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The recommended number of daily servings from the milk group for adults is _______.

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How are the terms overweight and obesity used differently?
People who are 1-19 percent above their desired weight are called overweight, while those 20 percent or
more above their desired weight are called obese.

All cases of above-desired weight are labeled overweight, while only the most extreme cases are
considered obesity.
People are called overweight when their extra weight is in muscle, and obese when their extra
weight is in fat.

Both terms are used interchangeably
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What is the role of vitamins? They

serve as structural elements.
facilitate the action of enzymes.
provide fuel for energy.
store other nutrients.
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The strength of marijuana’s hallucinogenic effects is determined by the amount of ___________ it


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Protein, fats, and carbohydrates differ from the other basic nutrients in that they alone provide the body


QUESTION 8 Another word that means psychological dependence is cross tolerance psychiatric tolerance habituation physiological addiciton 2 points QUESTION 9 1. introduction of a new drug changes tolerance to a drug in current use. the heavy calorie load slows down their metabolisms. Cross-tolerance occurs when tolerance to a drug crosses the line into addiction. tolerance for one drug affects tolerance for another. the combination of two drugs drastically reduces tolerance for both. 2700 3500 3700 4200 2 points QUESTION 10 1. the result is a(n) ________________ effect. . When two or more drugs are taken and the result is merely a combined total effect of each drug. overeating habits are established early in life. Many researchers believe that overfed infants become overweight later in life because they develop more fat cells than infants who are not overfed do. Consuming _____ calories more than is needed results in a weight gain of one pound of fat. 2 points QUESTION 7 1. synergistic stimulating antagonistic additive 2 points 1.structural elements 2 points QUESTION 6 1.

600 mg–2. 2 points QUESTION 12 1.their fat cells grow in size. 350mg 400 mg 300 mg or less 500 mg or less 2 points 1. inhalants. QUESTION 13 Buck is taking a megadose of vitamin C from a dietary supplement source. 2 points QUESTION 14 1.500 mg 2. Nutritionists recommend that people restrict their dietary intake of cholesterol to ________ per day. According to the USDA guidelines. increase his risk urinary tract problems. tranquilizers.400 mg–2. 2 points QUESTION 11 1. Which of the following is a cholesterol-free food? peanut butter skim milk lean ground beef eggs 2 points QUESTION 15 1. Drugs that induce sleep and are often used in anesthesia are called hallucinogens. Why might this behavior be harmful to his health? It can increase his risk of heart disease. cause kidney stones.800 mg . Americans should consume how much sodium per day? less than 2. barbiturates.300 mg 2. weaken his immune system.

adaptive thermogenesis. .2. 2 points QUESTION 17 1.900 mg–3. digestive generativity. QUESTION 20 Drugs that change the user’s feelings. psychoactive. of calories is known as adipose recession. effect of two drugs combined is greater than the effects of each taken alone. or moods are called reactive. or abundance. Which of the following BEST describes a synergistic effect of two drugs taken together? The effect of the drugs is the sum of the effects of each. 2 points 1. an exaggerated effect produced by two or more drugs in the same category. first drug is to make the second more potent. Changes in the body’s metabolic rate due to a lack. when the use of a drug causes the user to do similar drugs in that category.000 mg 2 points QUESTION 16 1. perceptions. 2 points QUESTION 19 1. corticostimulating. QUESTION 18 A potentiated effect is when one drug reduces the effect of the other drug. According to the experts. 5 2 3 6 2 points 1. physiopathic. comestible stabilization. you should set a goal to lose no more than __________ pounds a week. when the use of one drug intensifies the effect of the second drug. second drug is to reduce the effect of the first.

causing changes in sperm number. an age-graded obesity measure. QUESTION 23 Pai Mei eats a bowl of rice that contains 40 grams of carbohydrates. QUESTION 21 People are considered obese when their body weight exceeds the recommended weight for their height by ______________ percent. QUESTION 22 Smoking affects men’s fertility by reducing the oxygen supply to reproductive tissues. QUESTION 24 The recommended consumption of fats is _________ percent of daily calories. 10 20 30 40 2 points 1. 10-14 15-19 20-35 35-40 2 points QUESTION 25 1. The body mass index is based on popular body images. 2 points 1. and shape. depressing the central nervous system activities that bring about sexual arousal. causing a thickening of cell walls inside the gonads. a height/weight index in metric units. . motility.2 points 1. How many calories from carbohydrates does he consume? 120 160 200 360 2 points 1.

What kind of drinker is she? infrequent light moderate heavy 2 points 1. QUESTION 29 Bill is thin. combine a balanced. He does not have an eating disorder. but she is now about 280. Elle studies hard. The best way for Bill to proceed would be to eat only high-fat foods and lift weights. where she typically has five or six drinks each time. calorie-dense diet with strength training. 2 points QUESTION 26 1. 2 points 1. QUESTION 30 The dependency-producing substance found in cigarettes is tar dopamine . QUESTION 27 O-Ren’s desirable weight is 150 pounds. 10-15 15-19 20-25 26-29 2 points 1. works out regularly. eats well. train twice a day and consume lots of high-calorie foods. at weekend parties. combine resistance training with an over-the-counter weight gaining supplement. and he wants to gain weight for football. and gets plenty of sleep.a method of measuring body composition. The normal range of body fat for young adult men is ______________ percent. She would be classified as overweight mildly obese morbidly obese severely obese 2 points QUESTION 28 1. During the week. She only drinks once or twice a week.

and possible kidney problems are complications associated with which fad diet? The Atkins Diet Eating Thin for Life The New Beverly Hills Diet . electrolyte loss. True False 2 points 1. His friends cannot wake him. About half of all Far East Asians cannot tolerate even small amounts of alcohol. a cancerous condition of the bronchial tubes. Remove him to a safe place to sleep. Do not attempt to move him until he wakes. a disease caused by the destruction of alveoli in the lungs. any generalized infection of lung tissues that causes inflammation. 2 points 1. QUESTION 34 Which of the following oils contains the highest percentage of saturated fats? peanut safflower coconut vegetable 2 points QUESTION 35 1.nicotine benzopyrene 2 points 1. What should they do? Seek emergency medical help. QUESTION 31 Emphysema is a permanent narrowing of the airways that limits the victim’s ability to breathe. Help him to regurgitate the alcohol still in his stomach. 2 points QUESTION 32 1. QUESTION 33 Budd has passed out on the couch after participating in a drinking contest. Dehydration.

000 calorie diet? No more than ______ teaspoons. QUESTION 38 According to the USDA.Jenny Craig 2 points QUESTION 36 1. QUESTION 37 The main role of carbohydrates is to provide energy provide structural elements facilitate metabolic processes facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals 2 points 1. Many children become smokers because they see their parents smoking. 8 10 12 17 2 points QUESTION 39 1. Sofie eats a granola bar that contains 9 grams of protein. This is called modeling manipulation . The appetite center controls when you eat. How many calories from protein are in her granola bar? 27 36 45 81 2 points 1. 2 points QUESTION 40 1. how much you eat how your body uses food. when you feel hungry or satisfied. how many teaspoons of sugar per day should be consumed for a 2.

Some alcohol bonds to carbohydrate molecules in food. rendering the alcohol inert. A so-called chipper is a smoker who does not develop a physical dependence on cigarettes. Of all the gases released by tobacco smoke. Food substances oxidize some of the alcohol before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. QUESTION 41 Why does eating a meal before drinking reduce the effects of alcohol? A full stomach reduces the drinker’s capacity for alcohol. QUESTION 45 Women who smoke and use oral contraceptives are at high risk for stroke. successfully quits smoking on the first attempt. causes abnormal depletion of fluids from the body. can absorb water from the intestinal tract.peer pressure subliminal advertising 2 points 1. regularly indulges in smoking binges. 2 points QUESTION 42 1. Food competes with the alcohol for absorption into the bloodstream slowing the rate at which alcohol is absorbed. 2 points QUESTION 44 1. psyllium. and rice bran. the most harmful to smokers is hydrogen cyanide carbon monoxide ammonia acetone 2 points 1. 2 points 1. True . smokes almost constantly. QUESTION 43 Insoluble fiber is best described as fiber that consists only of oat bran. turns to a gel in the intestinal tract and binds to liver bile.

soluble or insoluble. 2 points 1. a normal diet is sufficient.False 2 points QUESTION 46 1. . Dietary fiber is classified as water-soluble or fat-soluble. Which of the following is her doctor MOST likely to recommend? Supplements offer no benefit. complex carbohydrates that represent an important energy source. consuming any number of drinks that brings you to legal intoxication. consuming three or more drinks in a two-hour period. QUESTION 48 Beatrix is pregnant and wonders about the value of vitamin supplements. She should avoid vitamin supplements because of the risk of vitamin toxicity. She must supplement her dietary intake with fat soluble vitamins. Binge drinking is defined as drinking to twice the level of legal intoxication. 2 points QUESTION 47 1. 2 points 1. drinking five or more drinks on one drinking occasion. animal or vegetable. True False 2 points QUESTION 50 1. true fiber or bran. QUESTION 49 A sign that someone has alcohol poisoning is a weak and rapid pulse. during the previous two weeks. simple carbohydrates that are commonly added to commercially prepared foods. What are starches? They are simple carbohydrates whose main contribution to the diet is bulk. complex carbohydrates that provide no nutritional value. She might benefit from some vitamin supplements and folic acid in particular.