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JUNE 2009

During May, National Scout Headquarters published the name of the person who is to take over as the next Chief Scout—the 10th since our movement began. On page 2 is a picture montage of these 10 Chiefs. Leaders—why not print one off for each of your members, or direct them to our District web site. See if they can name them and put them in chronological order. The information is available on the web—so even Beaver Scouts can have a go at this (‘cos most 6 year olds plus are more computer aware than us!)

A few notes on forthcoming eventsfrom Stuart Thorpe, ADC (Scouts)
District Archery John Smith has informed me that the Archery Event is now fully subscribed. District Dragon Boat Racing Kath Wright has informed me that this event is now fully subscribed. *New Event* District 6 A side Football Sunday 5th July 2009 at the Fire HQ Sports Ground Bestwood Nottingham The County are holding their competition earlier this year to give Scouts who normally represent their own teams in the football season a chance to play for their Troop. I would like you to note the date at this time and I will send out the rules in the very near future. Great Nottingham Bike Ride I am sure you are all aware that the Great Nottingham Bike ride is on 21st June 2009. To apply please go onto the Nottinghamshire County Council website and follow the instructions on the screen. I have offered to take a group of Scouts from 4th Carlton for a practice ride around the trails in Sherwood Pines. I am now offering this to all of you to encourage your Scouts to come and join me on Saturday 6th June to meet at 10.30 am in the main car park. Please ask any Scout Leader Parent or helper if they would like to come along I look forward to meeting them there. Please ask them to bring their own bikes but there is a place to hire bikes if you need to. A packed lunch may also be useful along with drinks although there is a cafe there if people prefer this.

Hi to you all. Right it’s your day (How can we support you to support your teams) Through the Explorer skills day. What sessions would you like to see and take part in. What help can we give your districts!!! Answers on a postcard (E-MAIL) PLEASE ASAP Thanks Malcolm Skelton County Explorer Scout leader www.nottinghamshire-scouts.com/ explorerscouts/

Your Chance To Take Part In The TRIP OF THE YEAR

The Brochure re. this event was sent out during May to All Explorer Scout Units. There is a open meeting on 11th June 2009 at Sherbrooke Campsite

Below is a montage of the 10 people who have to date held the title “Chief Scout”. One of them was acknowledged as “Chief Scout of the World”, the others have been either “Chief Scout of the British Empire”, Chief Scout of the British Empire and Commonwealth”, or “Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and Overseas Territories”. The challenge is : - Name them, put them in order (with dates if possible) and say who held which of the titles mentioned above.

Notification of Possible Module Cancellation
Please note that the Training Event outlined below are in danger of being cancelled due to lack of participants. 9-12-03 ( Providing a Balanced Programme ) scheduled for Sunday 21 June 2009 at 2nd Arnold Scout Group Headquarters Could you ask around to see if there is anyone who would like to attend these, so that I am not in the position of having to cancel same. In Central Notts we currently have 58 leaders, 13 of these leaders are overdue for their training, who need this module! I have already sent this information out once, to GSL's as well as yourselves, that this and other modules are happening in this district. Yet with 58 leaders in need of this module, many of these leaders living within a relatively short distance from this HQ, the county are now in danger of having to cancel this training event. Could we please contact the leaders that you have on your email list, and see if we can't get some people to attend Also, we have a number of training courses that will be taking place within the Central Notts District over the next few months, So could you forward this on to your leaders on your lists, or in your groups, so that as many leaders as possible get this information, many thanks. Over the next few months we have a number of training courses that are to be run right here in Central Notts, so no need to travel far. Please take a look at the list and if you need any of these modules, and you would like to take part in any of them, application forms can be found on the county web site, www.training.nottinghamshire-scouts.com or from myself your Local training Manager, just get in touch, all application forms must be sent to me please, application close 14 days from the first date of the course, so please don’t leave it until the last minute  Getting Started Training, please contact me direct.  Saturday 13th June, Modules 1,2,3 Getting Started, 10:30 to 14:30, at 3rd Woodthorpe  Saturday 20th June, Module 14- young people today, 9:30-12:00 at 2nd Arnold..  Module 11- Administration (section leaders), 12:30-15:00 at 2nd Arnold  Module 15- Challenging Behavior, 15:30-18:30, at 2nd Arnold  Sunday 21st June, Module 13, Growing the Movement (Section), 10:00-13:30 at 2nd Arnold  Module 12, providing a balanced programme, 14:00-17:30 at 2nd Arnold  Fri/Sat/Sun 3rd to 5th July, Management Modules weekend for GSL’s and ADC’s at Sherbrooke camp site  Saturday 7th November, Modules 1,2,3 Getting Started, 10:30-14:30, at Southwell HQ  Module 9- Working with Adults, 15:00-18:30, at Southwell HQ  Saturday 28th November, Module 5/6 Fundamental values of scouting, 9:30-12:30, at 1st Porchester  Module 7, Valuing Diversity, 13:30-18:30, at 1st Porchester  Sunday 29th November, Module 8, Skills of Leadership, 13:00-16:00, at 1st Porchester We hope to see you on some of these courses, remember some of the Modules are available on DVD E Learning discs or work books, available from me. Phil Herriot Local Training Manager—Central Notts

What did Scoutlook report on for this month in…………………
1980 - District Commissioner reported that, yet again, vandals had struck at the District Campsite (Sherbrooke). This time they had completely destroyed the ‘Brown Hut’ by fire, and the ‘Long Hut’ was so badly damaged as to be unsafe to use. - The Scout Section’s Activity Day – June 15th – was a conducted tour of Nottingham Castle, Caves and Excavations. 1981 – The D.C. – now Phil Barlow – reported that the District Team are looking for a NEW Campsite and are looking at a lovely site at Bestwood Lodge. Entry forms for the Venture Scout Tug of War, and the District Sedan Chair Rally were attached. - Also details of the ‘new look’ Newton / Langford trophy competitions had been circulated to units. 1982 – The D.C.- still Phil Barlow drew attention to a ‘camp site handout’ detailing the work, due to com mence at the end of the month. Volunteers were requested to help as ‘labourers’ in the building of the new camp centre. (or would you rather have moved to Bestwood Lodge?)…….cont overleaf

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EVENT Beaver Scout Leaders Meeting Scout Section Dragon Boat Racing Scouts District Archery Cub Scout Leaders Meeting Scout Fellowship Archery and BBQ Getting Started Modules (1-3 ) Cub Scout District Camp District Sedan Chair Rally Arnold Gala Beaver Fun Day Great Nottingham Bike Ride TBA

TIME & VENUE Sherbrooke 1930 hours Holme Pierrepont 1830 hours Sherbrooke 0900 hours Redhill 2030 hours Elton 1900 hours

CONTACT Lee Marriott Kath Wright John Smith Elaine Smith Ron Hollingsworth Phil Herriot

Sherbrooke Sherbrooke 1400 hours Arnot Hill Park Sherbrooke 1000 - 1400 hours Holme Pierrepont

Elaine Smith District Team Gedling BC Lee Marriott NCC

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Scout Leaders Meeting Beaver Scout Outing Fellowship Croquet and Picnic District Executive meeting Cub Scout Water Activity Camp Bronze & Silver DofE Final Expedition Validation Evening Cub and Scout Rounders Competition Explorer Expedition

Sherbrooke 1930 hours. Seaside / Activity Centre Fiskerton 1900 hours Sherbrooke 1930 hours. Trent lock TBA. TBA Burntstump Park Ireland

Stuart Thorpe Lee Marriott Ron Hollingsworth Roger Whibley Elaine Smith Steve Tupper Phil Herriot Stuart Thorpe / Elaine Smith Steve Tupper

What did Scoutlook report on in this month............cont. from page 3 1983 – A new format for the District Executive was explained. Groups were divided into 6 Geographic sets, each set being asked to nominate one Leader and one Lay representative. 1984 - A new (National) Progress Scheme was to be introduced for the Scout Section, encouraging the use of The Patrol System and setting up District Patrol Leaders’ Councils. - A district fund raising initiative had taken place – Spider’s Web – teams from 10 Groups, 3 Guide Units and the Scout Fellowship had left their HQ at 10.00am and completed a 12 mile hike Tickets had been sold before hand – buyers estimating the ‘average time’ of the teams. Groups also increased their earnings by individual sponsorship. - And – OOOps- Oh dear – census figures showed a big drop in numbers – 1518 to 1374. 1987 - The D.C. – now Bill Powell-Perry – thanked Alan Wilkinson for his many years of service as District Treasurer (he had stood down at the recent AGM). Was this when our present Treasurer – Roger Foxall took over ?? 1991 - On Sunday 30th June an attempt is to be made – at Trent Bridge – to create the biggest raft from canoes. The raft must be free floating and only hands used to keep canoes together. The present record is 376 canes, held by ‘The Peoples Youth Movement of Singapore’ – Did we succeed ??? Afterwards the canoes were paddled downstream to Holme Pierrepont where the slalom and Winfield pool had been made available for the rest of the day.