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2058 Federal Register / Vol. 73, No.

8 / Friday, January 11, 2008 / Notices


SECURITY Elliott Langer, 245 Murray Lane SW.,
Bldg 410, Washington, DC 20528, SUMMARY: The Department of Homeland
[Docket No. DHS–2008–0001] Security (DHS) through the, 202–282–8978,
fax 202–282–8191. Transportation Security Administration
Committee Name: Homeland Security (TSA) issues this notice of the dates for
Information Network Advisory SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Notice of
the beginning of the initial enrollment
Committee this meeting is given under the Federal
for the Transportation Worker
Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. App.
AGENCY: Department of Homeland Identification Credential (TWIC) for the
(Pub. L. 92–463). The mission of the
Security. Ports of Bourne, MA; Green Bay, WI;
HSINAC is to identify issues and
ACTION: Committee Management; Notice Pittsburgh, PA; Texas City, TX;
provide independent advice and
of Federal Advisory Committee Meeting. Salisbury, MD; and Toledo, OH.
recommendations for the improvement
of HSIN to senior leadership of the DATES: TWIC enrollment will begin in
SUMMARY: The Homeland Security Bourne and Green Bay on January 23,
Information Network Advisory Department, in particular the Director of
Operations Coordination. The agenda 2008; Pittsburgh and Texas City on
Committee (HSINAC) will meet from January 24, 2008; and Salisbury and
February 12–13, 2008, in Potomac, MD. for this meeting will include an update
on efforts concerning the improvement Toledo on January 30, 2008.
The meeting will be open to the public.
of HSIN and discussions to develop a ADDRESSES: You may view published
DATE: The HSINAC will meet Tuesday,
methodology of collecting and documents and comments concerning
February 12, 2008, from 9 a.m. to 4:30
validating HSIN community User input the TWIC Final Rule, identified by the
p.m. and on Wednesday, February 13,
and User based system requirements. docket numbers of this notice, using any
2008, from 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m. Please
one of the following methods.
note that the meeting may close early if Procedural (1) Searching the Federal Docket
the committee has completed its
This meeting is open to the public. Management System (FDMS) web page
Please note that the meeting may close at;
ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held at early if all business is finished. (2) Accessing the Government
the Bolger Center, 9600 Newbridge Participation in HSINAC deliberations Printing Office’s Web page at http://
Drive, Potomac, MD 20854–4436. Send is limited to committee members,; or
written material, comments, and Department of Homeland Security (3) Visiting TSA’s Security
requests to make oral presentations to officials, and persons invited to attend Regulations Web page at http://
Elliott Langer, Department of Homeland the meeting for special presentations. and accessing the link for
Security, 245 Murray Lane SW, Bldg All visitors to Bolger Center will have ‘‘Research Center’’ at the top of the page.
410; Washington, DC 20528. Requests to to pre-register to be admitted to the FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
make oral statements at the meeting building. Please provide your name, James Orgill, TSA–19, Transportation
should reach the contact person listed telephone number by close of business Security Administration, 601 South
below by February 1, 2008. Requests to on February 1, 2008, to Elliott Langer 12th Street, Arlington, VA 22202–4220.
have a copy of your material distributed (202–282–8978) Transportation Threat Assessment and
to each member of the committee prior ( Credentialing (TTAC), TWIC Program,
to the meeting should reach the contact
person at the address below by February Information on Services for Individuals (571) 227–4545; e-mail:
1, 2008. Comments must be identified With Disabilities
by DHS–2008–0001 and may be For information on facilities or Background
submitted by one of the following services for individuals with disabilities The Department of Homeland
methods: or to request special assistance at the
• Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// Security (DHS), through the United
meeting, contact Elliott Langer as soon States Coast Guard and the Follow the as possible.
instructions for submitting comments. Transportation Security Administration
• E-mail: Roger T. Rufe, Jr., (TSA), issued a joint final rule (72 FR
Include the docket number in the Director of Operations Coordination.
3492; January 25, 2007) pursuant to the
subject line of the message. Maritime Transportation Security Act
[FR Doc. E8–292 Filed 1–10–08; 8:45 am]
• Fax: 202–282–8191. (MTSA), Pub. L. 107–295, 116 Stat. 2064
• Mail: Elliott Langer, Department of (November 25, 2002), and the Security
Homeland Security, 245 Murray Lane, and Accountability for Every Port Act of
SW., Building 410, Washington, DC DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND 2006 (SAFE Port Act), Pub. L. 109–347
20528. SECURITY (October 13, 2006). This rule requires all
Instructions: All submissions received credentialed merchant mariners and
must include the words ‘‘Department of Transportation Security Administration individuals with unescorted access to
Homeland Security’’ and the docket secure areas of a regulated facility or
number for this action. Comments [Docket Nos. TSA–2006–24191; Coast vessel to obtain a TWIC. In this final
Guard–2006–24196] rule, on page 3510, TSA and Coast
received will be posted without
alteration at, Transportation Worker Identification Guard stated that a phased enrollment
including any personal information Credential (TWIC); Enrollment Dates approach based upon risk assessment
provided. for the Ports of Bourne, MA; Green and cost/benefit would be used to
Docket: For access to the docket to implement the program nationwide, and
ebenthall on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

Bay, WI; Pittsburgh, PA; Texas City,

read background documents or TX; Salisbury, MD; and Toledo, OH that TSA would publish a notice in the
comments received by the Homeland Federal Register indicating when
Security Information Network Advisory AGENCY: Transportation Security enrollment at a specific location will
Committee, go to http:// Administration; United States Coast begin and when it is expected to Guard; DHS. terminate.

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:33 Jan 10, 2008 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00059 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\11JAN1.SGM 11JAN1
Federal Register / Vol. 73, No. 8 / Friday, January 11, 2008 / Notices 2059

This notice provides the start date for announcement contains the names of Dated: December 20, 2007.
TWIC initial enrollment at the Ports of the awardees and the amounts of the William H. Eargle,
Bourne, MA; Green Bay, WI; Pittsburgh, awards made available by HUD. Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations,
PA; Texas City, TX; Salisbury, MD; and Office of Community Planning and
Toledo, OH. Enrollment will begin in
Bourne and Green Bay on January 23; Clifford Taffet, Director, Office of
Pittsburgh and Texas City on January Affordable Housing Programs, Office of FISCAL YEAR 2006 FUNDING AWARDS
24; and Salisbury and Toledo on Community Planning and Development, FOR SELF-HELP HOMEOWNERSHIP
January 30, 2008. The Coast Guard will 451 Seventh Street, SW., Room 7164, OPPORTUNITY PROGRAMS
publish a separate notice in the Federal Washington, DC 20410–7000; telephone
Register indicating when facilities (202) 402–4589 (this is not a toll-free Recipient State Amount
within the Captain of the Port Zone number). Hearing- and speech-impaired
Southeastern New England, including persons may access this number via Community Frame-
those in the Port of Bourne; Captain of TTY by calling the Federal Relay works ................. WA $5,271,000
Habitat for Human-
the Port Zone Lake Michigan, including Service toll-free at 1–800–877–8339. For ity International .. GA 8,639,000
those in the Port of Green Bay; Captain general information on this and other Housing Assist-
of the Port Zone Pittsburgh, including HUD programs, call Community ance Council ..... DC 5,890,000
those in the Port of Pittsburgh; Captain Connections at 1–800–998–9999 or visit
of the Port Zone Houston-Galveston, the HUD Web site at http:// Total ............... ............ 19,800,000
including those in the Port of Texas
City; Captain of the Port Zone
Baltimore, including those in the Port of SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Fiscal FISCAL YEAR 2007 FUNDING AWARDS
Salisbury; and Captain of the Port Zone Years 2006 and 2007 Self-Help FOR SELF-HELP HOMEOWNERSHIP
Detroit, including those in the Port of Homeownership Opportunity Program OPPORTUNITY PROGRAMS
Toledo must comply with the portions competitions were designed to facilitate
Recipient State Amount
of the final rule requiring TWIC to be and encourage innovative
used as an access control measure. That homeownership opportunities through Community Frame-
notice will be published at least 90 days self-help housing where the homebuyer works ................. WA $2,801,556
before compliance is required. would contribute a significant amount Habitat for Human-
To obtain information on the pre- of sweat-equity toward the construction ity International .. GA 8,404,670
enrollment and enrollment process, and of the new dwelling. Applicants were Housing Assist-
enrollment locations, visit TSA’s TWIC ance Council ..... DC 5,229,572
required to be a national or regional PPEP Microbusi-
Web site at nonprofit organization or consortium. ness and Hous-
Issued in Arlington, Virginia, on January 7, The competitions were announced in ing Development
2008. Corporation ....... AZ 2,241,245
the SuperNOFAs published May 8, 2006
Rex Lovelady,
(71 FR 11962) for the Fiscal Year 2006 Total ............... ............ 18,677,043
Program Manager, TWIC, Office of
competition and March 13, 2007 (72 FR
Transportation Threat Assessment and
Credentialing, Transportation Security 11649) for the Fiscal Year 2007
[FR Doc. E8–362 Filed 1–10–08; 8:45 am]
Administration. competition. The NOFAs allowed for
[FR Doc. E8–360 Filed 1–10–08; 8:45 am] $19,800,000 for SHOP for the Fiscal
Year 2006 competition and $18,677,043
for SHOP for the Fiscal Year 2007 DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND
competition. Applications were rated URBAN DEVELOPMENT
DEPARTMENT OF HOUSING AND and selected for funding on the basis of
[Docket No. FR–5186–N–02]
URBAN DEVELOPMENT selection criteria contained in that
Notice. Federal Property Suitable as Facilities
[Docket No. 5030–FA–06, FR–5100–FA–06]
For the Fiscal Year 2006 competition, To Assist the Homeless
Announcement of Funding Awards for a total of $19,800,000 was awarded to
AGENCY: Office of the Assistant
the Self-Help Homeownership three grantees nationwide. For the
Secretary for Community Planning and
Opportunity Program Fiscal Years Fiscal Year 2007 competition, a total of Development, HUD.
2006 and 2007 $18,677,043 was awarded to four
ACTION: Notice.
grantees nationwide.
AGENCY: Office of the Assistant
In accordance with section SUMMARY: This Notice identifies
Secretary for Community Planning and
Development, HUD. 102(a)(4)(C) of the Department of unutilized, underutilized, excess, and
Housing and Urban Development surplus Federal property reviewed by
ACTION: Notice of funding awards. HUD for suitability for possible use to
Reform Act of 1989 (103 Stat. 1987. 42
SUMMARY: In accordance with section U.S.C. 3545), the Department is assist the homeless.
102 (a)(4)(C) of the Department of publishing the grantees and amounts of DATES: Effective Date: January 11, 2008.
Housing and Urban Development the awards in Appendix A to this FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT:
Reform Act of 1989, this announcement document. Kathy Ezzell, Department of Housing
notifies the public of funding decisions and Urban Development, 451 Seventh
ebenthall on PRODPC61 with NOTICES

made by the Department in Street, SW., Room 7262, Washington,

competitions for funding under the DC 20410; telephone (202) 708–1234;
Notices of Funding Availability (NOFA) TTY number for the hearing- and
for the Self-Help Homeownership speech-impaired (202) 708–2565, (these
Opportunity Program (SHOP). This telephone numbers are not toll-free), or

VerDate Aug<31>2005 14:33 Jan 10, 2008 Jkt 214001 PO 00000 Frm 00060 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\11JAN1.SGM 11JAN1