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Aim: To prepare stable oral suspension of given API using different
structured vehicles and to study the effect on stability of suspension.

Formula: Each 5ml contains Barium sulphate (calcium carbonate) 1.56g


Batch size: 50 ml.
Packaging: Narrow mouth glass bottle with metal screw cap.

Quantity given Quantity for 50 ml

Role of each

Dummy drug (CaCO3)

31.25 gm

15.62 ml


Kollidon 90 F(PVP)

1.56 gm

0.78 ml


Sodium carboxy methyl 0.125 gm

0.062 ml


Sodium bisulfite

0.125 gm

0.062 ml



0.02 ml

0.1 ml



0.02 ml

0.01 ml



100 ml (up to)

50 ml



133 g

66.63 ml


1. Method of preparation:
 All the ingredients were weighed accurately.
 Calcium carbonate, sodium bisulfite and kollidon 90 F (PVP) were passed
through sieve no. 20 and mixed thoroughly in a mortar.

Observation table: 1) Organoleptic properties: Structured vehicle Color Odor 2) PH: PH excipients 3) Sedimentation parameter: excipient Sucrose Time (min) Initial height(cm) H0 Final height (cm)Hu Ratio (Hu/H0) .Date Page no.

Redispersibility study .  Small quantity of aqueous phase was added gradually in the mortar with continuous trituration until a smooth paste was formed.2% W/W) Methyl cellulose (1% . dextrose syrup. Organoleptic properties pH Density Sedimentation parameters a.Date Page no. methyl cellulose) or syrup of sucrose.  Now the remaining amount of water was added with mixed thoroughly and volume was made up to 100 ml. Sedimentation volume ratio b.2% W/W) Evaluation parameters: 1.  The suspension was then evaluated. fructose. 4. and dextrose was added and mixed thoroughly in particular concentration.  Then the solution of structured vehicle (sodium carboxy methyl cellulose. 2. Sedimentation rate c.     Following ingredients were used to prepare structured vehicle: Sucrose syrup. 3. Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (1% .  Both the preservatives were dissolved in water. fructose syrup.

Date Dextrose Fructose Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose Page no. .

attempt is made to prepare stable and pourable oral suspension with various synthetic and syrup base structured vehicles. Conclusion:  In oral suspension formulation uniformity of solid or dispersed phase in dispersed medium ensured by addition of proper viscosity enhancers throughout its shelf life. . Methyl cellulose also gives easily redispersed suspension while Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose form hard cake and it cannot be easily redispersed. it does not form a hard cake and can be easily redispersed.  In the present study.  Dispersed phase can be kept in well distributed form by addition of various structured vehicles but the viscosity of the formulation should not affect the pourability of the dosage form.  The observation shows that syrup base structured vehicle gives flocculated suspension which is desirable.Date Page no.  In oral suspension formulation solid should have minimum sedimentation and this can be achieved by addition of structured vehicles.

Date Page no. Methyl cellulose 1) Redispersibility: excipients No of inversion 2) Density: Structured vehicle Density (gm/L) .

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