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Recount Text

What is Recount Text ????

Recount text is a text that retells a story about past events or

experiences in the order they happened. Its purpose is to inform/retell
past event to the audience.
Social function:
A recount text has three elements (generic structure) :
1. Orientation : tells who is involved in the story, when, where, and why
the story happened
2. Series of events : tells what happened in the story
3. Re-orentation : (optional) tells the conclusion of the story.

Language Feature of Recount

Introducing personal participant : I, my group, etc
Using chronological connection : then, first, etc
Using linking verb : was, were, saw, heard, etc
Using action verb : look, go, change, etc
Using simple past tense
Example of Recount Text :

Dear Grandpa and grandma,

Yesterday at my school we had an International Day. We had performances, food
stalls, displays, raffle ticket draw, and some of us were dressed in costumes.
We started our day off with performances but the one I liked best was the one from
fourth grade. We played games. The performance I was in was Labamba.
Straight after our performances we had our lunch. There were food stalls. They came
from Australia, Asia, Arab, and Greece.
Everyone had a job. These people were from sixth grade. I did my job after I had
lunch. My job was to sell International Day Books.
We had displays in the hall. These displays were good but I didnt get to see them.
The displays came from a lot of countries.
There were also a Trash and Treasure stall where they sold toys. The school got these
things by asking the children to bring them in.
Although I didnt win anything, International Day was still fun.
1. Identify generic structure from the text above!

Text for number 2-4

By Air
Fortunately they did not find a bomb and five hours later we were able to take off again.
Everybody on board was worried and we were curious to find out what happened. Later we
learnt that there was a very important person on board. Earlier somebody told the police that
there was a bomb on the plane.
After taking off, we flew low over the city. It slowly went high to the sky.
But, suddenly it turned round and flew back to the airport. An air-hostess told us to keep calm
and to get off the plane quietly as soon as it touched down.
I am used to traveling by air and only on one occasion have I ever felt frightened.
After we landed, the police searched the plane carefully.

2. Arrange the generic structure from the text above!

3. Find the simple past from the text above!

4. Find the action verb from the text above!

5. Find the differences about social function, generic structure, language features.