March 31 Monday after lunch: Arrival
3:00 Opening Ceremony
Eucharistic Celebration
Presider: Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ
7:00pm – Dinner/Socialization
Daily Schedule:
8:00 AM-12NN; 1:00- 5:00 PM classes
10:00-10:15 AM Snacks
12:00 NN
3:45 -4:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00-9:30 PM
Module Making
10:00 PM
Lights- out
April 1 – 2: Tuesday & Wednesday
By: Dr. Natividad B. Pagadut
Ex. Sec. ECBA
April 3 – 4: Thursday & Friday
Year of the Laity Modules
By: CBCP Laity Team
April 5: Saturday – Morality: Values & Virtues
By: Fr. Joey Rapadas
April 6: Sunday : continuation
Ms. Ronela Mocoy
April 7: Monday – Person of Jesus
By: Fr. Precilo Salomon,OFM
April 8: Tuesday: continuation
Ms. Ronela Mocoy
April 9: Wednesday –Sacraments of Christian
Initiations/Holy Eucharist
By Fr. Arnel Lagman
April 10: Thursday: continuation
Ms. Ronela Mocoy
11:00 am - Closing Ceremony
Eucharistic Celebration
Presider: Msgr Crisologo B. Manongas
ARCAZ – Administrator
After lunch = Home ♫ Sweet ♫ Home

Fr. Karel S. San Juan, SJ
CEAP Director, Region IX
Fr. Maximo Campo, DCZ
Rector, Pastor Bonus Seminary
Sr. Ma. Charita p. Cabunoc, RVM
CEAP Region IX Chair
Religious Education Commission
Dr. Natividad B. Pagadut, Ex Sec. ECBA
CBCP Laity Team
Ms. Ronela Mocoy: EHS Cor.,PBS

Fr. Precilo Salomon, OFM
Fr. Arnel Lagman
Fr. Joey Rapadas
S. Genevieve Damaso, OND: Basilan
S. Marie Jane Olegario, OND: Sulu
Ms. Genediosa Sanoy: Ipil
Mrs. Salvacion Herrera: Zamboanga
Ms. Judith Concepcion: Zamboanga
Our deep gratitude to:
Most Rev. Francisco M. De Leon, D.D.

Pastor Bonus Seminary
Tetuan, Zamboanga City

(Year 3)

A Training Program
of the Bishops of
Zamboanga, Basilan,
Sulu and Ipil

Chairman, ECCCE

Msgr. Gerardo O. Santos

Chair, CEAP National Rel. Ed.
For Reservation, Please contact:
Mrs. Salvie E. Herrera 09277041217
Ms. Judith F. Concepcion 09279700222

In partnership with
Catholic Educational Association
of the Philippines (CEAP) Region IX

4. Recommends catechists to the Institute with their Bishop’s endorsement. bear the capacity for reflection and deep interior life. 6. Free registration fee.00 Ipil = 200. Apostolic Vicariate of Sulu and the Diocese of Ipil.200 for board and lodging. Basilan: 6. 2014 after lunch at Pastor Bonus Seminary.00 . it will be held at Pastor Bonus Seminary. Tetuan. PARTICIPANTS The ZAMBASULI Bishops endorse participants to the Institute: Jolo: 5. Observe community life within the accompaniment of the Formator. possess a deeper insight of their role as proclaimers of the Good News and as sharers of Christ’s Mission . Finish the 10 day. beddings. Enjoy free roundtrip transportation cost and 10 day. 3. Follow the House Rules and Regulations which are agreed in the community. Render services to the sending ecclesiastical jurisdiction and receive compensation. Zamboanga City on March 31 to April 10. who are themselves “Not only in touch but in communion w/ Jesus Christ “(CT. For the ZAMBASULI Participants 1. 2014.allowance allotted by the sending parish. • Train new Christian Living teachers of the ZAMBASULTAPS GENERAL OBJECTIVES The participants of the 10-day summer catechetical program are envisioned to be persons who: 1. LOGISTICS A. Attend all scheduled classes. 2.700. in order to continually provide catechetical training for the strengthening of the catechetical ministry of ZAMBASULI. 2. Candidates are at least High School graduate ( 18-35 yrs old) with leadership experience in training other catechists. Prelature of Basilan. For the Sending Parish/Diocese 1. Interested parishes may send Catechists more than the stated number of participants provided they pay the P 2. SCIZ is a ten-day program with the participants earning an academic credit certificate of 80 hours academic training. These are: Christ Our Truth. and Zamboanga: 8. toiletries. Christ our Way and Christ our Life (Doctrine. COURSE CONTENT The course content is patterned after the Catechism for the Filipino Catholics and the recommendations of CEAP Religious Education Commission and the Episcopal Commission on Catechesis and Catholic Education (ECCCE). Methodology and the Spirituality of the Catechist. Moral. Tetuan. Organized in partnership with the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) Region IX. 5). For ZAMBASULTAPS Participants See Logistics A # 1-8 The sending school pays: Amount: P 3. Bring the following: comfortable clothes. 5. Supports catechist during the training 3. This project is in response to: • PCP II’s invitation to train Catechists: “It is clear that we need to recruit more catechists and train them professionally in schools of catechetics… and for all catechists’ on-going formation programs are a necessity” (#648) • National Catechetical Directory’s (NCDP) Emphasis for the need of well-formed Catechists (#167 and 405-406) • Revive the ZAMBASULI summer catechetical program of 1993-1996. 2. Benefit from the Institute’s scholarship (tuition. 9. Zamboanga City. 11.INTRODUCTION The Summer Catechetical Institute for ZAMBASULI (SCIZ) is a training program for the catechist-leaders in the ecclesiastical jurisdictions of the Archdiocese of Zamboanga.catechetical training and gain a certificate at the end of the program.00 Jolo = c/o the Institute C. Arrive on March 31. Pays the Participant’s Registration Fee Zamboanga = P 500. grow in readiness to creatively use available resources and journey with other pastoral workers in the service of ZAMBASULI and ZAMBASULTAPS. Ipil: 6. accommodation and formation). The ZAMBASULTAPS heads’ recommendations are all accommodated. Present required modules at the end of the training.00 Basilan = 200. as expressed in a spirit of prayer and sacrifice. 3. 8. writing paraphernalia and personal medicine. and Worship). Bible. B. 7. 12.