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January 20, 2015

NPC Chapter Presidents:

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Inter/National Presidents of the sixteen National Panhellenic
Conference (NPC) sororities with chapters at the University of Virginia. We are all delighted the
moratorium has been lifted and our chapters have completed a successful Formal Recruitment after a
tumultuous Fall semester. In our conversations with ISC and various members of our groups, we are
encouraged and believe this situation can result in positive changes for UVA. This is our opportunity to
support you in becoming change agents on your campus. Wed like to begin the change with Mens
Bid Night.
We want to emphasize that the safety and well-being of our members is our first and foremost
objective. We believe the activities on Mens Bid Night present significant safety concerns for all of our
members and we are united in our request that the sixteen NPC sororities not participate. The NPC
has a policy stating that our organizations will not participate in Men's Recruitment, which includes
marketing (for example, t-shirts). We think it is up to the men's group to recruit their members and
celebrate those new members on their Bid Night, just as all NPC Sororities do. We encourage you to
plan alternative sisterhood events with expectations of full chapter participation. It will be very
important for the sixteen groups at UVA to stand united in this. As your Inter/National Presidents, we
are unanimously committed to supporting you in this effort and other positive changes made for the
betterment of the UVA community.
It is important for you to know that we are united in our expectation that positive changes do need to
occur. All 26 National Panhellenic Conference sororities take these issues and the situation occurring at
UVA very seriously. The Inter/National Presidents are committed to taking steps to educate and
reinforce our standards and risk management policies with our chapters. We will also be working with

the Inter-Sorority Council through their NPC area advisor, Beth Searcy, to reinforce the necessity of
being a collaborative partner with the university to address unacceptable behaviors in the community.
We want to begin with the 2015 Mens Bid Night activity.
We stand ready to help you in any way necessary to move your community forward. Please know that
we speak with one voice in saying that further changes must be forthcoming. Thank you in advance for
continued collaboration.


Tammie Pinkston, PhD

Alpha Delta Pi
International President
Diane Blackwelder, National President Alpha Chi Omega
Deana Gage, International President, Alpha Phi
Shelley Potter, National President, Chi Omega
Phyllis Grissom, President, Delta Delta Delta
Staci Skoog, Fraternity President, Delta Gamma
Diane Stecher, National President, Delta Zeta
Krista Davis, International President, Gamma Phi Beta
Laura Doerre, Fraternity President, Kappa Alpha Theta
Beth Langford, National President, Kappa Delta
Beth Black, Fraternity President, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Paula Shepherd, Grand President, Pi Beta Phi
Michelle Carlson, National President, Sigma Delta Tau
Cheri DeJong, National President, Sigma Kappa
Kaye Schendel, National President, Sigma Sigma Sigma
Carolyn Carpenter, National President, Zeta Tau Alpha
Beth Searcy, NPC Area Advisor
Jean Mrasek, NPC Chairman
Julie Johnson, NPC Panhellenics Chair
Nicki Meneley, Executive Director, NPC
Matt Ferguson, Fraternity/Sorority Advisor
Julia Pedrick, ISC President

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