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rru urrrvAo LoP 10 PTTH

NAM Hec zot4-zots

trt0N: TiSng Anh


Thoi gian ldm bii:60 phtit



j,: Thi sinh ldm bdi tryc fii1p vdo bdn di tm nay

I. Choose the word in each part pronounced differently from the rest. (lpt)
C. watchgg!
D. Iaughed
1. A. pic@!
B. raisegl
D. flood
2. A. moon
C. soon
D. character
C. chopstick
3. A.
D. climb
4. A. comb
B. club
lI. Choose the correct answer for each sentence (2 pts)
l. - "Would you like some more tea? " - "
A. You're welcome.
B. It's nice of you to say so.
C. Yes, please!

D. That's a good idea

2. I think you
a shower instead of a bath to save energy.
A. take
D. to take
B. should take
C. taking
3. We got our brother-___.____clothes.
C. washed
A. wash
B. to wash
D. washing
4. Remember to
the light before going out.
A. turn off
D. turn down
B. turn on
C. turn up
5. Sticky rice cakes are
dishes at Tet in Vietnam.
A. traditional
C. custom
B. tradition
D. custornary
enjoy spending money.
6. My mother is one of the women
A. whom
B. who
C. whose
D. which
7. If the weather
on a
better, we'd
A. is
B. will be
C. would be
D. were
Liz has an exam tomorrow, she is watching TV.
A. T'hough
D. However
B. Despite C. Because
III. Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets (1 pts)
1. There
three accidents in our street lately. (be)
2-}{e said he
Ha Long Bay the following week. (visit)
3. What would you do if you
a lot of money? (have)
4.I am always proud of
a student of my school.
IV. Give the correct form of these words (1 pt)
l. The
of the dancer were very grateful.
2. It was the world's largest volcanic
3. The Internet has
developed today.
4. We should leam about keeping the environment
V. Fill in each blank with one suitable nrovided word

electridity power on

reaches get


Are you looking for a cheap, clean, effective source of (1)

that doesn't
cause pollution or waste natural resources? Look no further than solar energy from our
Sun. Atpresent" most of our electricity (2)
from the use of coa[, gas, oil or
nuclear power. This power could be provided by the Sun. One percent of the solar

energy that (3)

the Earth is enough to provide power for the total
countries are already using solar energy. Solar panels are placed
(4)_the roof of a house and the Sun's energy is used to heat water. The
energy can be stored for a number of days, so on cloudy days you can use solar energy,

VI . Read the text then answer the questions (2 pts)

These days, Chinese ships usually approached Vietnamese vessels while they were
undertaking their law enforcement mission in Vietnam's waters at the East Sea of Viet
Nam. This is a legitimate act.
On Thursday morning, in an urgent message, Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung said that in recent
days the people throughout the country have demonstrated their patriotism by protesting
China's HD-981 oil rig illegai deployed in Vietnam's waters.
He also asked that people not to listen to the troublemakers and work together to
preserve security and order, help each other to develop production and business, and
defend the country's sovereignty in accordance with Vietnamese and international law.
1. Did Chinese ships usually approach Vietnamese vessels at the East Sea of Viet Nam?

2. How is this act?

J. What have Vietnamese people done to protest China's

4. What did

HD-981 oil rig?

Mr. Nguyen Tan Dung ask people to do?

VII. Rewrite

these sentences ( lpt)

1. "What aspects of learning English do you

find most difficult, Lan?", the examiner


The examiner asked

2. The black car is more expensive than the red one.
The red car
3. Hurry up or you'll be late for the concert.


4. The flood destroyed many areas last month.

VnL Complete these sentences using the given words (f ps)
1. Mai / suggest/ they/ do/ homewotlc/ before/ go/ school.

2.The girl/ you/ meet/yesterday/ bel my friend.

The end