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For unless proper corrections are made, there must eventually be

caused a full possession or such a deterioration of the gray tissue

or cell matter in the spinal cord as to set up deterioration in brain
reflexes and reactions.
Thus we have those periods when the body is averse to bodypassion and again is as if being possessed by same, causing
mental aberrations and imaginations, with the sensory
system in its reflexes bringing an illness of whatever nature is
indicated in any conversation about the body. These cause fears,
dreads and such conditions throughout the body.
And the self-condemnation has produced in those portions of
the cerebrospinal system such activity upon the nervous system
as to produce a reaction that is contrary to the activities of the
nervous body.
Hence those periods of melancholia, those periods when there is
the determination for self-effacement in one manner or another.
Thus we find there are those overflows often to the ducts that
magnify and manifest sadness, sorrow, and self-effacement; in
that the condemnations which arise make for the dislike of
activities that are necessary for the expression of any
NORMAL, cooperating, balanced system of the spiritual activities
in a physical body
(Q) When I do go places and try to do something, why do I seem
to be held back?
(A) That is the suppression that is nominal, or that has been
builded in self.
(Q) Why is is difficult for me to make myself go places?
(A) This is the natural tendency of attempting to shun those
feelings of repression. But this attitude that has been accepted, or
that is being accepted, is gradually bringing - and will, as the

entity applies self, bring not only greater opportunities but a

RELEASE to the self that has been pent within - because of the
submerging of its latent desires in this material relationship.
Thus in the mental reactions from same we find at times the
indication of lapses of the impulse; and the body remains rather
in that mood of living in or reacting to old surroundings. Or
there is the inclination to pity self, and to desire or wish for or
dwell upon things that had to do with FORMER conditions in the
system; without looking toward future activities or impulses.
Hence, without these being broken up, these will tend towards a
softening - or the reactions of the impulses will be to more and
more lapse in this manner; more and more melancholy, more and
more reactions to the whole nervous system
There being in this body, with this entity, a high nervous
temperament, with ideals as high, as keen as may be found in
many a day, the activities through which the entity passed have
shattered its hopes, its aspirations, - by the advances that
were unspeakable to the entity, the MENTAL self, the higher self.
And in the attempt to escape, and finding self trapped as it were,
the physical exercise and activity in the attempt shattered the
connection between the cerebrospinal and sympathetic system;
especially in the coccyx and lumbar areas.
Losing consciousness the entity became a prey to those
suggestive forces as were acted upon, and by the injection of
outside forces to keep that hidden as attempted upon the body.
Then, in its present environs, there have been only moments of
rationality; and then NO one to respond brought greater and still
greater depression to the better self.
In the general physical forces of the body, as we find, there needs
to be more of an outside activity, or more activity in the open
air. Not so much in city or town, but as country, and the

expression of self in creative arts or of that nature - if there

would be the arousing of the mental forces as the better physical
conditions are being manifested for the body, to find it spiritual
and mental self in a normal balance.
This then we would do. Arrange so that there will be more open
air for the body, and the ability to gradually take up its activities
in the artistic line of endeavor, or in creative thought as in music
or in more social associations.
(Q) Why am I so retiring when I meet people?
(A) Do as has been indicated and find a relief, - rather than
questioning self. For such questions build a resentment in the
inner self, because of the not understanding of a nervous