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Overview: Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company.

Through subsidiaries and
associate companies, Tata Motors has operations in the UK, South Korea, Thailand, Spain
and South Africa. With over 7.5 million Tata vehicles plying in India, Tata Motors is the
country’s market leader in commercial vehicles and among the top three in passenger
vehicles. It has brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat, Nano, Indica, Indigo, Manza, Sumo,
Safari, Aria, etc., under its wing.

customer contact. The new system helped the dealers to identify. service & parts.It has over 3900+ channel partners or dealers across India. CRM-DMS software helps to automate and streamline the sales process from top to bottom . on daily basis. among others. Case Study: CMC helps Tata Motors to automate its sales and services 2/6 . It was facing a challenge to get a comprehensive and timely update about the pre-sales. Therefore. exception report. etc. It also helped in generating timely MIS (Management Information System) for better decision making. comprehensive and real-time report all throughout the supply chain. sales. handholding and training for the CRM-DMS software. This was posing a problem to keep track of the sales and purchase reports on daily basis and manage customers of Tata Motors. customer service and support automation solution that encourages an organisation’s customer acquisition. TML started getting standardised. and development processes. CMC was chosen as the preferred service partner because of its extensive experience in providing similar solutions to well-known companies and countrywide support facilities. purchase. The dealers were not using a common software to record pre-sale contacts. TML partnered with CMC to carry out the rollout. TML decided to deploy CRM-DMS software at all the dealers’ locations. Business Challenge TML wanted to automate and streamline the sales operations at the dealer level. etc. support. leads. The dealers were not using a standardised reporting system. retention. Therefore.right from the lead creation up to the final order payment. monitoring. Tata Motors decided to invest in a CRM-DMS (Customer Relationship Management – Dealer Management System). stock analysis and profit report. purchase. acquire and retain customers. marketing. inventory control and standardised reporting system. It wanted to have real-time update about these to take timely operational decisions and plan future production. It delivers integrated sales. It helped in managing and coordinating customer interactions across multiple locations and departments. it decided to deploy a DMS system to integrate the various functions and standardise the reporting system. It was challenging to keep track of the sales process across the large dealer pool. After the deployment. sales. Tata Motors wanted a service partner who could provide rollout of the application as well as online and onsite help to the dealers throughout India. to bring in transparency in the operations and to get complete control over the business.

Regular training is provided henceforth to the dealer’s personnel for new versions and updates on the application. CMC’s cost effective solution Case Study: CMC helps Tata Motors to automate its sales and services 3/6 . CMC provided helpdesk support through centrally located support centre. Benefits to the client End-to-end solution across India: Tata Motors was able to manage its dealers across all locations in India through one company i. data cards and mobiles so that they were easily accessible and could serve the channel partners on time.e. Cost saving and speed of operations: CMC provided improved efficiency of operations at less cost. It didn’t have to go to different companies for various solutions. CMC provided end-to-end solution for the rollout. The dealers could create a request through the CRM application giving details of the area in which they needed help or call the toll free number. CMC provided handholding to the dealer’s team for a few days till they became comfortable using the application. After the installation. CMC provided infrastructure for the support centres and provided fixed number of seats at each location. online and onsite support and training of the application. Real-time updates through the application helped in faster decision making and processing of sales. CMC provided training to the dealer’s staff so that they could enter the required data into the software with ease and confidence. It also provided service engineers with laptop. CMC.How we helped CMC installed the CRM-DMS application on the dealer’s system and ensured that it was functional.

They could reduce downtime by getting immediate resolution over the call or email. in effect bringing down the cost related to running an office set-up. etc. TML was easily able to relocate their own IT officers and engineers to other projects. financial accounting also made the supply chain management easier. The helpdesk could rectify problems by remotely accessing distributor’s system. saving the company resources. collections. sales. hiring manpower. Standardised reporting system increased operational efficiency and decreased paperwork. Complete control over business: Real-time online sales and purchase reports helped TML to have complete control over the business. It could keep track of the stock and at various dealer outlets which helped in planning future production. using their own infrastructure instead of TML’s. Case Study: CMC helps Tata Motors to automate its sales and services 4/6 . Distributors benefit: The distributors also benefitted from centralised helpdesk services provided by centralised helpdesk to give resolution over call or email helped in reduc ing project cost. Control over inventory. The multilingual toll free number could remotely provide them with timely resolutions. They could call without incurring any cost.

Tata Motors Great work and thank you for your support on this critical migration exercise. the journey so far has had its share of ups and downs but I am glad to say we have emerged ACHIEVERS. “The strength of a team The contribution from each member makes us better each day.Client testimonial The strength of a team is often measured by the number of milestones it has mapped. ” Jagdish C Belwal CIO. we look forward to your involvement in making the CRM DMS project bigger and better! is often measured by the number of milestones it has mapped. Tata Motors Case Study: CMC helps Tata Motors to automate its sales and services 5/6 . Add to this the efforts put in by the team members and you know the value of your team. Shekar Madhusudan CRM Head. The CRM DMS project has come a long way.

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