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3 March 2010

Celebrating Women’s History Month

A Quaker-Inspired Elder Community
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Reacquaint yourself with Tom Sawyer
“The boys were there that night about the appointed time. They sat in the shadow waiting. It was a lonely place, and an hour made solemn by old traditions. Spirits whispered in the rustling leaves, ghosts lurked in the murky nooks, the deep baying of a hound floated up out of the distance, an owl answered with his sepulchral note.” No, that isn’t a quote from a modern vampire novel; it is a passage from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The fact is, Mark Twain’s classic tale about Tom, Huck Finn, and Becky Thatcher is as good a read now as it was when it was first published. If it’s been a while since you last read about Tom’s adventures, April is the month to go to your local library, pick up a copy and join the hundreds of community members who have signed on to be a part of The Big Read, Sonoma County, 2010. Throughout April, there will also be a variety of community activities in celebration of Mark Twain’s life and his classic tale about Tom Sawyer—go to www. krcb.org and click on The Big Read link for an updated list (or to submit your event to the calendar). This is the third year in a row that KRCB has brought The Big Read to our community. Don’t miss out! The Big Read is an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts designed to restore reading to the center of American culture. The NEA presents The Big Read in partnership with the Institute of Museum and Library Services and in cooperation with Arts Midwest.

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KRCB in the community

Give a suggestion, find a great deal
Is travel your passion? Then you won’t want to miss KRCB’s upcoming April and June televised (and online) Travel and Leisure Auctions. And, to entice you even more, the April event will also include everyone’s favorite, wine! To get in the mood and enhance anticipation, KRCB is inviting you to go to krcb.org/traveltalk and share some of your favorite travel memories. You can include photos to illustrate your stories too! The KRCB auction team will review your comments, and any accommodations, activities or wineries that you recommend will be contacted and invited to participate in our events. While on the website, take a look at the early auction items listed, and check back as the event dates get closer to see what’s been added. With the bidding starting at 40% of retail value for most items, you could get your favorite vacation location for a significant discount! Pick your paradise - go to krcb.org/traveltalk, register and post. Then watch KRCB television beginning April 23rd for travel opportunities galore. Online bidding begins Friday April 16 at krcb.org/auction. Dear Member, One of the little known programming services that your membership with KRCB supports is Learn to Read, an educational program geared to adults who are learning to read. KRCB has aired this weekly television program—seen Mondays at 10:30 am—for more than 10 years. Reading is such a critical survival skill, and it is so often taken for granted. But for many among us that ability is not at all a given, and having the lessons available at home where one is spared public embarrassment is a gift your membership makes possible. We have learned over the years that the program is also used by folks who are learning English for the first time, because it is a good, clear set of lessons in spoken and written English. In addition to Learn to Read, KRCB Television airs GED on TV in both English (Tuesdays at 10:30 am) and Spanish (Thursdays at 10:30 am). Again, for those who were unable, for whatever reason, to finish their high school diploma, watching the lessons at home is a safe place to work towards that all-important diploma. Especially as Adult Schools are, unfortunately, losing funding, KRCB’s offering to the community of these three programs is critical. Finding businesses that recognize the value of these important programs and will support their airing, is always an issue for us. If you are such a business person, willing to assist those in our community who could use a supportive hand, give Stan Marvin a call at 707-584-2010 and let him know you’re ready to help. Thanks a million. Nancy Dobbs President and CEO


Seneca Falls debuts on KRCB

Seneca Falls is a fresh and inspiring journey of discovery with nine diverse teenage girls bound for the birthplace of women’s rights in America. A stunning history lesson wrapped inside a teenage road trip, the documentary is, above all, an awakening of young hearts and minds. Seneca Falls breathes life and relevance into a revolutionary act barely mentioned in history books: America’s first women’s rights convention, held in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. Directed by Peabody Award-winning filmmaker Louise Vance. The film follows a struggling multi-cultural theater troupe from San Francisco, as they take their original play to the 150th Anniversary Celebration of this groundbreaking, yet largely forgotten, moment in American history. Accompanied by three adult women and one very thoughtful ten-year-old boy, the girls join tens of thousands gathered in Seneca Falls from around the world. There they unearth the exhilarating tale of the birth of the women’s movement and draw inspiration from leading historians and prominent elected officials, including a chance meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and other Congressional leaders. They discover how ordinary citizens summoned the courage and determination to launch the largest social transformation in American history. The girls’ odyssey culminates when they perform their play on the very ground where the original convention took place. In it, an African-American girl time-travels back to 1848, gains knowledge and confidence from her foremothers, and goes on to become the first woman president of the United States. When the troupe ultimately steps out on stage, they forge lasting bonds born of their shared history and collective effort, and discover the undeniable power of their own voices. Friday, March 12 at 7 pm and Tuesday, March 30 at 9 pm

KRCB’s Televised/Online Auctions

Our televised/online auctions are an important source of support for KRCB Television 22 and Radio FM91. They offer an opportunity for everyone to have great fun and purchase fabulous items while helping to raise revenue to support quality, non-commercial television and radio programs that inform, entertain, delight, and inspire people in the North Bay and beyond. We invite you: • To Donate: Merchandise and gift certificates donated by generous businesses and individuals are promoted in print, on television, and on our Web site with a link to your Web site (depending on retail value). • To Volunteer: We are in need of auction volunteers to assist as support during our televised events. Dinner is provided along with loads of fun and an opportunity to meet fascinating people. • To Sponsor: Promote your business and sponsor a portion of our TV Auction. Won’t you please join us as a donor, volunteer, or a sponsor? Please email mariah_clinton@krcb.org or call 707-584-2014 for more information. Thank you!


March Membership Drive Program Highlights
Celtic Thunder - It’s Entertainment!
Filmed in front of a live studio audience in Toronto, Celtic Thunder delivers a spectacular show that will enchant and amaze their PBS fans. Staged on a set that measures 130 foot long by 47 foot wide, there is nothing small about this production. Friday, March 5 at 8 pm

Pat Boone: Love Letters in the Sands of Time

In 1957, Pat Boone was finishing his senior year at Columbia University. He also released five singles that hit the charts; four made the top 10 and two went all the way to number one. He also starred in two movies, turned 23 and found out he was going to be a father... for the fourth time. It was quite a year. With everything else that was going on, ABC decided that Pat was going to be the youngest person... ever... to have his own television show. Saturday, March 6 at 8 pm & Tuesday, March 9 at 7 pm & Friday, March 19 at 8:30 pm

SCTV Golden Classics

Return to Melonville with the new public television special SCTV Golden Classics featuring some of the most hilarious skits from the legendary sketch comedy television series, starring John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Rick Moranis, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short, and Dave Thomas. Launched in 1976, the Emmy Award-winning SCTV, or Second City Television, followed the exploits of an aspiring fictional television station. Saturday, March 6 at 5:30 pm & Sunday, March 7 at 10:30 pm


5 Browns: In Concert

Witness the musical virtuosity of The 5 Browns—Julliard-trained sibling superstars who have taken the music world by storm with their inventive interpretations of classical, jazz and other show-stopping standards. Not only are the Browns amazing to hear— and watch—on their own, they are even more exciting as they take the stage at once and play as a passionate quintet. Tuesday, March 9 at 8:30 pm

John Gray: Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice
John Gray, Ph.D., the bestselling relationship author of all time, returns with an illuminating new public television special based on his new book, Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice. Acting out humorous relationship situations everybody can identify with, Gray demonstrates how the often frustrating differences between men and women can be used to stimulate healthy hormones (testosterone in men and oxytocin in women) that help control the unhealthy hormone cortisol to manage stress levels and body weight, stabilize blood sugar, and inspire desire. Thursday, March 11 at 7 pm & Saturday, March 13 at 3:30 pm

Best of Daniel O’Donnell On Film

Irish singing sensation Daniel O’Donnell returns to public television with his 10th national special. The program is a musical retrospective, showcasing two decades of career highlights including many videos never before televised. Through a personal introduction by the artist and song-by-song commentaries, The Best of Daniel O’Donnell on Film takes the viewer on an extraordinary journey through the evolution of this amazing entertainer’s professional life. Saturday, March 13 at 8:30 pm


Celebrating the Irish
Music of Ireland - Welcome Home
Celebrating the influence of Irish music in America, this program of emotional, exclusive performances and interviews includes U2, The Clancy Brothers, The Chieftains, The Dubliners, Michael Flatley (Riverdance), Ronan Tynan, Celtic Woman and more. Moya Brennan of Clannad hosts. Friday, March 5 at 9:30 pm & Wednesday, March 17 at 7 pm

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: An Irish Parade of Stars

This nostalgic journey back to the 1950s and 1960s presents long-unseen footage of beloved performers singing some of the greatest songs from and inspired by Ireland. Hosted by Patty Duke and written by Malachy McCourt, the program features performances by the late Frank Patterson, the ultimate Irish tenor and a star around the world. Sunday, March 7 at 7 pm & Wednesday, March 17 at 8:30 pm

Join Burt Wolf on a 2010 European River Cruise and help support KRCB Public Media

This is an opportunity for a limited number of people to travel this summer with Burt Wolf, host of Travels & Traditions, see the sights and help support KRCB. Information is available at krcb.org/burt-wolf or call 1-888-365-3443. 8

Student to Citizen Series continues
Torturing Democracy with Follow-Up
From award-winning documentary producer Sherry Jones comes a timely and essential documentary chronicling how U.S. detention and interrogation policies in the Bush Administration’s war on terror descended into “at a minimum, cruel and unusual treatment and, at worst, torture” in the words of the former general counsel of the United States Navy. The film is timely, powerful, and, at its heart, raises troubling questions about this country’s rule of law—crucial matters for Americans to understand and consider. Bill Moyers called the documentary “profoundly journalistic and profoundly affecting. Torturing Democracy features high-level State Department and Pentagon insiders—military men who opposed the increasingly harsh treatment of men in U.S. custody. One Marine Lt. Colonel, assigned to prosecute a so-called “high value” detainee, refused to do so when he concluded that the prisoner’s confession was coerced through torture. Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage describes being waterboarded during his training before he was sent to Vietnam. When asked if he considered waterboarding to be torture, he answers, “Absolutely. No question.” When shown a document describing coercive interrogation techniques authorized at Guantanamo, the former chief of training in the Navy’s Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) program, reacted: “We have recreated our enemies’ methods in Guantanamo! It will hurt us for decades to come. Our people will all be subjected to these tactics because we have authorized them for the world now. How it got to Guantanamo is a crime.” For the first time on television, the former chief Judge Advocate General of the Army reveals the inside story of how the top military lawyers in a Pentagon task force set up by the Secretary of Defense in early 2003 were deceived by Rumsfeld’s secret authorization of interrogation tactics they had opposed. Torturing Democracy details the fierce struggles waged by these military and administration insiders whose belief in the country’s traditions and values led them to the highest acts of patriotism. A panel discussion follow-up program, produced by WNET and moderated by Aaron Brown, immediately follows the documentary. Tuesday, March 23 at 9 pm

Former Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage


What’s new on Television 22 daytime!
Barbecue America
Barbecue America goes global as pit master Rick Browne travels to 13 countries on five continents, tasting, cooking, photographing, and adapting some of the world’s best outdoorcooking recipes for American barbecues and kitchens. Fridays at 12:30 pm

Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking

Chef and restaurateur Tommy Tang returns to public television with his new travel/culture series, Tommy Tang’s Easy Thai Cooking. In each episode, Tommy uncovers Thai history and cuisine, the health secrets of exotic spices, and the country’s cultural treasures and contemporary trends. Mondays at 12:30 pm beginning March 8

Healthy Flavors

Emmy and James Beard nominated Chef Jim Coleman employs an approachable style to promote healthy cooking without sacrificing flavor. Healthy Flavors is aligned with the American Dietetic Association (“ADA”), providing factual dietary information to promote good health to everyday consumers. Wednesdays at 11:30 am beginning March 24

Burt Wolf: Travels and Traditions

With new episodes shot entirely on location in Europe and in the United States. Burt Wolf, an internationally syndicated television journalist and prolific public television host, explores each region’s unique history, culture, customs, foods, festivals, art, architecture, attractions and local character. Thursdays at 11 am beginning March 25 Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! Targeting 8-14 year old young people, Hey Kids, Let’s Cook! attracts kids who love to cook, and those who want to learn. The series will feature recipes that kids love to make and eat such as: personal pizzas, taco salad, smoothies, and chicken rice bowls. Saturdays at 4:30 pm beginning March 27


Climate One conversations continue
Segment 1: Geoengineering: Global Salvation or Ruin? Should humans address man-made rising temperatures and sea levels by tinkering further with Mother Nature? A lively debate about such geoengineering burst into the mainstream recently with reference to Ken Caldeira’s work in the final chapter of the popular book SuperFreakonomics. Now this panel takes a measured look at the good, bad and ugly of what could and should be done. What is technically feasible? How could such tactics be tested? What are the risks? How would such a program be governed? Does the mere mention of geoengineering take the steam out of efforts to reduce carbon pollution and create a moral hazard? Three panelists share distinct perspectives on the passionate discussion about geoengineering.

Segment 2: Chris Martenson A former employee of the International Energy Agency told the Guardian newspaper recently that figures about worldwide oil supplies are exaggerated. That supported what peak oil adherents such as Martenson have been saying for years. In addition to oil, he discusses how the intertwining effects of the economy and environment will coalesce to shape a future radically different from the past. A scientist and former executive for a Fortune 300 company, Martenson puts together the macro-trends that will shape our finances and our relationships to our natural and social environments in the years to come. Sunday, March 28 at 11 am Climate One discussions are also heard on KRCB-FM Thursday evenings at 7 pm. See page 15 for details.

Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner authors of SuperFreakonomics

PBS Kids program lineup
Weekdays Sesame Street Dragon Tales Curious George Sid the Science Kid Clifford the Big Red Dog Cyberchase Arthur WordGirl Fetch! - Mon - Th SciGirls - Fri 4:30 The Electric Company 7:00 8.00 8:30 9:00 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4:00 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 Saturdays Los Niños en Su Casa-SP Dragon Tales-SP Clifford-SP Maya & Miguel-SP Angelina Ballerina Thomas & Friends Bob The Builder Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood A Place of Our Own


Harmonia: Celebrating women in early music
March 7 – Women in Music: Strozzi, Cozzolani, del la Guerre, and Leonarda Harmonia celebrates some of the remarkable women in music from the Baroque, including works by Barbara Strozzi, Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, Elisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre, and Isabella Leonarda. Plus a featured release with baroque violinist Rachel Podger. March 14 – Circa 1500 Take a trip this week through Renaissance Europe with the London-based ensemble Circa 1500. Music from the time of the Mary Rose, the Courts of Mantua and Ferrara, the Spanish Kingdoms, and the London streets are complemented by Circa 1500’s latest release of German motets entitled Sacred Concerti. March 21 – A Purcell Celebration, Part 1 Elisabeth Jaquet de la Guerre Harmonia celebrates the music of Henry Purcell, one of England’s greatest composers. A look at his small-scale compositions will include his pieces for keyboard, music for string ensembles, and his songs plus, a recent release by Swiss baroque cellist Martin Zeller. March 28 – The Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra…Live! Barthold Kuijken, artistic director of the Indianapolis Baroque Orchestra, joins Harmonia this week to explore music from a recent performance by the orchestra. Entitled “The Nations,” the program includes music by Lully, Bach, and a little-known flute concerto by Vivaldi. Kuijken also performs. Sundays at 9 am

Vivaldi J.S. Bach (left) with three of his sons

Point, If you haven’t explored KRCB’s new lately, you’ll discover Click, user-friendly websitefor information and news. it’s a great resource Enjoy!Visit www.krcb.org today!

Saint Paul Sunday’s March programs—brilliant
March 7 – Zehetmair String Trio The spare sound of the string trio drew from Mozart a lovely contradiction: a work of great elegance and richness. This week, we’ll hear his E-flat Divertimento performed by the masterful Zehetmair String Trio, who’ll also play an often-overlooked fragment of Schubert and an exuberant work composed in 1944 by 23-year-old Czech composer Gideon Klein. As if to tie these three great works together, Mr. Zehetmair then steps out by himself, concluding the hour with Eugène Ysaÿe’s Ballade, a pinnacle of the solo violin repertoire.


March 14 – The King’s Noyse The celebrated King’s Noyse—including soprano Ellen Hargis and lutenist Paul O’Dette— makes a warmly anticipated return visit for works of dashing wit and often haunting beauty. The King’s Noyse draws us into the time of Purcell, Praetorius, and others, not only by remaining true to those composers’ origins but reviving them with its own particular magic. March 21 – Brentano String Quartet The madrigals of Don Carlo Gesualdo comprise some of the most intensely expressive music ever composed. This week the celebrated Brentano String Quartet brings five of them to us as they’ve been re-imagined by composer Bruce Adolphe. The Brentano captures all of the sweet torment of the pieces, whose vividly compounded moods set the stage well for what comes next: Mozart’s A Major Quartet, a work of eloquence and technical brilliance.

Brentano String Quartet

March 28 – The Czech Nonet Now celebrating its 80th year, the Czech Nonet makes a visit to Saint Paul Sunday for a program that includes three works composed especially for its uncommon recipe of winds and strings. We’ll get tastes this week of Förster and Krejčí side-by-side with fuller courses of Dvořák and Martinů. Sundays at 11 am

Naming names on Flashback

Lots of songs mention someone by name, from Michael in his rowboat to Sgt. Pepper and thousands more. Far fewer are tunes that identify a person, real or fictional, with both first and last names. That’s reason enough for the next Flashback program to focus on precisely those songs, as committed to posterity by The Rolling Stones, the Kinks, NRBQ, the Blues Magoos, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd and the inevitable Many More. It’s a Who’s Who of classic rockers and their lesser known contemporaries, Tuesday, March 2 at 7 pm.


Literary Wednesdays
Lisa See on A Novel Idea
Lisa See, author of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Peony in Love, has recently published a new novel, Shanghai Girls. It’s a tale of two sisters, set in Los Angeles’ Chinatown, after Pearl and May leave Shanghai in 1937 for arranged marriages in the United States. The author describes her book as “a story of immigration, identity, war and love, but at its heart, a story of sisters.” Lisa See is a particular favorite of California audiences, and Rosemary Manchester, host for A Novel Idea, is delighted to have the opportunity to interview her, and give KRCB listeners an opportunity to hear the writer discuss her work. Wednesday, March 10 at 7 pm


Lord Gawain Douglas, Cecilia Woloch, and A Tribute to Jack Myers. Visiting from Deal in Kent, Lord Gawain Douglas, greatnephew of Lord Alfred Douglas—a poet and Oscar Wilde’s lover—talks with host Katherine Hastings and reads his work on this month’s WordTemple. Cecilia Woloch, author of five award-winning collections of poems reads from her latest volume, Carpathia. Jack Myers was the author of 18 books of and about poetry including his most recent, The Glowing River, New & Selected Poems. Wednesday, March 17 at 7 pm

Choir Loft comes out of hibernation

As spring approaches, bears of various stripes emerge from their dens and commence to bellow. While the March Choir Loft is devoid of music by actual bears, we do feature composers with ursine names. Hear them and more every Sunday morning at 10. March 7. Monteverdi and his Milieu. Madrigals from Claudio and his late Italian Renaissance colleagues. Hosted by Bob Worth. March 14. Goldilocks and the Three Berlioz. Some just-right works from this towering French romantic. Hosted by Dan Solter. March 21. O Schöne Nacht. Sacred and secular music of the night, including works by Brahms and Rachmaninoff. Hosted by Jenny Bent. March 28. Grin and Gombert It. The bear apparent to Josquin. Hosted by Steve Osborn.


Conversations on how to get to a sustainable future on Climate One

March 4 – Geoengineering: Global Salvation or Ruin? Should humans address man-made rising temperatures and sea levels by tinkering further with Mother Nature?. What is technically feasible? How could such tactics be tested? What are the risks? How would such a program be governed? Our three panelists share distinct perspectives on the passionate discussion about geoengineering. March 11 – Who Needs Stuff Anyway? A look at our consumer society with Annie Leonard, creator of the animated short, Story of Stuff, Colin Beavan, author of No Impact Man, and Chip Giller, founder of Grist. March 18 – Ray Anderson Ray Anderson one of Time magazine’s heroes of the environment and former co-chair of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, created the leading business model for sustainable works that is now used internationally to reduce carbon emissions He talks about the future of sustainability, a business model for sustainable works, and how to change the future of other companies. March 25 – According to Stewart Brand Steward Brand, a lifelong environmentalist who sees everything in terms of solvable design problems, sees three profound transformations under way on Earth right now. Climate change is real and is pushing us toward managing the planet as a whole. Urbanization—half the world’s population now lives in cities, and 80% will by mid-century—is altering humanity’s land impact and wealth. And biotechnology is becoming the world’s dominant engineering tool.Thursdays at 7 pm And, see Climate One on KRCB Television, Sunday, March 28 at 11 am.

Music, photography, employment and college—all on Outbeat Salon
March 7 – Living Proof hosts Dianna Grayer and Sheridan Gold discuss relationship issues with their guests. March 14 – Outbeat Music: The Sunnyside—Sun Bell talks with singer/ songwriter Jen Foster who wrote the theme song for the web series “Venice Beach.” Also music from some of the Outmusic 2010 Award Winners. March 21 – Outbeat Collage - Out in the Arts will focus on LGBT photographers and their work. Hosts Gary Carnivele and Mark Prell interview Cathy Cade, who has been chronicling the LGBT Community for 30 years, and Russian River photographer Don Kelsey. Plus the monthly Outbeat Collage Arts and Entertainment Calendar. March 28 – Outbeat Now! Jeff Basham and Joel Bellagio discuss the acceptance of gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender people in the workplace and the current move to include LGBT people in federal employment non-discrimination law. On Outbeat Youth, Greg Miraglia talks with Shane Windmeyer, the founder and executive director of Campus Pride, about how LGBT youth can find an accepting and safe college or university to attend. Sundays at 8 pm


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KRCB presents a weekly calendar of live folk music performances in and around Sonoma County. Hear it live at 2 pm Saturdays during Our Roots Are Showing, or read it anytime at krcb.org. The folk music calendar is compiled by Schaef-Able Productions. FRIDAY


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THIS AMERICAN LIFE with Ira Glass RHYTHM & ROOTS Mark Nicholas BEYOND & BACK Hillary Culhane

RED SHOES RODEO Michele Anna Jordan






Untold stories of Women in History, now heard on Radio 91
Shades of Gray
Pro-choice. Pro-life. Most people have already chosen sides in the ongoing debate, so why revisit the issue? Shades of Gray shares a range of stories told by people young and old who have been directly affected by abortion. Instead of the polemics of irreconcilable extremes, it’s a carefully crafted audio mosaic and a stark portrayal of the intensely personal nature of our relationship with abortion. Tuesday, March 9 at 7 pm

A Woman of No Consequence

Born into cultured Indian family, she read all the novels of Charles Dickens before she turned ten. Then she was forced to leave school to get married. At 15 she was a mother. And for most of her adult life, Sethu Ramaswamy was in the shadows, trying to find her place in the light. Finally, at 80, her memoir— Autobiography of an Unknown Indian Woman—was published, to great fanfare and acclaim. This is the surprising third act in a drama full of surprises—the story of a child bride whose husband was both her true love and the biggest obstacle to her freedom; the story of a woman who set out one day to make for herself the life she’d always wanted. Sarmishta Subramanian’s intimate and remarkable documentary brings us the story of her grandmother: A Woman of No Consequence. Tuesday, March 16 at 7 pm

Jennie’s Secret

None of her fellow soldiers in the Civil War knew she was a woman. They didn’t conduct physical exams back in those days the way the military does now. The Army’s policy, one observer quipped, was “don’t test the eyes, count ‘em.” Tuesday, March 23 at 7 pm

The WASPs: Women Pilots of WWII

In the early 1940s, the U.S. Air Force faced a dilemma. Thousands of new airplanes were coming off assembly lines and needed to be delivered to military bases nationwide, yet most of America’s pilots were overseas fighting the war. To solve the problem, the government launched an experimental program to train women pilots. They were known as the WASPs, the Women Airforce Service Pilots. Tuesday, March 23 at 7:30 pm

Women Composers of Early Popular American Music

She Wrote the Song is a radio special that highlights standards written or co-written by women composers in the early decades of American popular song. Dorothy Fields partnered with Jimmy McHugh and Jerome Kern to give us classics such as I Can’t Give You Anything But Love and The Way You Look Tonight. Una Mae Carlisle was a teen protégé of Fats Waller and went on to score hits with Walkin’ By the River and I See a Million People (recorded by Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman). Irene Kitchings wrote only a handful of songs but her friend Billie Holiday recorded them and immortalized one in particular, Some Other Spring. Betty Comden and writing partner Adolph Green were prominent participants in the American musical scene of the 1940s and ’50s. We’ll hear all of these composers’ songs interpreted by Holiday, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Tierney Sutton and more. Saturday, March 27 at 11 pm, and Wednesday, March 31 at 7 pm


The Icons March on E-town
March 1 – Richie Havens / Angel Taylor E-town is thrilled to have back folk music icon Richie Havens along with his long-time guitar partner Walter Parks for this encore broadcast. Sharing the stage is singer-songwriter Angel Taylor, a 20-year-old newcomer who’s fresh on the heels of her first album release. March 8 – John Hiatt / Brandi Carlile Exquisitely talented singer-songwriter John Hiatt offers stripped down versions of his always amazingly crafted songs, both fan favorites and wonderful new tunes as well. Another fine performer and stellar singer Brandi Carlile makes her E-town return, too, along with her incredibly talented band. March 15 – KT Tunstall / Adrienne Young Scotland-born rising star and “folk-rock goddess” KT Tunstall rocks the house with her provocative sonic mesh of heartfelt pop, rootsy electric blues, and left-field alt-folk. And Nashville-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Adrienne Young hits the stage with her band delivering an amazing set of warm and inviting Americana music. March 22 – Joan Baez / Brett Dennen This week’s show was originally recorded in Boulder in 2008, as Joan Baez celebrated a new album and her 50th anniversary year of performing. Also, rising star Brett Dennen performing a well-crafted set of original songs. And E-town proudly presents a rare Lifetime E-Chievement Award to Joan Baez, who, through her music and activism, has for so many years engaged and educated all of us about issues that challenge our society, inspiring us to get more involved. March 29 – Cake / Chuck Prophet The talented American indie band Cake has built a huge base of fans who are drawn to their unique blend of pop, funk, jazz and rock. Then hosts Nick and Helen Forster welcome back Chuck Prophet, an amazing singer-songwriter, guitarist, and bandleader who’s released over ten albums since he started a musical career 25 years ago. Mondays at 7 pm
Adrienne Young

Richie Havens

Brett Dennen

Cake Band

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Volunteer of the Month
Susan Swartz brought her column Another Voice to KRCB in 1995 – yes, way back in the last century – but her commentaries, and sometimes rants, on politics, social issues and personal insights are up to the minute about what’s happening today. A former columnist and reporter for the Press Democrat for 30 years, where her focus was on women’s and social issues, she is also the author of two books, Juicy Tomatoes—Plain Truths, Dumb Lies and Sisterly Advice after 50 and The Juicy Tomatoes Guide to Ripe Living After 50. The books, so named for “women who continue to stay lush and on the vine after 50,” have been adapted into a play and a radio series. These days Susan blogs about retirement for boomer women, “My So-called Retirement.” She also tours with her daughter, Samantha “Izzy” Rose (author of The Package Deal about life as a stepmother), presenting an evening of mother-daughter talks about what their two generations agree and on—and don’t. Swartz is married to Bob Klose also a former PD reporter and editor, now a media consultant to non-profit agencies. Both are passionate about public radio, and have been loyal supporters of KRCB from the beginning. In addition to hearing Susan on the radio Friday mornings at 6:35 and 8:35 am and 6:45 pm, you can read her in the Sonoma West papers on alternate weeks.


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MONDAY 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 6:30 Classical Stretch 7:00 Sesame Street 8:00 Dragon Tales 8:30 Curious George 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 9:30 Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 10:00 Quilting Arts 10:30 Learn to Read 11:00 Fitness Show 11:30 Allaire Back Fitness 12:00 Hometime 12:30 Winemakers (3/8 - Tommy Tang’s Easy Tai Cooking ) 1:00 Nature 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2:30 Cyberchase 3:00 Arthur 3:30 WordGirl 4:00 Fetch! 4:30 The Electric Company 5:00 World Focus 5:30 PBS NewsHour 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal TUESDAY 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 6:30 Power Yoga 7:00 Sesame Street 8:00 Dragon Tales 8:30 Curious George 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 9:30 Knitting Daily 10:00 America Sews with Sue Hausman 10:30 GED Connection (English) 11:00 Wider World 11:30 Healthy Minds 12:00 Ask This Old House 12:30 Simply Ming 1:00 NOVA 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2:30 Cyberchase 3:00 Arthur 3:30 WordGirl 4:00 Fetch! 4:30 The Electric Company 5:00 World Focus 5:30 PBS NewsHour 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal WEDNESDAY 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 6:30 Power Yoga 7:00 Sesame Street 8:00 Dragon Tales 8:30 Curious George 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 9:30 Beads, Baubles and Jewels 10:00 Knit & Crochet Now! 10:30 Piano Guy 11:00 America’s Heartland
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11:30 Red Green (3/24 - Healthy Flavors) 12:00 This Old House 12:30 Cook’s Country from America’s Test Kitchen 1:00 Moment of Luxury 1:30 Curiosity Quest Goes Green 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2:30 Cyberchase 3:00 Arthur 3:30 WordGirl 4:00 Fetch! 4:30 The Electric Company 5:00 World Focus 5:30 PBS NewsHour 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal THURSDAY 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 6:30 Power Yoga 7:00 Sesame Street 8:00 Dragon Tales 8:30 Curious George 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 9:30 Scrapbook Memories 10:00 Sewing with Nancy 10:30 GED on TV (Spanish) 11:00 Rick Steves’ Europe (3/25 - Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions) 11:30 Rare Visions & Roadside Revelations 12:00 American Woodshop 12:30 Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class 1:00 For Your Home 1:30 Piano Guy 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2:30 Cyberchase 3:00 Arthur 3:30 WordGirl 4:00 Fetch! 4:30 The Electric Company 5:00 World Focus 5:30 PBS NewsHour 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal FRIDAY 6:00 Priscilla’s Yoga Stretches 6:30 Wai Lana Yoga 7:00 Sesame Street 8:00 Dragon Tales 8:30 Curious George 9:00 Sid the Science Kid 9:30 Creative Living 10:00 Martha’s Sewing Room 10:30 Katie Brown Workshop 11:00 Art Wolf: Travels to the Edge 11:30 Ciao Italia 12:00 Victory Garden 12:30 Barbecue America 1:00 Chef’s A Field 1:30 Sit and Be Fit 2:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog 2:30 Cyberchase 3:00 Arthur
[repeats Sun. at 4 pm] [repeats Sat. at 1:30 pm]

3:30 WordGirl 4:00 SciGirls 4:30 The Electric Company 5:00 World Focus 5:30 PBS NewsHour 6:30 Deutsche-Welle Journal SATURDAY 7:00 Los Niños en Su Casa (Sp) 7:30 Dragon Tales (Sp) 8:00 Clifford the Big Red Dog (Sp) 8:30 Maya & Miguel (Sp) 9:00 Angelina Ballerina 9:30 Thomas and Friends 10:00 Bob the Builder 10:30 Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood 11:00 A Place of Our Own 11:30 Healing Quest 12:00 To the Contrary 12:30 Scheewe Art Workshop 1:00 Jerry Yarnell’s School of Fine Art 1:30 Scrapbook Memories 2:00 Best of the Joy of Painting 2:30 Gary Spetz’s Watercolor Quest 3:00 Woodwright’s Shop 3:30 Ask This Old House 4:00 4:30 Julie and Jacques Cooking Winemakers (3/27 - Key Kids, Let’s Cook!) 5:00 Gourmet’s Adventures with Ruth 5:30 Everyday Food 6:00 Simply Ming 6:30 Mexico One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless SUNDAY 8:00 Ideas in Action with Jim Glassman 8:30 La Plaza 9:00 McLaughlin’s One on One 9:30 MoneyTrack 10:00 Religion & Ethics Newsweekly 10:30 Between the Lines 11:00 European Journal 11:30 World Business 12:00 Motorweek 12:30 Inside Washington 1:00 Life (Part2) 1:30 Scully the World Show 2:00 America’s Heartland 2:30 California’s Gold, Green, Water, or Golden Parks 3:00 American Woodshop 3:30 4:00 4:30 5:00 5:30 6:00 6:30 This Old House Creative Living Garden Smart Wild Gardens Victory Garden
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P. Allen Smith’s Garden Home Red Green
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Television Listings for March
7:00 Out of Ireland 7:30 My Generation: Spare Parts 8:00 NOVA: What Darwin Never Knew On the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s famous On the Origin of Species, NOVA



[repeats 3/8 at 1 pm) reveals answers to the riddles 9:00 Veiled Voices Women across that Darwin couldn’t explain. the Arab world are redefining Stunning breakthroughs in their role as leaders in Islam. a new science—nicknamed Veiled Voices investigates “evo devo”—are linking the the world of Muslim women enigma of origins to another of religious leaders through the nature’s great mysteries: the eyes of these three women development of an embryo. in Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt. [repeats Tuesday at 1 pm] Shot over the course of two 10:00 PBS NewsHour years, Veiled Voices reveals 11:00 Charlie Rose a world rarely documented, 12:00 Democracy Now! * exploring both the public and 1:00 Best of LINK TV * private lives of these women. The stories featured in the film

7:00 After You’ve Gone 7:30 Life (Part 2): Boomer Marriage [repeats Sunday at 1 pm] 8:00 Nature: Wild Balkans Thick forests, vast wetlands, deep chasms—this is a wild, inaccessible place that belongs more to myth than reality. The landscape looks as if it was taken straight from Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings.” But here there are neither orcs nor elves; rather, bears and wolves. This is not Middle Earth; rather it is middle Europe—the Balkans.


give insight into how Muslim women are now increasingly willing to challenge the status quo from within their religion, promoting Islam as a powerful force for positive transformation in the world. 10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *


7:00 Last of the Summer Wine 7:30 Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick 8:00 American Masters: Carol Burnett: A Woman of Character America in the 1960s and ’70s was in


[repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]

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Television Listings for March
turmoil. The civil rights struggle, the war in Vietnam and the sexual revolution defined a nation in conflict. But at 10 o’clock every Saturday night, in dorms and dens, in living rooms and bedrooms across the country, Americans watched The Carol Burnett Show. For 11 years, the wacky performer yelled like Tarzan and won—and sometimes broke—our hearts with her edgy, always sympathetic, characters. She could fall down a flight of stairs or hold her own in a duet with Julie Andrews. Yet, as with so many brilliant comedians, hers was a difficult childhood. A glimpse of something deeper and darker began to emerge in the dramatic career that followed her TV variety show. 9:30 Loreena McKennitt: A Moveable Feast Loreena McKennitt: A Moveable Feast follows Canadian singer/ composer Loreena McKennitt as she embarks on her 2007 An Ancient Muse tour.The performance documentary offers a rare backstage look at one of contemporary music’s most interesting live acts. Candid behind-the-scenes interviews with McKennitt, her band, crew and colleagues reveal the rigors of touring. 10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV * remade nearly every aspect of modern culture, transforming the way we work, learn and connect in ways that we’re only beginning to understand. FRONTLINE producer Rachel Dretzin (Growing Up Online) teams up with one of the leading thinkers of the digital age, Douglas Rushkoff (The Persuaders, Merchants of Cool), to continue to explore 4 THURSDAY life on the virtual frontier. 7:00 As Time Goes By 10:30 PBS NewsHour 7:30 Innerviews with Ernie 11:30 Charlie Rose Manouse: Barney Frank 12:30 Democracy Now! * 8:00 History Detectives: WPA Mural 1:30 Best of LINK TV * Studies, George Washington Miniature, & Japanese Bal- 5 FRIDAY 7:00 To the Manor Born loon Bomb 9:00 Frontline: Digital Nation 7:30 MoneyTrack: Whiz Kid - John Paul Pigeon Over a single generation, the 8:00 Celtic Thunder - It’s EnterWeb and digital media have tainment! (see page 6) 9:30 Music of Ireland - Welcome Home (see page 8) 11:00 Heart Healthy Yoga: Yoga for the Rest of Us Pioneering yoga instructor Peggy Cappy has set her own unique mark in the world of yoga by

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Television Listings for March
developing and teaching an approach that makes it accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and sizes. 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * 5:30 SCTV Golden Classics (see page 6) 7:00 More Funny Ladies of British Comedy More Funny Ladies of British Comedy will celebrate many of the great women of British comedy 6 SATURDAY by showcasing clips of their 11:30am Art of Quilting funniest moments. And who Explore the diverse techniques better to host a second look and artistry reflected in contemporary American art quilts through artistic exhibitions and quilt artists at work in their studios. Discover how the boundaries of traditional American quilt making have expanded to an art form that now adorns the walls of exhibit halls and art galleries worldwide. at great British comedi1:00 Rick Steves’ Mediterranean ennes than the original host, Mosaic In his latest pledge Penelope Keith, best known as event, travel expert Rick “Margo Leadbetter” from The Steves shares his extensive Good Neighbors, and more knowledge of European history recently as “Audrey Forbes and culture as he winds his Hamilton” from To the Manor way through southern Greece, Born. Turkey and Croatia. 8:00 Pat Boone: Love Letters in 3:00 Visions of Italy: Southern the Sands of Time Style Takes viewers on a (see page 6) seamless journey starting just 9:30 Rounder Records 40th Annisouth of Rome, following along versary Concert The Rounder the rugged western coastline Records 40th Anniversary to the toe of the “boot” at RegConcert is a gala featuring the gio Calabria, and then back best and brightest stars from inland over the countryside the Rounder roster. Film and to Rome. A soundtrack that television star Minnie Driver resonates with the history and hosts this spectacular starbeauty of the region provides studded variety concert with an incomparable celebration Robert Plant and Alison of southern Italy’s considerKrauss, Steve Martin, Mary able charms. Chapin Carpenter, Alison 4:30 Primal Grill with Steven Krauss & Union Station, Mad Raichlen, Special Edition eleine Peyroux, “Soul Queen In this special edition of of New Orleans” Irma Thomas, Primal Grill, grilling guru Bela Fleck, and Nathan & The Steven Raichlen shares Zydeco Cha Chas. some of his favorite recipes 11:00 Roy Orbison: In Dreams and talks about his travels In Dreams is the climactic and on the world’s “barbecue inspiring life and times—and trail.” Steven ventured to 30 the music—of first generation countries in order to bring Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame viewers—veteran and novice inductee Roy Orbison. This grillers alike—an impressive major documentary film collection of full-flavored, deals with the saga of pop’s imaginative and easy-to-follow most enigmatic and often recipes. under-appreciated pioneer. For Orbison, whose rock and roll career spanned the 1950s through the 1980s, ambition and stardom always took a back seat to the purity and essence of his art, which history has judged to be a cornerstone of 20th century popular music. 12:00 Best of KRCB *


11:00am Change Your Brain, Change Your Body In Change Your Brain, Change Your Body, award winning psychiatrist and bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen gives you 10 very simple steps that will help you live longer, look younger, be thinner, and decrease your risk for Alzheimer’s disease, depression, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. 1:00 Taking Control of Diabetes with Dr. Neal Barnard Leading clinical researcher, adjunct associate professor of medicine, author, and health advocate, Neal Barnard, MD shares his scientifically proven system to taking control of diabetes through nutrition, without drugs 2:30 Go Greener Go Greener is an upbeat, motivational special that provides simple, practical ways to become a more mindful consumer and save money. Viewers will discover that “Going Greener” is not taxing or difficult, nor does it require a huge investment or involve a major lifestyle change. 4:00 Dr. Christiane Northrup: Menopause and Beyond – New Wisdom for Women It has been estimated that by the year 2008 women between the ages of fifty and sixty-five would be the largest demographic group in the United States. And for the first time in human history, the money they use will be money they have earned themselves...As they flex their economic, mental, and physical muscles and put their money and energy where their ideals are, the world will change in



Television Listings for March
ways that reflect their inherent by their individual regions women’s wisdom, wisdom that of Ireland. Their special, has the potential to benefit Celtic Tenors: No Boundaries, every woman, man, child and features the group’s eclectic living being on the planet. mix of Irish traditional music, 6:00 More Funny Ladies of Britpopular American standards, ish Comedy and renditions of contempo(see 3/6 at 7 pm) rary Irish songs. 7:00 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: 8:30 Ed Sullivan’s ’60s Rock & An Irish Parade of Stars Roll From the late 1940s until (see page 8) the early 1970s, millions of 8:30 T.A.M.I. Show - Rock’n’Roll’s viewers of all ages saw great First Concert Film Filmed just musical acts each Sunday eight months after The Beatles night on The Ed Sullivan appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. This installment in the Show, The T.A.M.I. Show My Music series presents Rock’n’Roll’s First Concert classic song performances Film introduced rock ‘n’ soul from 1963-1968. From the youth culture to America in the Beatles’ American television first concert movie of the rock debut to the Doors’ infamous one-time-only appearance to the Rolling Stones, Sly and the Family Stone, the Mamas and the Papas, and more. 10:30 Michael Bolton Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London He’s sold more than 53 million records and sung and composed with everyone from Luciano Pavarotti and B.B.King to Lady Gaga and Kanye West. Now Michael Bolton takes us on a spectacular grand tour of era. One of the rarest and his music at London’s Royal most sought-after perforAlbert Hall. mance films from its time, the 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1964 concert event featured 1:00 Best of KRCB* future Rock and Roll Hall of Famers James Brown, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, Marvin 9 TUESDAY 7:00 Pat Boone: Love Letters in Gaye, Smokey Robinson & the Sands of Time The Miracles, The Supremes (see 3/6 at 8:00pm) and many other American and 8:30 5 Browns: In Concert British Invasion hit-makers in (see page 7) their prime. This legendary film hasn’t been seen in its entirety 10:00 National Geographic Magazine’s Top 10 Photos since it originally appeared in of The Year Flip through the theaters in 1964. pages of any issue of the 10:30 SCTV Golden Classics National Geographic Magazine (see page 6) and you’ll find eye-opening 12:00 Best of KRCB * and evocative images—the best published anywhere in 8 MONDAY the world. Earning the “yellow 7:00 Celtic Tenors: No Boundarborder” is one of the most ies The Celtic Tenors, Ireland’s highly-prized accomplishmost successful crossover artments in photo-journalism. ists, meld together elements Yet even among these striking of classical, folk and pop, with images, there are some that each tenor expressing a disstand out as instant icons for tinct musical style influenced our times. And what really set all of National Geographic Magazine’s photos apart are the stories behind the photos. With flair, action, and behindthe-scenes footage, this one-hour special counts down the “best of the best” from the magazine that has won dozens of national magazine awards for photography. 11:00 Chris Botti Live In Boston, Part II Continuing the amazing performance by trumpeter Chris Botti (and friends) at Boston’s Symphony Hall, this version contains footage not seen in last year’s Chris Botti Live in Boston. Artists appearing along with Chris include Sting, Steven Tyler, Josh Groban and Yo-Yo-Ma, with Keith Lockhart conducting the Boston Pops. 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB *


7:00 Big Band Years My Music presents its first “Big Band” music retrospective featuring the biggest songs that got us through World War II and kick-started the baby boom with brassy legends that will take you on a “Sentimental Journey.” 9:00 Evening with Il Divo - Live In Barcelona The four charming, sexy, talented young men of Il Divo—American tenor David Miller, French pop singer Sebastien Izambard, Swiss tenor Urs Buhler, and Spanish baritone Carlos Marin—return to public television with a new special in Barcelona, Spain. An Evening With Il Divo - Live in Barcelona showcases the ‘popera’ quartet’s sophisticated vocal stylings and crosscontinental flair with a set list that features romantic, rich harmonies and heart-breaking ballads. 10:30 Daryl Hall and John Oates - Live at the Troubadour In May 2008, Daryl Hall and John Oates took the stage at the legendary Troubadour for


Television Listings for March
the first time since playing their earliest Los Angeles shows at the club 35 years before. This special features the best performances from the Grammy-nominated rock ‘n’ soul duo’s much anticipated two-night concert 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * 1:30 Diet Free with Zonya Foco, RD (see 3/11 at 8:30 pm) 3:30 John Gray: Venus On Fire, Mars On Ice (see page 6) 5:00 Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Mosaic (see 3/6 at 1 pm) 7:00 Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra The program was taped in October 2009 at Caesars’ Windsor Hotel and Casino in Canada during the Polkapalooza Festival where Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra were the headline performers. 12:30 7:00 12:00 1:00 shopping or in a crowded public place. Viewer’s Choice Viewer’s Choice Best of KRCB * Best of KRCB *

7:00 Change Your Brain, Change Your Body (see 3/7 at 11:00am) 11 THURSDAY 9:00 Strong Body, Ageless Body 7:00 John Gray: Venus On Fire, with Erin O’Brien Hollywood Mars On Ice (see page 7) trainer Erin O’Brien invites you 8:30 Diet Free with Zonya Foco, into her home for an exercise RD Registered dietician Zonya routine that works your arms, Foco delivers healthy eating legs, and core. Strong Body, and exercise advice with her Ageless Body is an efficient trademark energy and humor, total body workout for a stroninspiring stories and audience ger, leaner, more flexible body. participation. She tailored Diet 10:00 Ed Slott’s Stay Rich for Life Free with Zonya Foco, RD for Renowned tax advisor and those who want to stop the personal finance author Ed weight-gain cycle, improve Slott, CPA, offers Baby Boomtheir energy, lower their choers—and anyone who wants lesterol, blood sugar or blood to retire on their own terms pressure, or simply enjoy despite America’s monumental optimum health. fiscal crisis—a step-by-step 10:30 Taking Control of Diabetes solution to create, manage with Dr. Neal Barnard and keep family wealth. Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra ( see 3/7 at 1:00pm) 12:00 Democracy Now! * have earned the title of 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * “America’s Best Polka Band” 1:00 Best of KRCB * with 18 Grammy’s in the last 16 TUESDAY 20 years, for “Best Polka 12 FRIDAY 7:00 Civil War: The Universe of Recording Artists.” 7:00 Seneca Falls Battle - 1863 The turning 8:30 Best of Daniel O’Donnell On (see page 5) point of the war is reached at Film (see page 7) 8:30 Rounder Records 40th the legendary Battle of Gettys10:00 T.A.M.I. Show - Rock’n’Roll’s Anniversary Concert burg. While 150,000 men face First Concert Film (see 3/6 at 9:30pm) death in Pennsylvania’s fields, (see 3/7 at 8:30pm) 10:00 Love Me Tender - The Love the war spreads westward. As 12:00 Best of KRCB * Songs of Elvis A major the Union drafts more soldiers, reason for Elvis Presley’s masriots rage in New York, and 14 SUNDAY sive, unprecedented appeal to African American troops join 11:00am Bracing for a Quake: A women audiences of all ages the fight. At Gettysburg’s Survival Guide Bracing for a was his love songs. Always a cemetery, President Lincoln Quake: A Survival Guide is an true romantic, Elvis recorded articulates the poignant hope earthquake preparedness many, many love songs “that government of the special hosted by Life & Times throughout his career. Love people, by the people, and for anchor Val Zavala and KVIE Me Tender - The Love Songs the people shall not perish Sacramento reporter Jason of Elvis tells the warm story from the earth.” Shoultz. Bracing for a Quake: of the tender side of the King 9:00 Freedom Songs: The Music A Survival Guide presents of Rock and Roll. Narrated by of the Civil Rights Movemore than 80 practical tips Ashley Judd. ment For a brief moment in on how to prepare for and time, a few daring, innova12:00 Democracy Now! * respond to a major quake. tive musicians stood at the 1:00 Best of KRCB * Viewers will learn how to crossroads of a revolution in reduce earthquake hazards in 13 SATURDAY music and culture. Across one their homes and offices, what 11:30am Ed Sullivan’s ’60s Rock & of the most turbulent periods to do if they’re on the freeway, Roll (see 3/8 at 8:30pm) in American history—from




Television Listings for March
the early civil rights era to Watergate—they brought music, medium and message together as never before, composing a soundtrack perfectly tuned to the tempo and pulse of its time. They were America’s rhythm rebels, and the spirit of what they created then lives on today. 10:30 Playing for Change Playing for Change is an extraordinary effort to unite musicians and vocalists from diverse parts of the globe, while at the same time seeking to immerse audiences in a multimedia movement to inspire, connect and bring peace to the world through music. 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * mix of live performance and archival footage bring viewers back to the 1950s pop days with The Singing Rage - Patti Page, classic moments from Perry Como, Debbie Reynolds, The McGuire Sisters and more. 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * 6:30 Welk Stars: Through The Years This new special, the Welk Stars: Through The Years, will salute 18 hard-working, much loved Welk entertainers, using vintage photos from the network television years and clips from the past PBS Welk Specials. The show will be hosted by Mary Lou Metzger who will share an upbeat detailed short biography of each performer. 8:30 Chet Atkins: Certified Guitar Player On May 15, 1987, a group of A-list musicians gathered to celebrate the enormous influence of guitarist Chet Atkins on their lives and careers. Taped in Nashville just blocks from the famed Music Row that he’s largely credited with creating. 10:00 Get Down Tonight - The Disco Explosion My Music brings back the disco years with live performances from the legends of the lighted dance floor. Hosted by KC and The Sunshine Band, Karen Lynn-Gorney (Saturday Night Fever co-star) and Dance Fever’s Denny Terrio. 12:00 Best of KRCB *

7:00 Sinatra at Carnegie Hall In 1980, Frank Sinatra performed a two-week engagement at Carnegie Hall, which at the time, set a record for the venue by selling out each show in just one day. The performances followed the release of 1980’s Trilogy, Sinatra’s ambitious triplealbum comeback that featured 17 WEDNESDAY The Theme from New York, 7:00 Music of Ireland - Welcome New York. Home (see page 8) 8:30 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling: 8:30 Pat Boone: Love Letters in the Sands of Time An Irish Parade of Stars (see 3/9 at 7:00pm) (see page 8) 10:00 Celtic Woman: The Greatest 10:00 Rick Steves’ Mediterranean Mosaic (see 3/6 at 1pm) Journey Celtic Woman’s latest 12:00 Democracy Now! * television special is a collection of beloved and memorable 1:00 Best of KRCB * highlights from their acclaimed 20 SATURDAY PBS specials. All of the songs 11:30am Taking Control of Diabetes are intertwined with stunning with Dr. Neal Barnard scenic and landscape images (see 3/11at 10:30pm) of Ireland. 1:00 Change Your Brain, Change 12:00 Democracy Now! * Your Body 1:00 Best of KRCB * (see 3/15 at 7:00pm) 3:00 As Time Goes By Reunion 18 THURSDAY Special 7:00 More Funny Ladies of British Comedy (see 3/18 at 8:00pm) (see 3/7 at 7:00pm) 5:00 Best of Red Skelton A new 8:00 As Time Goes By Reunion public television special Special Dame Judi Dench and celebrates America’s Clown Geoffrey Palmer bring their Prince of Comedy and one of beloved television characters the longest running television Jean Pargetter and Lionel variety series. The Red Hardcastle back to life in this Skelton Show, one of the special. We pick up some time first variety shows to make after the original series left off the successful transition and reveal Jean Pargetter’s from radio to TV, premiered great anticipation for grandSeptember 30, 1951 and was children much to husband a television staple for two Lionel’s dismay. decades until its cancellation 10:00 Magic Moments - The Best in 1971. of ’50s Pop The program’s



11:00am Viewer’s Choice 5:00 Bracing for a Quake: A Survival Guide (see 3/14 at 11:00am) 6:30 Red Green Test Drive Red Green Test Drive is a hilarious entertainment special. 7:30 Viewer’s Choice 12:00 Best of KRCB * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *


7:00 Out of Ireland 7:30 My Generation: The Work You Love 8:00 NOVA: Riddles of the Sphinx For 45 centuries, the Great Sphinx has cast its enigmatic gaze over Egypt’s Giza plateau. This strange half-human, half-lion image has inspired countless fantastic theories about its origins. How was it



Television Listings for March
built, and who or what does it represent? Adding to the mystery, archeologists found that its creators abruptly discarded their tools and abandoned the structure when it was nearly complete. NOVA’s expert team of archeologists carries out eye-opening experiments that reveal the techniques and incredible labor invested in the carving of this gigantic sculpture.
[repeats Tuesday at 1 pm]

As Time Goes By Innerviews with Ernie Manouse: Rip Torn 9:00 Justice: What’s the Right History Detectives: Stalag Thing to Do? Session Thir24 WEDNESDAY 17 Portrait, Seadrome, & teen: Immanuel Kant’s strin7:00 Last of the Summer Wine Black Tom Shell gent theory of morality allows 7:30 Between the Lines with for no exceptions. Session Frontline: Flying Cheap Barry Kibrick Fourteen: Sandel introduces One year after the deadliest [repeats Sunday at 10:30 am] the modern philosopher John 8:00 American Masters domestic airline accident Rawls and his theory of a in seven years, FRONTLINE Marilyn Monroe: Still Life ‘hypothetical contract.’ investigates the crash of There are the movie roles, Continental 3407 in Buffalo, 10:00 PBS NewsHour but it is the still images—the NY, and discovers a dramati11:00 Charlie Rose cally changed airline industry, 12:00 Democracy Now! * where regional carriers now 1:00 Best of LINK TV * account for half of the nation’s 23 TUESDAY daily departures. The rise of 7:00 After You’ve Gone the regionals and arrival of 7:30 Life (Part 2): Generation low-cost carriers have been a Gaps huge boon to consumers, and [repeats Sunday at 1 pm] the industry insists that the 8:00 Nature: Invasion of the Giant skies remain safe. Pythons Florida’s Everglades 10:00 PBS NewsHour National Park is one of the 11:00 Charlie Rose last great wildlife refuges. 12:00 Democracy Now! * However, the Everglades is 1:00 Best of LINK TV * also the dumping ground for iconic face, expressions and 26 FRIDAY many animal invaders— over poses—that make up our 15 species of parrot, 75 collective memory of Marilyn. 7:00 To the Manor Born 7:30 MoneyTrack: Hot Topics kinds of fish and 30 different She was, arguably, the most reptiles. All of the intruders Show photographed person ever. found their way into the park 8:00 Consuelo Mack: Wealthtrack Her relationship with the either by accidental escape camera produced an enduring 8:30 McLaughlin Group from pet owners or intentional body of work that still dazzles 9:00 Burt Wolf 2010 European releases by people no longer Cruises Marathon Noted and moves us, evoking both wishing to care for an exotic Public Television travel host desire and pathos. These species. Add to the mix tens Burt Wolf hosts this special photographs are an ageless of thousands of giant pythons, program designed to entice testament to her grace, guts snakes that can grow to 20 viewers to travel with him and sexiness—her humor and feet and weigh nearly 300 on a series of cruises along vulnerability. pounds. The predatory pythons 9:00 Girls on the Wall A group of the great rivers of Europe slithered into this protected during the summer of 2010 incarcerated teenage girls are wilderness and thrived, and which will benefit KRCB. This given a shot at redemption in the refuge has consequently program takes us along the a most unlikely form: a musibecome less of a haven and beautiful Rhine River and cal. Girls on the Wall follows more of a killing ground every through France as a taste of three inmates as they write, day since then. what the summer cruises will rap and rehearse the harrow[repeats 3/29 at 1 pm) feature. ing events leading up to their 7:00 7:30 8:00 9:00

9:00 Torturing Democracy with Follow-Up (see page 9) 11:00 In the Life Art, culture, issues, and news of the gay and lesbian community. 11:30 Taking Control of Your Credit Taking Control of Your Credit follows two high school students, Julian and Aaron, as Julian gives Aaron a lesson in credit, specifically, the use of credit cards. 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *

crimes. In the process, they’re challenged to find their own voices, reclaim their humanity and take a first step toward breaking free of the prison system. 10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *



Television Listings for March
10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of KRCB * their own national identity. 9:30 Masterpiece Classic: Emma - Part Two A fiercely funny adaptation of Jane Austen’s delightful love story 27 SATURDAY stars Romola Garai as a young 7:00 Jacques Pepin: More Fast woman whose attempts to Food My Way play Cupid go disastrously 7:30 Red Green Show: Cyber Girl awry. Rich, beautiful and hopelessly self-deluded, 8:00 Lawrence Welk Show: 25th Emma Woodhouse can’t help Anniversary Show meddling in the romantic life 9:00 Austin City Limits: Ben of others while neglecting her Harper and Relentless 7 own. 10:00 Song of the Mountains: 10:30 Masterpiece Classic: Emma Zephyr Lightning Bolts; - Part Three How will Jane Tommy Freeman & TennesAusten, the master of happy see Skyline. endings, tie up the tangled 11:00 Theater Talk affairs of her heroines Emma 11:30 Red Dwarf: Out of Time Woodhouse, Harriet Smith and 12:00 Best of KRCB * Jane Fairfax? And what will 28 SUNDAY she do about those mystifying 7:00 Antiques Roadshow: men, Mr. Knightley and Frank Madison, WI - Hour One Churchill? 8:00 Dolley Madison: American 11:30 Best of KRCB * Experience Style icon, ex1:00 Best of LINK TV * travagant hostess, humanitar11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *


7:00 After You’ve Gone 7:30 Life (Part 2): Caregiving 8:00 Nature: Is That Skunk? It’s a familiar but mysterious creature in woods and neighborhoods all across America. Its infamous weapon is one of the most awful scents in all of nature. Now, intrepid researchers and cameramen track skunks day and night across California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Ohio, even Martha’s Vineyard, uncovering how they hunt, forage, mate and raise amazingly cute baby skunks. And yes, the remarkable secrets of that stink will be revealed! 9:00 Seneca Falls (see page 5) 10:00 PBS NewsHour 11:00 Charlie Rose 12:00 Democracy Now! * 1:00 Best of LINK TV *
[repeats 4/5 at 1 pm) [repeats Sunday at 1 pm]


7:00 7:30 8:00

8:00 Great Performances at the Met: Madama Butterfly Patricia Racette returns to the title role of Anthony ian, doting mother, trusted Minghella’s stunning producpolitical advisor, and diplomat. tion, a new classic of the Met These are the roles we now repertory. Patrick Summers expect in a First Lady, roles conducts Puccini’s heartcreated by President James breaking tale of a Japanese [repeats Tuesday at 1 pm] Madison’s wife, Dolley. Born geisha girl. in relative obscurity before the 9:00 Justice: What’s the Right 10:30 Arabs, Jews, and the News Thing to Do? Session Fifteen: American Revolution, Dolley’s This program explores how John Rawls applied his ‘veil beauty attracted attention, but the 2006 war between Israel of ignorance’ theory to social it was her political acumen and Hezbollah has bitterly and economic equality issues, that set her apart in a time divided Arab and Jewish comas well as fair governance. when women held no overt munities in the United States Session Sixteen: Professor political power. As the “first by focusing on the prolonged, Sandel recaps the three differFirst Lady,” she used her public, and unresolved conflict ent theories raised so far, unelected position to legitimize between these communities in concerning how income, the nation’s new capital, to the Detroit, MI area. wealth, and opportunities in create a political and social 11:00 Charlie Rose life should be distributed. style for the new country and 12:00 Democracy Now! * 10:00 PBS NewsHour to give Americans a sense of 1:00 Best of LINK TV *

Out of Ireland My Generation: Hope NOVA: The Incredible Journey of the Butterflies Every year, 100 million monarch butterflies set off on an incredible journey across North America. These beautiful creatures fly 2,000 miles to reach their remote destination: a tiny area high in the mountains of Mexico. Yet scientists are still puzzling over how the butterflies achieve this tremendous feat of endurance and how, year after year, the monarchs navigate with such hair’s-breadth precision.



7:00 Last of the Summer Wine 7:30 Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick

[repeats Sunday at 10:30 am]


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