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Your articles look at moral reasons for being
vegetarian or vegan which is a very
interesting mix and unique . . .
Tim Barford - founder VegFestUK

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FREE tickets to a West End movie and
a chance to snap up a vintage bargain
at a prestigious clothes and jewellery
fair have got Friends’ Gazette readers
really excited.
But the deadline is approaching so

Top producer positive as FSA board recommends no change

now’s your last opportunity to throw
your hat in the ring.

BOSSES at UK food watchdog,

Turn to page three to find details of
both competitions and directions on
how to enter.

the Food Standards Agency, have
agreed there is no need for further
clampdowns on the production

Act now or miss your chance!
see p. 5

and sale of raw milk after a
‘comprehensive’ review.
Despite some pretty scary
scenarios painted by opposition
interests the agency’s board this
month (July) agreed that the
“current restrictions on the sale of

An organic raw milk vending machine just outside Lyon in France

raw milk should remain in place
following the conclusions of the FSA’s review of

acknowledge that consumer demand for raw

raw drinking milk controls”.

milk is not being met.

The decision has sparked hope in one of the

“And they said that for those producers who

UK’s main producers who is hoping it won’t be

have systems in place ensuring quality of raw

long before unpasteurised milk can be bought

milk and are very progressive in the way they

from vending machines outside shops in the UK

deal with risk, could work with the FSA in the

as it can in other European countries.

future to widen their marketing outlets.

Steve Hook, who started producing and

“So there is the potential for working with the

selling raw milk in 2007 and claims 40% of the

FSA and demonstrating best practice that

current UK market, said: “If you look in the small

might allow vending machines in the future.”

print which went to the board there are two
things which are striking which is that they

The review’s conclusions accepted by the
board were that:
continued on page 2


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015
RAW MILK HOPE . . . continued from page 1

Steve Hook

● the risk associated with raw

three doorstep delivery rounds, 19

drinking milk consumption,

farmers’ markets in London every week

Slimming franchise WeightWatchers has used this

except for vulnerable groups, is

and also run a nationwide courier

award-winning recipe in a low-calorie version.

acceptable when appropriate

delivery service accessed through the

hygiene controls are applied

internet on www.hookandson.co.uk.

● the current restriction on sales

Serves two people

“It is a long game with the FSA in

of raw milk should remain in

terms of changing mindset. I believe


place as there is uncertainty

there’s a lot of lobbying by the

½ pint milk

that consumer protection can

pasteurising industry on the board. A

3.5 oz semolina

be maintained if the market for

change of mindset will take a long time.

½ teaspoon dry mustard powder

raw milk is expanded

“We are building the case for raw milk,

¼ teaspoon pepper

strongly. I also welcome any opportunity

½ teaspoon salt

improved, particularly for

for raw milk to be in the public debate

4 oz grated strong Cheddar cheese

vulnerable groups, and

because I think the pasteurising industry

a little vegetarian margarine

changes to the labelling

is very happy for it to be swept under the

requirements are proposed to

carpet and to be besmirched.

● risk communication could be

reflect this.
Current restrictions allow Hook, who
operates from Sussex, to sell his milk on

“Any opportunity for the facts to come

Mix semolina, milk and seasoning in a non-stick

out is only ever good for raw milk,” he



Bring to the boil, stirring, and cook for 3 minutes,
stirring constantly, until very thick. Stir in 2.5 oz
cheese and leave to cool.

Campaign aims
to end horror of
factory farming

Spread into a greased ovenproof dish so the
mixture is about three-quarters of an inch or an
inch thick, to suit your size dish.
Dot the top with 3 teaspoons margarine. Scatter
with remaining 1.5 oz cheese and bake for 20

AN AUSSIE CAMPAIGN to end factory

minutes at gas mark 6 or 400F or 200C till golden

farming has gathered more than a quarter

brown and sides crispy.

of a million signatures.

Serve hot.

Launched in October 2012 and
supported by top Aussie celebrities
including tennis hunk Pat Rafter,
makeitpossible.com aims to expose the
scandal that is factory farming.

Lyn White, a former policewoman, who

In a heart-rendering video showing

started the campaign says in the video

sows in cages fitted exactly to their size so

that things that most humans are lucky

that they can’t even turn around and hens

enough to take for granted like freedom,

with their feathers pecked off by other

sunshine, fresh air and exercise “have

hens because their wire prisons are too

been denied to millions of living beings in

small to house them, the campaign

human care”.

appeals to the conscience of human
beings to change the world.

To access the campaign, backed by
animals Australia, click here.

Pic courtesey Rosemary Leach


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015

special report by
Stephen Ward

Guru ‘plays cupid’ as last
minute switch brings
glittering Bollywood bash
to doorstep of ashram
And the groom wore white . . . Kapoor dons
embroidered tunic while Mira opts for a rose pink sari
in a nod to the traditional bridal scarlet.
It was the wedding of the year, the decade even.
Bollywood screen heart throb Shahid Kapoor,
34, was tying the knot this month (July) with Mira
Rajput, a 21 year old student, in a glittering

He says: "The arranged match took everyone
by surprise. Did Kapoor let his family choose the
right girl for him or maybe the satang guru did it?"
Nair goes on: "Although none of the family

occasion fit for royalty. Everyone who was

members openly speak about the daughter-in-

anyone was there. Established stars of Indian

law, it is reported that Shahid met Mira while

cinema as well as starlets hoping to be seen in

attending a satsang meet[ing]. Both the families

the right place with the right people.

follow the Radha Soami Satsang Beas and

For months speculation in the press was rife. A
farmhouse in the bride's family home had been

attend the satsangs regular[ly].
And he continues: "Shahid Kapoor and father

prepared. But when reporters called they soon

Pankaj Kapoor are ardent followers of Radha

found out they were on a wild goose chase.

Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB) sect. Mira Rajput’s

The Times of India reports: "The wedding took

family also shares similar beliefs and regularly

place at a farmhouse in Chhattarpur, which

attend the meetings. It is reported that the leader

belongs to Fortis Healthcare co-founder

of the group, Gurinder Singh, suggested the

Shivinder Mohan Singh. Shivinder and his

match and both families agreed to it."

brother Malvinder are Radha Soami followers,

As previously revealed in FG, Kapoor became

like Shahid and Mira's families. Contrary to

vegetarian, a requirement of the group, only after

reports, the . . . ceremony didn't finally happen at

reading 'Life is Fair' by Brian Hines. Hines was

Mira's family's farmhouse but in another

formerly a prominent sect member who now runs

farmhouse close to the Radha Soami Satsang

the critical blog, Church of the Churchless.

Beas ashram there."
Nithya Nair, writes in India.com, under a

Hines said at the time: "I’m pleased that my
book had an effect on Shahid. I’d write it

picture of the couple with a mug-shot of the guru

differently today.”

superimposed between them, and a headline

=Gurinder Singh is set to make a surprise visit to

which reads: "Here is how Radha Soami Satsang

the USA early in August before going to Britain

Beas played cupid in the Mira-Sasha match."

later in the month.

We serve organic
wholefoods fresh
from local markets
Vegetarian and
Vegan meals
10 Place Saint-Marc
30400 Villeneuve-les-Avignon
Tel: 0033 (0)9 50 76 05 97


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015

Chris Froome

● Born


● Encouraged to race by late
mother Jane to whom he

May 1985 in Kenya

dedicated his 2013 TdF win

● Raised in Kenya and South Africa

● Father and grandfather born in

● Studied in economics at


University of Johannesburg

● Brothers Jonathan and Jeremy

● Rode with the Kenyan cycling

are accountants


● Represented Britain in the

● Represented Kenya at the 2006

London Olympics 2012

road world championships

TOUR DE FRANCE winner Chris Froome’s bid

And Swetlana Debus-Reich added

to advertise healthy eating seems to be blowing

cryptically: “My rabbit doesn’t like this.”
Georgian Grec tweeted: “Isn’t it like eating

in the wind!


For the Kenyan-born British winner of this

Nonetheless it worked and victory was extra

year’s prestigious yellow vest recently posted a
picture of a raw meal on his Twitter account

sweet for Froome this year who recaptured the

under the title “What’s for lunch”? (see pic)

title after winning for the first time in 2013.
He crashed out of the race early in 2014

The post went up in March when Froome

causing team Sky to re-think race strategy.

was fighting to regain his health after crashing

Since 2013 Froome’s health has been

out of the race in 2014.
Smart alec, Neil Skinner, soon responded,
saying: “Wouldn’t want to be cycling behind
you after that little lot . . .

And plenty of others weren’t so helpful.

battered by a number of conditions including

Matthew Miller described it as “a field in a

typhoid, hives and asthma according to British

dish” and added “missing fish or meat for me”.

press reports.


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015

Is the awardwinning clothes
designer Vivien
Japanese, British
or Italian?

Fancy a trip to an iconic
London cinema? Or maybe
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FG is offering two free


tickets to the Odeon, Panton
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London Vintage Fashion


Fair in Hammersmith.
Which famous
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Odeon, Panton
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Kew Gardens,
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Leicester Sq.

Just check out the
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First correct entry out of the hat is the lucky winner.
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Dear Stephen

que le 2ème Amendement a été

I am surprised you think sant mat is

Je me demande si les chiens sont

rédigé. (Sad, sad, sad FG June)

a Sikh sect as I would be if you

vraiment faits pour un régime

Quant aux partisans suprémacistes

described Christianity as a Jewish

végétarien, pas vraiment convaincu

blancs, Elaine (votre femme) sait ce

sect. Christianity is not seen as a

(Adopt a veggie dog FG June). Les

que ça veut dire en Afrique du Sud,

sect of Judaism despite Jesus being

prédateurs devraient-ils être soumis

je sais ce que ça peut représenter

Jewish. If the Radha Soami master

au même régime… mais alors,

au Zimbabwe, c'est encore très

was a Hindu, would the teachings be

qu'arriverait-t-il au charognards ?

présent aux États-Unis, … en fait, ça

different in some way? He happens

l'est partout.

to be Sikh but it is not an offshoot of

chiens étaient des loups, les loups

(First get rid of the weapons, times

Sikhism or any other religion. As I

ne se mettront jamais au vert. Je

have changed since the 2nd

assume you know Sikhs near the

pense que c'est là pousser le mode

amendment was written. As for white

dera have often been quite hostile to

de vie vegan un peu trop loin.

supremacism, Elaine (your wife)

RSSB in the past.

Pauvres vautours et condors ! Les

Qui plus est, on ne peut pas

knows what it means in South Africa,

If Gurinder Singh is on friendly

demander au chien son opinion,

I know what it looks like in

terms with certain important Sikhs

alors… c'est un cercle vicieux. Ne

Zimbabwe, it’s still lurking in the

and goes to the Golden Temple I

pas prendre en compte l'opinion du

US,… in fact, it’s everywhere.)

don't see how that makes him a

chien me semble non-vegan.

How to make elderflower cordial

Does he get involved with how

(I wonder if dogs are really made for

(Rosemary’s recipes FG June) - I

a veggie diet, not quite convinced.

must admit I didn't know what

Sikhs run their religion or

Should predators be trained

elderflower was and had to check

organisation? Of course not,

likewise… but then, what happen to

online. My grandmother used to

because he is not part of it. RSSB is

scavengers. Poor vultures and

make marmalade with the berries.

a spiritual path whose master

condors! Dogs were wolves, wolves

(Eat veggie – get strong! FG

happens to be Sikh and whose

will never go green. I think this is

June). I’m not surprised, I once had

teachings correspond to many Sikh,

taking vegan lifestyle a bit too far.

a neighbour heavily involved in

Christian, Buddhist, Sufi and Muslim

And you can’t have the dog’s opinion

bodybuilding who had a strict diet

teachings (amongst others).

on that, so… that’s a vicious circle.

based on veggie and carbohydrates.

That is why there is such a wide

Not taking the dog’s opinion into

Philippe-Pierre Darras, France

variety of material used at satsangs
(meetings). Calling it a Sikh sect is

account sounds ‘un-vegan’.)
D'abord il faut se débarrasser des
armes, les temps ont changé depuis

Hi Stephen, Thanks for replying. (A

misleading and inaccurate.

question of sect FG June).

James Watson, UK


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015

But manager of restaurant operations, Mark
Thielman, 59, told FG: “We run that line fairly
quick. We are not idling there.”
And dealing with the ‘obesity factor’, he
defended the restaurant’s vegetarian ethos.
“If there’s more choices out there we can
maybe steer people a different way. It depends
what you’re eating. If you’re eating an apple,
[it’s better than] a donut. People can be taught
to eat differently.”
And Thielman, who lives locally, pointed out
that the restaurant provided ‘a couple of’
electric charging stations. The staff of 80 are
mostly young though some are middle-aged.
They are expected to do a variety of jobs from
flipping burgers to cleaning tables.
VEGETARIAN giant Amy’s Foods has this

restaurants [they] can [only] use existing fast

month opened a drive-thru restaurant in

food locations that shutter (close).

northern California despite a ban on new

And he dampened speculation on more

drive thru’s in the area restricting growth.

outlets, saying: “Amy’s Drive Thru restaurants

The drive-thru on Golf Course Drive West,
Rohnert Park, California is a pure vegetarian
outlet with around 72 seats inside and another
100-150 outdoors.
Hundreds of hungry vegetarians and vegans
swamped the single story outlet, right next to a

are in the works, but only expect 1-2 more in
the next year or so.”
Drive-thru’s, as they are called in America

capital, Sacramento, has thrown out plans for a
McDonald’s drive-thru for reasons of health,
safety and quality of life.
During a nearly two-hour debate, residents,
community activists, doctors and architects
voiced unease about the project’s impact on

allow customers to literally ‘drive-through’

traffic, air quality, walk-ability, bike safety, land

picking up their orders from a window.

use, adjacent homes and perpetuation of an

They are virtually non-existent in the UK and

MacDonald’s and an In ‘n’ Out Burger joint from

can probably be counted on the fingers of one

day one (July 20).


But owner Andy Berliner told internet site

Opposition to drive-thru’s is not new. State

The drive-thru meal is consumed in-car and

biteclubeats.com that since much of Northern

engines are usually left running while clients

California has bans on new drive-thru

queue up, often for half-an-hour or more.

unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, the
Sacramento Press reported in April 2012.
Asked if they could scrap the drive-thru bit,
McDonald’s said flatly: “There could be no
restaurant without it.”
Continued on page 12

(Above): Proprietors Andy and Rachel Berliner; (below) hungry customers tuck
into vegetarian and vegan delights on offer; (right) the restaurant with its
distinctive water tower signing. PICTURES COURTESY BITECLUBEATS.COM


= Gurinder Singh is set to make a surprise
visit to followers in the USA on August 2nd
followed by a scheduled visit to Britain later in
the month.

FG is Charlie - July/August 2015

Ishwar Puri

“Meditation is the art of withdrawing our attention
from experience
to the experiencer. Meditation is the

art of reversing the direction of attention from the
illusion to the reality of consciousness.”

Ishwar Puri

Desperate seeker asks lecturer to speak in Hindi so that he can understand him better
A DETERMINED spiritual seeker has begged

satsangs (lectures) in Hindi/Punjabi so that we

the leader of a philosophical organisation to

can more understand.”
Puri's talks, mostly in English, focus on the

speak in his native tongue so that he can

sant mat path of inner contemplation and

understand the full impact of his teachings.

His topics cover all aspects of his chosen

on meditation, philosophy and spirituality all

method including a strict lacto-vegetarian diet,

over the world, usually in English.

a moral way of life and

He lives in the

Plastic pieces found in tofu
The UK Food Standards Agency has warned


Ishwar Puri a strict lacto-vegetarian speaks

the public not to eat Windmill Organics’ tofu
because of plastic contamination.
The company is recalling a batch of Taifun

USA and is an

regular daily meditation

Tofu Basilico, 200g, with a use-by date of

American citizen.

and the reasons behind

13th August because some packs may

these principles.

contain small pieces of plastic.

He was born in the

He speaks in a gentle,

Punjab, India in 1926

The FSA said: “If you have bought this

and was ‘initiated’ by

friendly but

product, do not consume it.” It can be

the well-known

knowledgeable tone and

returned to the point of purchase for a full

Indian saint Sawan

has an open, smiling



Pope’s palace up in flames

Singh aged just nine.
According to Puri's
publicity Sawan

Artists impression of
the lecture hall

Puri founded the
Institute for the Study of

Singh himself gave him the name Ishwar when

Human Awareness (ISHA) in the 1960s. The

he was just 29 days old.

organisation has ambitious plans to build a

The name means "I love God" in Hindi.

lecture hall and conference centre in

In a post on the Puri site, seeker Anil Arora

Wisconsin USA in memory of Puri’s guru

says: "Please let me know your email id. I have

Sawan Singh. Funds for the multi-million dollar

to talk with you personally. And please do some

project are being raised by donations.

Not literally! More a firework display set to
music at the Palais des Papes, Avignon in
the south of France next month.
The show kicks off on 12th August and runs
through to October 3rd with commentary in
English on Mondays, Wednesdays and
Fridays. Watch for our video report next time.

FORGET fried Mars bars, deep fried ‘bridies’

Hall 3 of the SECC in Glasgow in December have

and noshing the entrails of sheep and pigs

been immense, with a string of media stories

commonly known as ‘haggis’ for one of the

generated and 40 bookings for stalls confirmed

largest and best-known vegan festivals is

since the show's launch in March.

coming to Scotland this winter.

“With a 12 year track record, Vegfest has been

VegFestUK, which has successfully raised
awareness on a massive scale elsewhere in the

organising huge shows in Brighton, Bristol and
The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre
on the north bank of the Clyde in Glasgow

UK - notably Bristol and London - now has
Scotland’s second city in its sights for the first time
and from there, doubtless, the country itself.

London with at least 10,000 visitors at each event.”
Of the 40 exhibitors already confirmed at the

Alan Lee, spokesman for VegFest, said:
“Preparations for this year's inaugural Vegfest in

event on 5th and 6th December a “sizeable
proportion” are from Scotland, Lee claimed.


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015




At FG it’s the journalism that counts.
We are ardent supporters of a free, independent,
press and back the Charlie Hebdo ethos to the hilt.
There can be no exceptions to the rule and we


believe in calling a spade a spade!
We work to the Press Commission’s Editors’ Code
of Practice and are always keen to give respondents
the right to reply and aim to put factual errors right in
good time.
And while you’ll find some delicious recipes in our
pages; we’re not a cookbook posing as a magazine!

Click white arrow to view

PLUS de 300 personnes se sont


rassemblés dans les jardins public s

Readers have always been able to go direct to our
advertisers’ websites (unique to FG); link direct to
email addresses and the like.

d'un petit village français récemment.

And now we’re proud to announce that we’re

La raison?

launching our own video links on footage we have shot

Une soirée mémorable pleine de
rythmes afro jazz beat, de blues et de

ourselves. Click the white arrow to view them.


Find our first on the previous page and enjoy a

Les Arts de la Voix sont une série de

snippet of a sultry night of knockout jazz in Tavel, a

manifestations se déroulant dans la

delightful southern French village.

vallée de la Cèze depuis plusieurs

One thing’s for sure. You can expect plenty more!

Pour la première fois une soirée a eu
lieu à Tavel organisée par l'Agglo. du

TALKING of France what is it about the English and

Gard Rhodanien.

the UK in general that makes us so risk-averse.

Au pieds de pins centenaires, une

It’s well-known folklore that we obey European

grande scène était installée pour les six

chansons de Ray Charles. Une soirée à

musiciens et les deux chanteuses.


Le chef du groupe Eric Legnini au

ignore them or find ways to get round them.

MORE than 300 people flocked to the

piano était entouré d'un saxo doublé

public gardens of a little French village

d'un flûtiste, d'un joueur de trompette,


d'un joueur de guitare basse, d'un

The reason? A night to remember

batteur, d'un joueur de trombone et

packed with the rhythmic beat of Afro

surtout de deux jeunes chanteuses aux

jazz, blues and the groove.

voix chaudes, passant du plus grave et

The Art of the Voice is a series of

du plus sensuel pour Sandra N'Kake au

shows put on in the Ceze valley for

plus rythmé pour Kellylee Evans.
Chaque musicien a eu son solo en

directives to the letter, when other countries simply

years. But now for the first time this
show came to the tiny village of Tavel

Here in France you’ll find tons of slippery-sided
swimming pools with not a warning notice in sight,
positively dangerous cracked pavements and no
yellow sign when a member of the opposite sex is
cleaning the toilets - how could there be when the
toilets are unisex anyway (horror of horrors)!
So I suppose it should come as no surprise when
the ‘authorities’ put the fear of god up us over
something that is freely available in other countries.
Speaking to French friends about raw (un-

cours de morceau très applaudi par un

organised by l'Agglo. of the Gard

public enthousiaste, un public debout à

Rhodanien (part of the Gard

pasteurised) milk they simply cannot understand our

la fin , certains dansant et demandant


morbid fears of a few bacteria.

un bis, ce qui fut accordé.
Les deux chanteuses ont fait
l'unanimité par leur présence généreuse
, leur talent et leur ''swing'' avec les

The stage was set at the foot of

Here you’ll find raw milk available in machines

ancient pine trees for the six musicians

outside supermarkets and shops, succulent

and their two female vocalists.

Camemberts and Bries made from un-pasteurised milk

continued on page 12

with a taste impossible to find ‘back home’.
So come on Britain, throw caution to the wind and
live a little. You might enjoy it!


have a habit of
talking about
nothing but


The young Gandhi (front centre-right) at the Vegetarian Federal Union Conference in
Portsmouth, May 6, 1891, next to him in the light suit is his friend Dr. Josiah Oldfield.

Mahatma Gandhi was in London from 1888,

Mr, Chairman, Fellow Vegetarians, and

when he was 18, to 1891, when he was 21.


He studied law at UCL and trained at the Inner Temple.
A Hindu of the merchant class he was a
vegetarian from birth.
"Full of the neophyte's zeal for vegetarianism" he started a vegetarian club in Bayswater where he lived. The club went for a
while, but came to an end "in the course of a
few months".

When I received the invitation to be
present at this meeting, I need not tell

For remaining staunch
to vegetarianism a man
requires a moral basis

Later he was elected to the Executive

I do not propose to take up your time
by giving you my various experiences of
vegetarianism nor do I want to tell you
something of the great difficulty that
faced me in London itself in remaining
staunch to vegetarianism, but I would
like to share with you some of the
thoughts that have developed in me in
connection with vegetarianism. Forty
years ago I used to mix freely with veg-

Committee of the [London] Vegetarian Soci-

you how pleased I was because it re-

etarians. There was at that time hardly a

ety where he helped shape policy. He was

vived old memories and recollections of

vegetarian restaurant in London that I

invited to speak at a social meeting of the

pleasant friendships formed with vege-

had not visited. I made it a point, out of

tarians. I feel especially honoured to

curiosity, and to study the possibilities of

find on my right, Mr. Henry Salt. It was

vegetarianism and vegetarian restau-

Ghandi had led the non-violent movement

Mr. Salt’s book ‘A Plea for Vegetarian-

There was hardly a

which eventually ousted the British from his

ism’, which showed me why apart from

beloved India. But riots broke out between

a hereditary habit, and apart from my

vegetarian restaurant

LVS in November 1931.
Just 17 years later he was assassinated
by Hindu nationalist Nathoram Godse.

adherence to a vow administered to me

that I had not visited

by my mother, it was right to be a vege-

rants in London, to visit every one of

much away to the Mohammedans fired

tarian. He showed me why it was a mor-

them. Naturally, therefore, I came into

three bullets into the chest of the Mahatma,

al duty incumbent on vegetarians not to

close contact with many vegetarians. I

who had refused a government offer of

live upon fellow-animals. It is, therefore,

found, at the tables, that largely the con-

a matter of additional pleasure to me

versation turned upon food and disease.

that I find Mr. Salt in our midst.

I found also that the vegetarians who 4

Hindus and Muslims post independence as
the sub-continent was forceably split in two.
Godse who felt Ghandi was giving too

armed protection, at point-blank range.
Here's what Ghandi told the LVS:


FG is Charlie - July/August 2015
THE MAHATMA AND THE LVS . . . continued from previous page
Ghandi at the LVS meeting
with Henry Salt to his right

ness. I notice also that it is those per-

made food a fetish and because they

sons who become vegetarians because

thought that by becoming vegetarians

they are suffering from some disease or

they could eat as much lentil, haricot,

other – that is, from purely the health

beans and cheese as they liked.

point of view – it is those persons who
largely fall back. I discovered that for
remaining staunch to vegetarianism a

Of course those people could not possibly keep their health.
(to be continued . . .)

man requires a moral basis.
For me that was a great discovery in
were struggling to stick to their vegetari-

my search after truth. At an early age, in

anism were finding it difficult from the

the course of my experiments, I found

health point of view.

that a selfish basis would not serve the

I do not know whether, nowadays,

purpose of taking a man higher and

you have those debates, but I used at

higher along the paths of evolution.

that time to attend debates that were

What was required. was an altruistic

held between vegetarians and vegetari-

purpose. I found also that health was by

ans and between vegetarians and non-

no means the monopoly of vegetarians.

vegetarians. I remember one such de-

I found many people having no bias

bate, between Dr. Densmore and the

one way or the other and that non-vege-

late Dr. T. R. Allinson. Then vegetarians

tarians were able to show, generally

had a habit of talking of nothing but food

speaking, good health. I found also that

and nothing but disease. I feel that that

several vegetarians found it impossible

is the worst way of going about the busi-

to remain vegetarians because they had

Ghandi and close follower Mirdula Sarabhai

UNE SOIREE DE GROOVE . . . Continued from page 10
Leader Eric Legnini was at the piano

Think you know your

supported by colleagues on sax, flute, trumpet,

brassicas from your

bass guitar, drums.
The deep and sensual voice of Sandra


N'Kake and the rhythmic tones of Kellylee Evans

You could be just the


person we need.

Each solo was greeted with loud applause by
an animated audience some of whom danced in

FG is looking for a

the isles and all of whom got to their feet at the

gardening correspondent

end to plead for an encore.
Renditions of well known Ray Charles

to keep readers up-to-

numbers were flawlessly delivered by both

date with the latest

An evening to remember.

developments in the

Translation: Stephen Ward

world of grow-your-own

WANT MAYO WITH THAT? - cont from page 7
Thielman said: “Each day we get busier and
each day we run smoother. It’s a lot more than
what we expected.
“The reviews are phenomenal. We have had
a lot of television media. There’s a tv station
here right now. They put that microphone right
in your face. It’s going really well.”

“I had an organic, vegan burger, chili fries and
milk shake.”
And the satisfied customer who wasn’t the
only person to be complimentary continued:
“And everything was really great. I was more
than surprised and satisfied.
“There is just nothing like this in existence.

One satisfied client known only as Brian P,

“It provides a quick, healthier, organic and

from Sebastopol, told Yelp an on-line comments

sustainable option for when you are on the run

site: “They have started a fast food revolution.

or not looking to sit down.”

Writing experience not
necessary . . .
but gardening
knowledge certainly is.