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Examination Specimen

TSN308/05 Network System Management and Application

Time: 3 Hours

Instructions to candidates:
1. Please check that this question paper consists of four (4) printed pages before you
begin the examination.
2. Answer any FIVE (5) questions in Part A and ALL questions in Part B in the answer
booklet provided.
3. Non-programmable electronic calculator may be used.
4. You are not allowed to remove this question paper from the examination venue.

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Part A (50 marks)

Answer ANY FIVE (5) questions.

Based on your understanding of LDAP directories standard describe how you

as a system administrator manage user and group resources. Draw a
diagram to illustrate this.
[10 Marks]


In a LAN environment, provide FOUR (4) different type of servers used to

supply and process information between users and the system. Describe
each of them with an example.
[10 Marks]


a) Define Network Protocol.

[4 Marks]
b) TCP/IP, ISDN, and Wireless are three protocol used in various network
environment. Use examples to illustrate their differences.
[6 Marks]


What are the Four (4) distinct features of a data warehouse compare to an
operational database? Describe each of them.
[10 Marks]


One of the important aspects of an information system is security.


the key components of the security policy in place for an organization of

your choice.
[10 Marks]

a) What is referred as legacy system in organization?

[5 Marks]
b) List and briefly describe any the five (5) of the guidelines that can assist
in legacy system management.
[5 Marks]


Part B (50 marks)

Malaysia is going into the 21st Century with ICT implementation as one of the cornerstones of
its ongoing modernization. Today across the whole world, governments are discovering that
ICT technologies are becoming an effective tool for better governance. USM UNIT SUKAN,
would like to overhaul their service in that line of thought. An overview how the USM UNIT
SUKAN facility Service present operations in going on and how it would be computerized
with web-based electronic booking and electronic management is presented. It will also
include all the necessary hardware and software technology needed for this upgrade
process. Thus, the modernized management of the Sports Facility through the electronic
booking computerization has a great impact in their function. We also took in consideration
how this would enhance the departments operation and efficiency so that would give an
overall new image for the department at USM.
At present moment all the functions and operations of the Unit Sukan is done manually.
Beginning from buying the coupons by students and staff from the security office, which is
the initial process before a student or staff would be able to use the sport facilities available
at USM until the booking of the facilities is done and verification of usage of the said facilities
by the respective party. We also took in consideration all types of facilities available and also
all the different categories of users allowed to use the facilities as each of them would be
required to follow different procedures before been allowed to use them.
1. Courts indoor and outdoor: Badminton (6), Tennis (20), Squashy (6) and Ping Pong.
2. Outdoor Game Fields/Courts Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Rugby,
Softball, Cricket, Hockey and Handball (Bola Baling).
3. Swimming Pool
4. Turf Stadium Hockey
5. Stadium Athlete Track events plus Equipment, Training and Football.



A. Courts only
1. Students
2. Staff
3. KSS member (Staff Sport
4. Rakan Sukan (Sponsor
5. Government body
6. Private Company
7. Outside Individual

B. Swimming pool only

C. Other facilities

1. School Student
2. Students
3. Staff

1. Students
2. Staff
3. Government body

4. KSS member

4. Schools

5. Members (Outside Individual) 5. Private Company

6. Tournament
6. Rakan Sukan

The functional tasks of the USM Unit Sukan are divided into six main areas of divisions
according to the management and locality need of the department and the users. We have
the following region of functionality:

Single Smart-card system for payment Module

Online access to booking facility Module
Biometric verification of the booking at the sport facility Module
Wireless communication and access Module
Facility Security and Safety Module
1. Based on the above information, provide WAN network infrastructure requirements
that would support the implementation. You may draw a diagram to show the
(15 marks)
2. One of the technologies that would be used is web-based access for the users to
make facility booking. You are required to perform a capacity planning that would
support this online module.
(15 marks)
3. Provide a business model diagram that fulfils USM UNIT SUKANs new system
(20 marks)