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Herbion continues its endeavor to significantly impact the lives of people by persistently
discovering, developing and providing innovative plant based natural medication. This visionary
approach has been the driving force behind Herbions rapid rise to become one of the leading
global organizations and reach out to millions of Satisfied Consumers.
Herbion was conceived in the year 1983 and with initial operations within the country of its
origin (Pakistan) only. By 1997, the Organization started marketing and distributing its products
in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) i.e. former Soviet Union, in addition to
Pakistan. Gradually the operations expanded through out CIS and later in some other regions
such as Eastern Europe, Far East and North America.
With almost 30 years of experience, a global presence in 5 regions (CIS Markets, Far East,
Eastern Europe, Asia and North America), full fledge operations in 25 countries worldwide, and
more than 50 products, Herbion continues to enrich the lives of people with its Natural Health
Care Solutions.
Furthermore, the organization is in a continuous process of consolidating existing products by
creating brand extensions, developing novel research based products and exploring new markets.
The company has also emerged as a state of the art manufacturing unit and earned the GMP and
ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and CE certifications. All these factors combined have
enabled Herbion to build its confidence with millions of contented Consumers around the world
as an Organization that is synonymous with trustworthiness, reliability and well being.
Maintaining the pace of business diversification Herbion is also entering into various fields with
inventive Natural Products. In addition to existing herbal formulations and while observing the
global trends the organization is diversifying rapidly into the following categories:
1. Single Ingredient Dietary Supplements
2. Nutritional Food Category
3. Personal Care Products
4. Household Consumer Products
With an aim to establish and maintain worldwide leadership in health care through nature based
products, the organization also commits itself to play an active role in community development.
This responsibility is not just limited to the employees of the organization but also takes into
consideration millions of customers across the globe who use Herbion products with conviction.
Vision And Mission
Vision :

To become a globally renowned organization that innovates and develops Natural Healthcare
Solutions which facilitate mankind to live a better and a healthier life.
Mission :

To manufacture and market high quality natural products at an affordable price for its global
customers, while achieving and sustaining worldwide leadership in the Natural Health Care
In addition to this, we as Herbion have a strong commitment to the community, with
responsibilities not only to our employees but also to millions of people around the globe who
use our products.
Our Herbal Origin
From the beginning of time, man has been using herbs for treatment of various diseases and
ailments. Herbalism, which can be explained as the study and use of herbs for medicinal purpose
dates back over 5,000 years.
Over the centuries, the knowledge of Herbalism has been passed from various civilizations,
empires and generations. As Natures secrets were gradually unveiled upon mankind, this
knowledge has continued to become more sophisticated and refined.
Pakistan holds a very old and traditional heritage of medical treatment from use of herbs. Most
of these herbs are found in the northern areas of the county which are exclusively and abundantly
rich in high quality Natural herbs. Needless to mention that worlds 3 major mountainous ranges
including Himalaya, Hindukush and Karakorum are also located in Pakistan which provides
climate prove to be ideal for raw materials of natural products.
At Herbion, we continue to carry forward the tradition of Herbalism and compile this precious
knowledge to devise formulations that can do wonders for people and add value into their lives.
Herbion Manufacturing and Quality facilities in Pakistan make best use of these herbs by
selecting the finest quality and transforming their benefits in the form of natural products for the
end consumer across the world.
Nature holds the solution to everything, man merely discovers what is already there.
Global Presence
Herbion has been successful in experiencing tremendous growth over a very short span of time
and gain confidence of millions of people across the globe through our Natural Health Care
Solutions. Herbion products are now widely available in 22 countries and some of our products
have been successful in becoming favorites of many households.
Herbion is now operating with full fledged Regional Offices, Marketing & Sales setups in
almost all of its locations
Around 1,000 dedicated employees working across the globe
Field force of over 350 dedicated Medical Representatives

Locations :
Though manufacturng facility of Herbion is located in Pakistan but its sales offices are present world
wide.They distribute their products in the following countries.

1. Armenia
10. Kyrgyzstan
18. Tajikistan
2. Azerbaijan
11. Lithuania
19. Turkmenistan
3. Belarus
12. Malaysia
20. USA
4. Canada
13. Moldova
21. Ukraine
5. Czech Republic
14. Mongolia
22. Uzbekistan
6. Georgia
15. Pakistan
23. Vietnam
7. Jordan
16. Russia
24. Saudi Arabia
8. Kazakhstan
17. Singapore
25. Sudan
9. Latvia
Noteworthy Accolades
More than 20% average annual growth in the past 3 years
Top selling products in respective segments of different markets are: Linkus Cough Syrup
(Uzbekistan), Insty for cold & flu (Kazakhstan), Bonjigar for healthy liver (Belarus),
Verona for mens sexual health (Uzbekistan)
Holds the honor of being consecutively rewarded as Best Export Performance Award by the
Government of Pakistan for:
> Year 2003-2004
> Year 2006-2007
> Year 2007-2008
> Year 2008-2009
> Year 2009-2010
> Year 2010-2011
> Year 2011-2012
Crossing the landmark of nearly 300 medicinal forms registered in 22 different countries of the
Vivabon and Bonjigar two leading Brands of the organization were recently awarded as
The Best Vitamin Complex of the Year 2011and Doctors Choice for the Year 2011
respectively by the Ministry of Health, Uzbekistan
Diverse research based portfolio of natural products catering to the healthcare needs of variety
of therapeutic segments
Research Collaborations
Herbion is actively collaborating with world renowned health care organizations, to foresee
upcoming opportunities which can be transformed into healthcare solutions, and provide it to
health care professionals and patients globally as an ultimate cure.

In order to strengthen its Research Unit, Herbion has strategic Research Collaborations with
leading international organizations such as:

VILAR (Research Institute, Russia)

Pharm-institute (Research Institute, Uzbekistan)
PCSIR (Research Institute, Pakistan)
HEJ (Research Institute, Pakistan)
IMPLAD (The Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, China)

They have wide range of products. They have above 50 prducts and
around 1000 SKU. Herbion maintains a modern, well-equipped and automated
Manufacturing Unit capable of manufacturing Liquids (syrups), Granules, Lozenges,
Ointments, Tablets, Capsules, Powder, Plasters and Creams. The Families of
products are available in following therapies.

Respiratory Care
Digestive Care
Reproductive Care
Nutritional Care
Child Care
CNS Care
Personal Care
Blood Purifier
Mosquito Repellent
Oral Care
Massage Therapy
Urinary Care
Local competitors:
It is competing with diverse companies from India, Germany, Brazil and so
on. It does not face any competition from Pakistani companies in the
international markets as they do not have a presence there, especially not in
the herbal category.It is facing local competition as well.Its local competitors
are Qarshi and Hamdard
Manufacturing plants:
Herbion only manufactures in Pakistan. Its manufacturing plants are located
in Korangi,Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore.

Expansion of Manufacturing Facility

Herbion recently acquired a state of the art manufacturing facility previously owned by Pfizer
Pakistan. The building infrastructure is laid out on area of 11.3 acres with built up area of

roughly 70,000 square feet. It is well planned having warehouses, utility buildings,
manufacturing and packaging facilities and was used by Pfizer to manufacture and pack
pharmaceutical complying with ISO 9001 and 14000 standards.
Herbion produces the goods on the Make-to-Stock basis in which they follow
the push system.
3 month forecast rolling for raw material procurement
2 months earlier packaging procurement because of registration issues of
herbal products packaging and chance that it will obsolete. Internationally
they go order based, locally demand based forecast follows

Supply Chain Operations

1. Demand Forecasting
The company following trend analysis through historical data for demand
forecasting and then schedule the production and procurement accordingly,
trend analysis give them factual approach to decision making regarding what
to procure and in how much quantity, for exports related orders Herbion
usually work on production to order as the these specialised type of product
required special packaging and raw material etc.
2. Planning

After demand forecasting the company know that what to produce, for whom
to produce and in how much quantity, this analysis give support to the
planning department, through ERP systems the planning department
generate MRP which shows the production quantity of raw material required,
packaging material and other miscellaneous items required. The planning
department order for three months of raw material and two months
packaging material on the basis of planning.
3. Sourcing
The company have an approved suppliers list, the criteria for approval of any
suppliers is
Lead Time
No. of Complaints
Once any suppliers approved on above criteria the company has the policy to
review the
performance of each supplier and upon satisfactory performance
they re-approve for next one year.

Sourcing of raw material

Mainly raw material imports from India and china as they are the largest
and cheapest provider of these raw material which includes specialised
type of herbs and other essence which use in the product as major raw
material, local provider of raw material providers includes
Abdul Mateen Trader at Jorya Market, karachi
Irfan Yunus, Imoprter and Exporter of Herbs

Sourcing of packaging and miscellaneous items

The company purchase packaging material from local vendors, stock
keeping policy of the company is to maintain buffer of two months, major
packaging material providers includes Bulleh Shah papers, Saima
Packaging, Rehmpack and Merit Packaging etc.


Lead time for imports / container size

Previously the company was more rely on intermediaries and local traders
who import these raw materials to the company, but after thorough
analysis the company has decided to import directly which was much cost
effective for the company, now Herbion pharma import department
directly importing full load container from China and India.

Mode of transportation from India is by sea and by road from China, lead
time from order placement till receiving at factory premises is around 1520 days.

4. Manufacturing
Following are the facilities where materials are processed or store:
Receiving Dock: where materials are arrived via suppliers.
Quarantine Area: Herbs and other material store there for
inspection and approval.
Cleaning Area: In case of Herb because herbs need proper cleaning
before process it further
Grade facilities:
Extraction Area: where herbs are processed to extract viscous liquid
to use in manufacturing products
Store: for preservatives, there is a separate controlled environment
store and temperature maintained is 15-250C.
Warehouse and store issue the raw material and packaging material to the
production via GRN and directly issuance through ERP systems to closely
monitors in the inventory in hand and work in progress. The QC
department is responsible to carryout inline quality related issue, take
samples randomly and test the compliance of GMP and other production
standards while QA is responsible for each and every quality related issue,
they check each and everything before shifting it to the finish good

5. Delivery
Once products shape into finished form, store it into the company finished
good warehouse where some of the products are kept in controlled
environments to keep the shelf life according to its intended use. There are
two type of distribution from warehouse
Local Distribution
Muller and Phips is responsible the distribution of each unit produce in
the company

Since the company having its sales offices in more than 30 countries in
five continents, the products related to exports directly export from
warehouses to the required destination by the companys export


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Currently the company hold following certifications to meet the customer demands
(internationally) and get competitive advantage over its competitors and rivals.
1. ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
2. ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems since the product is
categorise one of food category for which food safety standards compliance
is mandatory to compete in international markets
3. ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems this certification make
them certified that Herbion is one of responsible manufacture, take care of
the environment itself and surroundings, comply with legal requirement
applicable over company and its operations.
4. HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point- this standard certify that
the products produce in the facility is through HACCP plan and categorization
of critical limits in which the product falls.
5. GPM Good Manufacturing Practices
6. CNC- Germany The CE mark certification

Inventory is very well managed with the help of SAP system. They have separate
warehouse for raw materials, packing materials, and finished goods. They are also
maintaining the temperature around 20 degrees & kept temperature sensor to keep
record. They are following FIFO method

LOGISTICS: Martin Dow has a separate logistic team who look after logistics
process. For Import, they place order on CPT/CFR basis so logistics part start when
material arraived at Karachi Airport/Sea port. For customer clearance, they have
hired a clearing agent named as RAJAB ALI & SONS. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR

CLEARANCE Commercial Invoice Packing List Form -3 (in case of raw material)
Form-7 (Batch Certification) COA(Certificate of Analysis) AWB/BL
TRANSPORTATION: Local Transportation For Import Out Sourced 70% By Air
LCSSensitive Material, Expiry date, Cool Chainneeded Products TCS 30 % By
SeaReason: To minimize cost To reduce work load Its a manufacturing company