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Oakland Police Department .

Vehicle Abatement Unit

Eastmont Substation 2651 73rd Avenue, Oakland CA 94605
Office (510) 777-8538 Fax (510) 777-8880

Case No


Case Location:
Date Mailed:

As owner of the above case location per the last tax assessment Rolls of Alameda County, you are hereby
notified of our intention to abate the listed vehicle(s) from this location. If you rent to tenants, please advise them
of the following information:
The City of Oakland requires your assistance and cooperation inabating a public nuisance.
Nuisance Determination
It been determined the below listed vehicle(s} which are parked or stored at the subject location are
abandoned, wrecked, dismantled, or inoperable and create a public nuisance. Oakland Municipal Code
10.64.010 et. seq. An investigation of the subject vehicles confirmed that the following nuisance
conditions, among others exist:
Abandoned Vehicle
Wrecked Vehicle
Dismantled Vehicle
Inoperative Vehicle
Expired Registration
Missing Parts
Duty to Abate
As registered owner or said vehicles or of the real property where the nuisance vehicles are located, you
are required by law to abate this nuisance. You have 10 calendar days from the mailing date of this Notice
to remove the vehicle(s) or take other appropriate action to correct the nuisance conditions, but you must
call the Oakland Police Department at the number listed below within the 10 day period to verify that the
nuisance has been corrected.
Right to a Hearing.
You have the right to request a hearing and appear in person to contest the City's determination that the
vehicls are a nuisance, or to prove that you are not responsible for the nuisance vehicles. Alternatively,
you may submit a sworn written statement in lieu of appearing in person at the hearing. Your request for a
hearing or request to submit a sworn statement must be received within 1O calendar days of the mailing of
this notice and will be considered waived if not received on time.
Tow/Abatement Proceedings
The failure to comply with this Notice within the 10 day period will result in the City towing the vehicles and
charging you for the administrative costs and costs of removal in the amount of $267.00. OMC 10.64.090
et. seq. Any vehicle towed pursuant to this Notice will be reduced to scrap or other final disposition in
accordance with the law and California Vehicle Code 22651 (f).
Contact Information
We ask for your immediate cooperation in abating this nuisance. You have only 10 calendar days from the
date of this Notice to can us and confirm that you have corrected the violations or are appealing through a
hearing or a sworn statement. Please call the Oakland Police Department, Traffic Operations Section, at
(510) 777-8538. If we do not hear from you within the required time, the nuisance vehicle(s) will be towed
and you will be charged for the costs in accordance with this Notice.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for assisting us in eradicating blight and
nuisance conditions in your neighborhood and throughout the City of Oakland.

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State VIN

Registered Owner:


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