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Sead Muftic

PROFESSOR, Computer Networks Security

Department of Communication Systems (COS)
School of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Personal details:
Phone: +46 73 574 1181

Professional Profile
Sead Muftic is working in the area of computer networks security for more than 35 years. He
is full professor of computer security at the Royal Institute of Technology. He was also for
five years visiting professor at GWU (Washington, DC). He is teaching four M.Sc. level
security courses and advises many Ph.D. and M.Sc. students. He is currently expert of the
EC/JRC. He was the director, member or chairman of advisory boards of many EU network
security Projects, Agencies and Teams. He has published more than 100 scientific and
research papers and reports. He is the author of three books and three US patents. Sead
Muftic is also an industrial entrepreneur, actively working with various small and large
technology companies worldwide. He was expert consultant to VISA, World Bank, IADB,
EU/TDL Consortium, Siemens, NIST, and various US Government agencies.

UFABC Guest Lecture Security System for Virtual Currencies (Bitcoin)

This short guest lecture will cover security aspects for payment systems based on virtual
currencies, primarily Bitcoin. It has two goals: to explain the concept, operations, and current
deployment of the Bitcoin system and to address the issues of potential use of the Bitcoin
concept for other distributed applications. In the first part of the presentation mainly user
aspects of the Bitcoin system will be presented in detail. In the second part, the following
issues and topics will be briefly discussed:

Problems with the current concept and deployments of the Bitcoin system
Potential, short-term and medium-term prospects of digital currencies
Potential benefits, but also threats when using distributed virtual currencies
Innovative applications based on the concept of distributed blockchain: secure E
mail, secure documents system, anonymous social networks, secure storage, etc.
Framework for extensions to other applications for reliable and trusted transactions
between untrusted parties
Suggestions for some UFABC actions and initiatives with virtual currencies

Atendees for the lecture may be students, researchers, professors or any other interested
person. The benefits of the lecture to the participants will be clear understanding of the
current concept and operations of the Bitcoin and any other virtual currencies system and
innovative ideas for utilization of such systems in various R&D projects and initiatives.