖ ELS Language Center/Honolulu. ―210‖ Applied Language Institute of University of Missouri –Kansas City.Intensive English Program. ―187‖ Missouri University of Science and Technology’s Intensive English Program. ―215‖ International Language Institute.s ESL Institute. ―198‖ Johnson &amp. ―218‖ ESL Center at Mississippi State University. The City University of New York.Fairfax. ―216‖ Lehman College. ―186‖ Ohlone College. ―213‖ Bilingual Education Institute. ―208‖ Boston Academy of English. ―192‖ Intrax English Programs. ―205‖ LCI Kansas City at Park University. ―193‖ Chemeketa Language &amp. ―189‖ Boston International Academy. ―220‖ University of Iowa Intensive English Program. ―202‖ ELC Santa Barbara. Culture Institute (CLACI): Chemeketa Community College English Institute. ―204‖ State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz Haggerty English Language Program. ―217‖ ELI University at Buffalo. ―199‖ University of Wisconsin – Stout&#39. ―197‖ Cascadia Community College. . ―196‖ ELS Language Center / Garden City (Adelphi University). ―219‖ Virginia Tech Language and Culture Institute . ―214‖ University of Miami . ―206‖ Tampa Language Center.Hollywood.―185‖ New York Language Center. Wales University. ―191‖ North Lake College. ―188‖ The Language Institute. ―195‖ University of Texas at El Paso Professional &amp. ―212‖ Language and Culture Center/University of Houston. MD.Jackson Heights. ―201‖ Mentor Language Institute . ―211‖ English as a Second Language Troy University. ―194‖ Kaplan International San Diego. ―203‖ English Language Institute. ―190‖ Columbia West College. ―200‖ California School of Health Sciences. Chicago.

University of Memphis/Intensive English for Internationals. Aston International Academy. Learnet Academy. Florida State University (Center for Intensive English Studies). John’s University . Inc.―221‖ ―222‖ ―223‖ ―224‖ ―225‖ ―226‖ ―227‖ ―228‖ ―229‖ ―230‖ ―231‖ ―232‖ ―233‖ ―234‖ ―235‖ ―236‖ ―237‖ ―238‖ ―239‖ ―240‖ ―241‖ ―242‖ ―243‖ ―244‖ ―245‖ ―246‖ ―247‖ ―248‖ ―249‖ ―250‖ ―251‖ ―252‖ ―253‖ ―254‖ ―255‖ ―256‖ ―257‖ ―258‖ Golden Gate Language Schools. Phoenix College. WESL Institute. Kaplan International Highline College. University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point ESL Program. Juniata College Intensive English Program. English Language Institute. . University of Central Arkansas. University of Kansas. Applied English Center. dba inlingua. Concordia College. Angelo State University. University of San Francisco’s Intensive English Program.Pasadena. GEOS Languages Plus. Columbus State University.College Station. Costa Mesa. Access International Business Institute. POLY Languages Institute . Dean College. Spanish English and Foreign Languages for America (SEFLA Languages). English Language Institute at Texas A&amp. Kaplan International Philadelphia. Mankato. The Language Connection of St. ELS Language Center / Riverdale – College of Mount Saint Vincent. Princeton Institute of Languages Inc. Saint Francis University. ELS Language Center / Silicon Valley. Hawaii Community College Intensive English Program. Minnesota State University. Worcester State University (WSU): Intensive English Language Institute (IELI). University of Denver English Language Center.M University . Western Illinois University. Cupertino (Foothill-De Anza College). HANCOCK INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE.. FLS Boston Commons. Washburn University Intensive English Program. The Learning Institute of Texas.Manhattan Campus.Intensive English Language Institute. The Language Company-Toledo (TLC-Toledo). American Language Academy – Guilford College.

International Center for Language Studies. English Language Institute.English Language Institute. Baltimore County. ESL Program at Capital University. New York. English Language Institute at the College of Staten Island. Intensive English Academy at College of the Desert. Pine Manor College English Language Institute. The University of Alabama in Huntsville Intensive Language and Culture Program. Saint Michael’s College. GEOS Languages Plus. University of North Alabama. FLS at Saddleback College. . Riverland Community College . Kendall College (English Language Institute. ASC English. Rowan University English Language Program. English Language Institute (ELI) University of Maryland. English as a Second Language Program at University of North Carolina Wilmington. English Language &amp. ELI). Agape English Language Institute . Carson-Newman University . University of Alabama at Birmingham. Monroe College. English Language Institute at Washington &amp. Culture Institute-Albany (ELCI-Albany).Austin. Central CT State University. Mercyhurst University. Jackson State University. Berlitz Learning Center . Auburn University. ELC Los Angeles.New York. Oakland University. University of North Florida – English Language Program. Language Studies International. GEOS Languages Plus. Santa Barbara Business College. Language Center International Inc.Greenville. Wayne State University English Language Institute.―259‖ ―260‖ ―261‖ ―262‖ ―263‖ ―264‖ ―265‖ ―266‖ ―267‖ ―268‖ ―269‖ ―270‖ ―271‖ ―272‖ ―273‖ ―274‖ ―275‖ ―276‖ ―277‖ ―278‖ ―279‖ ―280‖ ―281‖ ―282‖ ―283‖ ―284‖ ―285‖ ―286‖ ―287‖ ―288‖ ―289‖ ―290‖ ―291‖ ―292‖ ―293‖ ―294‖ ―295‖ ―296‖ Intensive English Language Program (IELP) . Jefferson College. Alabama Language Institute at Gadsden State Community College. University of Louisville. Boston.North Dakota State University.

Owatonna.South Dakota State University. ―332‖ University of Wisconsin –La Crosse. ―333‖ English Language Institute . ―326‖ Language and Culture Institute at Radford. ―330‖ The Language Connection of St. ―320‖ Jacksonville State University . ―306‖ Heidelberg University. ―304‖ English as a Second Language International (ESLI) at Texas A&amp. Georgia State University. ESL Institute. ―312‖ University of Minnesota – Minnesota English Language Program. ―322‖ International English Language Institute. . ―302‖ Leeward Community College. ―314‖ ELS Language Center / Denver (Front Range Community College). Grand Forks. Colorado Springs. Culture Institute. ―305‖ Webster University ESL Program.University of Wisconsin..University of North Dakota. ―315‖ English Language and Culture Institute . ―325‖ Saint Martin’s University. ―313‖ ESL Academy – University of Colorado Denver.University of Bridgeport. John’s University . ―329‖ ESL Programs .―297‖ Language Skills Inc. ―323‖ Missouri Southern State University. an LAL Language Centre.Westchester.M University Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). ―331‖ University of Minnesota Crookston. ―319‖ Millikin University. ―299‖ English Language Institute (ELI) at Pace University . ―324‖ Intensive English Program. ―298‖ University of Colorado. ―307‖ Missouri Western State University. ―301‖ Northwest Missouri State University English as a Second Language Program. ―308‖ ELS Language Center / Santa Barbara.Queens College Campus. ―327‖ Pennsylvania College of Technology. ―318‖ American English Institute.English Language Institute.Humboldt State University. ―321‖ Intensive English Language Center / California State University Bakersfield. ―317‖ Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Milwaukee. ―309‖ Illinois State University English Language Institute. ―300‖ Duquesne University English Language Program. ―303‖ English Language &amp. ―310‖ ELS Language Center . ―311‖ Eurocentres San Diego. ―328‖ Riverland Community College . ―316‖ Winona State University.

―342‖ BLIIS (Borough of Manhattan Community College Language Immersion for International Students). ―362‖ Lewis. ―340‖ Sonoma State American Language Institute. ―354‖ American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI). ―358‖ Global Language Institute. ―347‖ Berlitz Learning Center . ―355‖ Saint Mary’s College English Language School.Little Rock. ―363‖ Wheeling Jesuit University. ―349‖ St. ―360‖ Suffolk University. Francis: English Language for Academic Purposes (ELAP). ―336‖ University of Tennessee at Chattanooga / ESL Institute. ―366‖ My Language Institute. . ―343‖ East Carolina University Language Academy (ECULA). ―352‖ English Language Institute. Norbert College EL Institute. ―368‖ Oklahoma State University ELI. California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). ―365‖ Intensive English Program.Sacred Heart University. M University-Kingsville English Language Training Center (ELTC).Boston. ―345‖ Intensive English Program Wilkes University. ―335‖ Southern Oregon University. ―339‖ MiraCosta College. ―350‖ National University. ―369‖ Texas Intensive English Program (TIEP) at Lamar. University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Arcadia University. ―367‖ English Language Institute Fairfield Campus . ―346‖ Intensive English Language Program: University of Arkansas .Clark State College (LCSC): Institute of Intensive English (IIE). ―357‖ Drake University. Monterey Institute of International Studies. ―348‖ Texas A &amp. ―364‖ University of St. ―341‖ Edmonds Community College. ―337‖ A F International College. ―344‖ Indiana Institute of Technology. ―356‖ DeLaSalle Language Institute. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota. ―351‖ Rockford University. ―359‖ Siena Heights University.―334‖ Loyola University New Orleans. ―370‖ Intensive English as a Second Language Program. ―353‖ American National University—Northern Virginia Center/Manassas. ―338‖ The University of Texas at Tyler Intensive English Language Institute (IELI).

―371‖ Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning. ―372‖ American Language Academy – High Point University. .