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Fsica 11 de secundaria


SI Unit


Measure of the amount of
Amount of gravitational
matter in a body
force acting on a body
Kilogram (kg)
Newton (N)
Mass has only magnitude,
Weight has both
and is constant
magnitude and direction
(unaffected by
(towards the centre of
gravitational field strength)
Weight of an object is directly proportional to its mass.

Gravitational field strength (g) is the gravitational force acting per unit mass on an
object. (SI: N/kg). On the surface of Earth, the acceleration caused by gravity is 9.81
m/s2, approximately.
VOLUME. Measures the Space Occupied by a body. (SI: m3)
Examples: Cube: V 3 Sphere: V R3 Cylinder: V R2h
DENSITY. Density is the mass per unit volume of a substance. The equation for
determining density is
(SI: kg/m3)
01. A man has a mass of 66 kg on Earth.
What is his weight in Newtons? What
is his weight in pounds? (1 pound =
453.6 g)
647,46 N
145,5 lb
02. Neil weighs 750 Newtons (750 N) on
Earth. On the planet Mars, the force
of gravity is 38% of that on Earth.
How much would Neil weigh on
285 N
03. On the Moon, Jim had a weight of
27.5 pounds. The force of gravity on
the Moon is one sixth of that on

Earth. How much did Jim weigh on

165 pounds
04. Buzz has a mass of 70 kg. What is his
weight on the Earth (in Newtons)?
686 N
05. Valentina has a mass of 55 kg.
What is her weight on Mars, where
the gravitational force is 3.73 N/kg,
to the nearest whole number?
205 N
06. Luke weighs 980 N on Earth and 370
N on the planet Mercury.
What is the gravitational force on

Profesor: Javier Trigoso T.

Fsica 11 de secundaria

3.7 N/kg
07. The ratio of the gravitational force
on the Moon to the gravitational
force on Earth is 1:6. James has a
mass of 84 kg on Earth.
What is his mass on the Moon?
84 kg
08. The diagram shows a material with
dimensions 5 cm 4 cm 2 cm. I has
a mass of 100 g. What is your

2.5 g/cm3
09. A block of aluminum occupies a
volume of 15.0 mL and weighs 40.5
g. What is its density?
2.7 g/ml
10. A cube has a side of 5 cm. It has a
mass of 250 grams. The density of the
cube is:
2.0 g/cm3

14. A bead weights 15 g. You place it in

a graduated cylinder that has 20mL
of water in it. After placing the bead
in the cylinder, the water level is now
at 30ml. What is its density?
1.5 g/ml
15. Godzilla was running wild in Brigham
City but was finally captured. The
Police Department needs you to tell
them his density (the FBI must know
this). You have a huge vat of water
filled to the 1,000 L level. You drop
the kicking and roaring Godzilla into
the vat. It now reads 2,716 L. At the
bottom of your vat is a scale. You
empty the water and weigh Godzilla
His mass is 8,000kg. What is his
4.662 kg/ml

VIDEO: Archimedes' principle

11. Ten identical steel balls, each of

mass 27 g, are immersed in a
measuring cylinder containing
20 cm3 of water. The reading of the
water level rises to 50 cm3.
What is the density of the steel?
9.0 g/cm3
12. A rectangular block of copper metal
weighs 1896 g. The dimensions of the
block are 8.4 cm by 5.5 cm by 4.6
cm. From this data, what is the
density of copper?
8.9 g/cm3
13. An irregular object with a mass of
118 g displaces 25 ml of water when
placed in a graduated cylinder.
Calculate the density of the object
4.72 g/ml
Profesor: Javier Trigoso T.