Acknowledgement Alhamdulillahâ ¦ Thank to Allah S.W.T because give me an effort to do and finish my assignment on my English Language Proficiency.

I have been giv en a task from my lecture that is, I have to write an expository essay. My expos itory writing is based on the â The Important of Road Safetyâ . All I need to do is se arching the information and using the information that is given by my lecture, M dm Faridah Binti Tahir,thank a lot to her because she already give me many infor mation and advice that very useful. Also, when the time we all stress when getti ng so many assignment at the same time, she give us advice and concern to us jus t relax, stay cool when facing this kind of situation. She help us a lot in orde r to finish the assignment. I also want to thank to my entire friend who help me in the process of making and finishing my assignment. Thank to their informatio n and advice in order to help out to make my assignment better. By doing this as signment I have learned many thing about the road safety. Including, the step an d behavior of Malaysianâ s road user. Thing are maybe are getting better but some t ime it may be very dangerous and can cause fatal. The thing is, if we follow the law and regulation we can overcome this problem. Learning Outcome 1. Use all the provided points or sentence fragment. 2. Elabora te the points or sentence fragments in detail. 3. To write an expository essay b ased on the task given. 1

4. To select several reading material related to the topic and uses the informat ion as references. Learning objectives: 1. To organize ideas or information and elaborate on the pr ovided point or sentence fragment. 2. To write an expository essay based on the picture and the points or sentence fragment. Expository essay An expository essay deals with discussion of a topic which provides information. It is consideredas a factual essay. It does not seek to impress the reader with the details given, may be in the form of descriptive details or exciting narrat ion. The main aim is to give and provide information in a systematic, clear and coherent manner. Individually, students are required to write an expository essa y based on the given topic. You are also required to read up several reading mat erials for example, journals, newspaper and book in order to obtain information on the topic. The expository essay should be about 500-600 words. Study the pict ure carefully 2

The picture shows people behaving very carelessly on the road. Write o compositi on on â The Importance of Road Safetyâ The Important of Road Safety By: M.Syafie â Look mum, there is a man under the bus!â said a little girl to his mother. In Malay sia these scene actually happen almost every day. We can see a man under a bus o r a car, a car fly over the road divider, motorcycle turning to scrap metal and maybe a man flying up into the air. The actions that had been mentioned just now are not from a Hollywood movie or drama scene. They really happen in our daily life. What are those all about? Of course the situation concern road accident. C an we overcome the situation? To prevail over, we can start enthusiastic the roa d safety on our own. As a pedestrian, we must practice the safe way to cross the road carefully and try to avoid standing in the middle of the road. This act ve ry, very dangerous and you are actually putting yourself in hot soup. The fact s hows that, pedestrians become the victims of road accident because of the carele ssness and lack of acquaintance. Frankly speaking, most of them are pupil or stu dent, because of; they did not have any early road safety education beside, the negligence of their own parent. 3

Conversely, the road accident may happen because of the irresponsible road users . Especially for the goods transportation company, they carry the goods in a lar ge number. The driver and the worker ought to be more careful when carrying out the job. The thing is, devoid of any safety precaution the vehicle will become t he cause of another accident. For instance, in Penang Bridge last month, a crane toppled causing a massive traffic jam along The Jelutong Expressway and Bayan L epas coastal road heading towards the mainland. Besides that, as road user, we must always abide the rules and regulation of roa d safety. Somehow, not all road users know the regulation and practice them. In order to solve this matter, the vehicle license in Malaysia should be stricter i n evaluating the new driver so that they know the important of rule and regulati on. Moreover, the number of vehicle in Malaysia is keep increasing, according to the statistic from the Ministry Of Vehicle And Transportation, in 2006 there ar e about 15790732 vehicle registered, so how many vehicle out there right now? Ab solutely, more. While, many road user practice safety precautions on the road. T here are certain road user who are reckless and always doing something showing u nethical attitude on the road. Of course for these kind of person they may bump into problem that is road summon and possibly a road accident. Recently, in Kuan tan, according to the state Road Transport Department, 6,069 summonses had been released in just two weeks duration. All of the summon mostly issued to drivers who do not put on rear seatbelt.Salim Said, The Enforcer Director said â We regret that the number of summonses increase during every operationâ he said during the r oad traffic at Jalan Kuantan-Gambang In conclusion, we may think that the practi ce of road safety is unimportant and do not make any sense. The fact is the enti re road users should follow and practice the road safety rules and regulations. In order to avoid ourselves from becoming the new victim or causing someone to b e a victim. Then, the entire road user ought to be more responsible and more tol erant when on the road. 4

(556 words) Reflection When I get this assignment, the first thing come out from my mind is, what kind of information that I should put in or other kind of fact that is suitable with my opinion writing and the article that consist of 1000-1500 words. I see my lec ture, and ask her on how and what sort of thing that she want me to acquired in my assignment. Then she told to find three articles that have the same overlappi ng theme and any related information that I have to collect. I start looking for article, first I do some research on the daily newspaper. I decide to choose en tertainment and pop culture theme. That day I heard a song that sing by the famo us Rasta Movement, Bob Marley. Then I found out at the Rolling Stone Magazine th at is the special edition about the 50 Immortal artists like The Beatles, The Ca rdigan, Jimmy Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley and other 45 artists. No wonder they all had brought a very big impact not just on the music industry but in th e lifestyle, fashion and also culture. The old day ago we can see people used to had a Elvis hairstyle.Wearing a trousers that is big cut at the bottomed a.k.a bell-bottomed. In this assignment I realize that the music is also important to our self. Every day we may heard new song new fusion of music, that is something that we cannot expect. But the way the artist represent the music is an univers al kind of stuff. So, we may accept, what kind of music that suit us. I hope my opinion and my explanation in my assignment are correct can be accepted. The err is human, if there is any problem in my assignment I hope it can be 5

pleased and can give chances to do some correction. I accept it in order to fulf ill my assignment criteria and quality. APPENDIX Bibliography Books and Article 6

Global Road Safety Partnership, Survey of use of Good Practice Manuals - January 2009. Danger-Proofing Youâ re Kids, By Elaine Dong,2003, Impact of PMGSY Roads on the Traffic Safety of School-Going Children in Rural Areas, January 2007,Ashoke K Sarkar,The Regional Forum Group (RFG), Rajasthan and Birla Institute of Techno logy and Science, Pilani(India) OECD, Road Transport and Intermodal Research: Sa fety Strategies for Rural Roads, 1999. A report to the Congressional Committees on Highway safety federal and state efforts to Address Rural Road Safety Challen ges, May 2004. Malaysia: Road Accidents Statistic 2000-2006,l August 27, 2007, M essage from Lord Robertson to APEC Automotive Dialogue Road Safety Summit, March 18th 2007 Highway Planning and Road Safety Audit, UNIVERSITI MALAYA, Department al Elective Course ATIONAL ROAD SAFETY STRATEGIES AND TARGETS IN APEC ECONOMIES. Websites w ngan jalan raya 7

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