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Manjil P. Saikia1
Department of Mathematical Sciences,
Tezpur University, India
1. For any triangle ABC with circumradius R, prove that
= 2R.
sin A
sin B
sin C
Extended Law of Sines

2. In any triangle ABC, prove that (ABC) =
area of the traingle ABC.

4R ,

where (ABC) represents the

3. If three Cevians AX, BY, CZ, one through each vector of triangle ABC, are
concurrent, then prove that
= 1.
G. Ceva

4. Prove the converse of the above result.
G. Ceva

5. Let AX be a Cevian of length p, dividing BC into segments BX = m and
XC = n, then prove that a(p2 + mn) = b2 m + c2 n.

6. Let ABC be an isoceles triangle having | AB |=| AC |. If AB is an interior
Cevian that intersects the circle circumscribed about ABC at S, then describe the
geometric locus of the center of the circle circumscribed about the triangle BST
where {T } = AS ∩ BC.
7. Denote P to be the set of points of the plane. Let ? : P × P → P be the following binary operation: A ? B = C, where C is the unique point in the plane such
that ABC is an oriented equilateral triangle whose orientation is counter clockwise. Show that ? is an nonassociative and noncommutative operation satisfying
the following ’medial’ property: (A ? B) ? (C ? D) = (A ? C) ? (B ? D).
American Mathematical Monthly

8. Show that there exists at most three
√ points on the unit circle with the distance
between any two being greater than 2.
American Mathematical Monthly



USAJMO 2011. D. Mag. Let ABC be a triangle such that its altitude AA0 by A lies inside the triangle. c be the lengths of the sides of a triangle. B. Let a. Lines P B and P D are tangent to ω. Given that A. b. c and area F . Prove that the perimeter of the polygon A1 A2 . c be the lengths of a triangle with area S. Weitzenb¨ ock 19. and the sum of their lengths is d. Hadwiger-Finsler . BC are integers. then show that AB = AC. c be the lengths of the sides of a triangle. Tahani Fraiwan-Mowaffaq Hajja. ii. C. √ 2ab + 2bc + 2ca − (a2 + b2 + c2 ) ≥ 4 3F. An is greater than 4d n . . b. .. 17. b. Prove that a circumscribed quadrilateral of area S = √ abcd is inscribable. Consider n points lying on the unit sphere. Prove the inequality √ √ √ b+c−a c+a−b a+b−c √ √ +√ √ √ √ +√ √ √ ≤ 3. OAn is zero. . What is the smallest possible value of AB? Putnam. DE || AC. C are collinear. Steiner-Lehmus 13. let the internal bisectors of angles B and C meet the opposite sides AC and AB at E and F respectively. the following inequality holds. AC. In a triangle ABC. The given points are such that: i. 84(3). Show that √ a2 + b2 + c2 ≥ 4 3S. For any triangle ABC with sides a. C are noncollinear lattice points in the plane such that the distances AB. b. Kvant −−→ −−→ 11. . iii. Prove that the sum of the squares of the lengths of all segments determined by the n points is less than n2 . A. E lie on circle ω and point P lies outside the circle. Putnam 10. P. 2010 15. Prove that there exists a point P on the segment AA0 such that the Cevians BB 0 and CC 0 through P have the property AB 0 = AC 0 . Suppose that BE = CF . Prove that √ √ √ √ √ √ a + b − c + b + c − a + c + a − b ≤ a + b + c. b+ c− a c+ a− b a+ b− c 18. . June 2011 16. Kvant 12. The sum of the vectors OA1 . Let a. Points A. Math. Prove that BE bisects AC. B. .2 PROBLEMS IN GEOMETRY 9. Let a. Zuming Feng 14.

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