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Final  Assignment:  Multi-­‐Modal  Techno-­‐Cultural  Research  Project  

In this assignment you will explore some aspect of techno-cultural change we’ve touched upon
this semester—whether in your small projects, your blogs, your larger blog presentation, or in
class discussions. Your goal is to research, analyze, produce, and synthesize several interesting
texts into a multimodal exploration for your reader. To do so you will combine audio, video, web
design and print text to create a 10-15 page multimodal equivalent—thinking not only about
what your topic is but also about how it is displayed. Ideally, you will choose a research topic
that will benefit you in your future career: how has tech changed publishing, education, music,
etc. But your research question should be more complex than just how has tech changed x, y, or
z. Choose a specific sub-topic within those broad headings, i.e, how has tech changed
collaboration between teachers.
[General  Project  Requirements]:
1. Your topic must be about technological change—how some “new” technology has changed
some pre-existing culture: how has tech changed love, music, gender, class, race,
psychology, etc.
• Your topic must be exigent—you must make clear to your reader why this topic
important to study by illustrating some problem or gap in research before you begin hour
analysis proper.
2. You must perform some primary research—ideally this would include interviews with
members of the community you are analyzing as well as observations/textual analysis of the
literacy artifacts (texts) that this community produces.
• This analysis must be systematized in some way; i.e., you draw similarities and trends
from your analyses, which attempt to answer some kind of research question.
• You must justify who and what you analyzed in terms of your research question—you
can’t just pick random people and things.
• You create or use others’ key terms in order to describe the trends you see.
3. You must perform some secondary research—specifically, you must use ten sources
somewhere in your essay. At least 5 of them must be “academic texts”—from journals or
books about your topic. All these sources should be used to either set the stage for analysis or
to analyze your primary research.
4. You must use two of the big media we’ve used (Photoshop, Audition, Premiere, Web
Design) in class and one we haven’t used in class (YouTube Doubler, Google Map Maker,
Prezi, screen capture, etc.).
5. You must meet with me at least once (ideally twice) about your topic.
6. You will give a presentation on your research at the end of the semester.
• See our Henry Jenkins readings.
• See the academic journal Kairos:
• See the undergraduate journal the Jump: