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Postgraduate degree from the ESA (DES ESA).
Postgraduate specialisation in sustainable urban strategy.
Against a backdrop of severely deteriorated and
disassociated living environments, the major challenge
is to transform them through regeneration in order to
make them inhabitable once again. All too often, the
notion of sustainable development has been limited to its
technical aspects. Today, from urban planning strategies
to architectural forms and urban planning projects, a
new, unified approach is emerging. This seeks to combine
human establishments with the natural environment.

Career outlets/Prospective employers

Companies keen to develop an environmental strategy.
Architectural and urban planning agencies, in which
research is increasingly necessary to the development of
project-based activities associated with planning. Local
and regional authorities in France and abroad for project
management and consultancy activities. Urban, public or
private contracting. International organisations. Research
laboratories. The specialised media.

This training programme firmly places research at the

very centre of the design process and explores new and
original opportunities in the ecological housing field.
Particular attention is paid to ethics in world-changing
disciplines such as art, architecture and urban planning.
New eco-skills are developed to deal with contemporary
urban planning challenges.

Semester 1
Identification of an urban territory
and the problems of a specific environment.
Semester 2
Preparation of a project-based strategy
spanning the various scales.
Semester 3/Semester 4
Supervision of personal projects
and preparation of the research thesis.
Oral examination based on the research thesis
and of the hypothetical project before a jury.

Combining research with projects.
Selecting and understanding an urban metropolitan area.
Jointly considering regional planning strategies and
architectural possibilities.
Acquiring new, interdisciplinary skills, in addition to
an environmental architecture project culture and

The teaching staff with responsibility for the diploma

Chris YOUNES, Dr. and HDR in the philosophy of
architecture and urban environments.
Isabel HERAULT, DPLG architect.
Stphane BONZANI, DPLG architect, researcher.

Target group
Architects - Urban planners

Course details

photo : Claire Chevrier



4 semesters

Study basis

1 week per month


cole Spciale dArchitecture


Semester start months

March and September

Intake size

25 students

Tuition fees

8,600 for the 4 semesters

Admission procedure

Admissions form + Interview

+33(0)1 40 47 40 02

Online admissions form

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