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Campaign Overlay

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Campaign Overlay: Firearms. Copyright 2010,
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Chris A. Field, Eric Karnes.

F irearms


Campaign Overlay

F irearms


Table of Contents
Chapter One: History Written in Gunsmoke


Chapter Two: A World of Blades & Bullets


Chapter Three: The Armory


Chapter Four: Feats, Spells & Character Options -46

Chapter Five: Gods & Monsters


Authors: Chris A. Field, Eric Karnes & Mark Cathro
Artwork: Anthony Cournoyer, JDavid Rhodes,
Nathan Winburn, Illo, Scott Purdy, Jon Hodgson,
Bradley K McDevitt, Toby Gregory, Larry Elmore
Production, Layout & Design: Skortched Urf Studios
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I wanted to create a sourcebook that would allow

a GM to introduce similar large scale change into
their own setting, and allow the players to experience
and take part in these events in-game. I have always
felt that far too many game settings are static and
unchanging. Many game developers spend pages
detailing the lavish history of their setting; political
intrigue, wars, factions and kingdoms are all laid
out. And we spend twenty levels adventuring in
that world with the same king(s), the same factions
and the same power structure. It is the goal of
these books to change that up a bit and give you
a frame-work to introduce bold new elements into
an otherwise static campaign world.

You hold in your hands (or read on your screen

if your looking at an electronic copy!) the first
volume in the Campaign Overlay series. The
Campaign Overlay line of sourcebooks is
designed to allow players and GMs to take
new innovations, magics, disasters or other
world-changing circumstances and add them
to your campaign. In essence, to overlay
them on your gaming world.
If we look back at our own history we can see
clearly where new inventions, innovations or
calamity has changed our world irrevocably.
The invention of the printing press or the internet.
The discovery of penicillin. The atomic bomb.
Electricity, automobiles, airplanes, AIDS and
even the bubonic plague have all shaped our
world in ways large and small.

So naturally the first topic covered in the Campaign

Overlay series was adding firearms to a fantasy
campaign. Few inventions have shaped our world
as profoundly as the gun. From the shot heard
round the world to the assassination of JFK and
thousands of other examples. Even taking a break
from the reality of the gun we find them a staple
of entertainment in movies, fiction, television and comics.
Many modern and sci-fi role playing games pad
out their pages (or even entire sourcebooks!) with
weapon descriptions for players to choose from.
But where is the fun in just adding archaic guns to a typical
fantasy setting? This is a fantasy setting; so there needs
to be more to it than simple gunpowder used by Orcs and
Elves. Thus Draksmoke was invented to add that fantasy
element to the discovery that charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter mixed together goes BOOM when you ignite it.
Draksmoke is fantasy gunpowder. Made from the burning
liquid dragons use to make their deadly flames, Draksmoke
is a dragons breath weapon in powdered form. Only a few
alchemists know the secret to producing true Draksmoke;
and they guard it with their lives. Rich and powerful
guilds have risen up around those that know the secrets.
The Black Brotherhood, the Armigers and the Monopolist
Consortium all trade in gunpowder, Draksmoke and arms;
each pursuing their own ends.
The alchemical knowledge of Draksmoke is the fantasy
equivalent of having a modern day functioning nuclear
program. Those without such knowledge seek it at great
expense and risk, while those that possess it will do anything
to keep the information a closely guarded secret.

To make use of such a powerful substance, new

weapons have been hammered out on the forges
of the world. Only the finest steel tempered in the
blood of dragons can withstand the power expended
by Draksmoke. Armor must be fashioned from the
same blood-infused forges in order to turn aside
blows delivered by Draksmoke weapons. Mundane
armor is no match for even Lesser Draksmoke,
made from the flame glands of fearsome elemental
beings such as Salamanders and the gigantic
Remhorhazas; a weaker alternative some try
to pass off as true Draksmoke. Naturally, new
magics have been conceived to protect warriors,
kings and knaves alike.

Several new species are available for players, from the

massive Colossi and their human-sized cousins, the
Smokebelcher Men, to the diminutive Gunfire Goblins and
the twisted nightmare that are the Sulfursouls. While
all the thinking races have been affected by the
invention of Draksmoke, these new races owe their
very existence to the knowledge.
Add in some new monsters, feats, spells, gods and
clerical domains, along with dozens of new firearms
(both mundane and magical) and you have everything
needed to bring real firepower to your campaign!
-Mark Cathro
Skortched Urf Studios

The several thinking races have all taken up these

new arms with varying degrees of acceptance. Orc and
Goblin kind have embraced the new arms with reckless
lust. The dwarves have seen the pragmatism of such
arms. Humans, Halflings, Gnomes, and every shade
of Elf have taken up the gun after some fashion. Other
races have as well; some by choice and others through
Using the material in this book will allow you
to integrate fantasy firearms into your game either
gradually or as an existing and on-going set-piece.
Background material about the various
guilds involved in the trade is included,
and can easily be dropped into any
campaign world with little or no
changes required.

Chapter One
History Written in Gunsmoke

Still, Gunfire Goblins achieved something akin

to evolutionary success thanks to their reed-rifles.
The proud Dwarves like to claim they were the Goblin hunters used the weapons to scare prey
first to discover the deadly mixture of saltpeter, into waiting snares and ambushes as much as they
sulfur and reagents that would come to be did to kill. The weapon proved a nasty surprise on
called gunpowder, and while it is technically true, the battlefield, capable of breaking massed charges
it denies the role a much more humble species played in the confusion, noise and terror after a shot.
in the development of the firearm. Dwarven Though crude, smokey-reed-bombas had proven their
bas-reliefs, scored into the deepest walls of place on the battle field. Now, it fell to the innovative,
their cavern cities depict the long-beards using iconoclastic and rapidly changing humans of the
tapping-casks to blast tunnels more than Endaran Empire to improve the design.
7,500 years ago.
Human blacksmiths were the first to analyze
Gunfire Goblins reed-rifles and systematically
Tapping-casks are ironclad barrels of various
sizes filled with explosive gunpowder. Placed set about improving the design. A Blacksmith
against a seam in the rock, these dangerous of no small skill but very small reputation took
industrial explosives can easily clear tunnels to improving the design after seeing them in
or turn obstructing boulders into gravel. The battle. He scavenged the field where a troop
practice of using tapping-casks to start an of goblin raiders had fallen and brought back
excavation continues to this day, and Dwarven three examples of the reed-rifles. Two of them
miners are experts in the use of these were destroyed by the ensuing misfire, and the
third was badly burned and trampled by hoof
dangerous combustibles.
and boot. In the simple design the blacksmith,
However, Dwarven culture has always been one Tyrian Armiger, found inspiration. He set
stubborn and slow to change. Dwarven codes to work fashioning a barrel of beaten brass by
of honor and their blood-soaked marital tradi- forming it around a steel rod, removing the rod
tions meant that despite its utility in mining, and banding the brass with thick iron bands.
gunpowder didnt find its way into the hands This was to be the first reed-rifle ever created
of Dwarven soldiers until recently. It took the from metal. The age of the musket had begun.
human development of musket and artillery
Tyrian Armiger worked at his forge along side
to spur Dwarven inventiveness towards the
brothers, hammering out a dozen more crude
goal of building better guns of their own.
reed-rifles, each showing slight improvements
The first crude firearms didnt come from over the previous attempt. Daily they would
a Dwarven foundry, neither did they come test loads and various shot, experimenting to
from a human armorer. The canny, feral little find the correct recipe that would produce the
goblins of the North, a stunted and runty tribe best results. In the end they destroyed five of
that would come to be called Gunfire their first dozen Reed-Rifles, but by the end of
Goblins, were the first to kill with gunpowder. their experiments they had a reproducible recipe
Their first weapons were little more than hollow for the powder components, and the means to
reeds packed with gunpowder and iron shavings. produce a weapon capable of sending a smooth
Ignited at one end and fired from the shoulder, stone or lead ball through a knights plate armor.
these simplistic weapons were inaccurate, un- Wadding, pebbles or other small, hard items
reliable and almost as dangerous to the shooter proved to be the most effective use of the reedas they were to the target. These smokey-reed- rifles. They had dismal accuracy to begin with,
bombas only fired properly about three times so firing a flock of iron arrow-heads proved
in ten. For the remaining shots, these weapons far more effective against most foes. In a short
either failed to fire at all, or blew up in the time the brothers were selling the newly re-designed
reed-rifles to local militias, adventurers and
goblins hands!
other well-to-do collectors.

The First Firing: The Musket Age

Most of the early customers were small

towns that had to deal with raiding goblins or
larger menaces. It proved far easier to train
the local townsfolk to load and fire one of
the crude devices than to train them at the
long bow, crossbow or spear. In the space of
a growing season, the Gunfire Goblins would
face much improved versions of their own
invention on the battlefield, severely curtailing
their encroachments from that time forward.

The Second Age:

Revolvers and Repeaters

After the development of working black powder

weaponry, the next revolution in firearms came
with the introduction of cased ammunition. Instead
of mixing powder and wadding and ramming the
whole mess, along with the ball down the barrel,
cased ammunition allowed the propellants and
the bullet to be stored, pre-mixed and ready to
fire. Cased ammunition finally allowed guns to be
As word spread and the Reed-Rifles more than single shot weapons. Revolvers were
continued to sell to towns and hamlets, the developed simultaneously with new type of
brothers continued to refine the design. Add- ammunition, and from there, weapons developing a crossbow stock and a bead to the end ment rocketed forward.
of the barrel improved accuracy. Weighting
the stock allowed the entire Reed-Rifle to be
Revolvers resemble much more advanced verused as a heavy club once fired. The brothers sions of flintlock pistols. Four to eight chambers
experimented with larger and smaller versions of hold ammunition, and are arranged around a rothe Reed-Rifle, eventually producing cannons tating metal cylinder. Each time the hammer is
and pistols from their designs. Soon other cocked, the cylinder rotates, bringing a fresh, fully
enterprising blacksmiths took up the art of loaded chamber up to the firing pin. Skilled
designing gunpowder arms. For a time, so gunfighters can take advantage of the way a
great was the demand that thieves took to revolver cocks and fires by fanning the hammer,
stealing horseshoes instead of silver to feed rapidly spitting out multiple shots in the time it
the demand the blacksmiths had for iron!
takes a rookie shooter to fire once.
A plethora of gunpowder arms were being
produced. To be sure, many of them were
finely engraved works of art meant for highborn and wealthy clients, but the bulk of the
trade produced serviceable rifles intended
for soldiers or militia defending towns
and cities.

The first revolvers were forged at Fort

Hathrix-Mars, a human military garrison a days
ride from the northern metropolis of Schendenwatt.
The garrison had always had a large gnomish population; mostly refugees and camp followers who
worked as blacksmiths, armorers, medics and cooks.
Working closely with a clan of gnomish tinkers to
continually upgrade and improve their flintlocks,
Well-to-do merchants often kept a brace of the Forts musketeers eventually hit upon the
large pistols near at hand, and caravans ideas for a multi-barreled flintlock.
employed riflemen alongside bowmen.
Riflemen were never paid as much as a After a few months of effort, the Forts blacksmiths
skilled bowman, as bows still out-ranged the hit upon the idea of rotating, or revolving, barrels
crude gunpowder arms and were far more or chambers. More than a few armorers lost fingers
accurate. Bowmen were trained soldiers, as unready prototypes exploded in their hands, but
where riflemen were looked on as well eventually a working model was finished. When
armed brutes. But if one put enough rifle- the Fort was besieged by a hobgoblin horde two
armed brutes together, they could defeat a summers later, the newly minted guns turned the
band of raiders easily enough; and for half tide. The besieged and critically outnumbered
the cost! Thus did the rifle come to take its garrison was able to hold off a small army, and
place along side the longbow, crossbow and when the smoke had cleared twenty hobgoblins
spear on the battlefield.
lay dead for every single fallen human defender.

Draksmoke itself is a rich crimson powder created

when the bile and saliva of a flame breathing
dragon is alchemically mixed with raw
gunpowder. The resultant substance is highly
explosive, capable of propelling a musket
ball, revolver round or carbine shell with such
incredible speed it tears through mithrial plate
like hemp-cloth. Draksmoke is a closely guarded
secret. The human and gnomish armorers of Ft.
Hathrix-Mars geas themselves to silence, and forge
Draksmoke pistols in sweltering, lead-lined forges
designed to thwart scriers. Draksmoke has
become a cornerstone of the human-dominated
Andaran Empires military strategy, and the secret
of the powerful firearms are shared with
humanitys allies only upon the direst need. To
date, only a handful of Dwarven fortresses and
Gnomish tinkers enclaves have been trusted with
the secret of this powerful new breed of weapon.

The Third Age: Draksmoke Discovered

Gunpowder, that fine black dust, is worth a dozen
times its weight in gold, but there are purer mixtures,
stronger mixtures. A few pinches of gunpowder mixed
with the potent spit or blood of a great red wyrm can
bring down a castles wall. A few pinches of gunpowder
mixed with the tears of celestials weeping for fallen
comrades and a sinful mankind can slay demon princes
even within the fortified depths of Hell itself.
Fifteen years after they cast the first revolver, the
gunsmiths of Fort Hathrix-Mars brought down an
immature red dragon and changed history for the
second time. Dissection of the wrymling led to a
new understanding of the chemical and alchemical
basis of combustion, and these new discoveries
spurred the development of a new and superior
kind of gunpowder- the devastating Draksmoke.

Naturally, Draksmoke is rarer than diamonds

and more precious than adamantine. Only a
few sources for these weapons exist, and even
these trusted craftsmen have only the capability
to produce a few Draksmoke weapons per year.
Draksmoke guns will never and can never be
mass produced. The skills required to smelt the
steel are too rare, and red dragons are too few to
ever produce enough draconic bile to equip a full
army. Killing a fire-breather for its pungent bile is
an option, but after a single bounty, exhausts the
already rare resource.

Any nation that possesses the secret of Draksmoke

gains an immediate and concrete advantage over its
neighbors. Only guns constructed of steel tempered
in draconic ichors can fire Draksmoke rounds safely;
lesser weapons fail spectacularly, blowing apart
fingers and hands, and often killing their careless owners. The rare and pricey true Draksmoke
weapons, even more than their mundane
counterparts, are changing the way warfare is
raged. Blessed with incredible range, the ability to
penetrate even the densest armor, and the capacity
to kill with a single shot, a gunslinger armed with
Draksmoke can lay low whole platoons of plate
armored knights.

Some ingenious weapon smiths have become

draconic egg thieves, killing mother dragons and
stealing their clutch to raise their offspring in alchemical
production-farms. Such endeavors are risky- not
only is any dragon of reproductive age a match for
whole militias, others of her species will avenge
her death and the theft of her children. Even the
normally fierce, temperamental and territorial red
dragons can be moved to extremes of courage and
self sacrifice when the future of their species is at
stake. And of course, theres the captive dragons
themselves. A new born dragon may be helpless
and relatively easy to milk for its vital juices, but
let the dragon live just a few months too long,
and it becomes a barely contained threat, a living
weapon just waiting for an opportunity to steal
back its freedom!

The Secrets of Draksmoke

There is no part of a dragons body that does not
process, refine and metabolize ambient magical
energy. When a dragon cries, it cries potent drops
of arcana. When a dragon bleeds, it bleeds magic.
Dragon scat and urine are powerful ritual
substances, as are the creatures reproductive
and digestive fluids, spinal ichors and a hundred
other substances. The discovery that Draksmoke
could be culled from a dragons flammable spittle
and oily bile brought about both a techno-magical
and a tactical revolution. Like all revolutions, the
discovery seemed obvious in retrospect.

A nation already allied with red dragons (or

controlled by them) has a potent advantage in the
Draksmoke arms race. A draconic queen might
allow her vassals to milk her bile glands each
dawn, producing more than enough Draksmoke
to equip her legions of well armed thugs. More
mercenary dragons export the rare, flammable
powder to any nation or faction that can meet
their exorbitant price, always working through
a convoluted network of slaves, free traders,
intermediaries and cutouts.

The Gnomes of Fort Hathrix-Mars

One place in all the world is synonymous with
the Age of the Gun, is the isolated military garrison
Fort Hathrix-Mars. The smiths stationed at the
Fort forged the first musket, the first repeater
and eventually, the first Draksmoke weapon. Any
future developments in the evolution of the gun
are likely to come from the same source. The Fort
owes its unique role in history to a quirk of geography
as much as it does to the fortunes of war.

The FallSpark Gnome great-clan calls the burrows and

deep-cellars of the ancient fortress home. These canny
tinkers have always been a vital part of the human
dominated garrison. FallSpark Gnomes earn their keep as
scouts, chimney sweeps, armorers, squires, stable hands,
chefs, tinkers, courtesans, and a dozen other professions
supporting the Fort and its campaigners. Their
industriousness and knowledge of the surrounding forest
proved invaluable to the earliest human colonists,
helping them survive in a hostile wilderness. This long
legacy of mutual trust and cooperation culminated in the
invention of the first firearms.

The FallSpark Gnomes trade regularly with other

Gnomish powers, and with other small folk, especially
Halflings, who tend to be good customers. The little
gunsmiths also trade with the Elven nations,
provided that relations between the Elven power
and humanity are warm. FallSpark Gnomes are
one of the very few Gnomish factions with a closer
association to men than with Elves, and their
relationship colors every trade they make.

Elven Armorers
Gunsmithing requires both mining and iron-smelting,
both distinctly non-Elven arts. The Elven courts
produce few weapons of their own, and depend
on allied human and Dwarven nations to procure
firearms. Elven gunsmiths often purchase raw
components to be assembled by Elven hands in Elven
lands, rather than purchasing finished products. Elven
gunsmiths are known for their finely balanced,
mature designs, and many snipers and hunters
prefer Elven-forged carbines.

Though sized for human hands, early muskets and

revolvers were as much a product of Gnomish toil and
ingenuity as human skill. By Imperial decree, Gnomes
may practice the trade of gunsmithing without the
restrictions placed on human gunsmiths, a reward to the
little folk for their courage and hard work at the Fort.
Gnomish gunsmiths are not taxed or restricted in the
sale of firearms among their own kind, and gun ownership
is increasingly common in Gnomish communities.
Some human gunsmiths, particularly those associated with
the Black Brotherhood, are jealous of the largess bestowed
upon Gnomish armorers, and push for repeal of the
FallSpark Decree. Gnomish tinkers are stereotyped as
shifty, money-grubbing con artists peddling inferior
iron. Theres a tavern tale (spread by the Brotherhoods
hired bards) that Gnomish blacksmiths curse their guns
to explode if ever pointed at a Gnome.

Though Elves were slow to embrace the gun, the

race has unquestionably mastered it now. As with
archery, Elven shooters prefer a single aimed shot
through the heart, lungs or brain that kills mercifully.
Automatic fire and randomly sprayed bullets are
distasteful to Elven soldiers, proof that the shooter
doesnt have the skill to kill cleanly. Elven soldiers
consider themselves unforgivably disgraced and
often commit ritual suicide if they ever need to deliver
a merciful coup de gras to a wounded adversary
with their sidearm. With their emphasis on merciful
warfare, a growing number of Elves pay homage
to the minor human goddess, Aokiga.

The Gnomes and their guns are of excellent

quality, despite this slur on their reputation. Gnomish
gunsmiths rarely trade with humans outside of their
long association with the human military. FallSpark
Gnomes are loyal to a fault, and most members of the
clan cant help feel that its treason manufacture arms
for outsiders, even if they have imperial permission to do
so. The number of living humans, un-associated with
Fort Hathrix-Mars that own a FallSpark-forged weapon
can be counted on two hands. Foreign militaries are
never allowed to purchase the clans fine, innovative
weapons. While an Endaran adventurer might receive
a FallSpark-forged revolver as a reward for exceptional
heroism, when a foreigner is presented with a similar
gift, the weapon cannot fire. The firing pin, revolver
barrel and other vital components are made of soft goldextraordinary pricey and unquestionably beautiful, but
too delicate to ever be fired.

The old guard of the Elven military worries that,

despite the guns utility, it is eroding the ancient
races martial traditions. Gun ownership grants
the efficient lethality of the longbow without the
dedication necessary to master it. Elven
musketeers are trained in the longbow as
comprehensively they are in the rifle, even though
the bow has become largely ceremonial among
the Elven military. An Elf character who selects
Weapon Focus (any firearm) and chooses not to
spend similar effort on the longbow will likely
find himself ostracized from the community.

In contrast to the surface Elves conflicted feelings

about firearms, the Drow embrace these practical,
efficient weapons. With their greater access to the
underground worlds myriad resources, Drow can
produce large numbers of home-built handguns and
rifles. Native Drow firearms tend to be of decent
quality, and like surface Elven weapons, are light
weight and boast large ammunition capacity. The
Drow firearms industry is not as mature as that of the
Dwarven, human and even Orc races. The Drow can
copy Elven and human weapon designs quite handily, but
their armorers rarely innovate, preferring instead to
produce cheap local knock-offs. Drow iron-mongers
have only produced one truly outstanding weapon:
the legendary Kingslayer Carbine.
Drow covet the innovative weapons sometimes
carried by their Orc minions, and Drow city-states
will wage horrifically bloody terror-wars to capture
a rapido or skyburster. The Drow know that while
their weapons may be prettier, Orc weapons are
better in all the ways that really count. However, a
Drow gunslinger will cheerfully murder to avenge
any slight to Drow craftsmanship, no matter how justified.
Drow-forged weapons are always cast from some
matte black alloy, and their styling is determined by
the owners gender and social class. The poor and
Drow males of all castes are only allowed undecorated,
quickly and shoddily built weapons, and never
Draksmoke quality items. By contrast, the priestessnobility of the race carry ornate, baroque weapons
inlaid with silver and mithrial, and decorated with
elaborate spidery motifs. Males and low caste
females caught with Draksmoke weapons are
considered traitors to the race, and put to death cruelly.

Halfling Militias
Halflings have no reputable weapons manufacturers
of their own kind, at least not yet. Halfling gunsmiths
are tinkerers at best, still imitating the technology of
other races. Halflings have been producing unique
weapons, not just scaled down versions of human
guns for only a few years now. These halfers may
lack the technical polish of human and Dwarf-made
guns, but they improve slightly with each season.
Before too long, a Halfling armorer might finally
build a weapon as fine as his Dwarven rivals. Maybe.

Halflings do not have a deep gun slinging tradition.

They are practical enough to admire the gun for what
it can do, but the peaceful race has little love for
itinerant, well armed vigilantes. Few Halflings ever
become Gunmages, as the shoeless-folk find the
professions emphasis on cold hearted murder
disturbing in the extreme. Though Halflings produce
few true gun fighters, most adult halflings, of
both genders, are trained in firearms use and safety.
Well trained shire-watch militias and caravan
guardians protect Halfling villages; a necessity for a race
of small humanoids in a world filled with much larger
and deadlier creatures.
Halflings take their militia duties seriously, and
Halfling citizen-soldiers can be as stalwart as the most
dedicated Dwarven defender. Halfling communities
band together to purchase muskets and powder. These
weapons are issued to the militia, and members drill
extensively, until firing, reloading and firing again is
second nature. Halflings prefer the simplicity and low
cost of muzzle-loaders as opposed to more advanced
weapons. Muskets and flintlocks also appeal to the
Halfling notion of pacifism: a single barrel means youre
ready to defend yourself and your home, but a revolver
or rapido is proof of intent to conquer.

The Lesser Arms Merchants

and the Black Brotherhood
A motley assortment of merchant guilds, smithies and
arms dealers control the international arms trade. None
of these small-time merchants can match the Armigers
or the Consortium in power individually, but collectively
they form a powerful economic and political force. The
Black Brotherhood is a continent spanning guild which
unites and governs these diverse merchants and
craftsman. The Black Brotherhood fixes prices, sets trade
policies and settles disputes between members.
The Black Brotherhood is a semi-secret society, insular
and clannish. Its membership is almost exclusively
human, though occasionally the Brotherhoods senior
Masterforgers declare that an extraordinary Elven,
Dwarven or other artisan is good enough to join their
ranks. As hinted by its name, the Black Brotherhood is a bastion of male power. The Brotherhood
refuses membership to all females and the orc-blooded,
and heaps endless derision on the female gunslingers
trained by Fort Hathrix-Mars.


Black Brotherhood lodges can be found across the world,

often as not taking the form of lavish apartments and
gentlemens clubs built above well-equipped forges with
bustling armorers. Brotherhood shops are easily identified
by the distinctive guild crest, which must always either be
hung over the door or etched into the buildings key stone.
The Black Brotherhoods crest the silver firing pin of a fine
revolver set against a black diamond and encompassed by
a pair of silver calipers. Members of the Brotherhood
often wear their guild sigil as a brooch or as a tattoo on the
back of their dominant hand. Guild members are also
easily recognized by the broad rimed black hats and dark
cloaks they adopt.
The Black Brotherhood tries and fails to be as elite and
insular as the Armigers. Without having a lock on the
difficult to produce Draksmoke, their efforts at exclusivity
fall somewhat short. Any skilled blacksmith who examines
a traditional gunpowder-fed musket, revolver or rifle can
try their hand at forging a similar weapon of their own. The
process is purely mechanical, not requiring the exotic
alchemy necessary to temper Draksmoke weapons.
Without exclusivity, the Black Brotherhood relies on political
power and legalistic trickery to maintain its monopoly
and market control.

The Brotherhood hosts lavish parties at its guild

halls, inviting the wealthiest elements of human
nobility. The Brotherhoods elaborate masquerade
balls, decadent parties, lavish stage productions
and gladiator duels have a reputation for being the
finest entertainment and social events in the land.
Invitation to a Brotherhood event is a powerful
bribe, and the guild spends the majority of its taxed
revenue on lavish gifts and retainers for minor
nobles who rule on the guilds behalf.
With its lobbying efforts firmly entrenched across
the length and breadth of human society, the Black
Brotherhood holds a firm lock on the production
of mundane firearms. Master Forgers ensure that
anyone smithing guns or producing black powder
pays the requisite tax to the Brotherhood. This guild
tax usually is 5% on powder, ammunition and components
or 10% on finished weapons, though Brotherhood
guild-masters are free to impose heavier taxes,
and to collect back taxes on unlicensed gunsmiths.
Threats, intimidation and even a knife in the back
have befallen lone gunsmiths attempting to set up
shop in cities where the Black Brotherhood holds
an iron grip on the market.


The Black Brotherhood is wealthy and

influential enough to field small armies of
well trained, well armed mercenaries. In many
kingdoms their support of local thieves guilds
is suspected, but rarely proven. The Brotherhood uses small-time thieves and assassins to
eliminate shop owners who refuse their tax,
to shakedown local gunsmiths for protection,
which is usually presented as another civic tax.
The criminal guilds are usually glad to act as
the Brotherhoods cats paws in exchange for
protection and a few untaxed guns for their guild.

The Armigers didnt discover Draksmoke, didnt

smelt the first Draksmoke-tempered rifle, but they
have come to dominate the trade nonetheless.
Armiger merchant-princes are the power behind
a dozen thrones, and what the clan wants, it gets.
To the Armigers, firearms are the province of
nobility, a way for the elite to wage war thats far
more civilized than the bloody savagery of
melee combat. The Armigers and their cats paws
are driving force behind laws restricting peasant
ownership of firearms. Even in lands where the
clan has not been able to restrict the revolutionary
Draksmoke weapons to the noble houses,
The Brotherhood is tolerated across the world, Armiger-run merchant guilds and trade consorthough its political power is almost non existent tiums have kept such weapons out of peasant
in Dwarven lands. The Brotherhood represents hands by virtue of their exorbitant prices.
unearned wealth, gained at the expense of true
working folk, something that is anathema for
The Armigers and their allied guilds will only sell
most Dwarves. Dwarven city states rarely allow Draksmoke firearms to humans of noble births,
Brotherhood-affiliated merchants to collect taxes though they may make the occasional exception
on their citizens, and if Brotherhood gunsmiths for a Half Elf of acceptably high birth. They do not
are allowed to trade at all, they are often forced to deal in weapons to adventurers, only trading with
pay taxes of their own to the Dwarven rulers.
established nobility, and view the armor penetrating
blessings of a draksmoke-tempered revolver as an
The Brotherhoods relationship with Fort excellent check on the otherwise formidable power
Hatrhix-Mars is much cooler. With Brother- and ambitions of itinerant adventurers. Elitists,
hood spies having been a problem in the the Armigers fear nothing more than equality, and
past, the Fort bans the organization entirely react viciously to anything that threatens their
from its territory. Of course, the Brotherhood lock upon power.
claims to this day that the three honest
merchants hanged by the Fort were innocent
Armiger trained gunsmiths heap endless scorn
of the charges of espionage and sabotage. The on Dwarven and Gnomish weapons, and loathe
Black Brotherhood often prints elaborate, the Orcish rapido; possibly out of jealousy that
misogynist broadsheets defaming the Fort their family did not first discover the secret of
and its Gunmages.
these ultra rapid-fire weapons. In lands where
the mere possession of an Orc-made rapido
is considered evidence of trade with barbaric
The Armigers
evil, and punishable by death, it is an Armiger
The Armigers are old nobility, a merchant clan princelings signature on the death warrant.
more powerful and wealthier than some small
House Armiger is not without its enemies. Non
kingdoms. Their armories smelted the first
weapon smiths and trading houses use
flintlocks generations ago, and the reclusive
clan has held onto the power of the gun down every tactic, from economic pressure exerted
through the histories. Armiger merchants hold on human rulers to magic and assassinations
exclusive crown-patent rights to trade both subtle and obvious, to break the Armigers
gunpowder and its components sulfur and stranglehold on the industry. Worse, as dealers in
saltpeter across the lands, and a few coppers of Draksmoke, the family and its holdings are prime
from every pinch of black powder sold makes target for vengeful fire breathers. Even more so
than other Draksmoke alchemists, red dragons
it into their coffers.
loathe the Armigers because the clans alchemists


have slaughtered more hatchlings and defiled more manhood ceremonies, the arrogant young men
nests then their next ten closest competitors combined. of the clan fire their birthright-gift, a Draksmoke
revolver until the barrel is red hot. The scorching
Where Dwarven alchemists ensure that their gun barrel is pressed against their cheek, leaving
captive dragons survive long enough to be milked a permanent testament to the clans skill at arms.
time and again, Armigers harvesters take no such
precautions. With the death of each subdued With their silver tongues and positions of
dragon, the vast stockpiles of dragons bile the wealth and privilege, its only natural that
clan has hoarded in its deep subterranean vaults Armiger characters will gravitate towards
grow more valuable, and the clans continued some of the new social feats described later in
political power becomes more assured.
this book. Most Armiger NPCs have placed
their variable human racial bonus into either
House Armiger gives its enemies little concern, INT or CHA, making them excellent craftsmen
confident their vast wealth, impregnable and savvy businessmen. They often choose
fortress-foundries and the legions of well armed from the following social and mercantile feats:
mercenaries it can field will protect the clan Blood Royal, Haggle, Lawful Landholder, Letters
holdings from any assault. To date, their arrogant of Credit, Lovers in Every Po r t , U n i o n
assumption has proven correct. Armiger nobles Negotiator and Voice in Council.
wear the mark of their clan proudly. Upon their


Armiger characters usually take levels in

Gunmage, Rogue or Sorcerer. Armiger Clerics
worship lawful, evil and neutral gods, especially
those who bless their followers with the gunfire
domain, and the Honored Elders of the family are
said to worship.things.that grant them access
to the Genocide domain. These cruel and ancient
taskmasters are dedicated to the extinction of Orcspawn, who have dared to insult the human race
by breeding with them and forging their bastard
guns and eventually the red dragons themselves.

Specific Emissaries are often assigned to a

particularly successful adventuring band (which
must be at least 5th level, and have at least one
Lawful member). These Emissaries can be called
to the adventurers current location with a spoken
invocation (equivalent to a 12th level spell for the
purposes of suppression and dispelling). When
the invocation is spoken, the assigned Emissary
usually arrives within 5 minutes, through
a micro-planar gate. The Emissary will not aid or
hinder the adventurers in any way, though it will
bargain for recovered or captured artifacts and
trade with the group. If summoned into any
The Monopolist Consortium
hostile or dangerous situation, the Emissary will be
Once a culture learns the secret of Draksmoke (and offended, and leave through the same planar gate,
certain other tests of sentience), it is considered not responding to the summoning invocation for at
worthy of the attention of the extra-planar least a year and a day.
Monopolist Consortium. The Consortium stretches
Emissaries can cart away captured artifacts
across a thousand planes, a million time-lines and
an infinity of Material Plane worlds. Its agents are through similar planar gates, as well providing
nearly godlike, appearing and disappearing like the goods equal to those found in a large metropolis
wind. Monopolist Emissaries deal with all creatures through other gates. Items purchased from an
without fear and with the same unflappable Emissary in the field are marked up 25 33%,
professionalism- it doesnt matter if the customer is because the merchant creature knows they are
a demon prince, a forgotten god, the highest angel probably desperately needed. Likewise, an
of Heaven, or a mud splattered adventurer fresh Emissary will offer 40% list price on captured
from some secondary material plane dungeon ruin. loot sold to it, but handles transport and
Emissaries are coolly polite to all creatures, because inventory of the captured treasure itself. Most
adventurers will gladly pay the creatures
sooner or later, all creatures are Customers.
surcharge after slaughtering a platoon full of
The most commonly seen Emissaries of the Hobgoblins and trying to fence their loot themselves.
Consortium are artificial medium humanoids
Emissaries also underpin the magical economy
which handle the Consortiums mundane
most campaign worlds. Even the humblest
business on client realities. These creatures resemble
attractive humanoids of the cultures dominant shopkeeper in the most backwater village might
racial group, carved out of some strange smooth be able to quickly arrange a loan from an Emissary
purple stone. The Emissaries dress in fine clothes in order to purchase loot an adventurer hauls in
suitable for a prosperous merchant; clean and from a nearby dungeon. Emissaries make regular
circuits of outlying towns, forts and settlements
attractive without ostentation.
every few months, collecting their bounty from
E m i s s a r i e s a r e b u ye r s a n d s e l l e r s , a n d middlemen. Even if a small-town bartender has
provide a ready market for the treasure no real use for the +1 dagger he bought off a raider
found in dungeon ruins, as well as a source band, the Emissary knows that someone, in all
t o b u y o r c o m m i s s i o n c u s t o m m a g i c a l the infinite worlds of the Multiverse, will.
artifacts. Their existence is a well documented
The Monopolist Consortium seemingly has
fact of life on most campaign worlds, as is
purpose other than amassing gold. Its
their complete neutrality. Good and evil
m e a n n o t h i n g t o t h e c r e a t u r e s , o n l y interests are so scattered across space/time it
has no interest in temporal politics. Even the
commerce does.
intrigues of Heaven and Hell b o r e t h e


Consortiums agents. The Emissaries are its least

agents, and if the Consortium ever feels threatened (something that happens only rarely, and the
entire multiverse trembles when it occurs) it can
field an almost infinite number of exotic troops.
Consortium mercenaries run the gamut from
incredibly skilled planar humanoids, lawful beings
such as archeons, planar constructs, golems, and
truly ancient red dragons. A handful of minor
godlings, dedicated to commerce, trade, wealth
and knowledge serve the Consortiums interests,
and are given rote and businesslike veneration
by the Consortiums agents. Ambitious young
rakasha hold important and trusted posts in the
Consortium, and while each is expected to scheme
towards their own personal power, loyalty to the
Consortium as a whole is paramount. Many
lower-caste rakasha make their names and first
fortunes through service with the Consortium,
and even in their later years, look with favor on
the plane-spanning companys own schemes.

that attacks one of these constructs will never

again be able to bargain directly with one of their
kind, nor will his traveling companions.
Emissaries speak Common and several other
languages fluently, plus they can communicate
telepathically with any creature with a language
when within 100 ft.

The Loathing of Flame

Draksmoke is created from the exploitation and
torture of red dragons, and as such, its mere
existence infuriates other draconic creatures. Even
good dragons have no interest in seeing their firebreathing brethren chained and bound, while
dwarven alchemists scrape at their maws like
diligent miners.
Anyone carrying a Draksmoke weapon,
wearing Draksmoke tempered armor or handling
raw Draksmoke, or who has been within 20 ft of
such a weapon as it fires within the past 24 hours
is stained with the red powders distinct scent.
Even if other humanoids and mammals cant
smell the stench of Draksmoke, true dragons can.
Draksmokes scent clings for 24 hours after
exposure to the weapon.

On at least one world the Armigers scheme and

plot to break the Consortiums stranglehold over
cosmic trade, with almost no success. The
Consortium believes plane-bound political
entities are beneath their interest, even ones as
powerful as House Armiger. Unable to threaten
them directly, the Armigers and their agents spy
All creatures of the dragon type are urged to fury
and surveil the powerful Emissary constructs, and by the mere presence of Draksmoke. Dragwould pay almost any price for a chance to ons receive a +4 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against anyone stained with the scent of
actually dissect one.
Draksmoke. Creatures who stink of Draksmoke
suffer a -4 penalty on CHA-based skill checks,
If You Stat It, We Can Kill It
except for Intimidate, when made against any
creature with the dragon type.
Emissaries are Lawful Neutral Medium
Constructs. They have at least a +16 total
modifier to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Knowledge
and Profession checks, and are every bit as smart
and persuasive as they need to be.
They are not given game play statistics deeper
than that, because they will not and cannot be
allowed to be adversaries for the players. They are
a part of the campaigns backdrop, nothing more
or less. They disappear through a planar gate if
assaulted or if they feel threatened. What one
Emissary knows, they all know, and a character


Chapter Two
A World of Blades and Bullets

Adding Firearms to Your Campaign

The gun is one of the most fascinating weapons
in the history of mankind. It a weapon that is both
glorified and vilified in art and literature. And it
is a weapon that is conspicuous by its absence in
the Pathfinder Roleplaying Games otherwise
comprehensive rules.

Distant Gunfire:
Introducing Guns to Existing Campaigns

The easiest way to integrate firearms into an

existing campaign is to develop them as a new
discovery. Its easy to imagine that the earliest
experimentation with gunpowder weapons
occurred off stage, in some remote corner of your
campaign world, and that the world is just
Some players feel that guns would be over- entering the Musket Age. In such a world, not every
powering in a fantasy world. Ironically, many an kingdom and faction will have access to gunpowder,
argument has been that guns in modern RPG rule giving the weapons a certain mystique. Even if
systems are underpowered, with some players you dont allow your players to begin with guns
and game masters feeling that gunshot wounds as part of their starting load-outs, or to take
should always be fatal, and that players and NPCs levels in Gunmageyet, you can still hint at the
surviving gunshots is unrealistic.
existence of firearms.
In truth, only about 1/4 of gunshot wounds are
fatal. With proper treatment, patients can recover
from all but the most severe gunshot wounds. In
a fantasy setting, primitive guns are less powerful
and less reliable, and healing magic is abundant.

Rumors and tavern tales of a foreign military,

secretive cult or adventuring guild with access to
unique weapons can help the adventuring party
prepare for their first encounter with gun-slinging
opponents. Bardic tales, rhyming doggerel (like
the real worlds gunpowder treason poem) and
The odds are good, however, that youre reading other cultural artifacts can provide a clue that
this because you already want to use guns in your guns are possible in your campaign. Allowing the
fantasy game. Perhaps youre inspired by players to walk through a battlefield where the air
Captain Jack Sparrow, or maybe youre a fan of still stinks of cordite and bullet-riddled dead lie
video games like Final Fantasy VII or Wild Arms. every where is an excellent way to set mood and
Whatever the reason, youve chosen to include to emphasize the killing power of the gun.
guns and gunpowder in your game, and you
havent been able to find a set of rules you like.
Of course, if youre the kind of game master for

whom a TPK* is a darn fine way to spend an

afternoon, walking into an ambush set by a small
platoon of musket-using brigands is a nasty
surprise even for mid-level, experienced
adventurers! In campaigns where guns are
introduced as a surprise or a plot-twist the first
guns the players own will likely come from
defeated enemies. If gun-play is something you
wish to spring on your players mid-campaign,
think carefully about where and when you set the
initial introduction. Once players have guns, their
Once youve made the decision to introduce combat effectiveness increases dramatically,
firearms to your campaign, you have a few especially if they have access to Draksmoke!
choices to make. How common and how
expensive are firearms? More importantly from * Total Party Kill -A Total Party Kill (TPK) or Wipe is the colloquial term
the players point of view, how deadly are they, for when, in a single encounter during the course of a role-playing game
and will the bad guys carry them? And when can adventure, the entire party of player characters is killed. While many
games permit other player characters to resurrect deceased comrades in some
I equip my character with them?!
fashion, a TPK usually results in the end of the campaign or the players
The approach in this book is a little different
from the gun rules that are usually presented
for fantasy settings. Guns are not so difficult to
use that only those who spend years training
can handle one properly. And they are not so
expensive that only kings can requisition them.
A gun is simple enough for most anyone to use,
and rare enough that the average barkeeper cant
afford one, but the average adventurer can.

making new characters or both, as the case may be.


The Evolving Campaign Vs. the Static Campaign

This sourcebook describes the three ages of the
gun. Each of these eras (The Musket Age, the
Revolver Age and the Draksmoke Age) can last as
long as the game master desires. Technological
development can be slow, with each era lasting
decades or centuries, and encircling the entire
lifespan of the campaign. In such a technologically
static campaign, advancements in firearms occur
only in the background, and are extremely
rare. A heroes entire adventuring career, from
first level kobold-hunts to 20th level epic tales,
happens during a single age of a Static Campaign.
Game masters in a static campaign have
an advantage in that they strictly control
what types of arms the players and NPCs
have access to, and more advanced weapons
centuries, possibly even millennia away. This
is the Static Campaign.
Progressing from one age to another in an Evolving
Campaign is a major milestone, both historically
and dramatically. The progression of firearms
dev e l o p m e n t c a n b e a t h e m a t i c m i r r o r t o
o t h e r conflicts playing out in the campaign. As
in the film The Last Samurai, the introduction of
gunpowder weapons can be a melancholy deathsong for established warrior traditions. The
beginning of the new firearms era usually evokes
a feeling of loss: warriors accustomed to a now
outdated method of conflict die en mass against
the new guns, and often lament how cowardly
and dishonorable warfare has become. Old heroes
coming out of retirement for one last great
adventure might be in for a deadly surprise when
confronting todays gunslingers.

Evolving With the Heroes

Your players may be perfectly comfortable with
unrealistically compressed time frames for the
evolution of the gun, if it allows them a chance to
play with all the diverse options presented in this
book! Instead of the evolution of the handgun
requiring decades to complete, that same
evolution takes place over the course of your
heroes adventuring careers.

While each game master will probably have their

own time-line in mind for the introduction of new
weapons, a few commonalities will probably
develop. The weakest and least effective firearms;
those of the Musket Age, will likely be available
to first and second level characters. Even if
characters dont start with a musket or flintlock,
after they slay their first tribe of Gunfire Goblins,
theyll quickly loot them. The faster and more
reliable weapons of the Revolver Age probably
enter the campaign around level five or six, when
magic items of similar power and utility first
become common place.
The most powerful guns, those from the
Draksmoke Age, dont enter the campaign until
high levels. Somewhere in the neighborhood
of 12th level or later. At this point, Draksmoke
weapons match up nicely with higher level spells
and combat feats and arent prohibitively
expensive to the now wealthy adventurers.

Campaign Option: Chamber Jam

Muskets and revolvers offer gamers new options,
but if you want to keep gun-play as just another
weapon option and not as the dominant choice,
consider making early firearms fairly unreliable.
Doing so makes guns a slightly less attractive
choice, because on any attack there is a 5% chance
of disaster, even for the most skilled shooter. Like
any option that increases randomness, this
variant rule slightly favors the monsters. Players
are likely to experience exponentially more
chamber jams in their months-long game career
than the average NPC villain, who is usually on
stage only for a couple of combat rounds. As such,
players will wiff shots far more often than any
individual monster or NPC will.
Optional Rule: Chamber Jam On a roll of a 1
to hit, a firearm jams and becomes unusable. Any
bullets loaded in the gun are lost. Clearing a jam
is a full-round action that provokes an attack
of opportunity. A weapon with multiple barrels
counts as jammed if any of the barrel jams. You
should only use this rule if youre using fumble
rules for all weapons firearms shouldnt be
arbitrarily subject to special penalties.


Campaign Option: Wild

(but not Wildly Expensive) Arms

Campaign Option: Yesterdays Guns

Three ages of the gun: The Musket Age, The

As described above, guns are pricey, expensive and Revolver Age, and ultimately, the Draksmoke
innovative new weapons. The cost of most firearms Age. In each age, the current generation of
ensures that adventurers wont (usually) be able firearms becomes more and more impressive,
to afford a set of enchanted sixth shooters until while weapons of an earlier age become more
mid-levels. This means the vast majority of adventurers, omnipresent and a little bit more refined.
military groups, and their monstrous opponents will
With the introduction of Draksmoke Weapons,
make do with traditional fantasy weapons: crossbows,
gunpowder artillery and handguns
bastard swords and battle axes. Anyone carrying a gun
become less impressive. Most veteran adventurers,
is instantly going to be distinctive and memorable.
wealthy town militias, and even some of the more
More than any other type of guns, revolvers are associated successful monsters carry conventional firearms,
in the public consciousness with a specific time in but only the sons and daughters of kings can
history: the Wild West. If you want guns to be more afford Draksmoke. In accordance with the Wild
common in your campaign, and to begin appearing (but not Wildly Expensive) Arms option above,
at lower levels, you might consider cutting the prices reduce the cost of conventional firearms by
for mundane firearms by half. That ensures that guns r e m o v i n g t h e l a s t d i g i t o f t h e p r i c e
are still rare and exotic, but more characters can afford f o r a l l non-magical black powder weapons once
them, earlier in their heroic careers. However, traditional Draksmoke Weapons become common.
weapons will still be more common than guns.
Even if you choose to keep firearms expensive
If you are running a campaign where you want guns for most of their history, these fearsome weapons
to be just as common as swords and spears, if not become devalued by the frightening new weapons
more so, consider dropping the last digit off the list coming out of Armiger foundries. Most
price of all mundane firearms! That bad-ass Dwarven conventional firearms now cost between 75-120 gp,
Revolver your Dwarf Paladins been lusting after for putting them in the price range of good mastertwo levels now, but has been hesitant to buy because work quality weapons, not mid-level magic items.
it costs 1,260 gp? Well, go ahead and buy it because it
This variant rule makes guns of all kinds more
costs 126 gp now!
common by making them more affordable, even
Guns are still pretty expensive, but even first level putting them into the hands of first level characters.
adventurers can afford a decent flint lock or six gun, and
the price of these new weapons isnt out of line when Campaign Option: The End of Armor
compared to other powerful masterwork quality
weapons. Your campaign starts looking less like Lord of
In the real world, the introduction of the
the Rings and more like Unforgiven as bows and cross- musket ended the age of armored knights because
bows fall out of favor. Rogues carry hidden derringers medieval armor, no matter how dense and heavy,
in their boot, the teams wizard keeps an elven revolver could not stop a bullet. Partly because heavily
tucked into her belt for those times when spellcasting armored paladins and heroic knights are such a
fails, a bold fighter might unload a withering barrage vital component of fantasy gamings iconography,
of pistol fire before wading into melee combat. And the this sourcebook has attempted to ensure that
party might just encounter a storm giant war-chief thats armor remains viable in the face of new weapons
strong enough to wield a Hell Belcher as a sidearm. Stately technology. Firearms dont really gain any armor
mages duels in the courtyard of the princes castle give piercing capabilities until Draksmoke weapons
way to high noon shootouts out in front of the saloon are introduced, making the fantastic firearms in
and whorehouse. Six-guns and spell books become the this sourcebook ironically less deadly than their
real world counterparts!
name of the game!


If you want to emulate reality more closely,

consider making all firearms armor piercing by
default. Resolve all firearm attacks as ranged
touch attacks, which ignore natural, equipment
and shield bonuses to Armor Class. Doing
so effectively makes all weapons Draksmokequality. If you choose this option, its probably
best to keep your firearms as expensive as their
Draksmoke equivalents. You might even consider
eliminating mundane gunpowder entirely in
your campaign world, using Draksmoke as a
fantastic replacement.
A campaign like this will probably have a more
swashbuckling feel. Characters will likely
disdain heavy armor, not wanting to reduce their
DEX bonuses to Armor Class, and will focus on
evading hits rather than surviving them. Lightly
armored characters become a bit more powerful,
and heavily armored characters become slightly
less useful. To compensate, you might want to
allow character classes who start with Heavy
Armor Proficiency to trade the feat in for
something more appropriate. Feats like Dodge,
Lightning Reflexes, Weapon Focus (firearms),
Exotic Weapons Proficiency and Toughness are
good options, because they fit the style of a gun
slinging campaign nicely.

Law of the Gun

Mundane gunpowder is available to any who
can afford it, in most kingdoms. Town militias can
better protect themselves with gunpowder weapons,
especially when confronting well armed
adventurers, monsters and brigands. Gunplay
can never be a substitute for true combat
sorcery, especially when in the hands of rookie
t o w n wa t c h m e n a n d m i l i t i a m e m b e r s ,
b u t i t certainly evens the field between conscript
and elite soldier. Kingdoms with a well organized
military often arm their citizen-soldiers with
black powder muskets and low-quality rifles. In
some lands, militia-men and their captains are
allowed to take these weapons home between
periods of service. In these lands, a core of well
trained, well armed (but low level) soldiers can be
amassed quickly and easily, making them much
more fearsome opponents on the battlefield.

In most human and Dwarven societies, anyone

wealthy enough to purchase a firearm is considered
trustworthy enough to own one. Their wealth is
testament to their social stability and honor, and
exceptions are a matter for a band of adventurers to
settle at sword point, not the courts. Most lawful
regimes which allow their ordinary citizens to carry
bows, swords or crossbows also allow farmers and
hunters to carry arms openly. Many kingdoms have
mandatory military service for peasants, and train
their citizens in the basics of warfare. In lands where
weapon ownership is restricted to the military or the
nobility, possession of firearms is similarly regulated.
Individual settlements might require visitors to
turn their weapons over to the local powers that be
for the duration or their visit, or peace bond them. In
many cases, peace-bonding a handgun or long arm
involves sliding a smooth lead rod down the bore,
and tying it around the barrel with elaborate knots.
Such precautions prevent the weapon from being
fired without several minutes of fumbling with the knots.
In tyrannical nations where the common folk are
forbidden to carry weapons of any kind,
ownership of a musket or repeater is usually
tantamount to high treason; concrete proof of rebellious
intent. Those found in possession of an illegal
firearm are usually put to the question, until the
weapons origin are discovered and often end their
lives by the barrel of their own weapon. Criminals
who kill with gunfire often die the same way, as
bloody warning to others.
A few humanoid kingdoms take a middle ground
between total repression and unlimited gun
ownership, and restrict ownership of black powder
weaponry to muzzle loaders. These older forms of
the gun are just as useful for hunting and home
defense, but their long reloading time makes them a
battle field liability. A peasant firing a muzzle-loader
is no match for a squad of royal guards equipped
with repeaters. Likewise, in some nations, the
common folk are only allowed to purchase rat shot
ammunition, in the hopes of preventing gunfire
revolution. Such restrictions are especially common
in Elven and Halfling lands, as both folk tend to be
more rural and Halflings in particular have no great
love for the gun, nor great gun slinging traditions.


Even in lands where firearms ownership is

unrestricted, the production of such deadly
weapons is closely watched. Gunsmiths and
armorers are a great source of tax revenue, with
the kingdom taking a significant percentage
of each sale. In some lands, owning a gun
not licensed with a tax stamp embossed on the
wooden hilt is punishable by death not because
the gun has been used for murder or larceny, but
because the kings treasury was not properly
enriched by its creation!
In most lands, gunsmiths are required to create
a certain number of guns and a specific allotment
of bullets each year for use by crown and king.
Armed with taxed guns, town watches in even
the smallest hamlet can afford decent quality
firearms. As humanity and the other thinking
races enters the Draksmoke Age, the worlds
militaries are more industrialized, and better
armed than ever before.
A thriving black market for second hand guns has
emerged. In most human nations, the military and
law enforcement owns the best and most firearms,
and jealously guard Draksmoke technology.
Preventing such deadly weapons from falling
into criminal or revolutionary hands is a prime
concern. The most successful strategy to prevent
the theft of watch guns is designing such weapons with
unconventional barrel shapes and odd
ammunition requirements. A soldiers repeater or
carbine might have a star-shaped or cross-shaped
barrel and require similarly shaped ammunition.
Even if the weapon is stolen, it is useless unless its
specialty ammunition can also be found, and the
weapon is easily identifiable as stolen property.

Choking on Sulfur
Even in the most libertarian lands; where the
common folk carry arms openly and even rapido
ownership is unrestricted, the civic law often
restricts where and how raw Draksmoke can be
processed. Rendering factories are blights on
the landscape, open sores on the planet itself.
Sulfur winds darken the sky for miles around,
and Draksmoke itself is a semi-mystical pollutant.
Children growing in the shadow of a rendering factory
grow up strange and twisted, animals are either sickly
and blighted, or feral and almost draconic.

The mere existence of a rendering factory attracts

vengeful dragons and their servants. On a
cosmological level, having a structure so dedicated
to the primordial concept of Fire itself is
a dangerous thing. The walls of reality are thin
around a rendering factory. Elementals, mephitis,
ravids and other creatures of fire and speed burst
into our reality near gun smithies with alarming
regularity. Children growing near a rendering factory
are often sorcerers, but they are never beautiful.
Instead, they are strange, gaunt and haggard, with
beak like noses and blood-darkened skins. These
smoke sorcerers usually manifest the Elemental
(fire) or Draconic bloodlines.
The rise of the gun has made sorcerers (the most
gunslinger-like of all magic users) more common as
well. Sometimes, a nation can turn this surplus of
magical births into a potent advantage, modernizing
their military thanks to a cadre of trained
battle sorcerers, but more often familiarity breeds
contempt, jealousy and superstitious distrust. In the
worst places, young sorcerer-outcasts are burned to
death on Draksmoke fueled pyres, just blocks from
the smoky factory which initially tainted them.
Other dangers are less predictable. Massive
Draksmoke explosions can rip open planar rents that
briefly connect the familiar world with a strange dark
reflection of reality. This alternate history is home to
the dangerous and opportunistic Sulfursouls, the last
remnant of a humanity almost driven to extinction
by a reality full of triumphant monsters. Allowing a Sulfursoul, or worse, a predator which feeds upon them, into our
reality is a danger to every civilization on the planet.
Mundane fire, explosion and diseases of the blood
and lungs seem almost tame by comparison to the
magical consequences of Draksmoke rendering.
Due to the enormous danger of rendering factories,
these soot-stained mega-structures are restricted by
law to the most desolate, remote and uninhabitable
parts of a kingdom. Desert strongholds and factories
located in a blighted, mosquito infested swamp are
the norm, as are goliath subterranean bunkers and
remote island factories. This distance gives a kind of
defensibility, but if the rendering plants own
defenses fall they are often too far from civilization
for reinforcements to arrive in time.


Likewise, transport of the

finished product and the
massive amount of gold and
securities flowing into these
fortress-factories makes them
attractive targets for raiders. The
savage races might claim an
entire Draksmoke caravan
as the spoils of war, and
very occasionally, one of the
fortress-like factories falls to
them. No one knows how
many raiders have fallen in
the attempts, but enough
guns and Draksmoke has gotten
into the wrong hands to arm
entire small juntas worth of
ambitious orcs and bugbears!

Disease: Drakchoke
Also Known As: Redlung,
Dragons Revenge, Reds Revenge
Type: Disease
Save: FORT DC 16
Onset: 1d4 weeks Frequency: 1/day
The respiratory disease Drakchoke
is found only among alchemists
and gunsmiths working closely
with Draksmoke. The draconic
ichors and noxious fumes produced can be toxic, especially in
a tightly shuttered Draksmoke
factory. As the disease progresses,
high temperature particulate
scores and burns away lung tissue,
eventually leading to death by
agonizingly prolonged suffocation.
The skilled alchemists supervising
the process can usually avoid
the worst ravages of the disease, but the slaves and apprentices assisting often cant.
The lethal disease imparts a tiny
understanding of draconic culture as
its host dies choking up blood
leads many to attribute the malady
to supernatural malice. The
common folk have a variety of
superstitions about Drakchoke,
many of which imply a sufferer
got just what was coming to
them, by meddling with dragons.

Disease: Dragons Boils

Also Known As: Skale
Type: Disease
Save: FORT DC 14
Onset: 1d6 days Frequency: 1/day
Dragons Boils is a skin and
blood infection caused by
drinking water polluted
with Draksmoke runoff.
The deforming condition
is exceptionally common
in some desert tribes, those
whose traditional oasis
have been tainted by groundwater runoff from a nearby
rendering factory.

Disease Effect: 1d3 CON damage

and target is fatigued

Those suffering from this

disease manifest unsightly
red and grey pustules and
scale-like dermal patches.
The growths are always
asymmetrical and uncomfortably placed.

Special: Those suffering from

the disease can speak and read
Draconic if their INT score is
higher than 3, for as long as they
suffer from the disease.
Cure: 3 consecutive saves

Disease Effect: 1 CHA damage,

1 DEX damage
Cure: 5 consecutive saves


Encroaching Blight
The manufacture of Draksmoke leaches the very
life from the surrounding lands. Dark plumes
of ash and vapors blot the sun for miles around.
Plants slowly deform or wither; as only the most
hardy and predatory will survive. Crops will ultimately be
choked off in favor of the more aggressive weeds.
Animals will naturally flee the area. What might
once have been a lush and fertile area will soon become
a poisoned and harsh zone devoid of all but the
most hearty and ferocious flora and fauna. The
transformation can take as little as three growing
seasons to turn fertile farmland into badlands.
As the poisons seep into the air and ground, rivers
carry it far and wide. The pollution destroys fish
and leeches into nearby farmlands. So while an
effort is made to keep these rending factories as
far from population centers as possible, the effects
of these massive structures and the vile chemicals
they produce reach for leagues in every direction.

Farmers are left with hard choices; leave in search

of better ground, struggle on despite the hostile
environment or fight.
Many people forced to live within the shadow of a
rending factory and see their livelihood destroyed
have taken up arms to protect their lands. They
attack caravans coming to and from the structure.
They sabotage from within; hoping to destroy the
structure which is killing their lands.
A few war-bands have been lucky enough to seize
wagon loads of Draksmoke and arms. Some
turn bandit, relying on their new-found arms
to win them fortune and fame. Others continue
the struggle to free their lands, striking where
and when they can against the Armigers and
the Black Brotherhood. Those filled with rage at
what Draksmoke has cost them might lash out at
anyone carrying firearms, blaming the users of
Draksmoke for the sins of its creators.


Chapter Three
The Armory

Chapter Three: The Armory

Dwarven revolvers are recognizable by their

Revolvers can be reloaded (every barrel refilled) as heavy, rugged design and by their unique cylinders.
a full round action. Some adventurers use speed Instead of the round cylinders common to human
loaders- a metal or wooden framework which and Elven revolvers, Dwarves prefer a diamond
holds multiple rounds, ready to be slipped into shaped cylinder with four large-bore barrels. The
the revolver. Using a speedloader allows a revolver bullets for these powerful handguns are thick as a
mans thumb. Like all Dwarven weapons, the big
to be reloaded as a move equivalent action
revolvers grip and barrel are intricately decorated,
often with inlaid wood, gold or mithral filigree.
Revolvers are considered simple weapons.
Revolver: The standard model revolver is a six
barreled or chambered weapon similar to the original
revolvers minted at Fort Hathrix-Mars. Design
and decoration vary wildly among revolvers. A
panoply of human, dwarven and gnomish armories
produce their own distinct revolvers, some models
of which have become truly legendary.
Halflings, gnomes and other small humanoids
(including some very nasty kobold gunfighters)
carry halfers or halfer-guns; miniaturized revolvers based upon human designs. A few gnomish
companies have begun producing halfers based
on original blueprints, not just scaled down
human weapons. Some humans carry halfers as Elven Revolver: Elvish revolvers are light,
long barreled handguns. These finely balanced
an easily concealable, holdout weapon.
handguns are known for their high ammunition
capacity and relatively long range; unfortunately
the trade off for a larger capacity is a smaller,
weaker bullet with much less penetrating power.
Elvish revolvers use at least eight chambers, where
human-made guns field six chambers. Some Elven
revolvers have up to twelve chambers! To
accommodate the increased chamber count, Elven
guns use much smaller and lighter bullets than
equivalent human weapons. Elven bullets resemble
short, blunt-headed darts more than they do
traditional pistol or rifle rounds.
Dwarven Revolver: These guns are unique and
exceptionally deadly Dwarf-made revolvers.
Dwarven gunsmiths favor extremely large caliber
rounds- bullets that hit like a cannonball and can
take an ogres arm clean off at the shoulder. Range,
rate of fire and cylinder capacity are all secondary
concerns: whats the use of having a gun which
holds more rounds if you have to spend twice as
many shots putting your target down?

Cheaters Shield: The Cheaters Shield is a light

steel shield specially modified so that a small
twin barreled pistol is built into the lower rim.
The shield is designed to be an unexpected
surprise in a stand-and-fight battle, or to give
a fighter an insurmountable advantage in a
grapple- after all, nobody expects a load of
rat-shot right into gut and groin while banging
shields with a rival.




6 cylinders



20 ft
20 ft
20 ft

8 lbs
5.5 lbs
12 lbs





25 ft

6.5 lbs

1,250 gp




2 cylinders*

20 ft max

6 lbs

Hell Belcher
Martial Weapons
Elven Light Carbine
Hunting Carbine
Mars Blade

4,650 gp




100-120 cylinders*

75 ft

425 lbs

5,465 gp
1,200 gp
1,675 gp




5 shot magazine


(see text)

2 cylinders

120 ft
110 ft

9.5 lbs
11 lbs
6.5 lbs

Rachels Repeater
Exotic Weapons
Thunder Chain

6,950 gp




5 shot magazine

110 ft

10 lbs

565 gp


+2d4 Fire


6 charges

11 lbs

Simple Weapons
Halfer Revolver
Dwarven Revolver

880 gp
920 gp
1,260 gp


Damage Type




Elven Revolver

8 shot-1,150 gp
10 shot-1,490 gp
12 shot-1,690 gp

Cheaters Shield



The Cheaters Shield can be used either as a

two shot hold-out pistol or as a shield. On a
round the Cheaters Shield is used as a weapon,
the wielder loses its shield bonus to defense, similar
to using a standard shield in a shield bash attack.
Quick-firing triggers hidden on the underside
of the shield allow the weapon to be fired; if the
user wishes, he can simultaneously fire both
barrels. Reloading the shield is a full round action.
Hell Belcher Repeater: The Hell Belcher is a
massive version of a revolver- a hundred
barreled monster the size of a ships cannon. The
Hell Belcher can produce a withering wall of
gunfire, capable of cutting down a dragon or
slaughtering an entire regimen of men in a few
bloody, smoky moments.

6 cylinders
4 cylinders

5 shot magazine

The Hell Belcher is as heavy and bulky as a fully

loaded mining cart. The gunner turns a heavy handle
at the rear of the weapon, which sparks each
individual barrel in turn. As the handle sweeps
across the face of the weapon, dozens of barrels
fire simultaneously. Typically, the Hell Belcher is
mounted on a small cart or wagon (or troll
war-slave) for ease of transport.
Firing the Hell Belcher is a full round action. The
Hell Belcher requires two full round actions to
ready and reload, which can be p e r f o r m e d
simultaneously if the weapon is serviced by a large
enough crew.

The Hell Belcher is a dwarven design, first

used in the endless subterranean wars
between the long-beards and the
spider-touched Drow. The Drow have
an almost religious dread of the Hell
Belcher after a series of disastrous
assaults on Hell Belcher-protected
dwarven fortresses.


Rather than attacking an individual creature, the

Hell Belcher attacks an area that can be up to three
squares (15 ft) wide by three squares (15 ft) deep.
Hitting a specific area requires a DC 10 ranged
attack roll. All creatures and objects within the
threatened area suffer full damage, and can attempt
a DC 15 REF Save for half damage.
Mars Blade: The Mars Blade is a unique one-handed
martial weapon, another warlike innovation from
the genius armorers at Fort Hathrix-Mars. Officers
and heroes carry these impressive swords as a
symbol of courage, combat and martial excellence.
The Mars Blade is a large and well balanced singleedged great sword. The hilt of the blade is set into
a long, simple metal hilt, usually wrapped in purple
or crimson cloth. On either side of the blade is a
short pistol barrel. Clockwork mechanisms within
the hilt automatically fire the guns on a resounding hit.
The pistol barrels built into the Mars Blade inflict
an additional 2d8 points of ballistic damage on a
critical hit. Once the barrels fire, it requires a full
round action to reload the weapon. The Mars Blade
is often enchanted with the Everloaded quality.
Thunder Chain: The Thunder Chain is a halfling
invention, a unique weapon designed to allow the
small warrior-folk to better combat the larger scale
invaders to their lands. The Thunder Chain is a
finely balanced iron chain. Tiny bronze cages are
welded to the first three links on each end of the
chain. A small portion of black powder, mixed with
ground glass and metal shavings is placed within
each cage. On a successful hit, the black powder detonates, blasting the target with the force of a bomb.
The Thunder Chain functions identically to a spiked
chain, making it an ideal reach weapon. In addition,
the first six successful strikes with the Thunder
Chain inflict an additional +2d4 points of fire damage,
as they discharge their explosive payload.

Reloading the Thunder Chain is difficult and

relatively time consuming, requiring a full round
action for each expended black powder charge; it
requires 6 rounds or so to reload the chain fully.
The Thunder Chain is often enchanted with the
Everloaded quality.

Carbines and Bolt Action Rifles

Carbines are an improvement upon the flintlock
muskets invented in an earlier age. Like
revolvers, these weapons use cased ammunition
to make it easier, faster and safer to fire. These
rifles use a short ammunition boxes to drop rounds
into the firing chamber. Reloading the weapon to
fire again is simply a matter of pulling back the
bolt to eject the spent shell casing bring up a new,
ready to fire round.
Game Rule Information
Carbines and rifles can have their bolt cleared
and be readied to fire again as a move equivalent
action. Changing ammunition boxes is a move
equivalent action.
Carbines and rifles are considered martial weapons.
Hunting Rifle: A variety of gunsmiths
manufacture their own breed of carbines and
hunting rifles. Like revolvers, decoration and
style vary wildly among different manufacturers,
though the basic mechanism of the weapon
remains the same.
Gnomish and Dwarven foundries produce the
most well respected weapons, but a handful of
human armorers have been making a name for
themselves as gunsmiths in recent years.
Elven Light Carbine: These finely balanced elven
carbines are a favorite weapon of foresters, hunters
and snipers. The weapon has a long, slender barrel

Mars Blade


forged from a mithrial and iron alloy, and a white

oak casing and buttstock. The metal portions of
the weapon are treated for a dull matte finish, and
do not glisten in the sun.

Cold Iron Rounds: These black iron shells are

cool to the touch, and seem to suck ambient
magic out of the air. A box of 6 cold iron rounds
costs upwards of 75 gp. You can attempt to craft a
sextet of these rounds with a DC 22 Craft (gunElven Light Carbines are always masterwork quality smithing) check and a supply of cold iron. The
weapons, and receive a +1 masterwork bonus to iron must be worked under exacting conditions, or it
attack and damage rolls.
is ruined; typically only dwarves and some of the
larger gnome tribes have the expertise necessary
Rachels Repeater: Named for Half-Captain to make these fey-killing rounds.
Rachael Mars, the hero of the Fort Hathrix-Mars
Siege, this gnome-forged weapon is the worlds first Holy Ice Rounds: Holy water can be frozen
semi-automatic firearm. As each bullet is fired, a within a bullet mold, and be used as a round for
clockwork mechanism ejects the spent shell casing a rifle. A Holy Ice round must be used within an
and moves a fresh round into position. The weapon hour of its creation, or it melts harmlessly.
clears the chamber and reloads itself automatically.
The repeater is a sleek, gunmetal gray carbine, The Holy Ice round is treated as a holy weapon
easily recognized thanks to the well-machined for the purposes of overcoming Damage Reduction.
clockwork mechanism just above the firing In addition the mundane effects of the bullet, the
chamber. Most of these weapons have their target is treated as having been splashed with a
buttstock stamped with the Forts checked blue vial of holy water on a successful hit.
and crimson coat of arms.
The ice composing the holy bullet melts as it flies
This finely made weapon is always considered towards its target, giving the Holy Ice round a
masterwork quality and receives a +1 masterwork maximum range of 40 ft. Holy Ice rounds inflict
bonus on attack and damage rolls. Many of these half the normal damage for a bullet of their caliber.
fearsome long rifles are enchanted with the Naturally, if the ambient temperature is cold
everloaded property.
enough to freeze water, the rounds will last until fired.
Molding Kit: A molding kit consists of a few
metal templates used to forge bullets, tongs for
Adamantine Rounds: Only the strongest of handling the molten metal poured into the mold,
metals can pierce the skin of the mulitverses and everything an armorer would need to safely
greatest threats. This rare style of bullet is worth hand load bullets or reload spent shell casings.
its weight in platinum, and a bandoleer of This kit provides a gunsmith with a +2 circumstance
adamantine rounds is as costly as a river barge! bonus on Craft checks made to craft handgun or
These bullets are always sold singularly, at a cost rifle ammunition, including balls and powder for
of at least 80-100 gp per round. You can attempt black powder weapons.
to craft one of these rounds with a DC 16 Craft
(gunsmithing) check and a supply of adamantine. A Molding Kit can be purchased for 20 gp.

Revolver Ammunition & Related Equipment

Bandoleers: These leather straps are worn over

the hips or the chest, and are designed to carry
several dozen rounds of ammunition. A leather
bandoleer can hold up to 72 rounds of revolver
ammo. A bandoleer can be purchased for 5 gp, or
can be constructed with a successful DC 15 Craft
(leatherworking) check.

Rat Shot: Rat Shot packs metal slivers, glass and

ceramic shards and other debris into a revolver
shell. When fired, the bullet explodes into a
metallic rain of death. The bullets design limits
its effectiveness at range, but makes it an ideal
weapon for close quarters fighting, assassination
and vermin killin, the ammos ostensible purpose.


Using rat shot rounds cuts a revolvers range

increment by half, but these weapons inflict an
extra die worth of damage to all targets within
the first range increment. A box of 6 rat shot shells
costs 3 gp. You can produce 10 rat shot rounds
with a DC 12 Craft (gunsmithing) check.

Speedloaders: Speedloaders are sold shaped to

fit the barrels of a specific model of revolver.
A speedloader can be purchased for a pistol for
about 5 gp, or can be whittled with a DC 10 Craft
(woodworking or gunsmithing) check.

Skinning Holster: This specially designed leather

holster is designed to allow a gunfighter to quickly
skin (draw) her pistols. The specially tailored
holster allows the gunfighter to draw an inserted
pistol as a free action, as if she had the Quickdraw feat. A humanoid gunslinger can wear up
to six skinning holsters!

Magical Ammunition

Silver Rounds: Got a were-creature problem?

Fire a few silver bullets into the monster and the
problem is solved, once and for all. Silver bullets
are sold in boxes of six. A single box can be
purchased for around 40 gp, mostly due to the
weight of pure silver involved. You can craft 10
silver bullets with a DC 14 Craft (gunsmith) check
and a supply of silver.

The Chamber Thiefs Bullets: These bronze rounds are etched

with six tiny circles, representing the empty chambers of a pistol.

One of the greatest strengths of magical firearms

is that ammunition can be enchanted separately
from the gun itself, and that in the case of multibarrel weapons, specific chambers can be filled
with specially ensorcelled magical loads. For a
magical gunslinger, variety and adaptability are
Skinning Holsters can be as plain and businesslike, the names of the game.
or as elaborately decorated as the owners desire.
A gunslinger can create a Skinning Holster with Various kinds of magical ammunition can be created using the
a DC 16 Craft (leatherworking) check. A skinning Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat. Prices given are for a box
holster costs 15 gp, and finely tooled masterwork of ten of any given kind of ammo. Magic bullets are destroyed
holsters by famous artisans can sell for hundreds once they are fired, and cannot be reused, even if they miss
their target.
of coins.

Spare Rounds: Mundane pistol ammunition is

sold in packs of 4, 6 or 8, depending on the race
that manufactured it. Ammo of different calibers
is used by Elves, Dwarves and men, and the
bullets are unfortunately not interchangeable.
A box of shells costs between 5-7 gp. You can
produce 10 rounds with a DC 11 Craft
(gunsmithing) check.
Spare Ammo Box: Carbines and rifles are
reloaded with a small box of ammunition, which
is fitted to the top of the weapon, and drops the
bullets into the firing chamber. A rifle box holds
five bullets. A spare box costs between 5-7 gp, and
you can produce up to 10 rounds with a DC 12
Craft (gunsmithing) check.

If a target struck by one of these enchanted rounds is carrying a

pistol, rifle, musket, revolver or similar weapon, in addition to
suffering normal damage, 1d6 prepared rounds disappear from
the guns cylinder. Rounds are not expended, they are simply
disintegrated within the barrel. Magical weapons or magical
ammunition receive a DC 12 FORT Save to resist this effect.
The Chamber Thiefs Bullets; Faint Evocation; CL 5th;
Craft Magic Arms & Armor; shatter; 500 gp
(creation: 1 day, 20 xp, 250 gp)
Penetration Bullets: These enchanted rounds are made of
some strange purple and golden glass; the mummified shell
of a tiny scarab beetle is visible within the bullet itself.
A creature struck with a Penetration Bullet suffers damage
as normal for the weapon. In addition, the creature must
succeed at a DC 18 WILL Save or have their Spell Resistance
temporarily reduced by 2 points. This effect lasts for one
minute after the impact. Additional bullets extend the
duration of the effect; and the effects of multiple shots are
cumulative. A few of these rounds can cut the fabled Drow
spell resistance down to nothing, making them a favorite
tactic for subterranean adventurers and raiding parties.


Penetration Bullets: Faint Abjuration; CL 5th; Craft Magic

Arms & Armor; dispel magic, creator must have Spell
Penetration; 750 gp (creation: 1 day, 30 xp, 375 gp)
Silencias Bullets: Silencias bullets carry the
magic of silence and hesitation within them.
These long, sharp-tipped shells are carved from
black ironwood, soaked in the saliva of deaf
mutes and mimes.
Silencias bullets fire soundlessly; the magic of the
spell contained within the casing completely
nullifies the guns report. Anyone struck by one
of these enchanted bullets must succeed at a DC
15 WILL Save or be silenced for 1d4 rounds
after i m p a c t . A d d i t i o n a l s h o t s e x t e n d
t h e effects duration.
Silencias Bullets; Faint Illusion; CL 5th; Craft
Magic Arms & Armor; silence; 480 gp
(creation: 1 day, 19 xp, ,240 gp)

Enchanted Revolvers and Rifles

Like swords and daggers, revolvers and carbines
can be enchanted and glamoured. Spells can be
placed within the barrel of a gun, etched into the
steel though sheer willpower and arcane might.
Corruption Kiss Revolver: The Corruption Kiss
Revolver is as lethal and beautiful as an island
dragon. The weapon is a six chambered revolver
made from polished and intricately jointed sheets
of jade, held together within a framework
of bronze. Verdigris tracery covers butt and barrel.

Forgehawk Revolver: The Forgehawk Revolver is

an everloaded Dwarven revolver, first forged by
the mountain dwarves of the Kitomar Range. The
heavy revolver is fine, high tensile dwarven steel,
its silvery face acid etched with feather motifs.
With a shouted command, the enchanted revolver
leaps from its wielders hand and transforms itself
into an intricate and cunning clockwork falcon.
The Forgehawk Revolver is as deadly in bird-form
as it is transformed into a heavy caliber dwarven
revolver; beware of any Dwarf gunslinger with a
gleaming steel raptor perched upon his shoulder.
The Forgehawk Revolver is a Small clockwork
animated object; it has a flight speed of 30 ft (average).
In addition to the typical slam attack of an animated
object its size, the Forgehawk can fire itself while in
bird form, blasting off a storm of razor sharp feathers.

The Forgehawk Revolver can remain in bird form

for up to one hour per day. Transformation from bird
The Corruption Kiss Revolver is a +1 everloaded to revolver is a move equivalent action. The weapon
anarchic revolver. Rather than ballistic damage, can break up this transformation into increments as
all damage inflicted by the revolver is acid small as one round per transformation if desired.
damage. The weapon deals 2d6+1 points of acid
damage, with an additional +2d6 points of The Forgehawk Revolver will only allow itself to
damage to lawful creatures.
be fired by its master, or those its master designates as authorized shooters. The revolvers owner
Corruption Kiss Revolver: Moderate Evocation can establish a password or command word to
(chaotic); CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor; allow others to use the weapon.
Chaos Hammer, M___s Acid Arrow, creator must
be Chaotic; 32,400 gp
Forgehawk Revolver ; Strong Transmutation; CL 11th;
(creation: 32 day, 1,206 xp, 16,200 gp)
Craft Magic Arms & Armor; animate objects, readied
pistol; 12,360 gp (creation: 12 days, 495 xp, , 6,180 gp)


Kingslayer Carbine: The Kingslayer Carbine gets

its name from the weapons most common use; the
assassination of kings, bishops, princes and
demagogues from half a league away. First forged
by Drow blacksmiths in the caverns under the
world, these terrifying weapons have severed the
bloodlines of more than one Dwarven clan. In many
Dwarven lands, carrying this weapon is considered
proof of evil intent, and is often punished with an
exceptionally brutal and prolonged public execution.
The Kingslayer Carbine is a glossy black carbine,
with a barrel more than twice the length of the
next longest rifle. The underside of the barrel is
decorated with tiny but intricate spiders, carved
from a single long block of obsidian. Like many
Drow weapons, the weapons butt is carved with
abstract spider web designs.
The Kingslayer Carbine is a +2 elven light carbine
with a massive range, and anyone looking down
the barrel sights gains the eyesight necessary to
kill targets at that range. Anyone looking down
the barrel suffers no distance penalties on Spot
checks. The Kingslayer Carbines enchantments
provide it with a range increment of 500 ft.
Kingslayer Carbine; Faint Transmutation; CL 5th;
Craft Magic Arms & Armor; keen edge, true strike,
creator must be an Assassin, creator must possess
the Far Shot feat; 33,450 gp (creation: 33 days,
1,338 xp, ,16,725 gp)
The Rainbow Revolver: The Rainbow Revolver
is a masterpiece of evocation combat-sorcery, one
of the finest evocative tools ever created. The
six-chambered revolver is made from the finest
steel, its barrel and cylinder a polished, smoky
gray. Six oval gems are inset into the butt of the
gun. The gems flash quickly, depending on which
barrel of the revolver is currently energized.

The gun rotates energy types in a set pattern, always

firing blasts in the following order: Fire, Cold, Acid,
Electric, Sonic, Force. Even if the cylinder is unloaded
and spun, the firing pattern will not change.
The Rainbow Revolver; Moderate Evocation; CL 5th;
Craft Magic Arms & Armor; readied pistol, acid
splash, ray of frost, magic missile, shocking grasp
burning hands, shatter creator must be a specialized
Evoker or have Spell Focus (evocation); 53,950 gp
(creation: 54 days, 2,158 xp, 26,975 gp)

Thunderclap Revolver: The Thunderclap

Each barrel of the revolver is charged with a Revolver is an extremely heavy, four barreled
different form of elemental energy; depending Dwarf-made hand cannon. One of the most
on which chamber the guns hammer falls upon, impressive handguns in existence, this guns
a different type of energy is unleashed alongside report rattles windows and shakes shelves for
the shot. The Rainbow Revolver is a +2 everloaded miles around each and every time it is fired.
revolver, whose bullets inflict 2d6+2 points of The gun is constructed of heavy bronze
damage. The damage is always energy based, the and pig iron, with a hilt made from wood
harvested from a lightning-struck oak.
exact type of which varies shot-by-shot.


This impressive weapon is a +1 thundering

dwarven revolver. In addition to the usual
effects of a thundering weapon, a victim hit
with a round from this weapon must succeed
at a DC 14 FORT Save or be knocked backwards
20 ft and prone by a powerful gust of storm-force wind.
Thunderclap Revolver; Moderate Evocation;
CL 7th; Craft Magic Arms & Armor; blindness/
deafness, gust of wind; 24,365 gp (creation:
24 day, 975 xp, 12,183 gp)

Draksmoke armor is heavier and more ornate

than conventional armor of its type, and
decorated with similar motifs, carefully executed
by the armorers. Draksmoke weapons and armor
are always unique and often given a name by their crafter.
A gunsmith can produce a Draksmoke version of
any conventional firearm. Such weapons are
always masterwork quality, and add 1,500 GP to
the unmodified base purchase price of the weapon.
The Draksmoke quality cannot be added to a
firearm after it is forged, only during the
initial construction, and each weapon to be forged
requires a unit of refined Draksmoke. Even if an
ordinary quality revolver costs a measly 88 gp in
the Draksmoke age, a Draksmoke version of that
same weapon retails for at least 2,380 gp!

Witchhammer Revolver: The Witchhammer Revolver

was forged as a powerful weapon against sorcerers,
spell casters and the paladins of foreign faiths.
Forged by a hard-line and fanatical human sect,
the Witchhammer has ended the lives of hundreds,
if not thousands of witches and sorcerers, good
and evil alike. The Witchhammer is forged from a Why go through the trouble and expense of
producing a Draksmoke firearm? Because its
jet black metal, inlaid with silver sigils.
capabilities are worth it, and more. Draksmoke
The Witchhammer is an axiomatic six chambered firearms are inherently armor piercing, and ignore
revolver. Anyone struck with a witchhammer round, non-magical armor and natural armor bonuses to
in addition to the normal effects, must succeed at armor class. A leather jerkin, a knights full plate,
a DC 16 WILL Save or suffer a 4 penalty to their or even a bullettes dense calcified hide, it doesnt
CHA score, as per the effects of Bestow Curse.
matter. A Draksmoke rifle can blast through them
all with equal ease. Attacking with a Draksmoke
Witchhammer Revolver; Moderate Necromancy; weapon while firing Draksmoke rounds is a ranged
CL 5th ; Craft Magic Arms & Armor ; bestow curse, touch attack.
orders wrath, creator must be Lawful ; 29,650 gp
A Draksmoke weapon can also fire conventional
(creation: 30 day, 1,186 xp, ,14,825 gp)
black powder rounds, but loses its special armor
Draksmoke Alchemy and Weaponsmithing piercing qualities when doing so. Due to the prodigious
expense of Draksmoke rounds, most gunslingers
Only a weapon forged in a fire fueled by only carry a handful, and do most of their killing
true Draksmoke is capable of containing with conventional gun smoke. Draksmoke rounds
and firing Draksmoke bullets. Lesser weapons add 50 gp to the purchase price of conventional
shred themselves even attempting to fire black powder shells, and usually cost between
the powerful explosives. By using true 55-58 gp per box. Draksmoke rounds, like other
Draksmoke in the production of weapons rare magical substances, such as adamantine, cold
and armors, gunsmiths have created a new iron and the like, cannot be created magically.
generation of weapon; a purely masterwork
k i l l i n g t o o l a l m o s t a s d e a d l y a s a n y Conversely, trace amounts of dragons bile and
blood can be alloyed to bronze, iron and steel
ensorcelled blade.
to strengthen the armor and proof it against
Draksmoke weapons are instantly identifiable Draksmoke bullets. The Draksmoke tempered
thanks to their crimson-tinged steel. Gunsmiths quality can be added to any masterwork quality
often carve elaborate scaled bas-reliefs and gothic armor or shield composed primarily of metal. In
draconic decorations on these legendary weapons. addition to the masterwork cost, the Draksmoke
quality adds +2,000 GP to the final purchase price.


The Draksmoke quality cannot be added to armor

or a shield after it is forged, only during the initial
construction, and each armor item to be forged
requires a unit of refined Draksmoke.
Draksmoke tempered armors and shields retain their
armor bonuses when targeted by a Draksmoke weapon.

made from the flame glands of smaller, weaker and

less impressive flame-bearing creatures, such as fire
newts, dragon hatchlings, and some breeds of pseudodragon. The one advantage to using lesser and least
Draksmoke is that such a weak elemental mixture can
be fired from a conventional handgun at less risk.

Lesser and least Draksmoke can be distinguished

from true Draksmoke by its pale crimson or soft
Lesser and Least Draksmoke
pinkish-grey coloration, or chemically with a
Unscrupulous merchants sometimes try to pass a successful DC 16 Craft (alchemy) check. However,
lower quality mixture off as true Draksmoke most merchants would never allow a customer to
ammunition. Made from the flame glands of fearsome inspect their wares that closely! The prices below
elemental beings such as Salamanders and the gigantic assume the buyer knows what hes getting, if thats
Remhorhaz, this adulterated substance is almost, but not the case expect to pay at least as much as for
not quite as potent as the real thing. Least Draksmoke is true Draksmoke if the merchant can pull off
the Bluff check.
Draksmoke Quality Added To

Purchase Price



+1,500 GP

Makes attack a ranged touch attack

Metal Armor or Shield

+2,000 GP

Retains defense bonus vs. draksmoke weapons


+50 GP

Used with draksmoke firearms


Lesser Draksmoke is less effective at penetrating

armor. It ignores up to +3 points worth of armor,
natural armor or shield bonus to Armor Class.
Lesser Draksmoke ammunition adds +40 GP
to the base purchase price, and a unit of Lesser
Draksmoke sells for around 600 GP.
Least Draksmoke merely converts the weapons
ballistic damage to an equal amount of fire damage.
Least Draksmoke ammunition adds +30 GP to the
base purchase price. A unit of Least Draksmoke
sells for around 400 GP.
Least and Lesser Draksmoke are (somewhat) safe
to use in conventional weapons. However, if the
user ever rolls a natural one on an attack roll when
firing imitation Draksmoke from a conventional
firearm, the round explodes in the chamber,
inflicting the weapons base damage to both itself
and its user, and destroys the weapon.

Producing Draksmoke
A Red Dragon (or any other flame breathing variety)
yields 1d4 units of unrefined Draksmoke per size
category, per day. A dragon that has exhausted its
breath weapon for the day only yields 1d4 units of
raw Draksmoke, regardless of its size.
A unit of raw Draksmoke can be harvested from a
living dragon (which must be helpless, immobile
or willing) with a full round action and a successful
DC 18 Survival check. Draksmoke can be collected
from a draconic corpse within an hour of the great
c r e a t u r e s d e m i s e ; a f t e r t h i s t i m e , i t s
m a g i c a l fluids decay and become useless.

Raw Draksmoke is a dark, viscous amber

liquid, resembling raw eggs poured into a goblet
of blood. Though it burns like alchemists fire if
exposed to air, raw Draksmoke only achieves its
true potency when tempered with gunpowder
Lesser and Least Draksmoke cannot be used to forge and dried. Refining Draksmoke requires a DC 22
weapons and armor with the Draksmoke quality, ruining Craft (alchemy) check. Refining draconic bile and
the raw materials used in any such attempt.
spittle into Draksmoke also requires a fully
equipped alchemists laboratory a more fully
equipped and specialized laboratory than even
The Loathing of Flame
most archmages possess!
Draksmoke is created from the exploitation
and torture of red dragons, and as such, its A single craft check can represent the refinement of
mere existence infuriates other draconic creatures. a single Draksmoke mixture, or it can represent a
Even good dragons have no interest in seeing their mass mixture of dozens of units of raw Draksmoke
fire-breathing brethren chained and bound, while dwarven and an equivalent amount of gunpowder. The
risk of course, is that a failure will consume
alchemists scrape at their maws like diligent miners.
huge quantities of raw Draksmoke. Failure by
Anyone carrying a Draksmoke weapon, wearing five or more points causes a deadly explosion,
Draksmoke tempered armor or handling raw which inflicts 3d6 points of fire damage per unit
Draksmoke, or who has been within 20 ft of such a of Draksmoke involved in the accident, and has a
weapon as it fires within the past 24 hours is stained blast radius of at least 30 ft. (plus 5 ft. per unit of
with the red powders distinct scent. Even if other Draksmoke). The unlucky alchemist can attempt
humanoids and mammals cant smell the stench of a DC 18 REF save for half damage.
Draksmoke, true dragons can. Draksmokes scent
Truly massive conflagrations might cause an outbreak
clings for 24 hours after exposure to the weapon.
of Drakchoke from ambient pollution, or may
All creatures of the dragon type are urged to fury by open a dimensional rift which draws Sulfursouls
the mere presence of Draksmoke. Dragons receive a and other strange creatures into our reality.
+4 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against
anyone stained with the scent of Draksmoke. Creatures Gunpowder: Gunpowder can be sold either by
who stink of Draksmoke suffer a -2 penalty on CH the pinch or by the barrel. A barrel is a small wooden
based skill checks, except for Intimidate, when made cask containing 50 pinches. Meanwhile, a pinch
represents enough gunpowder to fire 6 rounds, either
against any creature with the dragon type.


musket balls or revolver/carbine rounds. If ignited

a barrel of gunpowder explodes, dealing 3d6 points of
fire damage to everything in a 10 ft radius, with a DC 15
REF save for half damage.

Rapidos, Bludgeons and Burners

As the science of the handgun develops, the

worlds armorers continue to innovate, creating
ever more impressive weapons. Few black powder
A barrel of gunpowder weighs about 5 lbs and costs weapons can match a Draksmoke weapon for
about 5 gp. A pinch of gunpowder has negligible sheer destructive potential, but the complicated
weight and costs about 1 sp.
machines called Rapidos come close.
Dragons Bile (Raw Draksmoke): A vial of chemically Rapidos are a major refinement of the repeaters
preserved dragons bile sells for at least 250 gp per unit. of an earlier era. Where a repeater could fire as
Each vial of raw Draksmoke weighs about 1 lb.
quickly as a gunslinger can pull the trigger, a
rapido can kill as quickly as the hostile thought
Refined Draksmoke: A unit of refined, true Draksmoke is formed. These impressive weapons are capable
usually sells for 700 gp each. Each vial of refined of fully automatic fire, and are more than a match
Draksmoke powder weighs about 1 lb.
for military grade firearms from other realities,
though the mechanical principles behind the
Armigers Kit: The House Armiger has become synonymous weapons may differ a bit.
with the collection and production of Draksmoke, so much so
that alchemists working in the industry are often referred to The first Rapidos were Orc-developed weapons, a brutally
as Armigers. This kit consists of everything needed to bizarre refinement upon repeaters scavenged from
immobilize a dragons jaw, including heavy iron spreader-bars the battlefield. Wielding this new type of weapon,
that prevent the mighty maw from closing, the mithral Orc bands achieved impressive victories over
syringes needed to pierce the flame gland and special ceramic better trained and organized human and elven
vessels designed to store the bile safely.
armies. Seeing how effective this new type of gun
can be, even the most tradition-bound Dwarven
Use of this kit provides a +2 equipment bonus on Survival armigers were forced to reassess their opinion on
checks made to harvest raw Draksmoke components.
Orc craftsmanship and gunsmithing skill.
An Armigers Kit weighs 20 lbs and costs 150 GP.

Rapdios are effective weapons, if a little difficult to

master, but their origin as Orc weapon has limited
Monopolists Harvester Kit: This variant armigers kit their spread. Too many warriors look down on the
is used exclusively by Monopolist consortium agents. weapons as dishonorable and cowardly. Gunmages
It functions identically to a standard Armigers Kit, but resolutely refuse to touch the rapid-firing guns,
also includes a variety of cruel saws, dissecting tools and and most Elven snipers heap endless mockery on
other killing devices. If used to harvest without killing, it anyone who needs a full box of ammunition to kill
functions identically to an Armigers Kit.
a single target. Half Orc adventurers love Rapidos. Not
only are the guns excellent weapons, but they are a
However, if the kits user chooses to slay the dragon in testament to Orc ingenuity and battle savvy. Half
the process of recovering Draksmoke components, he or Orc typically carry the larger, cruder Orc-style
she can do so with the device. By slaying the dragon, the Rapidos rather than the sleeker and more polished
flame gland and other vital components are removed imitations crafted by other races.
completely and harvested. The bonus provided by the
Kit increases to +4 if the dragon is slain during the Rapidos can be Draksmoke tempered, but the
process. Furthermore, a slain dragon produces 50% sheer expense of filling entire box magazines with
more units of Draksmoke than a creature of its size Draksmoke rounds means that very few Rapidos
category would if allowed to live.
are ever modified in this fashion. Using a rapido
requires an exotic weapon proficiency. Since
A Monopolists Harvesting Kit weighs 40 lbs and costs Rapidos are traditionally Orc weapons, Half Orcs
around 400 GP.
are automatically proficient in their use.


Rapido Ammunition Belt: Only a few specific types

of rapido can be belt-fed. Those that are possess more
A rapido can be set for automatic fire, which blasts firepower than an entire rifle company. A loaded
a huge area with bullets. The shooter effects an ammunition belt is nearly 6 ft long, weighs
area and everyone in it, not a specific creature. The upwards of 20 lbs, and holds 200 rounds of
shooter targets a 10 ft x 10 ft area and everyone ammunition. These belts cost upwards of 300 GP.
within it. Hitting the targeted area requires a
successful ranged attack against AC 10. If the Magical Ammunition and Magazines
attack succeeds, all creatures and objects within
the area must succeed at a DC 15 REF Save or Its possible to mix magical and mundane ammunition
suffer the weapons base damage. Automatic fire within the same magazine, drum or belt. The
expends 10 bullets, and can only be used if the prices given above are for mundane quality ammunition.
weapon has 10 or more bullets remaining.
Special ammunition can be mixed into an ammo
holder at any ratio the shooter can afford. Just keep
track of where in the shot sequence the special ammo is
Burst Fire
located (example, the 1st, 5th, 10th and 20th shots).
A rapido can also be set to fire a short burst at a However, for the sake of simplicity, only one form
specific target. Firing a burst makes the weapon of special ammunition may be added to a particular
less stable, and inflicts a -4 penalty on the ranged magazine, belt or drum.
attack roll. If this attack is successful, the burst
inflicts an additional +2 dice of damage. Firing a Boom Shaft: Boom Shafts are the most aptly named
burst expends 5 bullets and can only be done if the firearm in existence. A crude bugbear invention,
this bastardized, knock-off version of a repeater is
weapon has 5 or more bullets remaining.
as dangerous to the shooter as his enemies. This
weapon is a large and bulky pistol. Its rotating
Rapido Ammunition
barrels consist of six fore-arm length tubes, each
A rapido fires dozens, if not hundreds of rounds loaded with an arrow-thin shaft of sharpened
per minute. These weapons store ammunition steel. The weapon uses controlled Draksmoke exin long, curved boxes, heavy drums or on long, plosions to launch the barrels, as bugbears havent
snake-like cloth belts. Swapping out a box or drum mastered the concept of firing pins or hammers yet.

Automatic Fire

is a move equivalent action. Changing an ammo

The Boom Shaft inflicts half its base damage on its
belt is a full round action.
shooter every time it is fired. This damage is not
Rapido Magazines: These curved ammo boxes multiplied on a critical hit. Bugbear pistoleers pray
h o l d 3 0 r o u n ds, ready to fire. They are for critical hits, which hurt a little, but usually blow
designed to plug into the top, side, or bottom their enemy apart in a single good hit. Boom Shafts
of the weapon. Orc armorers are notorious for function like lesser Draksmoke weapons and ignore
putting their ammo feed-ports in decidedly quirky up to a +3 armor, natural armor or shield bonus to AC.
locations, and it seems that every weapon
Black Burner: A Black Burner is a deadly flame
works a little bit differently.
cannon fueled by draksmoke-laced alchemists
A loaded rapido magazine costs 35 GP, and weighs fire. A thick, cauldron-like tank is worn as a
backpack, and burning, clinging fuel spews from
about a pound.
a long, carbine-like weapon attached by a thick
Rapido Drum: This huge, flattened barrel fits on leather and brass hose. The wounds inflicted by
the underside or top of a rapido, and holds 60 this terrible weapon never fully heal, often leaving
rounds. A loaded rapido drum costs 70 GP and behind layers of gnarled black scar tissue, giving
the fearsome weapon its name.
weighs about four pounds.


Hold Out Shooter: This tiny, single shot pistol

is small enough to fit into a ladys hand and
is designed for quick operation and shocking
surprise. Popular with thieves, mages, and
women of all races, these easily concealed
weapons are a great equalizer, especially in a grapple.
A Hold Out Shooter receives a +2 circumstance
bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal
it. A character who is proficient with the weapon
may fire a Hold Out Shooter as a free action, once
per round.
Bards Favorite: This variant on a hold out shooter
is used by clever (or larcenous) bards from dozens
of nations. Invented by a gnomish bard with a
penchant for gunplay, who tired of the obvious
solutions for weapon concealment: instrument
A Black Burner can belch out a 10 ft line of flame as
cases. This shooter is built directly into a Medium
an attack action, inflicting 4d6 points of damage to
or larger masterwork quality musical instrument.
anyone caught within its path, with a DC 16 REF
Guitar guns, a trumpet or saxophone with a
Save allowed for half damage. Those burned by
surprise built right into the brass. More than one
the flame must also succeed at a DC 16 FORT Save
bard has escaped a tight situation by reaching for
or suffer 1d4 points of temporary CON and CHA
his favorite instrument.
damage, from the massive tissue damage caused
by the flames.
The modifications to the instrument put it slightly
out of tune, costing it the masterwork bonus on
The tank can hold up to 6 shots. Each shot requires
perform checks. The weapon acts as a basic pistol
the use of a single unit of refined Draksmoke. If
with a +0 attack roll (Perception DC 22, Disable
lesser Draksmoke is used instead, the REF and
Device 18), attacking anyone who plays the
FORT Save DCs associated with the weapon are
instrument without safeing it in a way unique to
reduced to DC 14.
each musician and instrument. The Bards Favorite
can be fired as a standard shooter, but its unique
Using a Black Burner isnt without its risks though.
construction imposes a -1 penalty on attack rolls
The tank has Hardness 10 and 20 hp. If breached,
with the weapon.
or if the wearer fails his save against any fire-based
attack, it explodes inflicting its damage upon the
Killbore: This heavy weapon is often used to
wearer without allowing a save.
tunnel beneath a besieged castle or cut through
defensive trenchworks as well as in civilian mining,
Gnoll Bludgeon: The Gnoll Bludgeon is a massive,
and is rarely used as a melee weapon. More
multiple barreled longarm. This impressive weapon
precise than tapping-casks, this new device has
fires two to four barrels simultaneously, and has
found a warm reception in Dwarven mines. When it
multiple in-line magazines which feed large caliber
is wielded in anger though, its capable of mincing a
rounds into each magazine with a single pump of the
knight in full field plate!
loading slide. Originally invented by Gnoll bandits,
this fearsome hand cannon is often found among Orc
The Killbore is a huge steel drill, the head of which
and Dwarven warbands. With its short range, but
is nearly as wide as a mans torso, covered in row
massive damage, it is also a favorite of guild-aligned
upon row of jagged teeth. The shaft of the enormous
rogues, who use it to blow open doors or chests as
device is a clockwork engine fed sulfurous fuel. This
often as they use it to kill targets.
weapon belches black stinking smoke when in use.


Old Orc Rapido: The basic Orc rapido is a bizarre

and piecemeal weapon larger and heavier than a
hunting carbine. Made from scavenged components
and rusting steel, the jury-rigged weapons
appearance belies its effectiveness. The old model
rapido can be set for burst or automatic fire, and can
be only be fitted with an ammo drum.
Special Drawback: Old Orc Rapidos are poorly made
and unreliable, and are prone to jamming. Always use the
optional Chamber Jam rule with these weapons, even
if you do not use it for other firearms in your campaign.
Neo Rapido: This improved version of the traditional
Orc rapido is popular among Dwarves, Humans and
some Half Orcs. This upgraded weapon is sleeker
lighter, better crafted and maintained than the first
generation of Rapidos. Instead of a large carbine, the
Neo Rapido is only slighter larger than a heavy revolver.
A Neo Rapido can be set for burst or automatic fire
and can be fitted with either a magazine or drum.
Regimental Spear: The Regimental Spear is a massive,
doubled headed mace-like weapon, which is nearly
eight feet long. Used more for ceremonial functions
than actual combat, this bulky weapon is often carried by Ft.
Hathrix-Mars officers and flag bearers. The Regimental Spear
is a double weapon; you can fight with both sides of
the weapon, but in doing so, you incur all the
penalties for fighting with two weapons.
The Killbore ignores natural armor, armor and
shield bonuses to defense, and can ignore up to
Hardness 10 when attacking an object. Using this
weapon allows a character to gradually carve a
stable tunnel large enough for a creature of his
size, providing the user with an effective Burrow
speed of 5 ft.
Using a Killbore properly requires a STR score of
at least 18. If the user does not meet this
requirement, he or she suffers a -4 penalty on
attack rolls made with the weapon, which stacks
with the non-proficiency penalty.

Each of the Regimental Spears mushroom shaped,

mace-like ends contain a powerful Draksmoke
charge. The head of each mace is fitted with pre-cut
blast plates, which give the charged weapon a mosaic
like appearance. When one end of the Spear is thrust
into the ground, a complex clockwork arming mechanism
built into the shaft detonates the opposite end of the
staff, sending out a horizontal blast wave, filled with
shrapnel which can decapitate unwary enemies.
This blast inflicts 4d6 points of slashing damage to
everything in squares adjacent to the weapon. Those
caught in the blast wave can attempt a DC 14 REF
Save for half damage.

A Killbore uses the same specialized fuel flasks a

Skyburster does. These fuel flasks weigh 5 lbs and The Regimental Spear can be used to create a blast
cost 50 GP. Each fuel flask can power the device twice before needing to be re-armed. Rearming
charges for the spear cost 50 GP, and replacing each
for 1 minute (10 rounds).
charge is a full round action.


Siege Engine: The Siege Hammer: This massive

weapon weighs more than a ships cannon, and is
designed for siege warfare. Only the most massive
creatures in the multiverse, such as Titans and
Elder Dragons could even consider using it as a
hand weapon, and even they might struggle
under its great mass!
A Siege Hammer takes up a space 5 ft wide by 10 ft
long, and weighs over 800 lbs unloaded. Each ingot
of steel used as a projectile weighs between 100
and 150 lbs. This massive weapon uses a contained
Draksmoke explosion to launch a log like iron or
steel ingot like a mammoth version of a crossbow
bolt. The explosion accelerates the projectile to
such a speed the air cracks around it!

Trollkiller: A Trollkiller Rapido is one of the largest

man-portable guns in the world. An improved, and
fully automatic version of a Dwarven Hell Belcher
this fierce weapon has a rotating series of barrels
which can deliver more than 200 rounds per minute.
When fired, the barrel kicks like a mule, spent brass
casings fly wildly, and gouts of steam and gunsmoke
nearly blind the operator.
Only the largest and most indomitable warriors can
bear a Trollkiller into battle. A Trollkiller can only be
set for burst or automatic fire, and does not have a
single shot setting. It is designed to only function
with an ammo belt.

Any character attempting to fire a Trollkiller must

have a STR score of at least 15, or take a -4 penalty on
In addition the damage from the hit, anyone within attacks with the weapon. This penalty is cumulative
500 ft of either the Siege Hammer or its impact with the non-proficiency penalty. Weaker characters
area must succeed at a DC 14 FORT Save or be can negate this penalty by setting the Trollkiller on
deafened for 1d6 minutes. Firing the weapon causes an immobile firing position, such as a tripod or by
a roar that puts most thunderbolts to shame.
resting it on a ledge, stump or other support.
Firing a Siege Hammer requires a series of full
round actions. It takes four full round actions to
clean, aim and load a cannon, and a further two
full round actions to manhandle the massive
ammunition ingots the Hammer fires into place.
These actions can all be performed simultaneously with
a large enough crew. A Siege Hammer is extremely
difficult to maneuver, and takes a -6 penalty to hit.
Unlike a catapult, the recoil from a Siege Hammer
moves it so dramatically that it must be re-aimed
each time it is fired.

Wenchs Rapido: Orcs arent known for their great

respect for women. This machine pistol, designed
for smaller, weaker soldiers, is stereotyped as a
womans weapon because of its relatively small size
and light damage output. However, the smaller bore
and lighter weight give the shooter greater control,
making it an ideal weapon for anyone wanting a
more precise rapido. A Wenchs Rapido can be set for
burst or automatic fire and can be fitted with either
a magazine or drum.
Drakshards: Like steel eggs with a gunpowder and
Draksmoke core, the explosive weapons commonly
called Drakshards can lay dozens of men low in a
single burst. When a rip-pin is pulled, the explosive
arms and detonates seconds later. Pulling the pin is a
free action, considered part of throwing the weapon.
When attacking with a Drakshard, you target a specific
square, which becomes the center of the explosion.
All creatures and objects within the Drakshards listed
blast radius take damage, unless they succeed at
a REF Save for half damage, the DC of which
is given in the items description. Drakshards are
simple weapons that do not threaten critical hits.
Finally, Drakshards can be held in one hand, and
all weigh between and 1 lb.


Adamant Egg: This silvery grenade resembles a

flattened sphere, and is carved with precise and
angular lines. The energy required to rip apart even
a thin adamantine casing is incredible, meaning
the explosion caused by this weapon is incredibly
deadly. The damage inflicted by an Adamant Egg
is considered adamantine for the purposes of
overcoming damage reduction. You can attempt to
craft an Adamant Egg with a successful DC 24 Craft
(alchemy) check, a supply of adamant and an entire
unit of true Draksmoke.

with a hidden contact trigger (Disable Device DC

18 to disarm). This weapon remains armed for up to
20+2d6 hours after being primed. After this time, the
clockwork mechanisms inside wind down, and the
explosive detonates.
You can attempt to create a Hidden Tooth with a successful
DC 22 Craft (smithing) check and a supply of lesser
Draksmoke. The explosive plate weighs about 3 lbs.

Tapping-Casks: These stout iron-wood barrels are

clad with true iron bands, and are not often used
Black Egg: This most common form of Drakshard is in warfare due to their bulk. Instead, Dwarven
simply a rusty iron sphere, whose inner surface has miners and engineers place them to blast tunnels.
been scored with random, zigzagging lines. When it Tapping casks are armed as a full round action.
detonates, the casing becomes lethal shrapnel. You Afterward, a slow burning fuse ignites and
can attempt to craft a Black Egg with a successful DC 20 detonates the gunpowder filled cask sometime in the
next 2d4 minutes. No Disable Device check
Craft (alchemy) check and a supply of lesser Draksmoke.
is necessary to stop the detonation- simply pulling
Flametooth: This heavy glass vial is filled with flammable out the oiled fuse as a standard action suffices.
red liquid, and can be thought of an upgraded version
of alchemists fire. Unlike alchemists fire, this weapons flames You can attempt to create a Tapping Cask with
do not cling, but do incredible damage in a shorter a successful DC 10 Craft (smithing) check and at
period of time. You can attempt to craft a Flametooth least one barrel of gunpowder. The explosive filled
with a successful DC 22 Craft (alchemy) check and a barrel weighs nearly 60 lbs.
supply of true Draksmoke.
Skybursters: Adventurers are logical people,
Hidden Tooth: These weapons are not designed to Unfortunately, their logic is the logic of bastardly
be thrown. Instead, this weapon, which resembles a pragmatism and acceptable risk; not a kind of
fat steel plate whose upper surface is studded with logic that the common folk would be familiar
dozens of tiny razors, is buried just a few inches with. Once it became possible to pack a bullet
under the soil or otherwise concealed. An unwary or cannon ball with black powder and fire it, the
enemy stepping on the Tooth is ripped to shreds next (adventurer) logical step was finding a way
to fire a person like a bullet. Skybursters are a
by the force of the explosion.
path to battlefield control and dominance of the
You can place a Hidden Tooth as a full round action skies, an impressive new weapon of war, but they
using a Sleight of Hand check opposed by a targets are dangerous devices. Lives have been lost at
Perception check. The Hidden Tooths construction every stage of invention, until todays semi-tame
provides a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made Skybursters came into being.
to conceal the weapon. Once hidden, it is armed
A Skyburster is a heavy iron and brass
cylinder, worn like a backpack and held
Cost Radius
to the body with a complex web of leather
Adamant Egg
950 gp
10 ft
3d8 slashing
15 ft
straps. Multiple shoulder, chest, groin
and belly straps secure the Skyburster
Black Egg
90 gp
10 ft
3d6 slashing
10 ft
in flight, but unfortunately prevent easy
120 gp
10 ft
2d8 fire
10 ft
removal of the device in the event of an
emergency. A hot-burning furnace and
Hidden Tooth
475 gp
10 ft
3d6 slashing
core of draksmoke-enriched liquid stokes
550 gp
30 ft
6d6 slashing/fire
a flame in the device. Clockwork baffles


release and direct the flame, providing thrust. The

Skybursters wearer directs his flight by body
position and posture. Flying a Skyburster isnt
easy, but it can be done.
Wearing a Skyburster provides a Small or
Medium character with a Flight speed of 60 ft
(clumsy). Activating or powering down the
Skyburster is a move equivalent action. The
Skyburster has enough fuel to fly for 5 minutes
before becoming unstable. Each round after 5
minutes, roll a d20. On a roll of a natural 1 or 2,
the Skyburster runs out of fuel and if still aloft
the pilot drops from the sky like a stone. Refueling
a Skyburster is a full round action, and cannot
be performed while the device is activated.

The Skyburster trails an impressive flame-jet as

it flies. If the pilot hovers over the same area for
more than 1 round, every creature and object
directly under the flyer, to a depth of 20 ft, suffers
2d6 points of fire damage (REF DC 12 half).
If a Skyburster is destroyed, it explodes in a 10 ft
radius fireball, inflicting 6d6 points of fire damage
(REF DC 15 half). Anyone unfortunate enough to
be wearing the device when it explodes receives
no save.
Masterwork Quality Skybursters: Masterwork
Skybursters are more reliable. They do not stall,
and only run out of fuel on a result of a natural 1,
thanks to a superior fuel management system.

Likewise, the Skyburster is unreliable at best. Any

time the pilot rolls a natural 1 on any d20 roll while
airborne, the engine stalls. A stalled Skyburster
can be restarted in 2 rounds. A successful DC 20
Craft (blacksmith) check allows the pilot to
restart a stalled Skyburster after one round
stalled. Restarting a stalled Skyburster is a
standard action.


Hardness HP






850 gp

40 lbs




1,200 gp

36 lbs

Fuel Flask

50 gp

5 lbs

Damage Type








6 shots

10 ft line

32 lbs

2,500 GP


ballistic / piercing


8 shots

10 ft

12 lbs

1,350 GP


ballistic / piercing


Single Shot

5 ft

1.5 lbs

+1,650 GP


ballistic / piercing


Single Shot

5 ft

+2.5 lbs

450 GP



2 charges

5 ft

10 lbs

Boom Shaft

1,025 GP


ballistic/ piercing


6 shots

10 ft

12 lbs


1,575 GP


slashing (special)


Fuel flask
(1 minute run time)

55 lbs

Old Orc Rapido

1,250 GP


ballistic / piercing


Drum (60)

30 ft

13 lbs

Neo Rapido

1,700 GP


ballistic / piercing


Magazine (30)
or Drum (60)

30 ft

8 lbs

Siege Hammer

12,000 GP


ballistic / bludgeoning

30 ft

800+ lbs


7,500 GP


ballistic / piercing


Belt (200)

300 ft

52 lbs

Wenchs Rapido

1,450 GP


ballistic / piercing


Magazine (30)
or Drum (60)

30 ft

6 lbs

Simple Weapons



8,500 gp

Gnoll Bludgeon
Hold Out Shooter

Black Burner

4d6 + 1d4

Martial Weapons

Bards Favorite
Regimental Spear
Exotic Weapons


Magical Items
Bands of the Nephilim

The advent of gunpowder and Draksmoke has

changed the nature of warfare, so artificers, mages
and sorcerers have been engaged in creating magic
talismans to ward against, enhance or affect firearms.
These are some of the magic items that have been created
to deal with a word of gunpowder and firearms.

Aura: Strong Transmutation CL: 15th

Slot: Wrist (Bracers)
Weight: 1.5 lbs each (3 lbs/pair) Price: 48,000 gp
These heavy marble bracers are an ancient
Orcish artifact, which allows a modern warrior
to channel the spirit of one of the great, ancestral Orc
heroes. By donning these bands, an Orc-blooded hero
makes a solemn vow to live up to the deeds of the
great old heroes (the Nephilim), a race of halfgodly Orc-kin from before the dawn of recorded
history. Along with the invention of Rapidos,
the rediscovery of this ancient artifact heralds a
cultural renaissance for the scattered Orc people,
one spurred on by the races cunning bastards,
the Half Orcs.

Amulet of Proofing
Aura: faint abjuration CL: 4th
Slot: neck Price: 16,000 gp Weight Description
This brass amulet is reforged from spent shell
casings, and is tempered with an infusion of true
Draksmoke. The fist-sized smooth disk is worn
at mid chest over clothing and armor, held close
to the body with tight leather straps, more like
a tiny cuirass than a typical amulet. Intricate
protective runes and interlaced knot-work on
the face glitter with crimson stain.

The Bands of the Nephilim are made of heavy,

grayish-white marble carved with dramatic low
relief images of grimacing Orc warriors. Abstract
zig-zag designs are cut out of the stone between
the icons.

While wearing an Amulet of Proofing, attacks

made by a Draksmoke weapon are resolved as a
normal ranged attack. You retain natural armor,
armor and shield bonuses to Armor Class.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Protection
from Arrows
Cost: 8,700 gp

When worn by a character of Orc blood, the

Bands of the Nephilim allow that character to
call upon the Bands ancient power once per day,
and to transform into a specific giant form. Every
time the bands stored Giant Form II spell is
activated, as a standard action, the Orc wearer
transforms into a specific recognizable giant, who
resembles the god-figure carved upon the bands.
The Bands wearer can retain their transformed
state for up to 15 minutes, or may end the
transformation at any time. Additionally, the
transformed state ends abruptly if the Giant
Form suffers damage equal to 50 + the Orcs total
character level during the transformation period.
The giant spirit within the bands is killed by
the pain of the wearers wounds, and may not be
called upon again until at least 24 hours elapse.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor,
Giant Form II, creator must be an Orc or Half-Orc
Cost: 24,000 gp


A character wearing the gauntlet adds +1d4

points of fire damage to an unarmed melee
attack, and when striking with a punch, resolves
the attack as a melee touch attack. However,
while the Draksmoke-fed flames wreathing the
gauntlet make it easier to crack armor, it extracts
a horrible toll on the wearer. Each time the wearer
successfully strikes with the gloves, he or she
suffers also 1d4 point of fire damage.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor,
Cost: 28,800 gp

Cogburns Eye
Aura: CL: 7th
Slot: goggles (implanted)
Weight: Price: 56,000 gp
This milk white artificial eye is made of thick
frosted glass and engraved with a pupil that
looks like the round of a revolver bullet. Named
for an old and storied human gunslinger, this
potent little magical eye grants a power so useful
it is worth the loss of an eye.
Anyone who willingly implants the Eye into their
empty eye socket gains the Gunfire domain, its
granted abilities, and may use the spells from the
domain as a Cleric of their total character level.

Greyness Excellence Residue

Aura: faint transmutation CL: 5th
Slot: none Weight: Price: 1,250 gp
Greyness Excellence Residue is a Sulfursoul
magic item, one of their ancient traditions which
have survived the journey to our reality. Sulfursoul warriors fire a pistol until their hands ache
and allow their familys mages to scrape away
the dingy mixture of sweat and gunshot residue.
Mixed with ash, mud and fungal paste, this substance
is mixed into grey and white war paint. A soldier
can daub this ashy paint on his hands, biceps
and face to activate its stored magic. Applying
the paint is a full round action.

Drawback: The loss of depth perception caused

by the loss of an eye imposes a -1 penalty on
Perception checks and ranged attack rolls made
in the 2nd range increment or more distant.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor,
Creator must have access to the Gunfire domain,
Imbue With Spell Ability
Cost: 28,000 gp

Flamefist Gauntlet

This versatile, potion-like magic is extremely

popular among Sulfursoul adventurers, who
love the items versatility. Orcs and Half Orcs
also embrace the magic, and even some of the
fiercest and most genocidal Orc warbands have
signed peace treaties with Sulfursoul refugees in
exchange for the secret of this magic. Pragmatic
to the end, the Sulfursouls have accepted, and
a few have found a home among the Thousand
Orc Nations.

Aura: moderate evocation CL: 8th

Slot: Hands (gauntlet) Price: 57,600 gp
Weight: 2 lbs
These heavy Draksmoke-tempered steel
gauntlets are the deep crimson of old blood.
The gauntlets protruding knuckle guard
is studded with flame-blackened crater-like
discharge vents. Tongues of flame lick at these
vents constantly, and the gauntlet is decorated
with intricate scale patterns in imitation of a red
dragons spectacular hide.

Each application of the Greyness Excellence Residue

can grant any one of the following effects, chosen
by the user at the time the magic is activated.
Calling upon the magic of the paint is a free action.
The wearer can choose to either:


* Receive a +10 bonus to a single attack roll with a firearm,

which must be made before the roll is made.

Gunwifes Lace
Aura: faint abjuration CL: 4th
Slot: body Price: 18,000 GP Weight: Description
This gauzy white cotton chemise is almost translucent
in the right light. Stitched with golden and crimson
thread, the chemise is decorated elaborate knot-work
at the hem and above the breast.

* Instantly reload a firearm in hand with standard,

non-magical ammunition.
* Double the critical threat range of a firearm in hand.
This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds.
* Double the range increment of any firearm in hand.
This effect lasts for 1d4 rounds.

Designed to be worn under ordinary clothing,

the Gunwifes Lace is an Elven reaction to the
Draksmoke Age, a magic item constructed solely
so Elven wives and mothers wont fall prey to
a stray shot fired by a non-elven barbarian with
access to a Draksmoke firearm. The beauty and
utility of the Gunwifes Lace almost masks the xenophobia
and paranoia that sparked its creation.

Once applied, Greyness Excellence Residue remains

potent for three hours or until washed away, after which
it flakes off harmlessly. Each small vial of residue contains
enough paint for a single application. You may only
wear a single application of this paint at one time.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, Far Shot
feat, readied pistol, true strike, keen edge
Cost: 625 gp

The Gunwifes Lace provides the wearer with a

+1 deflection bonus to Armor Class and also acts
as an Amulet of Proofing, which makes it effective
defense against Draksmoke weapons.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms & Armor,
Protection from Arrows, Mage Armor
Cost: 9,000 gp

Gunslingers Gloves
Aura: faint conjuration CL: 3rd
Slot: gloves Price: 6,500 gp Weight: Description
These fine kid leather gloves fit tightly around the
gunslingers hand, like a second skin. Abstract spiral
patterns are stitched into the blood red leather with
black, brown and golden thread.

Unbreakable Adamant Shell

Aura: very faint transmutation CL: 1st
Slot: none Price: 110 gp Weight
Normally, even an adamantine bullet is destroyed
by firing it. This minor magical item uses a mending
spell, slaved to an adamant round, to ensure the
bullet can be fired time and time again.

While wearing the gunslingers gloves, you may

reload any firearm you are touching as a free action
once per round. The ammunition created is ordinary
and non-magical. Your skilled hands seem to move
with blinding speed, pulling imaginary ammunition
from thin air as you reload your guns. Each pair of
gloves allows an equal number of rounds to be
re-loaded as were used in the creation of the gloves.
Typically fifty rounds when created.

Recovering an unbreakable adamant shell from a

slain creature requires a DC 14 Search check. The
Search check has DC 18 if the shooter is searching
the area around a missed target. An adamant shell
may be used an unlimited number of times after
being recovered with one exception. If the shell
strikes adamant armor, it has a flat 60% chance of
being destroyed beyond repair.

Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item,
readied pistol
Cost: 3,250 gp


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item,
adamantine bullet to be enchanted
Cost: 85 gp

Vandals Bar
Aura: Faint Evocation CL: 4th
Slot: none Weight: 8 lbs Price: 3,305 gp
The Vandals Bar resembles an ordinary
pig-iron crowbar, which has been tempered
with Draksmoke to steal some of the rare
chemicals unbelievable destructive potential.
The hilt of the weapon is wrapped in red and
brown leather. The long iron bar is a favorite
tool of urban thieves and brigands, especially
those who prefer brute force to skill. Why
bother to disable a trap or pick a lock when
you can just smash down a vaults wall,
after all?
The Vandals Bar functions as an ordinary
crowbar, providing the user with a +2
equipment bonus on STR checks to open
chests or doors. More importantly, it acts
as a +1 medium club.
When attacking any stationary object or
structure, the Vandals Bar ignores up to 10
points of the objects hardness. The Vandals
Bar provides the wielder with a +2 bonus on
Combat Maneuver checks made to sunder
an opponents weapon. When it successfully
sunders a weapon or destroys an object, it
sparks and gives off noticeable (but harmless)
gouts of hot gun smoke.
Requirements: Craft Magic Arms and Armor,
Power Attack feat, Shatter
Cost: 1,653 gp


Chapter Four
Feats, Spells and
Character Options

And so the Ancient Empire of the Gearwork Sun fell,

its cities trampled to dust and ashes, its works
destroyed, its records lost, its steel heroes left
impotent in their vast subterranean berths

Chapter Four: Feats, Spells and

Character Options
Ancient of Days
The gun is a new development in warfare, a killing
innovation that todays warriors can look back
upon as occurring within their tour of service. But
a handful of truly ancient weapons have been recovered
from long forgotten tombs and blasted ruins.
A small group of ancient empires knew the secrets of
gunpowder, and an even smaller number of fallen
civilizations had mastered the art of forging
Draksmoke weapons. Archeologists occasionally
find strangely minted shell casings littered upon
battlefields which predate even Dwarven history
by millennia, and occasionally the artifacts of
a bygone age return to the world; sparking and
ending wars, founding and toppling dynasties.

And so the immortal Tarrasque, the lone judgment

beast continued its rampage, the only creatures
capable of stopping its aeons long reign of terror
forgotten beneath the desert sands.
.until just a few short years ago.
Appearance: Colossi are enormous war machines,
powered by caged elemental forces, which stand
nearly as tall as a barn and weigh ten times as
much. These impressive armored juggernauts are
roughly bipedal, and their clockwork bodies are
plated beneath dense titanium-steel armor traced
with precious metal.

Vast, impossibly complex gear-works are visible

where their limbs join to their torso. A furnace-like
The Colossi were discovered in vast desert tombs. structure along their spines provides the creatures
These ancient and powerful weapons pre-date with motive power. Their hunched backs radiate
the construction of the smaller and more nimble incredible heat, and the clattering goliaths trail
Smokebelcher Men by aeons. The mysterious, oily black smoke. Pressure valves and steam-vents
somber, long-buried construct soldiers are the first built into their barrel chest and backs belch dangerously
and eldest children of Draksmoke.
hot steam to regulate their internal fires.

Player Species: The Colossi

Colossi are built purely as warriors, and their design

reflects this simple fact. Their armored bodies are
Large Psuedo-Construct
studded with spikes and weapons. Colossi faces
are barely that- they resemble knights helms and
The Colossi were created uncounted millennia impassive war masks more than anything found
ago, and were thought lost for all time. Their in nature. Colossi are an ugly, terrifying sight on
reappearance comes as a shock to the races of the battlefield, and no attempt has been made to
men, but would not shock their ancient, proto- beautify these ancient war machines.
human builders. After all, the Colossi were built
to survive against all odds.
Reproduction: Colossi do not reproduce, and the secrets
of their creation are lost forever. Most of todays Colossi
A vast, nearly numberless horde of Colossi slept were awakened from a single cache. Several
beneath a blasted desert, forgotten for millennia. thousand Colossi were found beneath the first GearThe city-state that designed and built the ape-like work Empire ruin in the great desert, though only
clockwork monsters fell long ago, slaughtered to a few hundred have been awakened by archeologists and
the last child by the very terror they created the scholars. The activation keys for uncounted others
Colossi to defeat. The mechanical army never had were permanently lost, and many more Colossi were
the chance to test itself on the battlefield, because simply destroyed by the ravages of time. Though
the controller-generals who knew the activation most Colossi share a single origin-site, its believed
Wyrds died with the arcane syllables unspoken that many more Colossi hangers exist deep beneath
on their lips.
the world, just waiting to be discovered.


Lands: Colossi have no lands of their own- their

kingdoms fell before the dawn of recorded history.
Colossi have tried (with limited success) to integrate
themselves into humanoid society. They spend the
majority of their time among humanity, an ingenious,
brave little race that reminds them of their
long-extinct masters. Colossi are a rare sight in
civilized human lands, but are slightly more common
in the far deserts near their birth-place.

Relations: Colossi courage and skill is respected

by most of the thinking races. They are on decent
terms with men, Elves and Dwarves, all of whom
are fascinated by these hulking mechanical relics
of a long-lost culture. Colossi are fascinated by
Smokebelcher Men, and wonder if the little
humans somehow stole or discovered the secrets
of their own creation. Colossi often adopt Smokebelchers as little brothers, journeying the world
with their bio-mechanical cousins.


Alignment: Colossi are designed to kill a single

creature of great evil, but that does not necessarily
mean they are good themselves. Most Colossi are
dispassionate and pragmatic. The average NPC
Colossi is probably some breed of Neutral, with
Neutral Good being a fairly common alignment.
Adventuring Colossi may be any alignment they wish.

Colossi are incredibly strong and extremely hard

to kill. Enemies would have better luck chipping
away at a castle battlement with a dagger than
attacking a Colossi. However, they are clumsy,
bulky and extremely temperamental.

Adventurers: Colossi have no lands, no social

obligations and no reason to remain tied to their
great, ruined cities. They journey the world in
search of knowledge and in hopes of finding
others of their kind. Many Colossi seek rumors of
their ancient foes passage, following the great
devourers black trail until they are strong enough
to confront the hated Trrasque directly.

Pseudo-Construct Life-form(EX): The Colossi

have souls, and are considered living beings,
but are a form of life unlike any other in the
realms. In many respects, Colossi are similar to
constructs and are as durable and hard to
destroy as most golems.

Names: Their culture is lost and forgotten, and so

Colossi have been forced to create a new culture.
Their names are simple constructions, involving a
noun (usually a kind of weapon or military term)
and an adjective.
Example Names: Swift Axe, Redsword, Greenshield,
Black Siege, Goldknife, Oak Hammer, Brave Blade,
Goldmace, Nimble Feint

Enhanced Senses: All Colossi have low-light vision.

As pseudo-constructs, the Colossi are immune to

ability drain, death effects, necromantic effects,
poison, suffocation, fatigue, exhaustion, disease,
effects that cause the sickened condition and energy
drain. They are immune to spell effects that
specifically target living beings unless such
effects also affect objects. Colossi have no need to
breathe, eat or drink. The creature can still
benefit from consumable spells and magic items
like potions or heroes feast.

Colossi may be destroyed by spells that specifically

Languages: Colossi have learned to speak target metal objects or constructs. Rusting grasp
Common (poorly). They are not creatures of deals 2d6 points of damage to a Colossi on a successful
this era, and unfortunately cannot select bonus touch attack. Heat metal inflicts 1d6 points of damage
languages based on high INT. If they receive per round to the Colossi. Any spell that can transmute
a bonus language selection from their chosen metal, stone or gems can affect an Colossi. A Colossi
class, they may select it normally.
may make a FORT or REF save as appropriate to
resist these effects.

Colossi Racial Traits

Colossi are vulnerable to critical hits, as well as

Size and Type: As Large Psuedo-constructs, stunning and non-lethal damage. The robotic creatures
Colossi receive a +4 size bonus on their still have vital organs and weak spots, even if
Combat Maneuver Bonus, but suffer a they are clusters of gears, pneumatic tubing and
-1 size penalty to their Armor Class and a pistons, rather than blood, guts and bones.
-4 size penalty on Stealth checks. As
Psuedo-constructs, they are immune to a Colossi are vulnerable to mind-influencing
effects and spells.
wide variety of physical harm.
A Colossis base land speed is 30 ft,
but the hulking mechanoid is not slowed
by encumbrance and can carry incredible
burdens with ease.

Colossi require sleep like any other living being,

and they do dream. During sleep periods, Colossi
update their daily programming, and meditate on
their current circumstances. Colossi spell casters
require 8 hours of sleep or rest to recover spells.

Ability Score Modifiers: +4 STR, +2 CON, -2 DEX, -2 CHA.


The Colossi derives its Hit Dice, base attack

bonus, saves and skill point from the class it
selects, not from its type. An Colossi cannot
repair damage naturally, or recover hit point
through an application of the Heal skill. A
craftsman can use the Craft skill to repair a
damaged Colossi. Colossi can benefit from
magical healing and healing potions.
When the Colossi is reduced to 0 hit points, it is
destroyed, not disabled.

Dense Plating (EX): Colossi are protected by thick

steel armor plating, which is several inches deep
over their torso. This dense plating provides the
construct with a +8 equipment bonus to Armor
Class, and is considered to be Heavy Armor for
determining how it interacts with spell casting.
Colossi cannot wear additional armor. The Colossi
is proficient with shields, including tower shields.
A Colossis bolted-on armor is considered masterwork quality Draksmoke full plate. The Colossis
armor may be enchanted, but the Colossi must be
present for the entire magic crafting process.

Death Throes (EX): A Colossi that is destroyed

erupts into a gout of flame and molten metal.
Every creature and object within 30 ft of the Giant Killer (EX): Every facet of the Colossis
goliath when it is destroyed suffers 6d6 points design is intended to help the construct in its
of fire damage (REF DC 15 half damage).
singular mission- to slay the nearly immortal
Tarrasque. The Colossi cannot be affected by critical hits
Like everything else about the Colossi, these caused by the fearsome Tarrasque; all such hits are
death throes are designed to kill the Tarrasque. If turned into normal wounds instead.
a Colossi falls and detonates near the Tarrasque,
and the creature is slain within 6 rounds of the Likewise, the Tarrasques digestive juices inflict no
explosion, a wish is not necessary to keep the harm on a swallowed Colossi. Scholars speculate
creature down. Effectively, the sacrificed Colossis the Colossi are designed to cut the heart out of the
life energies take the place of the final wish spell Tarrasque from the inside.
needed to permanently slay the monster. A Colossi
who dies fulfilling its races great singular Colossi are immune to the Tarrasques frightful
purpose cannot be raised or resurrected.
presence ability.
Furnace Heart (EX): Colossi are powered by great
engine-furnaces fired by trapped elemental energy.
They radiate incredible heat, belch vast clouds of
black smoke and are as noisy as a blacksmiths
shop working at full speed. Colossi suffer a -10
racial penalty on Stealth checks, and most never
even bother trying to hide their presence.

These immunities are specific to the Tarrasque,

and have no effect on similar creatures. For example,
a Colossi swallowed by an ancient dragon has no
special immunity towards its stomach acids.

Favored Class: Ranger. Colossi are drawn to the

hunters path, and many select their favored
enemy with an eye towards e ve n t u a l l y
Slam (EX): A Colossis enormous fists give it a natural bringing down their gargantuan nemesis. Others
slam attack with inflicts 2d6 points of bludgeoning simply enjoy bringing down less singular, but no
damage. A Colossi is always considered armed less dangerous big game such as ancient
and proficient with it slam attack.
dragons, remorhaz, demi-gods, titans, and other
massive, hard-to-kill threats.
At the players option, the Colossis design
can incorporate a bladed weapon, such as a Level Adjustment: +3. Colossi are incredibly
sword-hand or claws. In this case, the Colossis powerful, and gain levels much more slowly than
slam attack inflicts slashing damage instead. In meat races. These behemoths are strong, fearless
all other respects, this ability functions normally. and geared for high level play with a specific
Once chosen, this decision cannot be altered endgame (slaughter the Tarrasque!) in mind.
after character creation.


A Gunfire Goblins skull is short and rat-like.

They have toothy maws with elongated, sharpened
canines. Like many other goblin-kin, the Gunfire
Small Humanoid
Goblins have long, floppy ears which are surprisingly
Gunfire Goblins are one of the many sub-races of expressive and used to convey emotion. A Gunfire
the fecund and mutation-prone goblin species. Goblins eyes are a shocking orange or yellow against
These vicious and cunning little humanoids have their dingy skin.
risen to prominence, especially in the north,
in the frost-tinged forests surrounding Gunfire Goblins have a greater sense of individuality
Schendenwatt and Fort Hathrix-Mars. They survive and personal style than other goblinoids. These
through theft and cunning, and have developed little beasts decorate their faces and bodies with
a new, unique culture based around the firearms brilliant war paint in a rainbow of colors, and
they scavenge from battlefields and steal from the decorate their armor and equipment with fetishes
and trinkets, as well as interesting trophies taken
Forts gnome armorers.
from fallen enemies. These creatures are
Gunfire Goblins are as feral and secretive as an fascinated with gunpowder, explosives and
alley rat. Like rats, they prefer to travel in packs, firearms, and hold an almost religious devotion to
overwhelming their enemies with swarm tactics, these destructive, flamboyant weapons.
well laid ambushes and overwhelming firepower.
Like all of their kind, Gunfire Goblins loathe a fair If a Gunfire Goblin can buy or steal such a fine
fight- to these little brigands, the best wars are weapon, he will carry it everywhere, never letting
waged one-sidedly, with enemies cut down from his beloved gun out of his sight for an instant, and
hundreds of yards away or savaged by traps before fighting to the death to protect it. Even if a Gunfire
Goblin has a revolver or flintlock, he will use it,
they even see the goblinoids.
even if he possesses better, more efficient weapons.
Appearance: Gunfire Goblins stand roughly as
tall as a human toddler, but are lithe, powerful Reproduction: Gunfire Goblins are an exceptionally
combatants despite their diminutive size. The fertile race, like all goblin-kind. Goblin pregnancies
little humanoids have pebbly, grayish-black skin; last just under five months, and usually results in
long white birthmarks cover their body, resembling a litter of up to 20 tiny gobos. Of course, infant
dried riverbeds running across a blasted landscape. mortality is crushingly high, with fewer than 1/4th
of all Goblin infants surviving their first year.
Gunfire Goblins stink of sulfur and phosphorous.
Goblins are fertile year round, and though they
can enjoy sex for pleasure, it is not a priority
for the race.

Player Species: Gunfire Goblins

Alignment: Gunfire Goblins have a strongly individualistic

bent, with major tribal decisions being handled by
a quick, informal system of ballots. Like all Goblins,
the Gunfires have a strong selfish, sadistic and
expansionistic streak. The average Gunfire Goblin
NPC is likely Chaotic Evil, but PC Gunfire Goblins
can display any alignment.
Lands: Gunfire Goblins control little territory of
their own, instead subsisting as scavengers in other
races lands. They can be found in the wintershrouded forests to the far North, and are a common
sight in some of the great Northern cities, living among
the teeming millions in overcrowded urban slums.


Religion: Gunfire Goblins worship the many

gods of Goblin-kind, and several Gunfire
Goblin warlords pay regular tribute to the
OrcFather. The Gunfire Goblins practice a
kind of animism, believing all things have a
spirit that must be appeased, especially the
guns they revere as holy objects. Many Gunfires
worship Clicsha, Lady of the Hammers, and
most Gunfire clerics select the Gunfire domain.

(gunsmith) and Craft (alchemy) checks. These

little humanoids are the genius inventors of the
Goblin race.
Gunfire Goblins have a long-standing hatred of
gnomes and dwarves, and unlike others of their
race, they have enough courage and skill to fight
back effectively against their tormenters. Gunfire
Goblins receive a +1 racial bonus on attack rolls
made against Gnomes and Dwarves.

Language: Gunfire Goblins speak Goblin and

Common. Bonus languages for the fierce little Gunfire Goblins are proficient with all firearms
humanoids include Orc, Draconic, Undercommon (including futuristic firearms, such as submachine
and Dwarven.
guns, automatic weapons and even advanced
firearms like rail guns, if your campaign includes
Names: Gunfire Goblins use short, clipped names. them). Gunfire Goblins have an instinctive
Like most other Goblins, Gunfire names are comfort and familiarity with these weapons.
usually only 2-3 syllables long, at most, and are Gunfire Goblins receive a +1 racial bonus on
separated by clicking and stuttering sounds.
damage rolls with any firearm; these little
gunslingers have an instinctive knack for putting
Example Names: Rheenik, Saethos, Kanvarr
shots into some very uncomfortable places.

Gunfire Goblin Racial Traits

Size: Gunfire Goblins are Small Humanoids, receiving a
+1 size bonus to their attack rolls and Armor Class,
a +4 size bonus on Hide checks, but suffering a 4
size penalty on grapple checks. As small creatures,
they use smaller weapons than their medium
counterparts and their lifting and carrying limits
are those of a Medium creature.
A Gunfire Goblin has a base land speed of 30 ft.
The average Gunfire Goblin stands around two
and a half feet tall and weighs in the neighborhood of fifty pounds.

Favored Class: Rouge. Gunfire Goblins excel as

ambushers, brigands and cutpurses. A fair fight is
a stupid and suicidal fight, the way they see it.
They prefer to wait in ambush, or at the very least
to stack the odds in their favor via overwhelming
numbers, or choosing better ground from which
to fight. Unlike other species of Goblin, they are
not overly frightened of larger races like Orcs and
Humans; thanks to the equalizing presence of the
many firearms they carry. It is not uncommon to
see a group of Gunfire Goblins embedded within
an Orc raiding party or a mixed race band of Brigands.

When the time comes to split the spoils, Gunfire

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 STR, -2 WIS. Goblins have shown themselves ready to claim
Gunfire Goblins are small but healthy for their their fair share from those that would discount
size, and as agile and light on their feet as an alley cat. them due to their size and treat them like their
They lack will power and common sense, however. Goblin cousins. Many a Brigand or Orc has fallen
to their blasts for underestimating their willingness
Darkvision (EX): Gunfire Goblins can see in the to go to guns over a dispute.
dark up to 60 ft. Darkvision is black and white
only, but is otherwise like ordinary sight.
Racial Skills: Gunfire Goblins receive a +4 racial
bonus on Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks.
Gunfire Goblins have a knack for mechanics and
chemistry, receiving a +4 racial bonus on Craft


Appearance: A single Smokebelcher Man war-servant

is a feat of techno-magical engineering that represents
month of labor and toil. A Smokebelcher Mans
Medium Pseudo-Construct (Fire)
steel and steam body begins its existence as a
The Smokebelcher Men are a race of man-like masterwork of Draksmoke field plate, cunningly
machines (or machine-like men, depending on articulated with internal pulleys, steam valves and
ones opinion of such things) first assembled in the gearworks, powered by a heavy iron furnace that
smithies of Fort Hathrix-Mars. Their construction never cools. Their faces are fully enclosed helms
is an outgrowth of the same genius that forged flames and wisps of steam and gunsmoke billow
the first repeater, and cast the first bullet. from where their eyes should be.
Their furnace hearts are fueled by Draksmoke,
and in many ways they are the perfect symbol Constructed to serve as artillery in human militaries, their
of the Draksmoke Age. They are a new race, and armored bodies are painted in regimental and heraldic
still have not gained their freedom in all lands. colors. Heavy leather tabards, capable of withstanding
In many places, the soot stained clockworks are the intense heat their steel bodies generate, further
mistaken for true golems, a fact that some of the decorate the constructs. Smokebelcher Men have no need
canniest Smokebelchers have used to their gain, or interest in less military clothing. Smokebelcher Men are
creatures of fire and gunpowder, and have an almost
taking advantage of the low opinions of others.
instinctive love and comfort of the devices. They proudly
carry the carbines and rifles their regiments issue them,
favoring dragon-powder and black-powder weapons
over all others.

Player Species: The Smokebelcher Men

The actual appearance and styling of a Smokebelcher

Mans armored body varies wildly. Young and untested
Smokebelchers are often plain and unadorned. As
they grow in power and experience, not to mention in
the trust of their regimental brothers, they gradually
replace their drab body parts with more elaborately
decorated components. The oldest and most respected
Smokebelcher Men are baroque, gothic champions
blessed with enchanted armor and integral magical
items which make them a match for entire armies!
Reproduction: Smokebelcher Men were first constructed
by the human, dwarven and gnomish techno-mancers
and gunsmiths at Fort Hathrix-Mars. The soul-forges and
mind-anvils necessary to hammer out new Smokebelcher
souls are located only at that well defended northern
garrison. Other nations have tried to duplicate the rituals and
protocols necessary to build a Smokebelcher soldier,
and have even tried dissecting captured constructs,
with only limited success.
Likewise, the Smokebelcher Men cannot create more
of their own race without their masters help. As constructed
weapons, Smokebelchers have no real gender, no
interest in humanoid sexuality, and very
little experience with the concept of love or romance.


Lands: Smokebelcher Men have no kingdoms

or settlements of their own, and live among
the sprawling and human-dominated Andaran
Empire. They are most common to the north,
near their racial birth place and the Imperial
capital city, Schendenwatt.
Relations: Smokebelcher Men have served
humanity loyally since their creation, and get
along decently enough with humanitys allies.
They are on best terms with the Dwarven nations,
who are fascinated by their unique construction.
Smokebelchers are content in their bondage, and
tend to view other constructs as cowardly and
treacherous for their attempts to rebel against
their lawful masters.
Tactical Deployment: Smokebelcher Men are an
elite part of the Andaran Legion. The sheer expense
involved in creating one means the constructs are
naturally rare. A prince or minor duke could field
and equip an entire peasant army for the cost of a
single Smokebelcher. However, the constructs are
incredibly powerful even a young and untried
Smokebelcher is more than a match for a platoon
of unprepared conscript troops. Even better,
Smokebelchers learn as quickly as humans, and
fast become valued battlefield experts. On the
battlefield, Smokebelcher Men are viewed as
extremely mobile, self propelled cannons; and
their fiery breath weapon is used to good effect
by their human masters.
Alignment: Order and military discipline are literally
hammered into a Smokebelcher Man as he is
constructed. Prayers to the ForgeGod and the most
lawful soldier-gods in the human pantheon are
invoked with every stroke of the smiths hammer.
The law-bonds which are laid on a newly forged
Smokebelcher soul prevent disobedience and
rebellion, and this tendency is reinforced during
the constructs early militia training.
The most common alignment among Smokebelcher
soldiers is a pragmatic and professional Lawful
Neutral. All Smokebelcher characters must
maintain a lawful component to their alignment.
A Smokebelcher who wishes to become
non-lawful must first receive an atonement spell,
cast by a non-lawful cleric.

Adventurers: Smokebelcher Men are more

soldiers than they are adventurers. They
serve as bodyguards for royals and guild
masters, accompany elder wizards on dangerous
sojourns, labor in the military and dominate
the battlefield. They are taught to think of
themselves as a part of the whole, and would
lay down their artificial lives to defend
a comrade. Lone Smokebelchers are usually
great heroes who have been awarded freedom
and a grant of land for some great act of
courage, the last survivors of a destroyed unit,
seeking a new cause. Deserters, spies, traitors
and rejects might all take up the life of a
rootless adventurer, rather than face execution
by their own kind.
Names: Smokebelcher Men are given a humanlike first name and are always addressed by
military rank. Long standing tradition prevents
Smokebelchers from raising much higher than Lieutenant
(or Low Duke), though a very, very rare few have
achieved true rank and a few have even risen to
serve in human legislatures as a military
advisor. The constructs are not given true
surnames, though they are often identified with
the month of their construction.
Example Names: Private Thomas February,
Dragoon Haxx November, Sergeant Joss Illmoon,
Musician Tor Reapsun
Languages: Smokebelchers speak Common and
Draconic with a rumbling, crackling voice that
sounds like it is coming from inside a steel
cauldron. The dragon-smoke and spit used to
create the constructs gives them a natural affinity
for the great wyrms and an instinctive mastery of
the language. The constructs may select a human
cultural language, Dwarven, Gnomish and Terran
as bonus languages.

Smokebelcher Man Racial Traits

Size and Type: As Medium Pseudo-Constructs,
Smokebelcher Men receive no special bonus or
penalty due to their size. A Smokebelcher Mans
base land speed is 20 ft, mostly due to their sheer
weight and bulk.


Ability Score Modifiers: +2 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON,

-2 INT. Smokebelchers are living tanks, able to
bull through fortifications, fight tirelessly for days
on end, and survive incredible hardship and
punishment. However, creating a truly intelligent
corps of fire-breathing constructs was deemed
inadvisable and thus, the Smokebelchers are not
as cunning as human troops.

metal inflicts 1d6 points of damage per round to

the Smokebelcher. Any spell that can transmute
metal, stone or gems can affect a Smokebelcher.
A Smokebelcher Man may make a FORT or REF
save as appropriate to resist these effects.

Smokebelcher are vulnerable to critical hits and

to stunning as well as non-lethal damage. The
robotic creatures still have vital organs and weak
Racial Skills: Smokebelcher Men receive a +2 spots, even if they are red-hot pistons, rattling
racial bonus on Knowledge (history) and Intimidate furnaces and gushing bellows rather than flesh
checks. They are well trained in military history, and and blood organs.
are designed to cow peasant conscripts with a
single smoldering glance.
Smokebelchers are vulnerable to mind-influencing
effects and spells.
A Smokebelcher Man sheds light constantly, from
the shuttered vent-ports built into his soot-stained Smokebelchers require sleep like any other living
armored body. The Smokebelcher Man produces being, and they do dream. During sleep periods,
dim light in a 10 ft radius around his body at all Smokebelcher update their daily programming,
times. This flickering, furnace-like illumination and meditate on their current circumstances.
cannot be suppressed, inflicting a -5 racial penalty Smokebelcher spell casters require 8 hours of
sleep or rest to recover spells.
on Stealth checks.
Racial Feats: Smokebelcher Men are proficient
with all firearms, even exotic firearms. The
gunpowder that gives them life gives them an instinctive mastery of these strange new weapons.

The Smokebelcher derives its Hit Dice, base attack

bonus, saves and skill point from the class it
selects, not from its type. A Smokebelcher cannot repair
damage naturally, or recover hit point through an
application of the Heal skill. A craftsman can use
Pseudo-Construct Life form (EX): The Smokebelcher the Craft skill to repair a damaged Smokebelcher.
Men have souls, and are considered living beings, Smokebelcher can benefit from magical healing
but are a form of life unlike any other in the realms. and healing potions.
In many respects, Smokebelchers are similar to
constructs and are as durable and hard to destroy When the Smokebelcher is reduced to 0 hit points,
as most golems.
it is destroyed, not disabled.
As pseudo-constructs, the Smokebelcher Men are
immune to ability drain, death effects, necromantic
effects, poison, suffocation, fatigue, exhaustion,
disease, effects that cause the sickened condition
and energy drain. They are immune to spell effects
that specifically target living beings unless such
effects also affect objects. Smokebelchers have no
need to breathe, eat or drink. The creature can still
benefit from consumable spells and magic items
like potions or heroes feast.
Smokebelchers may be destroyed by spells that
specifically target metal objects or constructs.
Rusting grasp deals 2d6 points of damage to a
Smokebelcher on a successful touch attack. Heat

Fire Subtype (EX): Smokebelcher Men burn

hot, and bound dragons fire is their lifeblood.
The creature are immune to fire and heat.
As creatures with the fire subtype, they take
double damage from cold, or normal damage
on a successful save.
Quenching (EX): The magical flames that
power and propel the Smokebelcher Man cant
be easily quenched, but they can sputter and
go dim. The Smokebelcher Man is considered
slowed if ever fully immersed in water or any
other liquid. This effect persists for 1d4 rounds
after the construct leaves the water.


Armor Heart (EX): Smokebelchers are constructed

from the salvaged remains of fine old armor. Their
bodies are assembled from bits of field plate,
reinforced with techno-magic and secret smithing
techniques. Smokebelchers are considered to be
wearing a set of masterwork, Draksmoke full
plate. They receive a +8 armor bonus to AC, a
+1 maximum DEX bonus, and have a 35% arcane
spell failure chance.
This armor has the Draksmoke quality. This
armor can be enchanted, but the Smokebelcher must remain present for the entire length
of the ritual. Alternatively, the Smokebelcher
can remove the body part to be enchanted
and leave it in the care of the artisan. This
has no ill effects other than the obvious: a
two handed weapon is useless for a Smokebelcher
busy upgrading his left arm, a headless
Smokebelcher cannot see, hear or speak, a
legless Smokebelcher suffers dramatically
reduced speed. Smokebelchers can remove
virtually any component, even their heads
for repair and replacement, without much
more than minor inconvenience.

Player Species: Sulfursouls

Medium Humanoid
Sulfursouls are the humans of an alternate reality,
just enough like true men to be utterly disturbing.
Sulfursouls are a dark mirror to humanity, both in
form and in psychology. Grimly pragmatic but with a
definitely twisted sense of honor, the strange
looking near-men could easily be the demons of
humanitys darkest legends. Draksmoke conflagrations
bridge the gaps between the Sulfursouls dangerous
World-Caves and Prime Material reality, allowing the
nimble, gutsy rogues to side step into a world
unprepared for them.

Appearance: Sulfursouls might once of been human,

but millennia of divergent evolution in a twisted
subterranean hell-world has wiped away most of the
resemblance. The humanoids are shorter and significantly stockier than Prime Material humanity. Prior to
the annihilation of the Dwarven species on their own
world, the long-beards interbred with humans,
twisting the bloodline forever. Sulfursouls have dingy
grayish skins hidden beneath a thick matt of curly
body hair. Their legs end in thickly furred, monkey
Cannonade (SU): Once per day, the Smokebelcher like prehensile paws. Their feral demeanor and
Man can breathe out a gout of superheated untamed pelt gives them an obviously animalistic appearance.
steam, flame ash, sulfur and gunsmoke vapors. This
breath weapon takes the form of a 10 ft cone Sulfursoul faces are almost human.except when
directly ahead of the construct, and inflicts they snarl. All members of the race have large, jet
3d6 points of fire damage. Creatures caught black eyes designed for low-light hunting. The males
in the blast can attempt a REF Save (DC 12 + of the race wear short, close cropped beards. Sulfurthe Smokebelcher Mans CON Modifier) for souls are known for their unique equipment, favoring
half damage.
unique styles of heavy, geometrically cut armor that
look alien, even if they function much like conventional
Favored Class: Fighter. Smokebelcher Men plate, chain and leather. When heading into battle,
were born on the battlefield and know little Sulfursoul hide their faces behind wood and steel war
else. The disciplined and simple path of the masks carved in ultra stylized grimaces.
soldier appeals to them.
Reproduction: The World-Caves that nurture the
Level Adjustment: +2. Their durable armored race are harsh places, and for all their fecundity and
bodies, devastating breath weapon and cleverness, the Sulfursouls are a dying race. To stave
great strength means the Smokebelcher Men off their eventual extinction, the species gives birth to
are more powerful and gain levels a little bit enormous litters of tiny, underdeveloped younglings.
more slowly than members of the flesh and Sulfursoul mothers carry their young in a belly patch
blood races.
for the first six months of their life, until they are a
little bit better than helpless. The marsupial humanoids
have no set breeding season and enjoy sex for pleasure,
especially among their own kind.


Lands and Relations: The Sulfursouls come from

a world where it all went wrong, where
humanity was forced deep underground. In their
home reality, the Sulfursouls are the favored prey
for the worst the subterranean world. Elves died
out. Dwarves and Orcs died out. Gnomes,
Halflings, every other flowering of humanoid sentience,
wiped away. They are the last survivors, the last
hope for the humanoid phenotype. Twitchy,
paranoid and haunted, their homeworld is a
violent hell-scape. By contrast, the Prime Material
is a pleasant wonderland, one the Sulfursouls are
determined to conquer.

Adventurers: Sulfursouls are lone exiles in our world.

They adventure to survive, because they know no
better way of making a living than killing and audacity.
They adventure to find the rare others of their kind,
and to form bonds of true friendship so far from
their apocalyptic home. They adventure, most of
all, in hopes of merging the dimensions and bringing
their dying populace to safety on the Prime Material
plane; the wishes of the planes current natives be damned!

Names: Sulfursoul naming tradition are somewhat

odd. The embattled humanoids often take the name of
human-faith demons and dark gods, as a
way of appropriating that desperate power for
The only reason the Sulfursouls have not done so themselves, and in hopes of intimidating their
already is the fact of their miniscule numbers and foes. There is no sexual division between Sulfursoul
random, singular appearances. When a Sulfursoul names, and none of the race even bats an eye when
appears out of the flames in our world, he or she is female Sulfursouls are given the names of explicitly
utterly alone, possibly thousands of leagues from a male demons, or vice versa.
kinsman. Still, knowledge of our reality has spread
through the Sulfursoul World-Caves. Each
Sulfursoul who braves the dimensional crossing
(and survives) is determined to tame their new
homeland, and find a way to bridge the
planar gap to allow for a mass migration.
Alignment: Prey doesnt have the
luxury of high morals. Most
Sulfursouls are chaotic
n e u t r a l , b e c a use rigid
adherence to law and tradition
means nothing when life is
so cheap and so fragile that
a 28 year old is considered a
village elder. Sulfursouls are
predators because thats all
theyve ever seen, the only
way they know to survive.
Some of those who survive
for a time in our world learn
a better way, and adventuring
Sulfursouls might claim any
conceivable alignment. They
view most of the Lawful
alignments as a quaint
luxury that their species can
ill afford.


Surnames are simple honorifics based upon the

kind of fearsome creature the Sulfursoul has slain
before witnesses of his own species. This name can
change multiple times throughout the Sulfursouls
life. Sulfursouls stranded in reality seek out others of
their kind not only to save their race, but to have a
witness for their heroism.

Shielded Species (SU): Sulfursouls are divinely

protected by their last surviving deity, the
bi-gendered Protector of Failures, an idiot
god(dess) that congealed from the slaughter
of the other thinking races, and dedicates his/
her self to protecting nearly extinct species.
Sulfursouls cannot be harmed by any effect
based upon their creature type, such as bane
Example Names: Astarte, Azaroth, Belial, Hast, weapons or a ranger s favored enemy
Lilith, Mammon, Marduk, Set
(humanoid). Divination spells never reveal
the Sulfursouls true creature type, always
Honorific Surnames: Grimlockstrangler, Black- reading as if the Sulfursoul were a member
wyrmmurder, Gorgonslaughter, Medusabane, of the diviners own species.
Abolethgutter, Chokerbreaker
Conflagration Call (SU): Sometimes, the only
Languages: Sulfursouls speak thickly accented hope is to leap into the fire. Truly massive
Common and Terran, peppering both languages Draksmoke explosions (such as the detonation
with Dwarven and Infernal idioms and vocabulary. of an ammunition stockpile, or the destruction
They may choose Abyssal, Infernal, Ignan and of a siege engine using Draksmoke weapons)
Draconic as bonus languages, as those are the only weaken the dimensional barrier between our
reality and the Sulfursouls. When such an
surviving tongues in their home reality.
event occurs, there is a 25% chance that another
1d6 Sulfursoul NPCs will appear within the
Sulfursoul Racial Traits
flames. Those who can survive to reach the
Size and Type: Sulfursoul are Medium Humanoids open air are new colonist-adventurers.

and receive no special bonus or penalty due

to their size. They have a base land speed of
30 ft. Their incredibly strong, prehensile feet
grant them a Climb speed of 20 ft, perfect for
life in the desolate World-Caves.

Bluster and Rage (EX): Sulfursouls compete

fiercely with one another for dominance, because
to show weakness is to invite murder. The
creatures are naturally intimidating, and
their culture rewards those who rule by fear
Ability Score Modifiers: +2 to any single and sadistic strength. For every four ranks
ability score. Like true-born humans, Sulfursouls the Sulfursoul expends on the Intimidate
are a hardy, diverse and hard to exterminate skill, he or she receives a bonus skill rank,
lot. Their resilience and adaptability is the which can be placed into any of the following
only reason their species survived this long. skills: Knowledge (dungoneering, nature, the
planes), Handle Animal, Stealth, Survival or Swim.
Racial Skills: Sulfursouls are naturally
stealthy, even cowardly, because they know Favored Class: Ranger. Sulfursouls are natural
that some foes are just too horrific to fight. hunters, because those who dont hunt either
They receive a +2 racial bonus to Stealth checks. die of starvation or if they are very lucky, are
put out of their misery by their siblings first.
Enhanced Senses: Sulfursouls are adapted Sulfursoul rangers often focus most heavily on
to subterranean life, and possess darkvision exterminating aberrations, and often choose
with a 30 ft range. Though not as keen as the subterranean environments as their favored
senses of their persecutors, their dark adapted fighting terrain. Even in our reality, the lessons
of the World Caves are hard to shake.
eyes have kept the race alive.


Monsters of the World-Caves

The Gunmage Core Class

The Angel of Death gave up his sword. It was melted down in
the last fire that burned in Hell, and from its steel, the Devil
forged a pair of Walker Colt revolvers.

Occasionally, monsters from the Sulfursouls hellish

home world make the journey to the Prime Material
through the fire. These dimensional invaders resemble
the creatures of our reality, but are much more powerful,
and much more evil. The World-Caves creatures consist
of any monster which is active underground.
World-Cave creatures with the aberration type are
especially powerful, and have maximum hit points,
and often have the fiendish, half dragon or abyssal
templates added to empower them further. Other
creatures are usually advanced or dire versions of their
Prime Material equivalent. Everything from the World
Caves probably has class levels, and the alignment
for 99.9% is some form of evil. All creatures from the
World Caves have the Scent special quality and gain
the Track feat as a racial bonus feat. Even the most
benign creatures from those hellish, endless caverns
are man-hunters.

These guns would not misfire, nor would their

hammers fall on empty chambers.
No shot they fired would miss its mark, no wound they gave
would be anything but fatal.

-Garth Ennis, The Saint of Killers

The Gunmage- equal parts Roland of Gilead and

Lara Croft, an unconventional warrior who can
cast spells through the barrel of a revolver, a keen
eyed and steady handed gunfighter capable of
laying waste to an entire platoon through a
combination of gunplay and arcane firepower.
The Gunmage is a gunfighter without equal, a
proud professional warrior who blends a
mastery of the revolver with an innate arcane gift.
The Gunmage doesnt cast spells in a traditional
sense; instead, through an act of will she imbues
her gleaming revolvers with incredible
magical power. Purple and crimson
fire dances down the barrel of
her guns, twining around
h e r tattooed fingers, and when
she pulls the triggers on her
enchanted handguns, almost
anything can happen!

Profile of a Gunmage
Gunmages are elite soldiers, a hereditary caste of
gunfighters who wield impressive revolvers they allow
no social inferiors to touch. The first generation
of Gunmages were trained by the same gnomish gunsmiths who crafted the first revolvers; many of these
early champions were members of Fort Hathrix -Mars
garrison, who first displayed their skills against an
invading hobgoblin army. Many of these early
Gunmages were female, attracted to a new form of
warfare where raw strength didnt matter as much as
precision and accuracy, and upon their retirement, they
passed their guns down to their daughters (and
occasionally, to their sons).


A Gunmage begins her training as a child,

spending months learning how to draw and fire a
pistol, ensuring that every movement is practiced
and familiar before shes trusted with live rounds.
The training is grueling and often intentionally
cruel; neophyte Gunmages are trained to draw
and fire, over and over, and over and over
until their arms tremble and their hands
cramp with the effort.

The Gunmage Core Class

Alignment: Any lawful. Gunmages are disciplined,
and in their own way honorable. They may or may
not obey the laws of the land, but they follow
their own code, and are highly disciplined,
well trained gunslingers.

A Gunmage who ceases to be lawful cannot advance

further in this class, but retains all Gunmage
They are taught to ignore pain and suppress their abilities acquired to date. A Gunmage who
own fear, to kill without hesitation and to never returns to a lawful alignment may once again
miss a shot. A Gunmages early training begins advance in this class.
with the warrior testing her pistols on corpses,
then animals, and finally captured magical beasts Hit Die: d6. Gunmages are lean, precise killing
and even prisoners scheduled for execution. Even machines. They lack the bulk and vigor of frontline
before she undertakes her first adventure, a fighters, but are easily tough enough to survive a
Gunmage has killed men.
glancing gunshot and to return fire without dropping.
Most Gunmages consider their merely-average Hit
Die to be a good incentive to duck.
The Gunmage in the Game
A Gunmage is one of the best ranged combat experts
in the game, and as the gunfighter progresses in level,
she gains an impressive array of abilities for her twin
pistols. Gunmages excel at dealing damage against
single, important adversaries; they arent quite as
good at mowing down huge crowds of minor
opponents. (Thats a job for the team Fighter, after all!)
With a decent selection of skill points and some Roguelike abilities, the Gunmage can make a decent Rogue
in a pinch. Gunmages trade off a Rogues sneak attack
progression and trap finding abilities for an excellent
pair of high damage magic weapons. Of course, like all
weapon specialists, a Gunmage is effectively crippled
if an enemy manages to steal or destroy her pistols.
As a lightly armored, ranged combat expert, a Gunmage
with a low Dexterity score is going to be carrion food
before her first gunfights over. Strength is relatively
unimportant for Gunmages, and members of the
frailer races, such as elves, gnomes and halflings excel
at the gunslingers art, as do women and lightly built
males of all races.
Wisdom is an important attribute for a Gunmage,
since a good Perception check can mean the difference
between survival and early burial, but Constitution
is slightly more important. The more Hit Points a
Gunmage brings to a duel, the better.



Base Attack








Ancestral Guns; Quick Draw; Cold Eye









Speed of the Bullet, Weapon Specialization (ancestral guns)






Ancestral Guns III


Bonus Feat





Colder Eye; Bonus Feat


Ancestral Guns VI









Bonus Feat






Ancestral Guns VIII






Improved Precise Shot






Ancestral Guns IX






Bonus Feat






Ancestral Guns X






Vorpal Guns ; Reaper Caliber


Weapon Focus (ancestral guns) Bonus Feat
Ancestral Guns II; Gun Style I

Ancestral Guns IV; Gun Style II

Evasion; Greater Weapon Focus (ancestral guns)
Ancestral Guns V

Bone Crusher; Greater Weapon Specialization (ancestral guns)

Ancestral Guns VII

Class Skills

Gunmages are proficient with light armor, but not

The Gunmages class skills, and the key ability for with any kind of shield. Gunmages favor light armor
each, are described below:
since heavier armor throws their aim off balance, and
shields are pretty useless for a gunfighter.
Acrobatics (DEX), Climb (STR) , Craft (gunsmithing)
(INT), Diplomacy (CHA), Escape Artist (DEX), Bonus Feat List: At 2nd, 6th, 10th, 14th and 18th
Handle Animal (WIS), Hide (DEX), Intimidate level, the Gunmage receives a bonus feat, which
(CHA), Jump (STR), Knowledge (arcana, history, must be chosen from the following list.
local) (INT), Listen (WIS), Perception (WIS), Ride
(DEX), Speak Language, Sleight of Hand (DEX), Acrobatic, Agile Maneuvers, Combat Expertise,
Stealth (DEX), Survival (WIS), Use Magic Device (CHA) Combat Reflexes, Deadly Aim, Dazzling Display,
Dodge, Far Shot, Full Chambers, Improved Initiative,
Skill Points at Each Level: 4 + INT modifier
Improved Precise Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility,
Mounted Combat, Pin Point Targeting, Point Blank
Class Features
Shot, Precise Shot, Shot on the Run, Rapid Reload,
Stealthy, Skill Focus, Toughness, Thunderous Report,
All of the following are class features of the Gunmage Weapon Finesse
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Gunmages are
proficient with all simple weapons, including
revolvers and flintlock pistols, plus the hand
crossbow, shortbow, rapier and shortsword.

Ancestral Guns (SU): A first level Gunmage receives a

pair of masterwork quality revolvers (either Dwarven,
Elven, Halfer or human style), as well as a pair of
Skinnin Holsters.


These guns are beautifully handcrafted and

ornately decorated, with their butt stock
inscribed with the gunslingers coat of arms,
or the arms of their church or kingdom. Often,
these pricey weapons are family heirlooms,
which have been handed down for decades, and
will be passed to the Gunmages offspring when
they come of age and prove themselves worthy.

Rather than immediately upgrade their ancestral

weapons, a Gunmage may choose not to receive an
immediate upgrade, and instead save the owed
upgrade for a later character level. For example, if
Yuna Daysun, a 5th level Gunmage chooses to do
so, she can elect not to receive an Ancestral Gun
upgrade that level. At 7th level, she could then
either continue holding the upgrade, to purchase
an even more impressive ability at 9th level, or
A Gunmage follows an elaborate code of honor purchase Disrupting for her revolvers, a magical
and conduct concerning his ancestral guns. Each quality with a +2 enhancement price equivalent.
dawn, the Gunmage cleans and oils the pistols.
A Gunmage never uses his guns against an opponent Imbuing a pair of Ancestral Guns with an enhancement
not equal to the attack, and never draws his bonus requires the Gunmage to meditate before
weapons unless he is prepared to use them, nor their guns for at least 8 hours, completely
disassemble, clean and repair their guns, and then
allows another person to handle his weapons.
extensively dry-fire and test fire their new weapons.
A Gunmage who treats his guns caliverly, allows Imbuing the Ancestral Guns requires the
another character to fire the weapons, allows Gunmage to sacrifice rare clockwork components,
another character to repair or reload his guns, exotic metals and strange oils worth at least 500 gp
or uses his weapons in an obviously chaotic manner per Gunmage character level, which binds their
loses all class abilities, including the abilities spirit closely to the guns.
imbued into the Ancestral Guns, for 24 hours.
At an odd numbered level, whenever a Gunmage
A Gunmages ancestral guns gain abilities as the imbues her Ancestral Guns, she may choose to
Gunmage gains experience. If these ancestral reallocate the special qualities she has imbued the
weapons are ever lost or stolen, the Gunmage weapon with. She may remove any single weapon
can replace them with any other masterwork quality and replace it with another quality (or
quality pair of revolvers. Doing so involves an qualities) of equal value. Once an Ancestral Gun
8 hour ceremony, requiring the sacrifice of 2,500 is imbued with an enhancement bonus to attack
gp worth of rare oils, metal polishes, firearms rolls (such as +2, or +3 or so on) that enhancement
components and exotic types of ammunition. bonus cannot be reallocated.
This ceremony can only be performed during
the dark of the moon, during the hours between Quick Draw (EX): A first level Gunmage
sunset and dawn. Once this ceremony is receives Quick Draw as a bonus feat; these
completed, the replacement pair of revolvers skilled gunslingers can pull their guns out of
gains the Ancestral Gun abilities acquired so far their holsters before their opponents can blink.
in the Gunmages progression.
Cold Eye (EX): Gunmages are cold, dispassionate
At 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 15th, 17th and 19th hunters, whose steely, flint-hard eyes miss
level, a Gunmages Ancestral Guns receive either nothing and can scare off the weak. A look from
a +1 enhancement bonus on attack and damage a veteran Gunmage can send a rookie gunfighter
rolls, or a magical weapon quality equivalent running, desperate to escape the all seeing leer of contempt.
in price to a +1 bonus. Both handguns receive
identical bonuses. These bonuses only apply A first level Gunmage receives a +2 bonus on
when the firearms are wielded by their Perception and Intimidate checks. This bonus
rightful owner; in the hands of another increases to +4 at 10th level.
character, the Ancestral Guns are only
masterwork quality revolvers.


Weapon Focus Feat Tree (EX): At 2nd level, the

Gunmage receives Weapon Focus with her ancestral
hand guns. At 4th level, she receives Weapon
Specialization with the guns. At 8th level, she
receives Greater Weapon Focus with her chosen
weapons, and at 12th level she achieves Greater
Weapon Specialization with her chosen hand guns.

Bonecrusher (EX): Properly wielded, your

handguns can sever arms at the elbows, or
blast through the thick bone of a victims
thigh, inflicting massive damage that even
the best healers can never repair.

Starting at 12th level, any time your attack roll

beats your targets Armor Class by 7 points or
The Gunmage is an extremely specialized form of more, you inflict 1d4+1 points of permanent
Fighter, who achieves combat mastery with her STR or DEX drain, at your option.
guns at the same rate as a Fighter achieves absolute
mastery of his chosen weapon.
Improved Precise Shot (EX): At 16th level, the
Gunmage receives Improved Precise Shot as a
Gun Style (EX): A Gunmage must decide which bonus feat, even if she doesnt meet the prefighting style he will adopt; some become deadly, requisites. Gunmages are some of the deadliest
extremely rapid shots with a single pistol, while shots around, and like the challenge of takin
others favor firing away with a revolver in both shots at cravens hiding behind cover.
hands. At 3rd level, the Gunmage selects a combat
style, which is reinforced by additional bonus feats The Gunmage loses the benefit of this feat if
at 7th level.
she is wearing medium or heavy armor. She
may only use this feat while unarmored or
A Gunmage selects either Fanning or Two Weapon lightly armored.
Fighting at 3rd level. A Gunmage who selects
Fanning receives The Shootiest at seventh level; a Vorpal Guns (EX): A twentieth level Gunmage
Gunslinger who chooses Two Weapon Fighting is as lethal as they come; they can fire with
receives Improved Two Weapon Fighting at 7th level. deadly enough accuracy to put a round right
between their targets eyes. The Gunmages
The benefits of this gun-based combat style only Ancestral Guns are imbued with the Vorpal
apply if the Gunmage is wearing light armor or no quality, and completely obliterate a targets
armor. A Gunmage loses access to this ability when head on a critical hit.
wearing or medium or heavy armor.
Unlike conventional Vorpal weapons, which
Speed of the Bullet (EX): A 4th level Gunmage behead the target cleanly, the ballistic damage
becomes as swift and killingly graceful as the inflicted effectively atomizes the victims
bullets she fires. When unarmored or wearing light skull and brain tissue. Some creatures (such
armor, the Gunmages base landspeed is increased as undead or constructs) can survive the
by 10 ft.
loss of their head, but a gunshot wound
to the face puts most adversaries down
Evasion (EX): After surviving hundreds of for the count.
gunfights, against everything from elves to dragons,
Reaper Caliber (SU): A Gunmage has walked
a Gunmage learns to be light on her feet.
closely with Death for 20 levels, and upon
At 8th level and higher, a Gunmage can avoid even reaching 20th level, she becomes death. Any
magical and unusual attacks with great agility. If creature slain by a 20th level Gunmages Ancestral
she makes a successful REF saving throw against Guns is considered to have died of old age,
an attack that normally deals half damage on a regardless of his or her actual age when slain.
successful save, she instead takes no damage. The victim cannot be resurrected or returned
Evasion can be used only if the Gunmage is t o l i f e b y a n y m e a n s , e ve n t h r o u g h s u c h
wearing light armor or no armor. A helpless powerful magic as a wish or miracle.
Gunmage does not gain the benefit of evasion.


Human Gunmage Starting Package

Armor: Leather (+2 AC, Speed 30 ft, 7.5 lbs)
Weapons: pair of revolvers (2d6 ballistic/piercing,
crit 20/x3, 20 ft range increment, 8 lbs each)

Gear: Backpack with water skin, one days trail

rations and water, bedroll, blanket, sack, and flint
and steel. Ten candles, hand candelabra, map
case, tent. Pair of masterwork revolvers with
a skinnin holster.

Gold: 3d6 gold pieces (or 3d4x10 (75 gp) for ala
An Elven Gunmage usually selects a pair of 8 shot carte equipment, excepting revolvers)
Elven Revolver instead (2d4 ballistic/piercing, crit
Standard Appearance: The Gunmage is a slender,
20/x3, 20 ft range, 6.5 lbs each)
well-muscled female warrior in well cared for
leather armor; her clothes are plain and have a
Dagger (1d4 slashing, crit 19-20/x2, l lb)
dull finish, but for practical reasons, not out of
sloppiness. She carries an elaborate, front-less
Skills: Select a Number of trained skills equal to
gun belt low on her hips, additional ammunition
5 + INT Modifier
strapped to her belt and thighs. Her revolvers
the finest quality steel youve ever seen, and
Non human Gunmages select skills equal to 4 +
are etched with her familys coat of arms. She is
INT modifier.
of any race you desire, and either wears her hair
Bold Skills are recommended class skills. Skills on short or keeps it out of her face with a ponytail.
this list receive the +3 bonus for being a trained She might wear a wide rimed leather hat that
skill, if the Gunmage puts at least one skill rank shades her eyes.
into them.
Role-playing Hooks: The Gunmage is serious and
confident. She doesnt pull her pistols at every little
Armor Check
Key Ability
provocation, and is careful to avoid stupid and
pointless conflicts. Shed rather appear cowardly
or overly polite than have to shoot her way out of
trouble. Still, she keeps her hand near the butt of
Craft (Gunsmithing) INT
her guns when the situation gets tense, and
is utterly confident in her ability to kill any man,
Escape Artist
beast or monster stupid enough to raise a weapon
Handle Animal
to her. Her guiding principle is Be nice, be polite,
and have a plan to kill everyone you meet.
Knowledge (Arcana) INT





Sleight of Hand




In the Campaign

House Armiger trains its own Gunmages, cruel

and insufferably arrogant gun fighters prone to
pulling their pistols at the slightest offense. Blessed
Use Magic Device
with the Armigers Mark and Armigers Brand,
they are almost impossible to kill with a revolver,
Feats: Point Blank Shot
a fact that rival gunslingers often learn too late
to matter. House Armigers Gunmages are petty
Dodge if DEX is 13+, if not select Improved Initiative tyrants, who accompany their fathers on trading
voyages, learning how to cow men with either a
Remove this second feat for non-human Gunmages. gun or just with the flashing of a gold coin. They
wield Draksmoke revolvers almost exclusively,
and their guns are handed down from father to
son as House heirlooms.


The dedicated and driven women of Fort HathrixMars invented the gunslingers art and make up
the largest concentration of Gunmages on the continent.
The Eyrines Sisterhood, who use magically enhanced
handguns to protect women, and to wreak
vengeance on rapists and thugs, hail from the fort
as well. The first Eyrines Sisters served with the
Forts garrison, and taught themselves how to kill
with a revolver when the men of the Fort left on a
campaign, and the women left behind were forced
to defend themselves.
The women of Fort Hathrix-Mars learned their
gunfighters lessons well, and in short order, they
became more than just camp followers. They first
supplemented and than supplanted the men as
the Forts defenders. The women of Hathrix-Mars
pass the secrets of the Gunmages path down to
their daughters and granddaughters. The
Sisterhood begins a girls apprenticeship when
she is still a toddler. By the time she reaches her
teen years and is allowed to fire a revolver for the
first time, a young Gunmage has cast thousands of
shells, cleaned and reassembled a hundred guns,
and mixed dozens of kegs of gunpowder. Their
prolonged apprenticeship means they know and
respect guns in a way lesser shooters never do.
Gunmages from the Fort are almost all women;
male Gunmages are a one in a hundred anomaly.
Clichsahs gunfighter Clerics serve alongside the
human, Dwarven and Gnomish women of the
Fort. Despite Clichsahs cruel evil, she is venerated
as a protector of women, even human ones. All
politics and plans of conflict aside, the scattered
bands of Gunfighter Goblins that prowl the forests
outside Fort Hathrix-Mars make good allies for
human Gunmages, and some of the best of the
little grey-skins become Gunmages themselves.

Feats for Gunfighters

The introduction of cased ammunition changed
the way mankind and the near human races
waged war, and forced the development of new
tactics designed to take best advantage of the new
weapons. Firearms introduced a whole new assortment
of feats, spells, and magical effects, and even a few
new monsters.

Armigers Brand (General SU)

You have been taught the secret language of the
guns. The scar on your cheek has seeded Draksmoke
into your veins. When cut, you bleed a pungent
mix of gunpowder and blood; your eyes become
the cold grey of gun steel, and smoke billows
from your eyes and lips when you are angry. Your
closeness with the ancestral weapons of your clan
have made you immune to the worst hits lesser
gunfighters can inflict upon you.
Prerequisite: Armigers Mark, CHA 15+, any
non-good, non-chaotic alignment
Benefit: When confirming a critical hit upon you
with any form of firearm, your opponent must roll
2d20 and take the worse of the two rolls.
Additionally, the gunsmoke clouding your lungs
render you immune to suffocation and hard vacuum,
and grant you a +2 circumstance bonus on FORT
saves made to resist inhalation toxins, and gas
based magical effects.
Drawback: Your smoking mouth and strange eyes
unnerve and startle your social inferiors, but most
Armigers dont consider this a drawback. You suffer
a -2 penalty on CHA based skill checks, except for
Intimidate made against non-Armiger humans.

Armigers Mark (General SU)

You have burned yourself with the barrel of a
Draksmoke revolver, earning a facial scar that is
a badge of honor and symbol of privilege. Your
small burn scar means you are a member of an ancient
and powerful noble family, which controls the gun
trade across whole kingdoms.


Prerequisites: Human or Half Elf Only, CHA 13+, requistes requisites: INT 13+, Craft (gunsmithing)
membership in an Armiger-related family
3 ranks, male human only
Benefit: Your mercantile connections allow you to
purchase firearms and armor with the Draksmoke
quality at a 25% discount, as well as purchasing
gunpowder, conventional ammunition and raw
Draksmoke at the same discount. You are legally
allowed to carry Draksmoke firearms in most
lands, thanks to your familial connections.
Finally, every young Armiger is taught a secret
about the amazing guns their clan forges. They
are taught the secret language of the gun itself,
and have a supernatural bond with all dragontouched guns. Once per day, when attacked with
any Draksmoke firearm, the Armiger can yell out a
strange draconic word as a free action, which causes
the attack to suffer a -20 circumstance penalty.
This ability must be declared prior to the enemys
attack roll being made.

Bombardier (General)

Benefit: When sculpting a firearm, you can declare

you are using traditional Brotherhood crafting
techniques and secrets. By doing so, you may
make the firearm a masterwork quality device
without increasing the cost of raw material or the
time needed to create the item. Effectively, if you
succeed on the DC 20 Craft check to build the
masterwork component, this component is
completed simultaneously with the Craft check to
create the basic weapon.
You must inscribe the Brotherhood crest and other
distinctive symbolism onto the hilt and barrel of
any firearm constructed using this technique.
Finally, a character who selects this feat gains a
rank in a secret language exclusively used by the
Brotherhood. This language is a combination of
cant and trade-jargon, and all Brotherhood business
is conducted in Brogeth. You can speak and are
literate in the coined language Brogeth.

You are skilled at siege warfare, mass battle tactics

and combat engineering.

Special: The clannish Black Brotherhood guards

its secrets carefully. You may never directly sell or
Prerequisites: Knowledge: engineering 1 rank, trade a masterwork quality firearm made in this
fashion to any female or character of orc blood,
Knowledge: history 1 rank, INT 13+
though you can trade the weapons through
Benefit: Each full round action you take to prepare, intermediaries and middle-men. If you violate this
load or aim any siege engine counts as two actions. stricture, or if you teach the Brotherhoods cant to
Additionally, the penalty associated with aiming a outsiders, your Brotherhood membership is revoked,
siege weapon is reduced by 2 if you are associated and you forfeit this feat.
with the loading crew.
Special: A Fighter may select Bombardier as one
of her bonus feats.

Brotherhood Master-Forger (General)

You have been anointed and recognized by your

Brotherhood peers as an elite craftsman, and are
allowed to take an elevated position in the guild.
Brotherhood Initiate (General)
You gain access to the secret tomes of the
You have been inducted into the Black Brotherhood, all written in Brogeth, which hold
Brotherhood, learning the organizations secrets, forge-secrets even the Dwarves havent yet discovered.
allowed entry into its strongholds and earning the
right to mint superior weapons with the guilds Prerequisites: Brotherhood Initiate, Craft (gunstamp upon them. You are legally allowed to wear smithing) 5 ranks
the brooch, tattoo, cloak and hat of the BrotherBenefit: When making a Craft (gunsmithing)
hood, if you so choose.
check, your minimum check result is always 10 +
your INT modifier. Effectively, you always take 10


on these checks, without increasing the time Conflagrant Spell (Metamagic)

necessary to perform the task. You roll a dice to
see if you receive a higher than average result, but a You wield elemental flame and searing planar lightning,
result of 1-9 is treated as a 10.
and woe to any enemy who confronts you carrying vast
amounts of flammable gunpowder.
You may substitute your ranks in Craft (gunsmithing)
for your ranks in Diplomacy and Intimidate when Prerequisite: either Specialized Evoker or
dealing with any character with the Brotherhood Spell Focus (Evocation)
Initiate feat, representing your respected voice
within the guild.
Benefit: When you cast any spell with either the fire or
lightning descriptors that successfully affect a target
carrying gunpowder, Draksmoke, alchemists fire or
Cold Steel Hunter (General)
any other dangerous combustible, the spells numerical
Youve been hunting since you could first fit your effects are maximized. This Metamagic feat does not
hands around a gun, and are comfortable as a change the effective level of the spell.
ranger in the wilderness, and accustomed to having
a gun in your hands.
Dying Shot (General)
Prerequisite: proficient with carbines or muskets,
Survival 1 rank

When critically wounded, you can hold on to life and

consciousness long enough to fire one last vengeful shot.

Benefit: You receive a +2 bonus on Handle Animal

and Survival checks. If you have 10 or more ranks
in either skill, the bonus provided by this feat
is +4 for that skill. You receive a +1 competence
bonus on all attack and damage rolls against
any non-intelligent creatures of the Animal or
Magical Beast type when attacking with any firearm.

Prerequisite: either Half Orc Ferocity racial trait or

Diehard feat

Combat Cover (General)

You can use your enemies as cover, moving
instinctively to place your adversary between you
and any waiting snipers line of fire.
Prerequisites: Combat Reflexes, Dodge
Benefit: All opponents suffer a 8 penalty on
ranged attack rolls made against you when you
are engaged in melee combat against another creature.
The creature you are fighting and the sniper need
not be on the same side, or even be aware of one
another. Thus, any snipers targeting you while
you fight have a greater than normal chance of
striking your opponent.
Your allies do not suffer an increased penalty if
they choose to shoot into melee to aid you.

Benefit: Once per encounter, when you are reduced to

-1 HP or lower by an attack, but not killed outright, you
may make a ranged attack with a firearm you have in
hand as a free action. This rapid shot receives a
circumstance bonus to hit equal to your negative hp
total. For example, if you were at -3 HP, you would
receive a +3 bonus on your free attack roll.

Faith and Bullets (General SU)

You are a gunslinging holy warrior, trained to defend
the weak and free the oppressed with super-humanly
deft gunplay.
Prerequisites: Gunfire clerical domain, any good
alignment, Weapon Focus (any firearm)
Benefit: You choose a specific weapon for which you
have selected the Weapon Focus feat. You attune to
this specific weapon through a day long period
of combat drills, meditation and prayer, imbuing the
chosen weapon with divine power. You may only have
a single anointed weapon at any time; if this weapon
is ever lost or destroyed, the warrior may attune to
another new weapon with a similar day long ritual.


When wielding the anointed gun, you gain a +1

holy bonus on attack and damage rolls when
attacking any creature with an evil alignment, as
well as any animal, magical beast, aberration, undead
or outsider. Your anointed gun is considered a
magical, good weapon for the purpose of overcoming
Damage Reduction.

Prerequisites: must have contracted and recovered

from the Drakchoke disease prior to selecting this
feat, CON 13+

Your strong will and battle prowess makes your

anointed weapons deadlier than normal.

Benefit: A number of times per day equal to three

plus your CON modifier, you can breathe out
impressive gouts of flame. Your flame breath
inflicts 3d6 points of fire damage to everyone within a
10 ft line. Using your mutant breath weapon leaves
you gasping for breath and fatigued for 1 minute
after each use. You may not use your breath weapon
while you are fatigued.

Prerequisite: Faith and Bullets

Fiery Mutation (General SP)

Faith and Firepower (General SU)

Benefit: The holy bonus provided by your Faith

and Bullets feat increases to +3.

The Draksmoke dust contaminating your lungs

has infested your blood. With a roar of agony, you
can call upon its mutagenic powers and become
a pale shadow of the red dragon slaughtered to
Fanning (General)
produce the powder initially. Becoming a dragon
Youve learned to fire a revolver with blinding speed, isnt without risk, because the longer you remain
slamming back the hammer on your revolver the moment in your draconic form, the more inhuman you become.
a round is fired, instantly preparing a new barrel to fire.
Your skill as a gunslinger means you can fire all six of your Prerequisite: Fire Breather, character level 10th
shots in the time it takes a rookie shooter to fire a single shot.
Benefit: Once per day, you may cast Form of the
Prerequisites: DEX 13+, Weapon Focus (revolver) Dragon I as a spell-like ability as cast by a 12th
level wizard. You may use this ability only to
Benefit: You can make multiple attacks with a assume the form of a Medium Red Dragon, and
revolver at the expense of accuracy, similar to a may maintain the transformed state for up to 12 minutes.
Monks ability to launch a flurry of blows. When
taking the full attack option with a revolver in The transformation is not without its danger. For
hand, you may make one extra attack in a round every minute or portion of a minute you spend in
at your highest base attack bonus. However, this dragon form, you suffer 1d4-1 points each of temporary
and all other attacks you make during the round INT and WIS damage. The draconic form is seriously
(as well as attacks of opportunity you make before damaging to your sanity. If you reach 0 in either attribute,
your next turn) suffer a 2 penalty.
you fall into a coma and return to your natural form.
Special: A Fighter may select Fanning as one of his
fighter bonus feats.

Fire Breather (General SU)

An old carnival trick becomes a deadly weapon
when performed on the battlefield, allowing you
to breathe out a gout of superhuman flame. Your
fiery breath is painful to you, almost as painful as
the draksmoke-caused disease which first mutated
you into something almost draconic.

Full Chambers (General SU)

No revolver you carry will ever fall upon empty
chambers. Your passion and dedication to the
gunslinger s path is rewarded with a minor
supernatural talent: you can magically summon
bullets to fill your handguns, as easily and
automatically as you fill your lungs with air.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (Revolver), Weapon
Specialization (Revolver)


Benefit: You bestow the everloaded magical

quality upon any revolver you hold in your
hands. This is a magical quality inherent to
you, not to the weapons, and your guns become
ordinary when wielded by other characters.
This ability creates ordinary, non-magical
ammunition, unless the weapon has a special
quality which enhances its ammunition.
Special: A Fighter may select Full Chambers
as one of her fighter bonus feats.

Gravedigger Guns (General SU)

Youve been trained in anti-undead tactics
and gunplay exorcism. Veteran clerics and
expert gunfighters have taught you techniques
to bring down undead abominations with
your anointed revolvers. You know where to
strike in order to sever the bonds that raised
the dead and your shots will even pierce a
ghostly form.
Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (revolver),
Improved Turning

Gunshot Medicine (Metamagic)

Youve learned to use your guns in a new way. You
can shoot away weakness, snipe disease and injury
down like a hunter bringing down a pheasant,
and can use your bullets to heal, not just destroy.
Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, WIS 13+, Base
Attack Bonus +1
Benefit: As a full round action, you can imbue
one of the rounds in a firearm with mystical energy.
This healing bullet can be imbued with any Touch
range curative or enhancement spell (such as
Bulls Strength), and fired like a normal round.
You may affect any target you successfully hit
with a Ranged Touch attack.
You do not need to specifically prepare a bullet
with a healing or enhancement spell prior to firing
the bullet, nor to specify which spells you wish to
prepare in this manner ahead of time. Casting the
spell in this unusual manner does not increase the
spells level.

You may only imbue spells into a healing bullet

Benefit: When you select this feat, you must that are beneficial or harmless to the target. When
undergo a day long ceremony, involving the you use this ability, a humming lance of golden
sacrifice of 250 gp worth of oils and holy and ivory energy zips from your revolver towards
water, silver dust and anointed candles, as your target.
well as the participation of a divine spellcaster
of your faith. You may anoint one revolver Last Surviving Veteran (General)
or a pair of identical revolvers during this
ceremony. If these revolvers are ever lost or You served in a rifle brigade, and your squad was
destroyed, you may perform the ceremony to cut down to the last man on some distant, long
anoint a new pair of revolvers.
forgotten battlefield. You were the sole survivor of
that blasted, smoke-shrouded field.
When attacking any corporeal undead creature
with your anointed handguns, you may inflict Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +1,
critical hits on those creatures as normal for the Character level first
weapon. When facing incorporeal undead with
your handguns, you may strike the creatures Benefit: Seeing comrades fall hardens your will
normally, though you do not gain the ability to and gives you the rage you need to survive. Anytime
make critical hits against the normally an allied creature within 60 ft of you is reduced
intangible monster.
to 0 HP or less you receive a +1 morale bonus on
WILL Saves and one temporary HP, which remains
Normal: Corporeal undead are not subject for one minute. The bonus provided by this feat
to critical hits and incorporeal creatures take stacks with itself if multiple allies fall during the
half damage from magical weapons.
same encounter.


Miner (General)
Someone has to perform the dangerous task of
mining the salt peter, sulfur and phosphorous
necessary to make gunpowder. Your time in the
mines has hardened you and given you some useful
caver skills.

Benefit: You may choose to activate this feat as a

part of any ranged attack made with a revolver.
The revolver must have at least one physically
empty chamber at the time this feat is attempted.
When you activate this feat, you roll a different
colored D20 at the same time you roll your attack roll.

This different colored D20 roll determines a penalty

Prerequisite: Knowledge (dungeoneering) 1 rank, on the attack roll and bonus to the damage roll.
The penalty is equal to the D20 result, and the
Survival 1 rank
bonus damage is equal to double the D20 result!
Benefit: Your exposure to harsh working conditions The penalty remains in effect until the end of the
gives you a +1 bonus to your FORT Save. You encounter, but the bonus damage applies only on
receive a +2 bonus on Knowledge (dungeoneering) attacks made in this round.
and Survival checks. If you have 10 or more ranks in
either skill, this bonus increases to +4 for that skill. Special: A Fighter may select Revolver Roulette as
one of her bonus feats.
Special: If you have darkvision, its range is increased
by +30 ft thanks to your comfort in low light conditions. Rusting Bullets (General SU)
You have anointed your hands with the stinking
grey ichor of a slain rust monster, and have tattooed
You can etch your enemys name upon a bullet, arcane sigils on your trigger fingers using ink
mixed from the feathery antenna of the creatures.
intending the lead only for one specific target.
Now, like the feared scavenger, you can rust away
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +3, Weapon Focus your enemys guns with a successful hit.
(any firearm)
Prerequisites: Full Chambers, Base Attack Bonus +5
Benefit: As a full round action, you can etch the
name of a specific target, which must be a humanoid, Benefit: A number of times per day equal to 3 +
monstrous humanoid, giant or dragon onto a bullet your WIS modifier, you may imbue a bullet with
or musket ball. You must know the true name of rusting, entropic energies. A target struck by this
the target to use this ability. The inscribed bullet enchanted bullet must succeed at a WILL Save
inflicts an additional dice of damage when used (DC 12 + your WIS modifier). On a failed save, all
against the named target, but is less effective non-magical firearms carried by the target gain
against other targets. The inscribed bullet inflicts the broken quality.
one fewer dice of damage against all other targets.

Name the Bullet (General SU)

Revolver Roulette (General SU)

You are an incredibly quick and flashy gunfighter
and have learned a supernatural gun slinging
technique that emphasizes luck and chance. Leaving
one barrel of your revolver empty, you slap the
barrel hard, spinning. When you pull the trigger,
your shot has a chance of killing even a god outright,
or failing you completely. But fortune favors the fastest.
Prerequisites: Fanning

Snap Shot (General)

Prerequisites: Weapon Focus (any firearm)

Benefit: If you have a loaded firearm ready in your
hand, for which you have weapon specialization,
you may use it to make attacks of opportunity.
Normal: You may not make attack of opportunities
with a ranged weapon.


Slow and Steady Shot (General)

The Shootiest (General)

Let rookie gunfighters worry about who can get Youre one of the fastest guns around, capable of
off a shot the fastest. Youre enough of a veteran using your pistol with blinding speed.
to know that shooters that are hurrying miss, and
you only worry about who shoots last.
Prerequisites: Fanning, Base Attack Bonus +8
Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +5, Precise Shot

Benefit: The penalty for using Fanning is reduced

to 1. You receive an additional attack, at your
Benefit: You receive a +1 dodge bonus to Armor highest base attack bonus when using Fanning.
Class against any opponent who is armed with
any form of firearm and acts higher in the Initiative Special: A Fighter may select The Shootiest as one
order than you. You also receive a +1 competence of his bonus feats.
bonus on ranged attack rolls against adversaries
that meet these requirements, reflecting your intense Strafe (General)
focus during a gunfight.

Smoke Step (General SU)

Your expertise with a rapido enables you to use it

to kill more efficiently.

With the thunderous report of a Draksmoke revolver, you

disappear in a puff of stinking sulfurous smoke
and reappear elsewhere, ready to continue
the battle.

Benefit: When using a rapido set on automatic fire you

can choose to strafe the area, raking fire across a 20 ft x
5 ft line, and inflicting full damage on all creatures in
the target area, unless they make a REF save (DC 15).

Prerequisite: Armigers Mark, Combat Reflexes

Normal: A rapido set to automatic fire normally

affects a 10 by 10 ft area.

Benefit: As a move equivalent action, you disappear

in a puff of smoke and reappear at any open Special: A Fighter may select Strafe as one of her
square you can clearly see within 30 ft. The cloud bonus feats.
of smoke you leave behind quickly expands,
functioning identically to a smokestick dropped Sulfur Senses (General SU)
in the square you just left.
You are better prepared for the dimensional crossing
You may use this ability a number of times per day between your post-apocalyptic world and the new
equal to one plus your CHA modifier (minimum sanctuary dimension found on the Prime Material
twice daily).
Plane. You are the last hope of a dying species for
re-population, conquest and renaissance.

Steely Hide (General)

Prerequisites: Sulfursoul species only, WIS 13+,

Your body has been tempered with Draksmoke character level first
infused resin, hardening your flesh. Your dense
hide now has the gunmetal grey sheen of a well Benefit: You can sense the distance and general direction
polished revolver.
to other Sulfursoul from any where on the same plane.
You receive a +10 racial bonus on Survival checks made
Prerequisite: Natural Armor Bonus +1 or greater, to track other Sulfursouls by mundane means. Finally,
you receive a +2 bonus on all CHA based skill checks
made against other Sulfursouls, and if you do successfully
Benefit: You retain your natural armor bonus to mate with another of your kind, you produce multiple
offspring, all the better to rebuild your species.
AC when attacked with a Draksmoke firearm.


Terrifying Report (General SU)

New Spells

Your guns fire with a terrifying, blood-curdling

thunder that can freeze the weak-willed in their
tracks. Lesser foes scatter at the sound of your
fearsome guns.

Any new technology inevitably creates a magical

response. The following new spells are products
of the age of the gun.

Prerequisites: Intimidate 5 ranks, Point Blank

Shot, Weapon Focus (revolver)


School abjuration Level 4 sorcerer/wizard

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S M (gunpowder & elf blood)
Range Medium (100 ft + 10 ft level)
Duration 1 round/level (D)
Saving Throw WILL negates Spell Resistance No

Benefit: Each time you fire a shot with any revolver,

you generate a scare effect as cast by a sorcerer of
equal total character level. Once a creature successfully
saves against your scare effect, it cannot be affected
by your terrifying gunplay for 24 hours. Your allies This spell creates a shimmering field of crimson force
are immune to the scare effect.
which imposes an arcane peacebond on chemical reactions.
Fire does not burn within the effective radius of the
Special: A Fighter may select Terrifying Report as spell, which is 30 ft + 5 ft per four caster levels. Nor
one of her fighter bonus feats.
will conventional or Draksmoke firearms work in this
warded area. Magical firearms receive a WILL 18 Save
War Refugee (General)
DC to function normally within the area of effect.
You grew up in a war torn land, and learned how
to survive under the noses of the soldiers, beasts
and violent hordes that tore your homeland apart.
You learned to blend in and not be noticed, lest
you be conscripted into service or killed as an
enemy of the crown.

Creatures with a supernatural, spell-like or extraordinary

ability to create fire must succeed at a DC 18 WILL
Save to manifest that ability within the armistice effect
zone. Casting spells with the Fire descriptor requires
a Caster Level check against DC 24 or the spell is lost
without effect.

Prerequisite: Character level first


School necromancy Level 3 sorcerer/wizard, 4 cleric

Benefit: You know how to avoid attracting military Casting Time 1 standard action
attention, and receive a +4 competence bonus on Components V S M (a spent shell casing)
Stealth checks made against anyone with Fighter, Range touch
Paladin, Ranger or Warrior levels.
Duration 1 round/level
Saving Throw WILL negates Spell Resistance Yes
Your familiarity with the sigils and banners
of invading soldiers provides you with a +2 Touching a creature with this minor curse-spell active
competence bonus on Knowledge checks ensures that the victims own weapons will always betray
made to identify flags, coats of arms, unit him. For the duration of the spell, anytime the victim
decorations and similar sigils.
fires any ranged weapon or ranged spell at a target more
than 10 ft away, the projectile or energy beam will curve
around to strike the target. The backfire attack uses the
victims own attack statistics, such as BAB and saving
throw bonus to determine if it hits or affects the victim.
Firing a weapon or spell at an enemy closer than 10 ft
away functions normally, as the spell does not take effect
until the projectile has traveled a set distance.


Clear Jam


School Transmutation Level: Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 1

Casting Time: 1 swift action
Components: V, S
Range Touch
Target 1 jammed firearm
Duration Instantaneous
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance: No

School Transmutation Level 2 sorcerer/wizard, 2 cleric

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S M (a few drops of high quality oil)
Range touch
Duration one round per two levels (D)
Saving Throw WILL negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance No

Any barrel jams in the target firearm are cleared.

The firearm is loaded and ready to be fired.
This spell has no effect on a weapon that is not
jammed (see the jammed optional rule or the
spell Rifle Jam).

When you touch a firearm after casting this spell, a

dark and iridescent aura spread across the weapons
barrel, looking like oil mixed with water. While the
spell lasts, the enchanted weapon gains the ability
of Automatic Fire.

Executioners Line

School evocation (force) Level 3 sorcerer/wizard

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S M (hair from an execution victim)
Range close (25 ft + 5 ft/two caster levels)
Duration Instant
Saving Throw REF half Spell Resistance Yes

Gun Clan

School Transmutation Level 4 sorcerer/wizard, 5 cleric

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S
Range close 25 ft + 5 ft/two levels
Targets self and up to 4 allies, no two of which can
be more than 10 ft apart.
Duration one round per two levels (D)
Saving Throw none Spell Resistance No

You create a ghostly execution detail, which

take the form of spectral riflemen of your
race and culture. This spell is drawn from the When you cast this spell, azure energy discharges
mythic resonance and unpleasant memories surround the barrel of your gun as well as those of your
of your homeland.
allies. Once the spell is cast, your firearms attacks
become more effective when you concentrate firepower
You create a squad of ten ghostly soldiers, who on a single adversary. You may cast this spell to benefit
promptly take firing positions and fire upon a up to four allies as well as yourself.
target area you designate. The ghostly soldiers
fire into a horizontal line of ten five foot squares Each time any member of the gun clan makes a
directly in front of them. The area where the illusory successful firearms attack against a specific target,
squad appears is considered to be the focal point every member of the gun clan receives a cumulative
of the spell, for the purpose of range finding. The +1 luck bonus to damage rolls inflicted on that target.
squads guns have a maximum range of 30 ft from This ever-climbing combo bonus resets to +0 for
where the squad is standing an no range penalties. every member of the gun clan if any member of
the gun clan successfully attacks another target as
The ghostly squads magical rifles inflict 2d8 + 1 a standard action. Note that members of the gun
point per caster level (max 2d8 +10) points of force clan can make attacks of opportunity without
damage. Creatures in the targeted area can attempt losing this spells bonus.
a REF save for half damage.

Instant Retaliation

Special: If you possess the War Refugee feat, the School transmutation Level sorcerer/wizard 5
ghostly execution squad inflicts an additional 1d8 Casting Time 1 standard action
points of damage.
Components V S, M
(a spent shell casing packed with silver dust)
Range self or touch


Targets self or ally touched

Duration one round per caster level (D)
Saving Throw WILL Negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance No
You imbue the target of this spell with lightning
reflexes and warrior determination. For the duration of the
spell, any time the recipient suffers any amount of
ballistic damage, he or she may instantly retaliate
with a firearms attack in turn, provided the recipient
has a firearm loaded and readied. This attack is
fundamentally similar to an attack of opportunity,
and is made at the recipients full ranged
attack bonus.

Jam Barrel

School Conjuration Level: Rgr 1, Sor/Wiz 1

Components: V, S
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Targets: one firearm or one firearm
carried by target creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: Will negates (object)
Spell Resistance: Yes (object)
Your successful melee touch attack causes a jam
in the targeted firearm. Clearing the jam takes
one full-round action, and any ammunition in
the firearm is lost.

Murder of Crows

School Conjuration (summoning)

Level 2 sorcerer/wizard, 3 cleric
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S M (raven or crow feathers)
Range Touch
Duration one round per level or until discharged,
ravens remain in existence for one minute or until
target is slain
Saving Throw None Spell Resistance No
This spell imbues your bullets with the spirits of
ghostly ravens, who follow your every murderous
command. When a bullet enchanted with this
spell is fired, a flurry of black feathers explodes
from the barrel of the gun, transforming into
1d6+1 ravens. These ravens are identical to the
ordinary animal in the Pathfinder Bestiary.


The ravens act simultaneously on your initiative

count each round. They continue to attack the initial
target of the bullet until either it or they are slain,
or until one minute elapses.

Necrotic Shot

School Necromancy Level 3 sorcerer/wizard

Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V S M
(bone shards or teeth from a human slain by gunfire)
Range touch
Duration one round per level or until discharged
Saving Throw WILL partial Spell Resistance Yes

Target firearm is loaded and can be fired immediately.

It may be fired five times without needing to be
reloaded, and can be fired up to the attackers full
number of attacks each round as part of a full
attack action (provided there are enough shots
Additional castings of this spell do not stack, but
they reset the number of shots left to 5.

This potent bullet-curse is the terror of the battlefield,

and even battle-hardened troops often rout at the
mere rumor that an enemy mage knows this spell.
When this spell is cast, you imbue a bullet with
a powerful necromantic effect. A target struck by
this bullet suffers damage normally, and must
succeed at a WILL Save or suffer an additional
curse. If the target fails this WILL Save, the hit
point damage from the gunshot becomes
permanent loss.
Even if the target successfully saves against
permanent HP loss, the powerful
necromancy of the spell prevents the injury
from healing, either by natural healing or
any effect from the conjuration (healing)
subschool for 24 hours after taking the wound.
A remove curse spell can negate Necrotic
Shot and reverse the HP damage. The
wound will also begin healing normally
after a remove curse is applied.

Readied Pistol

School Conjuration Level: Rgr 2, Sor/Wiz 2

Components: V, S, M (A single musket ball)
Casting Time: 1 standard action
Range: Touch
Targets: one firearm
Duration: 1 hour/level
Saving Throw: None
Spell Resistance: No


Chapter Five
Gods and Monsters

Aokiga often appears as an elderly human woman,

hunched over and leaning on a gnarled oak staff for
support. She dresses in a loose blue and gray sarong,
and her clergy often imitate her. She also appears in
dreams as an old gray crow with vibrant blue talons,
or as an old matron with the head of a grackle.

Chapter Five: Gods and Monsters

The following new deities are appropriate for any

campaign where firearms play a dominant role.
They may be new deities or newly emerged in
their pantheons as the gun entered the collective
unconscious. Conversely, these deities may be as
old as any other deity, who remained hidden and Aokigas holy symbol is a dagger lying on a gray
mysterious until the thinking races proved their pillow. A few sects use a variant symbol instead: a
revolver lying on a gray pillow.
worth by solving the mystery of black powder.

Aokiga, Goddess of the Executed, Brakius Elterlee, The Hammer of Ingenuity

Lady of Mercy
Minor God, Lawful Neutral

Demi-goddess, Neutral Good

Primary Worshipers: gunsmiths and artificers of

all races, some Dwarves, Gunfire Goblins

Primary Worshipers: The dying, physicians,

executioners, some soldiers

Portfolio: invention, innovation, siege warfare,

gunsmithing, tactics

Portfolio: death, disease, mercy and lawful


Domains: Artifice, Gunfire, Knowledge, War

Domains: Death, Healing, Gunfire, Law, Repose

Favored Weapon: Rapidos

Favored Weapon: dagger

Brakius Elterlee teaches his many followers that no

Aokiga is a minor goddess, a divine footnote in the force of history spurs more innovation, forces more
human pantheon. Unlike other death goddesses, societal change, causes more evolution than warfare.
the gentle and unassuming Aokiga does not The lessons learned on the battlefield eventually
concern herself with the souls of her charges, become the lessons of sentience itself. Brakius takes
instead merely working to ensure the physical great glee in pointing to some battlefield invention that
process of death is as swift and painless as possible. eventually improved the quality of life for everyone, soldier
Her temples are tiny, usually little more than a and civilian alike. He can see across multiple realities, and
shadowy, incensed alcove within a larger hospital watches wars in other reality with zealous interest.
or healing temple, and she wants little more.
The jovial little forge-god revels in warfare and conflict,
Her clerics are often physicians, and many of and is never more cheerful when discussing tactics or
her clergy are called upon to perform judicial watching an inventor craft some amazing new weapon.
executions, especially in good and neutral Brakius has a childs joy in innovation, and occasionally
kingdoms, where death by torture is considered forgets wars cost in life in the excitement of some new
far beyond the pale. Her church sees death as an weapons system or cutting edge tactical ploy.
inevitable transition, and teaches that death in the
proper time is not to be feared. Aokigas clergy
practice euthanasia without shame or judgment,
and work to ensure the practice remains legal in
the kingdoms they serve. A plurality of Aokigas
executioner-clerics choose the gunfire domain,
because more than any lesser weapon, the gun has
the power to end life instantly and painlessly.

Brakius might be a Dwarf god gone half mad, or he

may be an especially skilled Gnome deity. No one
(possibly not even Brakius himself) is really sure. He
often appears as a tiny, bearded figure whose body is
encased in amazingly intricate clockwork armor. Tools,
weapons and magical devices grow out of his body.
Brakiuss holy symbol resembles a stylized siege tower.


Duncan Asteron is the divine patron of just warfare,

protection of the weak and the paladins code. A
driven and passionate sky-father, Duncan Asteron
Demi-goddess, Chaotic Evil
has inspired alchemists of noble intent and good
Primary Worshipers: Gunfire Goblins, some assassins, heart with the secret of gunpowder and rifle smithing.
Duncan knows the gun equalizes combat like no
hunters and snipers
other weapon, that the weak no longer must be at
Portfolio: Hunting, assassination, gun fights, politics, the mercy of the strong and cruel if they have a gun
in hand. The first Gunmage Sisters took an oath to
Duncan Asteron to protect their homelands women
and children from all invaders with their hands on
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Gunfire, Trickery
their guns. Dozens of paladin orders and questing
bands consider Duncan Asteron their patron, and
Favored Weapon: Revolver
small roadside shrines to the deity can be found
Clichsah is a new goddess, weak and still struggling across the continent, a testament to his popularity
to ascend to true power in the fiercely Darwinistic goblin among the common folk.
pantheon. According to her myth, she appeared nude
and perfect upon the anvil of the ForgeGod, as He Duncan Asteron is also tasked with setting the stars
hammered out the barrel of the first rifle. Clichsah is in their courses, a task he performs with the
a cunning and deceptive goddess, who uses flattery, same precision as assembling a revolver. Comets are
deception and alliances of convenience to murder her the bullets of heaven, and are a potent omen, and
way to power. She is worshipped by the weak and the the entire night sky in all its glory is imagined in
powerless, and she whispers into their dreams secrets explosive metaphor among his worshipers.
and suggestions on how to become powerful, no matter Astrologers, fortune tellers and sages all venerate
Duncan, as do those rare few planar and
the moral cost.
interplanetary travelers whove managed to escape
Clichsah usually appears as a gray skinned Goblin their birth world, however briefly.
female, though she occasionally manifests as a petite
gray skinned human woman or child. She usually goes Duncan Asteron often appears as an older human or
nude, except for the six revolvers, which she holsters Dwarven male, dressed in heavy leather robes, decorated
into six bloodless wounds running the length of her with gold and silver chain mail. Clouds of disassembled
revolvers, shells and rifles float around him in an endless orbit.

Clichsah, Lady of the Hammers

Clichsahs unholy symbol is a trio of crossed Duncan Asterons holy symbol resembles three
rifle shells arranged in a triangle, constraining a
six pointed star.

Duncan Asteron, Paladin of the Gun,

He Who Sets the Stars

Kelvor, The War Eagle

Greater God, Lawful Good

Greater God, Chaotic Neutral

Primary Worshipers: paladins, gunsmiths, soldiers, Primary Worshipers: human soldiers, mercenaries
and military leaders
astronomers and some spellcasters
Portfolio: just warfare, honor, space and astrology
Domains: Gunfire, Law, Nobility, Sun, War
Favored Weapon: Carbine

Portfolio: Military campaigns, warfare, strength,

courage, change, refugees
Domains: Chaos, Gunfire, Strength, Sun, War
Favored Weapon: Carbine


Clichsah, Lady of the Hammers


Kelvor is known as King of the Unquiet Sky, the

patron of storms, gunfire and the changes that
strife brings. He glories in warfare, in violence
and in courage, and reward his followers for battle
prowess and fanatical courage.

Krazimot sits like a spider at the reality spanning

web of the Monopolist Consortium, a red dragon
ancient and wealthy beyond imagining. The
first and greatest of red dragons, his horde is
the wealth of entire universes, his
p o w e r unimaginable. He touches the dreams
For all Kelvors bluster and arrogance, he is more of mortal gunsmiths in a million worlds with
compassionate than many war gods. Refugees and whispers of Draksmoke, and laughs as his own
widows pray to Kelvor, in the hopes that they will species is cut down, one by one. Krazimot is
find new strength and new opportunities hidden a jealous and fearful god, who has twisted the
in the tragedy. Kelvor doesnt consider himself a skein of the universe simply to ensure his own
god of destruction, but of change, and evolution immortality, his own prominence. If no other
through conflict. Kelvor is also worshiped by military red dragons exist, none can ever rise to battle
men, and is the patron god of many human regiments, for his horde, nor for his position as universal
legions and mercenary companies. For most soldiers, Alpha of dragon kind.
becoming a commissioned officer involves making
a sacrifice and swearing an oath to Kelvor.
For all his power and prestige, Krazimot is
virtually unknown outside his mostly unwitting
Kelvors clergy may be male or female, but only males servants within the Consortium. Only a handful
may ascend to the highest ranks of the church. Male of his servants know the Dragon Kings true
clerics wear braided beards decorated with red and nature. Krazimot has not manifested to
gold ribbons, and female clergy adopt false felt beards mortals in uncounted millennia. Even his
during important occasions. Kelvorite clerics of both most loyal servants in the Consortium have
sexes wear red and gold armor and only donning robes never seen his face, only the dreams the
and vestments for high holy days.
Dragon King sends them. In dreams, Krazimot
appears as a heat shimmer, a forest aflame, or
Kelvor often manifests as a giant champion in a cosmic firestorm.
crimson and golden full plate, with the head of
a great crimson eagle. He and his weapons are Krazimots unholy symbol is a gold coin minted
wreathed in flame. Kelvors holy symbol is a wood with flames, the sigil which is engraved on all
or metal eagle totem, about the size of a mans first coins minted by the Consortium.
finger, or an eagles talon gripping a round shield.

Krazimot, Father of the Contract, Lord

Judge of Trade

The Protector of Failures

Minor God, Neutral
Primary Worshipers: The Sulfursoul species

Greater God, Lawful Evil

Primary Worshipers: members of the Monopolist

Consortium, some planar merchants, some Armiger Portfolio: Protection of threatened species,
preservation of the past
Portfolio: trade, contract law,
Draksmoke weapons industry


the Domains: Animal, Community, Earth, Madness,


Domains: Community, Evil, Genocide, Gunfire,

Law, Rune

Favored Weapon: improvised weapons ( His/Her

clerics gain Catch Off-Guard as a bonus feat,
instead of a new weapon proficiency.)

Favored Weapon: Revolver


The Protector of Failures is the last humanoid

worshiped deity of a blasted, post-apocalyptic
reality where everything on two legs died, except
for a few handfuls of pitiful Sulfursoul survivors.
The hermaphroditic, mad deity is a chaotic
conglomeration of the dying fragments of that
realitys other humanoid gods and goddesses. Its
only agenda is the protection of the last thinking
humanoid species on that world.

blood, which stunk of sulfur. Torqua represents

the Half Orc race ascendant, the next evolutionary
step in Orc history, and wants nothing more than
to see his hybrid people murder their parent races
and dominate the world. Torqua despises both
Humans and Orcs as incomplete, pathetic unfit
to continue existing. Half Orcs are the perfect race;
stronger than a man, smarter than an Orc, more
vicious and disciplined than either.

To that end, the Protector of Failures tampered

with the fundamental nature of reality, manipulating cruel Krazimot into spreading the secret
of Draksmoke. Explosions of this rare substance
form dimensional gates that allow a Sulfursoul
refugee or two to migrate to a new world if
theyre quick and lucky enough to survive. Its a
deception unmatched in the history of the gods,
and no one believed Protector of Failures had it in
himself/herself, the Protector least of all.

A coalition of Orc and Half Orc tribes, calling itself

Torquas Inheritors has begun uniting the species into
an enormous and well disciplined army. The
Inheritors blend the expected Orc savagery and
fearlessness with a mastery of new technology. Their
techno-mages are impressive, almost as skilled as
Gnome artificers. Inheritor inventors were the first
to master the rapido, which they credit to Torquas
direct intervention, and Inheritor warbands have
more of the fearsome Skyshock Orc elite troops
among their number than any other faction. The
The Protector of Failures only appears to Inheritors aim to not only carve out a kingdom of
Sulfursouls. He/she is terrified of other species, their own, but to subject the lesser races under
and even the weakest human or halfling could their rule. They intend to create a world ruled by
conceivably cow the god (dess). He/she appears the Half-Orc nobility by strength creed.
as a bloody patchwork of slaughtered gods, with
a mad grin on his/her composite face.
Torqua appears as a massive Half Orc barbarian
made out of living gold. His tusks are gleaming
Protector of Failures holy symbol is a patchwork adamantine, and his weapons are polished and
childs rag-doll.
oiled to a mirror gloss. Torqua blesses his faithful
with victory in battle and touches the dreams of
Half Orc geniuses with designs for new weapons.
Torqua, The Flesh Ascendant,
At Torquas black urging, the Half Orc race has
Half Orc King
invented the rapido, recovered and re-purposed
ancient Orc artifacts, and is poised for a new and
Demi-God, Neutral Evil
brutal renaissance.
Primary Worshipers: Half Orcs, raiders, mercenary
Torquas unholy symbol is a stylized black
soldiers, criminals
and gold icon which resembles a snarling
Half Orc face.
Portfolio: the Half Orc race, murder, conflict,
power gained through strength
Domains: Evil, Gunfire, Genocide, Strength, War
Favored Weapon: Rapido
Torqua was born when the first Half Orc rape-spawn
bastard screamed his birth cry. He burst from the
immortal body of the Orc Father in a spray of


New Clerical Domain: Genocide

New Clerical Domain: Gunfire

M o r e t h a n m e r e wa r f a r e , yo u s e r ve a
brutal god dedicated to the extinction of
an entire species.

Iconoclast clerics of war gods and death goddesses

occasionally select this bold and violent new
domain, as do clergy who take up the gun to
defend the weak.

Granted Powers: Your primary duty as a cleric

is to slaughter the enemies of your deity as
quickly and efficiently as possible. Your
abilities allow you to cut down your enemies
and punish those stupid enough to try to
attend the fallen.
Ostracizing Touch (SU): As a melee touch
attack, you impose a strange curse on
a creature. For a number of rounds equal to
your cleric level, if the touched creature
touches or is touched by another member of
its species, that secondary creature suffers an
identical amount of energy damage equal
to that suffered by the contagious creature at
the time of the contact, if any. You may use
this ability a number of times per day equal to
3+ your WIS modifier.
Cull the Weak (SU): At 8th level, you can lay
hands upon a weapon, giving it the bane special
weapon quality for a number of rounds equal
to your Cleric level. You choose which type
of bane to bestow upon the weapon at the time
of casting. You may use this ability once per
day at 8th level, and one additional time per
day for every 4 levels beyond 8th.
Genocide Domain Spells

Burning Hands
Stinking Cloud
Black Tentacles
Phantasmal Killer
Creeping Doom
Meteor Swarm

Granted Power: You have an instinctive mastery

of firearms, and make the gun in your hand
even more lethal and accurate. Characters
with the Gunfire domain also gain proficiency
with all simple and martial firearms.
Gunsmoke Blessing (SU): Once per day, as a
free action you may increase the lethality of
any firearm in your hand. Doing so increases
the die type associated with the firearm by
one step. For instance, a Medium revolver,
which normally inflicts 2d6 points of
damage would inflict 2d8 points of damage
while so enhanced. This enhancement lasts
for a number of rounds equal to one plus your
WIS modifier (minimum two rounds). The
effect ends immediately if you lose contact
with the enhanced weapon.
Eye and Hand As One (SU): Once per day,
when you use the true strike spell to enhance
an attack roll with a firearm, doing so is
considered a free action. You gain this
granted ability at 8th level, and may use it
an additional time per day for every four
levels beyond 8th.
Gunfire Domain Spells


Readied Pistol
True Strike
Protection from Arrows/Bullets
Circle of Death
Finger of Death
Horrid Wilting
Power Word: Kill



Armiger Knights are human scale golems,

and a very crude prototype for the technomagically advanced Smokebelcher Men.
These constructs stand roughly seven foot
tall and weigh more than a pair of fully
armored knights. Their bodies resemble a suit
of smoothly polished crimson and silver full
plate. Their carapace-like armor has few decorative
features aside from its vibrant red inlays, and
is intentionally simplified for mass production.

The development of handguns changed history,

changed the way the demi-human races wage
war, and changed the balance of world power
forever. The effects of the gun, of the discovery
of Draksmoke, and of the great wars of conquest
had far more subtle effects though, changing the
magical landscape as well. New monsters and
demons emerged from a transfigured world to
stalk unwary humanity. Weaker races embraced
Armiger Knights are assigned to watch House
the new weapons, and the stronger races grew
Armiger strong boxes, and several of them
even stronger yet.
accompany more powerful Armiger constructs,
such as Drakfire Pythons and Ballistic Golems.
These constructs are programmed with a
rudimentary tactical intelligence, which makes up
(CR 2) 600 XP
for their relatively small size.
N Medium Construct

Armiger Knight

Init +1; Senses Darkvision 60 ft

Aura None
Languages None

Tactical Programming: Each Armiger Knight is

equipped with an excellent quality Draksmoke
revolver, but only the last two barrels of the revolver
are equipped with Draksmoke rounds. If
confronting any humanoid foe in heavy armor, or
AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16 (+1 DEX, +6 natural armor) another construct , the Knight will spin the cylinder (a
hp 2d10+10 (19 hp) DR 5/move equivalent action) before firing to bring up one
Immune Armor is Draksmoke laced, preventing of the two armor piercing rounds, if either remains.
penetration by Draksmoke rounds
Unfortunately, the constructs are not smart enough
Construct Immunities
to pick out dense natural armor. Armiger Knights
Fort +0, Ref +1, Will +1
will always attack a heavily armored character in
preference to more lightly armored attackers, unless
specifically commanded otherwise.
Speed 30 ft
Melee +5 melee (1d10+4 slam)
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
(CR 14) 38,400 XP
Base Atk +1; CMB +5 CMD 16
Atk Options +3 ranged (*2d6+1 ballistic/piercing, Large Construct
Init +0; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
20/x3, 20 ft range increment) See Text
Aura Drakbane Aura 100 ft
Or +5 melee (1d10+4 slam)
Languages None

Ballistic Golem



STR 18 DEX 12 CON - INT - WIS 12 CHA 1

SQ Construct Immunities
Feats none
Skills none

AC 31, touch 9, flat-footed 31 (-1 size, +22 natural armor)

hp 16d10+20 (108 hp); DR 15/adamantine
Immune Armor is Draksmoke laced, preventing
penetration by Draksmoke rounds
Possessions masterwork quality, Draksmoke Construct Immunities, Magic Immunity
revolver, 4 black powder rounds, 2 Draksmoke Resist Electricity 5
Fort +5, Ref +5, Will +5



Speed 30 ft
Melee +23 melee (2d10+11 slam)
Melee Space 10 ft x 10 ft; Reach 10 ft
Base Atk +12; CMB +24 CMD 34 (cannot be tripped)
Atk Options 2 slams +23 melee (2d10+11, plus
Ballistic Slam if both hit same target)
Or 2 cannon shots +12 ranged (4d6 ballistic/piercing,
19-20/x3, 100 ft range increment)
Or Stand And Fire (100 ft radius, 6d6 ballistic/
piercing, REF DC 20 half)



SQ Construct Traits, Drakbane Aura, Draksmoke
Quality Armor
Feats None Skills None Possessions None
Ballistic Golems are fierce war-machines invented
deep within House Armigers secretive forges,
and they are used to protect the Houses interest.
Important caravans are assigned a small fleet of
Ballistic Golem guardians, and House royalty are
accompanied by one of these terrible weapons as
both bodyguard and symbol of wealth. Ballistic Golems
stand nearly as large as a Clydesdale warhorse,
and bristle with weapons. Each Ballistic Golem is
lovingly handcrafted as a tribute to the Armigers
skill, and the weapons are also brutally perfect
display pieces.
Ballistic Golems have impressive Draksmoke carbines
built into their shoulders and haunches, into their
spinal armor, and bristling from beneath their
barrel chest. The quadrupedal golems
h a v e n o recognizable skull. Instead, an assortment of repeater barrels protrude from where its
neck should be. Every inch of the gigantic
construct is sheathed in baroque crimson and
silver armor plate.
Drakbane Aura (EX): The mystic furnace that powers
the Ballistic Golem burns Draksmoke, and specially
designed systems within the clockwork beast are warded
by House Armiger to prevent the unauthorized use of
Draksmoke weapons. When fired within 100 ft of the
golem, Draksmoke quality firearms lose their special
armor penetrating properties. This aura does not affect
the Ballistic Golems own on-board weapons.

Draksmoke Quality Armor (EX): The Ballistic

Golems armor is tempered with Draksmoke,
and Draksmoke weapons do not gain their
special armor penetrating properties when
used against the Golem.
Ballistic Slam (EX): If a Ballistic Golem hits
the same target with both slam attacks, it
immediately makes a single ranged attack
against the target, which does not provoke
attacks of opportunity.
Stand and Fire (EX): Instead of taking a
conventional attack, the Ballistic Golem can
hunker down and fire every single gun on its
body, a withering barrage that can slaughter
whole regiments. Every creature within a
targeted 50 x 50 ft square suffers 6d6 points
of ballistic damage (REF DC 20 Half ).
Unleashing this barrage is a full round action
for the Ballistic Golem, and it cannot move,
not even to take a 5 ft step, while preparing
for the barrage. The Ballistic Golem can unleash
one barrage every minute (10 rounds).
Immunity to Magic (EX): A Ballistic Golem is
immune to any spell or spell-like ability that
allows spell resistance. In addition, certain spells
and effects function differently against the
creature, as noted below.
The Jam Chamber spell slows a Ballistic
Golem for 3 rounds with no saving throw.
Administering a Readied Pistol spell to the
Ballistic Golem restores 1 HP and breaks any
slow effect the creature is currently suffering from.
A Ballistic Golem is affected normally by
rust attacks, such as that of a rust monster
or a rusting grasp spell.


Draksmoke Quality Armor (EX): The Drakfire

Pythons armor is tempered with Draksmoke, and
Draksmoke weapons do not gain their special
armor penetrating properties when used against
the Python.

Drakfire Python

(CR 5) 1,600 XP
N Medium Construct
Init +4; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
Aura None
Languages None

Improved Grab (EX): A Drakfire Python has the

Improved Grab quality, which allows it to attempt
to grapple any opponent it strikes with its
tail slam as a free action without provoking
attacks of opportunity.


AC 26, touch 14, flat-footed 22 (+4 DEX, +12 natural armor)

hp 8d10+10 (54 hp); DR 5/adamantine
Immune Armor is Draksmoke laced, preventing
penetration by Draksmoke rounds
Construct Immunities, Fire
Resist Cold 5
Fort +2, Ref +6, Will +2


Constrict (EX): A Drakfire Python that maintains a

hold on a creature of Medium size or smaller deals
its base slam damage each round automatically. The
Drakfire Python receives a +4 bonus to its CMB
due to its specialized construction.

Speed 40 ft
Melee +9 melee (1d8+3 tail slam)
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft; Reach 10ft
Base Atk +6; CMB +13 CMD 23 (cannot be tripped)
Atk Options +9 melee (1d8+3 tail slam plus Improved Grab)
Or +10 ranged (2d8 fire plus 1d4 CON and CHA
damage, DC 16 negates)



SQ Construct Traits, Constrict
Feats None Skills None Possessions None

Fiery Venom (EX): The furnace at the heart of the

Drakfire Python allows it to breathe flame. Those
struck by the flaming bolus suffer 2d8 points of
fire damage, and must succeed on a DC 16 FORT
Save or suffer 1d4 points each of CON and CHA
damage from the horrific burns.

Executioner Wolves

(CR 5) 1,600 XP
LE Medium Aberration
Init +2; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
Aura Hemorrhage Zone (all dying creatures within
60 ft lose 1d4 HP per round)
Languages None

Drakfire Pythons are lesser construct-protectors

designed and built by House Armiger. These clockwork serpents guard less minor caravans, protect Defense
the unwanted third sons and lesser daughters of the AC 16, touch 12, flat-footed 14
House and guard tills and money boxes of less hp 6d8+12(39 hp); DR 5/+1
prosperous Armiger trading posts.
Immune Ballistic / Piercing Damage
Resist Fire 10
Drakfire Pythons are have segmented, snake-like bodies Fort +4, Ref +7, Will +4
that are more than 12 ft long when fully uncoiled.
Each armored body segment is cut and shaped to fit
perfectly in place alongside other armored plates,
Speed 40 ft
giving the construct comprehensive protection withMelee +8 melee (1d6+4 claw)
out sacrificing mobility. Its body glows furnace hot,
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft; Reach 5 ft
and steam hisses from vents on the underbelly. In
Base Atk +4; CMB +8 CMD 21
place of a true head, a simply sculpted cannon-like
Atk Options 2 claws +8 melee (1d6+4 claw) or bite
maw at the fore end of the construct allows it to belch
4 melee (1d6+2 bite);
deadly flames. The construct is usually sculpted in
Rake (1d8+4) or + 6 ranged (2d8 ballistic/piercing)
the silver and crimson colors of House Armiger.


Gunsmoke Elementals


STR 18 DEX 16 CON 14 INT 4 WIS 15 CHA 7

SQ Hemorrhage Zone, Improved Grab, Pounce, Rake
Feats Point Blank Shot, Rapid Shot
Skills Perception +6, Stealth +12
Possessions None
Executioner Wolves are scavengers, roaming the gun
smoke shrouded battlefields to feast upon the dead
and dying. They are attracted to carnage and gun
violence; appearing out of the mist, these canine
horrors are an eerie sight as they silently feast upon
fallen musketeers and militiamen. Unlike true wolves,
these creatures hunt and kill in absolute silence, never
howling, crying or yelping, even if they are slain.
An Executioner Wolf resembles a massive canine,
with skin the gnarled black of burned flesh. Their
hides are studded with gleaming shell casings and
spent rounds. An Executioner Wolfs eyes are the
dingy crimson of dried blood. The monster stinks of
gunpowder, and drips trace amounts of old blood
and lubricating oil.
Executioner Wolves hunt like mortal canines, but they
can also open its mouth in a fierce and silent roar, firing
a single, deadly gunshot. This gunshot, like everything
else about the canine, occurs in utter silence.
Hemorrhage Zone (SU): The Execution Wolf radiates
an aura of death, entropy and pain. Wounds suffered
in the creatures presence are often fatal. All creatures,
including allied creatures, within 60 ft of the Execution
Wolf lose 1d4 additional HP per round until the wolf
is slain or they move out of the zone.

(CR 10) 9,600 XP

CE Huge Elemental
Init +0; Senses Darkvision 60 ft, Scent
Aura Ignition Zone 60 ft (DC 18 WILL or catch fire
if carrying combustibles)
Cordite Suffocation 10 ft (area is anaerobic)
Languages Ignan and Terran


AC 20, touch 8, flat-footed 20(-2 size, +12 natural armor)

hp 12d8+60 (114 hp); DR 5/+1
Immune Ballistic/ Piercing, Fire
Fort +9, Ref +8, Will +7


Speed 50 ft Fly 50 ft (average)

Melee +16 melee (slam, 2d7+7 bludgeoning)
Melee Space 15 ft x 15 ft; Reach 10 ft
Base Atk +9; CMB +18 CMD 28
Atk Options 2 slams, +16 melee (2d6+7 bludgeoning)
Or Ballistic Betrayal (take control of a held gun
within 100 ft, WILL DC 18 negates, damaged
based upon the weapon)
Usually: Cleaves as often as possible


STR 25 DEX 11 CON 20 INT 8 WIS 16 CHA 10

+7 +0 +5 -1 +3 +0
SQ Ballistic Immunity, Fire Immunity, Cordite
Suffocation and Ignition Zone
Feats Power Attack, Cleave, Great Cleave
Skills Fly +12, Stealth +9
Possessions none

Improved Grab (Ex): To use this ability, an Execution

Wolf must hit with a claw or bite attack. It can then
attempt to start a grapple as a free action without
provoking an attack of opportunity. If it wins the
grapple check, it establishes a hold and can rake.

Gunsmoke Elementals are whirling masses

of spent shell casings and stinking cordite
maintaining a roughly humanoid shape by
sheer force of malicious will. Standing larger
than a man by half again, their every step
sounds like the volley of dozens of rifles.
Pounce (Ex): If an Execution Wolf charges a foe, it can
Their faces are like an insane parody of a
make a full attack, including two rake attacks.
humanoid skull, composed of revolver
components, and their eye sockets burn with
Rake (Ex): An Execution Wolf who hits with both
a dangerous red flame.
claw attacks bites deeply into flesh, shredding muscle
and bone. A rake attack automatically inflicts an
additional 1d8 points of damage.


Gunsmoke Elementals are creatures of pure

undirected chaos and evil. They enjoy nothing
more than violence, especially enjoying the
murder of soldiers and watchmen. Anyone who
carries a gun is fair game to their elemental
depredations. They destroy for no other reason
than their belief that gunpowder only has one
universal end: the destruction of all flesh-life,
either by burning or by ballistic trauma. The
creatures experience great pleasure when absorbing
the guns and powder stores of fallen victims into
their ever-shifting body mass.

firearms owner can attempt a DC 18 WILL save to

resist the effect. If the guns wielder fails the save,
the Gunsmoke Elemental can take command of the
firearm and direct it to fire at any visible target the
Elemental chooses. The Gunsmoke Elemental uses
its own BAB to make this attack and range penalties
(if any) are calculated according to the position of
the weapon, not the Elemental. Damage is based
upon the weapons normal damage.
The Gunsmoke Elemental automatically confirms
critical threats made when attacking in this manner.

Ignition Zone (SU): Gunsmoke Elementals lust

after explosions. Any creature coming within 60 ft
of the creature while carrying any amount of
gunpowder, Draksmoke, alchemists fire or
other combustible, must succeed at a DC 18
WILL Save or suffer 2d6 points of fire damage
per each combustible item on their person.
Rounds in the same bandolier or clip are
considered to be one item, but individual
potions, flasks of alchemists fire and
powder-horns are not. Each item must
succeed at a DC 18 FORT save or be
destroyed by this magical ignition.
Cordite Suffocation (EX): The thick clouds
of cordite comprising the elementals mass
displace oxygen, and the fumes from the
creature can kill nearby life forms. The
area within a 10 ft radius of the
Gunsmoke Elemental is a de-oxygenated
environment. Non-magical flame sputters out,
and creatures must hold their breath or
risk suffocation if brought within 10 ft
of the elemental.
Ballistic Betrayal (SU): The Gunsmoke
Elemental can take control of nearby
handguns as a standard action, and
loves nothing better than the shock
and betrayal on a soldiers face
when a trusted comrade shoots
him in the back.
As a standard attack, the Gunsmoke
Elemental can attempt to take control
of any nearby readied and held firearm
within 100 ft that it can clearly see. The


Most Kaliber Trolls are fitted with thick blinders

and are equipped with a ragged chainmail shirt,
which is enchanted with minor protective wards.

Kaliber Troll

(CR 8) 4,800 XP
CE Large Giant
Init +6; Senses Darkvision 90 ft, Low-light Vision, Kaliber Trolls are often fielded in small units of
between two and six, led by an officer and several
Aura None
handlers whose job is to direct the slaughter and
Languages Giant, Common
keep the guns repaired. Without the officer and
handlers the trolls would kill just about anything
or anyone in proximity.
AC 24, touch 11, flat-footed 18
Fusillade (EX): The Kaliber Troll is a walking artillery
hp 6d8+36 (64 hp); Regeneration 5
platform, with a massive, hundred barreled machine
Vulnerable: Acid, Electricity
gun grafted to its spine though magic and cruel
Fort +11, Ref +4, Will +3
surgery. As often as every other round, the Kaliber
Troll can unleash a barrage, using constantly
regenerating bits of its own flesh and bone
Speed 40 ft
as ammunition.
Melee +9 melee (1d6+6 claw)
Melee Space 10 ft x 10 ft; Reach 10 ft
The Kaliber Troll can hit any 10 ft x 5 ft area within
Base Atk +4; CMB +14 CMD 23
range with a successful Ranged attack against AC 12.
Atk Options 2 claws +9 melee (1d6+6 claw) and
All creatures within the threatened area suffer 8d8
possibly Rend (2d6+9) or bite +4 melee (1d6+4 bite)
points of ballistic/piercing damage, unless they
Special Actions: Fusillade (8d8 ballistic/piercing,
make a successful DC 18 REF Save for half damage.
10 ft x 5 ft area, 75 ft range increment, REF 18 half)
Launching a fusillade is a full round action.
Usually: Power attacks for 5 to hit, +5 to melee damage


STR 23 DEX 14 CON 23 INT 6 WIS 9 CHA 6

SQ Regeneration 5
Feats Power Attack, Improved Initiative
Skills Perception +6, Survival +2
Possessions +1 chainmail
Kaliber Trolls are fearsome war-beasts created to
serve as artillery and shock troops, in dark armies
across the realms. The most fearless and
belligerent troll-kin are selected from among their
feral hordes, and subjected to days of magical
augmentation and sadistic butchery. The end
result is a troll warrior whose constantly
regenerating hide grows taut over a Hell Belcher
repeater, mounted on the monsters hunched spine.

When working in small units the officers and

handlers can ensure that each Kaliber Troll fires
when directed, ensuring a constant rate of fire.
For example, a unit of four Kaliber Trolls could
be prompted to fire two Fusillades every round,
rather than firing all four Fusillades at the same
time. Naturally, the officer could choose to fire all
of them at the same time and at the same targets,
resulting in enough destruction to wipe out the
center of an enemy formation!
Rend (Ex): If a Kaliber Troll hits with both claw
attacks, it latches onto the opponents body and
tears the flesh. This attack automatically deals an
additional 2d6+9 points of damage.

Regeneration (EX): Electricity and acid deal

normal damage to a Kaliber Troll. If a troll loses
Monster and machine become one; a single ferocious a limb or body part, the lost portion regrows in
organism with no talents and no ambition other than 3d6 minutes. The creature can reattach the severed
murder. The weight of the cannon at its spine forces the member instantly by holding it to the stump. Unlike
Kaliber Troll into a bestial crouch, and the trolls leathery many troll-kin, the Kaliber Troll has no special
green hide is scorched black with the intense heat of the vulnerability to fire.
barrels, and is stained a grayish-white by powder burns.


Pistoleer Spider

(CR 2) 600 XP
CE Tiny Aberration
Init +8; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
Aura None
Languages None


AC 26, touch 20, flat-footed 18 (+2 size, +8 DEX, +6 natural)

hp 4d8+4 (21 hp)
Immune Natural Armor is Draksmoke laced,
preventing penetration by Draksmoke rounds, Poison
Fort +5, Ref +9, Will +5


Speed 30 ft Climb 30 ft
Melee +13 melee (1d4 ballistic + poison)
Melee Space 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft; Reach 0 ft
Base Atk +3; CMB -3 CMD 17
Atk Options +13 melee (1d4 ballistic + poison)
Or Unlucky Drop 2 attacks +13 melee
(1d4 ballistic + poison)


STR 3 DEX 26 CON 12 INT 4 WIS 12 CHA 6

Feats Steely Hide (B), Weapon Finesse (bite)
Skills Climb +10, Stealth +18, Perception +5
Possessions None


Pistoleer Spiders are spontaneously formed

abominations, which rise from forgotten battlefields
and dueling grounds. The Spiders can be born
anywhere men die by gunfire and blood is spilled.
The little creatures look like a fist-sized tarantula
made from the shattered and jury-rigged remains
of a repeater or revolver. Their limbs are broken
steel and their guts are fire-warped gears, but their
sheer hideousness doesnt limit their agility. Found
often in the shadows of a Draksmoke foundry,
they are one more example of the magical pollution
caused by harvesting Draksmoke.

Skyshock Orcs

(CR 4) 1,200 XP
Medium Monstrous Humanoid
Init +0; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
Languages Orc and Common


AC 16, touch 10, flat-footed 10 (+6 armor)

hp 4d8+8 (26 hp)
Immune Armor is Draksmoke laced, preventing
penetration by Draksmoke rounds
Fort +6, Ref +4, Will +2

Pistoleer Spiders prefer to prey on small animals,

dogs, cats, and unattended babies, and are blights
in major cities. They tend to skitter away from
Speed 20 ft Flight 60 ft (clumsy)
adventurers, but will gladly feast on an unprotected
Melee +7 melee (battleaxe 1d8+3 slashing, 20/x3)
familiar or animal companion.
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft; Reach 5 ft
Base Atk +4; CMB +7 CMD 17
Bullets Bite (EX): When the little monster bites,
Atk Options +7 melee (battleaxe 1d8+3 slashing, 20/x3)
it doesnt penetrate the victims skin with fangs.
Or +4 ranged (2d8 ballistic/piercing, 30 ft range
Instead, it injects its toxins with an explosive burst
increment, 60 round drum)
of gunfire. A Pistoleer Spider can inject its venom
through the skin without leaving a puncture
Or +0 ranged (4d8 ballistic/piercing burst mode,
wound, just a small scorch mark.
30 ft range increment, uses 5 shots)
Bullet Bite Toxin
Type: Injury poison Save: FORT DC 14
Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds
Effect: 1d2 DEX damage Cure: 1 Save
Cost: 190 GP

Or Full Autofire (10x10 ft area or 20 ft x 5 ft line, 2d8 ballistic/

piercing damage, REF DC 15 half, uses 10 shots)


Unlucky Drop (EX): Pistoleer Spiders are ambush

predators. If it can leap onto its prey, or drop
down from above, it may make two melee attacks
that round.

STR 16 DEX 11 CON 15 INT 7 WIS 12 CHA 9

SQ Fuel/Air Explosion
Feats Flyby Attack (B), Strafe
Skills Climb +7, Fly +3, Intimidate +4, Perception +5,
Stealth +2
Possessions 6-8 vials of Skyburster fuel, Old Orc
Rapido, full drum magazine, Draksmoke tempered
breastplate, battleaxe
The orcs of the SkyNail tribe have embraced the new
technology of the Skyburster enthusiastically, breeding an
entire caste of suicidal, flight-capable shock troops.
Skyshock Orcs are honored members of the tribe, given the
best food, best spoils, and best women. They are honored
above even the chieftain and his shaman. They are heroes
to the Orc race, beloved of Torqua, and their flaming deaths
bring them to paradise. Cultural heroes of a type unknown
in ages past, these unique Orc elites are the vanguard of a
new and genocidal Orc cause.


Skyshock Orcs resemble an exceptionally

large and fit Orc whose body has been
subjected to bizarre surgical experiments.
A Draksmoke-tempered breastplate and
gorget are grafted into the Orcs chest, and
a Skyburster tank is bolted to the creature
spine. Dozens of vials of Draksmoke fuel
dangle from hooks wedged into the muscles
of the creatures chest and thighs. The
Orcs face is scarred to the point that
naked muscle is exposed, and his
already horrific face is a grimacing
bloody red war mask.
Skyshock Orcs favor hit and
run tactics, and with the
Flyby Attack feat, and
can swoop in for the kill
with their axe or rapido,
then leap for the safety of
the sky again. They only
fight to the death when the
battle is clearly against them,
or an unwary enemy troop is
bunched together, where the
creature knows his destructive
demise can wreak the most havoc.
Fuel/Air Explosio n ( E X ) :
Skyshock Orcs ar e s u i c i d e
troops. When reduced to 0 HP o r
fewer, the Skyshock Orc detonates,
inflicting 8d6 point s o f f i r e
damage to everything w i t h i n a
20 ft radius (REF DC 1 8 h a l f ) .
Skyshock Orcs typically fight in small
units of between 5 and 15 warriors,
led by an officer. They are sometimes
accompanied by shammans, wizards
or clan clerics who also wear Skybursters.



and alien. Thousands of wire-thin tendrils dangle

from their undersides, and these long strands can
caress a dying creature into the afterlife.

(CR 3) 800 XP
N Large Outsider
Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60 ft
These enigmatic creatures are often found at the site
Aura anesthetic umbra 60 ft
of great battles or mass slaughters. Their sudden
Languages Common, telepathic communication 100 ft appearance can signal some great impending crisis
or undiscovered atrocity. They rarely converse with
the healthy, politely dismissing them to concentrate
AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 12 (-1 size, +3 DEX, +3 deflection) on the dying. Unlathe fixate on suffering creatures,
and will use their death knell touch to end their
hp 6d8+12 (39 hp); DR lives even if the fallens comrades are intent upon
Immune poison, death effects
saving their life. This single-minded duty has lead
Resist Fire 10, Electricity 10
to violence more often than not.
Fort +4, Ref +8, Will +9


Unlathe speak Common and can communicate

telepathically with any creature with a language
when within 100 ft.

Speed fly 40 ft (perfect)

Melee +6 melee (1d4+2 tendril whip)
Melee Space 10 ft x 10 ft; Reach 10 ft
Anesthetic Aura (SU): The Unlathe constantly
Base Atk +4; CMB +8 CMD 20
radiates a pain-suppressing aura. All creatures
Atk Options +6 tendril whip 1d4+2 plus Death Knell effect
within 60 ft of the Unlathe become immune to
pain effects and the sickened condition, as well as
mundane forms of pain.
STR 14 DEX 17 CON 14 INT 15 WIS 19 CHA 18
SQ Death Knell, Disorienting Haze
Death Knell (SP): The Unlathe is under the effects
Feats Agile Maneuvers (B), Combat Reflexes,
of a constant death knell effect. Anytime the Unlathe
Improved Initiative
touches a living creature with -1 HP or fewer, if the
Skills Diplomacy +6 Fly +17, Knowledge
creature fails a DC 16 WILL Save, the victim dies.
(the planes) +6, Knowledge (religion) +5
The Unlathe gains +1d8 temporary Hit Points and a
Possessions None
+2 enhancement bonus to her STR score. Temporary
hit points gained in this manner are not cumulative
Unlathe roam the planes on missions of blackest with themselves, and fade after one hour.
mercy, as the death-emissaries of Aokiga, Lady
of Mercy. Aokiga desires that if mortals must die, This ability triggers automatically on any hit that
they do so in comfort, and extends her blessing to reduces an opponent to -1 HP or fewer.
all creatures regardless of creed or morality. The
Unlathe are her servants, bringing a painless and The Unlathe is also under the effects of a permanent
pleasant death to mortally wounded creatures. Death Watch effect, allowing it to assess the health
They are invariably polite and well-spoken, even and life force of a creature with a single glance.
when their own existence is threatened, but they
are none-the-less terrifying. If an Unlathe appears Disorienting Haze (SU): Unlathe are creatures from a
for you, it means your life is at an end. Though the higher reality, and their milk white glow is the light of
Unlathe rarely cause death directly, they are still Heaven. Those seeing an Unlathe are slow to respond,
deaths harbingers, and are despised for that fact.
often standing helpless and entranced as the creature
painlessly ends their life. All creatures within 30 ft of
Unlathe are creatures of milk white light. They have the Unlathe who can clearly see her must succeed at a
the face, breasts and arms of a blankly attractive DC 18 WILL Save or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Creatures
human maiden, but their lower bodies resemble who succeed on their save are immune to that
some gigantic man o war- translucent and bulbous particular Unlathes disorienting haze for 24 hours.


Unsleeping Rifleman

(CR 4) 1,200 XP
LN Medium Undead
Init +6; Senses Darkvision 60 ft, Low-light Vision
Aura None
Languages Elven, Common

carbines; unlike many undead, these creatures are

intelligent enough to polish, clean and maintain
their ancient rifle.

Unsleeping Riflemen protect Elven nobility and

serve the court. Some of the wealthiest, most
decadent Elven lords and ladies boast a small
cadre of Unsleeping Riflemen bodyguards. Unless
commanded to do so by their living Elven
masters, Unsleeping Rifleman will never harm or
AC 18, touch 13, flat-footed 15
attack any Elf or Half Elf. If attacked by a creature
hp 4d12 (26 hp)
Immune Ballistic/Piercing Damage; Undead Immunities of Elven descent, the Rifleman will attempt to flee.
Fort +1, Ref +4, Will +6
Elven Oath (EX): The process of creating an
Unsleeping Rifleman binds the corpse-soldier
inextricably to the Elven nation. An Unsleeping
Speed 30 ft
Rifleman cannot be magically compelled or
Melee +3 melee (1d8+1 long sword)
commanded to ever harm any Elf, Half Elf or
Melee Space 5 ft x 5 ft; Reach 5 ft
creature of Elven blood. Only the Riflemans Elven
Base Atk +2; CMB +2 CMD 15
master can ever command the creature to attack
Atk Options +3 melee (1d8+1 long sword)
another Elf.
or +6 ranged (2d6+1 ballistic/piercing,
20/x4 plus energy drain)
An Unsleeping Rifleman is immune to the
harmful effects of channel energy and turning
attempts made by a creature of Elven blood.
STR 11 DEX 16 CON INT 9 WIS 15 CHA 9
SQ Undead Traits, Elven Oath
Energy Drain (SU): A victim struck by one of the
Feats Improved Initiative
Riflemans shells must succeed at a DC 15 FORT
Skills Perception +7
Save or suffer one negative level. Each level the
Possessions +1 everloaded Elven Light Carbine, Rifleman drains provides the undead sniper with
+1 chain shirt, masterwork long sword
2d4 hit points. If at full HP, excess hit points are
retained as temporary HP for 24 hours.
Unsleeping Riflemen are a unique breed of
undead servitor and protector, a new version of A creature slain by the Unsleeping Rifleman rises
an old elven heresy. In older era, some Elven upon the next dawn as a zombie under the
city-states buried their best, most courageous Riflemans control. Over the next few days, the
warriors with their weapons, in hopes that zombies features alter until the creature resembles
eventually a deathless undead warrior would an Elven corpse.
arise to protect the Elven race. In the era of the
gun, fallen Elven soldiers and hunters are buried Undead Traits (EX): As an Un d e a d , t h e
in specially prepared barrows, dressed in the Unsleeping Rifleman is immune to all mindfinery of a royal musketeer and laid to rest with affecting effects (charms, compulsions,
the carbine they used in life.
phantasms, patterns, and morale effects). Also
immune to poison, sleep effects, paralysis,
Unsleeping Riflemen resemble a tall, gaunt, stunning, disease, and death effects.
mummified elf, whose leathery yellow skin clings
tightly to their bones. They are dressed in colorful The Unsleeping Rifleman is not subject to critical
military finery, including rows of polished hits, nonlethal damage, ability drain, or energy
medals and intricate golden braid work. These drain, and is immune to dam a g e t o i t s
undead soldiers carry finely maintained Elven physical ability scores (Strength, Dexterity,


and Constitution), as well as to fatigue and

exhaustion effects. Unsleeping Riflemen are
immune to any effects that require a FORT save
(unless the effect also works on objects or is harmless).
An Unsleeping Rifleman is slain when reduced to
0 HP, and cannot be raised or resurrected.


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Adamantine Rounds 28.
Ammunition 28.
Adamantine Rounds 28.
Cold Iron Rounds 28.
Holy Ice Rounds 28.
Silver Rounds 29.
Spare Ammo Box 29.
Spare Rounds 29.
Armigers Kit 35.
Armigers, the 12.
Automatic Fire 36.

Bandoleers 28.
Black Brotherhood, the
Bombardier 66.
Brakius Elterlee 77.
Burst Fire 36.


Chamber Jam 18.
Chamber Thiefs Bullets 29.
Choking on Sulfur 21.
Clerical Domain: Genocide 82.
Clerical Domain: Gunfire 82.
Colossi, the 47.
Combat Cover 67.
Conflagrant Spell 67.

Drakshards 39.
Dragons Bile
(Raw Draksmoke) 35.
Dragons Boils 22.
Drakchoke 22.

Elven Armorers 9.
End of Armor, the 19.

Faith and Bullets 67.
Fanning 68.
Feats 47.
Armigers Brand 65.
Armigers Mark 65.
Bombardier 66.
Brotherhood Initiate 66.
Brotherhood Master-Forger 66.
Cold Steel Hunter 67.
Combat Cover 67.
Conflagrant Spell 67.

Dying Shot 67.

Faith and Bullets 67.
Fanning 68.
Fiery Mutation 68.
Fire Breather 68.
Full Chambers 68.
Gravedigger Guns 69.
Gunshot Medicine 69.
Last Surviving Veteran 69.
Miner 70.
Name the Bullet 70.
Revolver Roulette 70.
Rusting Bullets 70.
Slow and Steady Shot 71.
Smoke Step 71.
Snap Shot 70.
Steely Hide 71.
Strafe 71.
Sulfur Senses 71.
Terrifying Report 72.
The Shootiest 71.
War Refugee 72.
Flametooth 40.

Gnoll Bludgeon 37.
Gods 77.
Aokiga 77.
Brakius Elterlee 77.
Clichsah 78.
Duncan Asteron 78.
Kelvor, The War Eagle 78.
Krazimot 80.
Lady of the Hammers 78.
The Protector of Failures 80.
Torqua 81.
Gunfire Goblins 51.
Gunmage Core Class 59.
Gunpowder 34.

Halfling Militias
Holy Ice Rounds


Lady of the Hammers 78.
Law of the Gun 20.
Lesser and Least Draksmoke 33.
Loathing of Flame 15, 34.

Magical Ammunition 29.
Chamber Thiefs Bullets 29.
Penetration Bullets 29.
Silencias Bullets 30.
Magical Items 42.
Amulet of Proofing 42.
Bands of the Nephilim 42.

Cogburns Eye 43.

Corruption Kiss Revolver 30.
Flamefist Gauntlet 43.
Forgehawk Revolver 30.
Greyness Excellence Residue 43.
Gunslingers Gloves 44.
Gunwifes Lace 44.
Kingslayer Carbine 31.
Rainbow Revolver 31.
Thunderclap Revolver 31.
Unbreakable Adamant Shell 44.
Vandals Bar 45.
Witchhammer Revolver 32.
Molding Kit 28.
Monopolist Consortium 14.
Monopolists Harvester Kit 35.
Monsters 77, 84.
Armiger Knight 84.
Ballistic Golem 84.
Drakfire Python 86.
Executioner Wolves 86.
Gunsmoke Elementals 87.
Kaliber Troll 89.
Pistoleer Spider 90.
Skyshock Orcs 91.
Unlathe 93.
Unsleeping Rifleman 94.

Producing Draksmoke


Rapidos 35.
Rat Shot 28.
Refined Draksmoke 35.
Revolvers and Repeaters 6.

Secrets of Draksmoke 7.
Silencias Bullets 30.
Silver Rounds 29.
Skinning Holster 29.
Skybursters 40.
Smokebelcher Men 53.
Spare Ammo Box 29.
Speedloaders 29.
Spells 72.
Armistice 72.
Backfire 72.
Clear Jam 73.
Executioners Line 73.
Firefast 73.
Gun Clan 73.
Instant Retaliation 73.
Jam Barrel 74.
Murder of Crows 74.
Necrotic Shot 75.
Readied Pistol 75.
Sulfursouls 56.


Tapping-Casks 40.
Thunder Chain 27.
Thunderclap Revolver


Unbreakable Adamant Shell


Vandals Bar


Weapons 25.
Adamant Egg 40.
Bards Favorite 37.
Black Burner 36.
Black Egg 40.
Boom Shaft 36.
Cheaters Shield 25.
Darkshards 39.
Dwarven Revolver 25.
Elven Light Carbine 27.
Elven Revolver 25.
Flametooth 40.
Gnoll Bludgeon 37.
Hell Belcher Repeater: 26.
Hidden Tooth 40.
Hold Out Shooter 37.
Hunting Rifle 27.
Killbore 37.
Mars Blade 27.
Neo Rapido 38.
Old Orc Rapido 38.
Rachels Repeater 28.
Regimental Spear 38.
Revolver 25.
Siege Hammer, the 39.
Skybursters 40.
Tapping-Casks 40.
Thunder Chain 27.
Trollkiller 39.
Wenchs Rapido 39.
Weapons Table 26.
Witchhammer Revolver 32.

Yesterdays Guns


Campaign Overlay


Introducing firearms into a fantasy setting

requires more than just gunpowder used
by Orcs and Elves. Draksmoke adds that fantasy element to the simple discovery that
charcoal, sulfur and saltpeter go BOOM when you mix and ignite them.
Draksmoke is fantasy gunpowder. Made from the burning liquid dragons
use to make their deadly flames, Draksmoke is a dragons breath weapon
in powdered form. Few alchemists know the secret to producing true
Draksmoke; and they guard it with their lives. Rich and powerful guilds
have risen up around those that know the secrets. The Black Brotherhood,
the Armigers and the Monopolist Consortium all trade in mundane
gunpowder, powerful Draksmoke and newly-forged firearms; each
pursuing their own ends.
To make use of such a powerful substance, new weapons have been
hammered out on the forges of the world. Only the finest steel
tempered in the blood of
dragons can withstand
the power expended by
Draksmoke. Naturally,
new magics have been
conceived to protect
warriors, kings, and
knaves alike.

Included in this Sourcebook:

Four new player species

10 new monsters
11 new spells
2 new Clerical Domains
30 new feats
Dozens of new weapons;
(both mundane and magical)
and more!
Everything you need to bring real
firepower to your campaign!