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Version 6.11 Final is available (Apr/23/2012)
What's new in version 6.11?
- Improved IDM categories. Added a feature to create categories
for specific sites
- Fixed false interception of web ads
- Improved HTML5 video detection in IE 9 & 10 on youtube
- Improved Youtube video downloading from Google Chrome
- Added support for Firefox 13, SeaMonkey 2.8, SlimBrowser
and Epic Browser
- Added Socks traffic monitoring for Google Chrome & Opera
- Added compatibility with address hiding programs
What's new in version 6.10?
- Fixed a bug in IE integration module because of which "Tracking
Protection Lists" feature of Internet Explorer did not work properly
- Fixed compatibility problems with Internet Explorer 10 beta
What's new in versions 6.07-6.09?
- Added support for Firefox 11 and Firefox 12
- Improved downloading from file sharing sites
- Fixed a number of serious problems when downloading from
youtube and other video streaming sites
- Improved Advanced Browser Integration
- Redesigned video stream recognition for web players. Added support
for new types of video streaming sites
- Added Firefox 10 support
- Added socks support
- Added support for Firefox 9
- Added digest authorization for web sites
- Added support for Firefox 8
- Improved video discovery on youtube
- Added video stream recognition for several new web players
- Fxied a critical bug in 64bit versions of Windows

- Added support for Firefox 7
- Resolved the problem with expiration of download links on
youtube. Fixed automatic updating of download addresses
- Added digest authentication for proxy authorization
- Added rtmp resume for many sites where IDM could not
resume in the past
- Improved downloading for the sites which generate temporary
download links
- Enhanced "Speed Limiter". Added the feature to set
an individual limit for every download
- Redesigned "Download progress" dialog, added new tabs
and the possibility to disable tabs that are
not necessary for you
- Added support for Firefox 6
- Enhanced "start download" dialog
What's new in version 6.07?
- Added additional options on "Download progress" dialog
- Made a workaround for odd characters in file names when
downloading from youtube
What's new in version 6.06 Beta Build 5?
- Added support for Firefox 5
- Resolved problems with foreign versions of Windows when a
username contains hieroglyphs or other Unicode characters
- Improved advanced browser integration
- Fixed bugs
What's new in version 6.06 Beta Build 2?
- Enhanced new download progress bar
- Fixed several bugs
What's new in version 6.06 Beta?
- Enhanced Download progress dialog. The download progress bar
was redesigned in 3d style. Added support for Windows Aero
theme for Windows 7 and Windows Vista
- Advanced browser integration has been significantly amended.

Improved automatic interception of downloads, enhanced video
stream detection in Chrome, Opera and in other browsers which
are integrated with network driver