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Gandhi Ashram in Pallipadu,Nellore


The Pinakini Satyagraha Ashramam is a living memory of Mahatma

Gandhis association with Nellore. It was established on the bank of river
Penna. It has made a significant contribution to the National Freedom
Struggle lead by Gandhiji.
This Ashramam is known as Pallipadu Gandhi Ashramam. It is the first of
its kind in Andhra Pradesh and stands second only to Gandhijis Ashramam
at Sabarmathi at the National Level. The Ashramam was inaugurated on 7feb-1921 by Gandhiji himself.
Initially it started in thatched huts on the bank of river Penna. On the
suggestion of Gandhiji an amount of Rs. 10,000/- was extended as
financial help by the All India Congress Committee and 22 acres of land
was secured. The living and teaching in the Ashramam started on the
principles of truth, non-violence. Many programmes were taken up such as
Production of Khadhi, Eradication of untouchability, propagation of Hindi as
the national language, Naturopathy, Equality of all religions, and Adult
The Ashramam is now under the Indian Red Cross Society Nellore branch.
Indian Red Cross Society Nellore District branch intends to renovate the
old building and make it a Tourist Centre for the new generation.

changes in pinakini satygraha asramam from

1921 to now
building was constructed in 1925 with donations of
rusthum ji(friend of gandhi in south africa) Rs-10000/Indian National Congress Rs-10000/Munagala raja varu Rs-2000/in 2006 Building was renewed with donations of
Adhala prabahaker reddy garu -9lak's
RedCross Nellore -5laks,
and others

Traditional Architecture Guest House


I visited the Ashram and very much inspired by the
atmosphere there. The Museum contains rare
photographs of Mahatmaji. The Ashram is on the
banks of Pennar River. There is the Guest House
which was built with traditional Architecture. 22
Acres of fertile land belongs to the Ashram.
I had discussions with Management of Red Cross on
making this Ashram as a Centre for Rural
Development,ideals cherished by Gandhiji. They

are very positive and incidentally the Management

Team is well known to me.
The proposed Rural Development Centre will have
Three Divisions:

1.Rural Energy:
Demonstration of Renewable Energy Systems
like Solar Cookers,Solar Driers,Simple Solar
Water Heaters,Small Wind Turbines
Biogas for cooking and power through inpout
from care-free growth,regenerative and CAM
plants like Agave and Opuntia.
Energy Conservation in Lighting and
Agricultural Pumpsets
vegetables,Growing Highly Nutritious plants
conditions,Organic Farming.
3.Agro Industries & Skills TrainingCentre: Small
industrial units utilizing local resources and
resourcefulness: For Example Seethaphal oil
which is Tocic and can be used as natural

Today there is great demand for Skilled

workers. A Skilles training Centre in the fields
of Carpentry,Plumbing,Electrician etc .
It is proposed to submit proposals to Union
Government and State Government especially
Research Funding Agencies. Also Private Donors
will be approached.

The Advantages for location of these CEntres:

Nellore is 14 km. These is nearby District Institute of
Education and Training - DIET - Nellore ,Pallipadu.