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A car that runs on prayer

The only by-product is oven fresh pizza.

Wise guys capitalize on the size of their eyes.

If I could wrap a bow around the final word,

I would drive it to the desert of the ocean.

The snow came like a cross on the forehead.

a device for picking words
rests behind the field

the formula is this:

come on, let’s dissolve

when you count the seconds,

you are the face of time

a place can be a lesson

a person is something that wants

people like to crowd plain spaces

every day is market day

the “secret society”
has never been found
“out there”

it is the hive mind

a screwy sense of survival

Activate hippy
CEO sleeper cell

at times I feel filled with soil

practice communion with tree
the train passes through my bed
I feel the engine between my legs
like a log across a stream

Because I was the thing,

fair Ichijo,
where we leap,
light rays loop
around the part of heaven
which is known.

As for me,
the night
before the first day,
the beginning order
which knows that it is God
was given time.

sleep around it
iron atoms of the heroes
climb every wall

name your kid atom and leave

one true church

taped to box
seal blown off by discharge
discharge blown off by discharge

let go of whatever
is in your ass
that makes you act

a fact cannot be broken

up into bits
if it could each bit
would not be true

clock the speed of the waves

easel hillside
slow moon
lost reels of ocean
playing slide fiddle
in a cage of definitions
to the bottom sung
I hand you

echo of lost words

half dead mythology

all beginnings are happy

share bones

at last I’m last

the last tube of humanity
on this side of the river.

entertained by the madness of others

taking the still for the film
not knowing the worsening plot
the eventual tragedy
ecstasy is not to be believed
you say that when you looked into his eyes
you saw the truth
but what you saw was his own belief
which is illness

I tore the spiral of my back

looking for an ancient book

they are not incantations,

they are transcribed after the magic
has already happened

hello darling
I’m sorry I said you were scared
did my words make you scared?
there I go again

the shoes of my mind

are on the dashboard of my brain
time to sleep

everything I never knew

is extinguished

this must be the gospel

I’m crying
a child in me
gets letters from hell

the truth is bright somewhere,


forget names
shut down the naming thing

perceive without labels

or written warnings

memory opens to memory

windows to look out of
at each tower’s corner.

Forget the name.

Tighten the fact that it shows.
Without the strict note or the label or the document perceive.
As for memory you open to memory,
The empty look from the corner of each tower’s Window 。

Midnight Riding in a car

As for the jazz person, he is the part of the trumpet which speaks.
Attitude of new source.
Weighty world of talent.
Feeling of interval.
Explore randomly.
God, I wish the animals would take over.
Fruit wood.
Teddy - the bear which is a minefield.

It falls the medium column,

The marble classified by Rome.
The leaf which is dried.
That is the silver make spoon.
The treatment whose hundred years are kind.
There is something which is seen anywhere.
Directly there is a niece, Canada.
Somewhat smudgy Sketch of finger.
Umbrella of upset lamp for drawing up.

The food which is used for tying in the land which has lived.
Now that entire is made.
It is cancelled by the bald hawk.
Calm Mexican human sleep.
As for finding and dying a certain substance.
Sheep have everything, they have dispersed.
I have counted the wolf.
He was very powerful,
Everything which he can do is still
From the standpoint of where it is.
The only member of my kind where I am delightful and am not.

God was that taste.

He was avaricious
because of what the tide never brought him.

Crossing the road,

I met the demon.

That lazy elephant was raised there

The painter uses the brush to load up
and leaves his ear smiling at me.

Brought a Christ child for you, madam.

I was told to come here by a party unknown to myself.
“The actor trains and perfects only in appearances,”
he told me to tell you.

he was so powerful
all he could do was stand still

silence of action
a word you can’t say right

inside a secret room

no one say nothing

confession in depressing weather –

when you said “Virginia”
I briefly tried to walk there.
I got on the train at Argyle. I sat down next to some Italian girl. I adjusted the Popov
fifth in my sleeve. A man was smiling at me from the next row. “A little something to
keep me warm,” I said. I sat there for a while. Then the black woman across from me
asked me for a cigarette. I handed her my bag of roll ups. She was surprised. She took
out two papers and attached them with her saliva. I said, “Hey that’s enough paper for
two cigarettes.” She said, “Are you cheap?” I couldn’t argue with that. A cute girl got
on at Addison. I insisted that she have my seat. I tipped my Florida Marlins cap at her.
I’m from Fort Myers Florida. She didn’t want my seat. I asked her how long it took to
get so pretty. The vodka fell out of my jacket. Now everyone knows I’m drunk. The
man keeps smiling. I ask him what’s so funny. I go sit back down next to the Italian girl.
She was punching numbers on her phone. “It’s all your fault,” I said, “it’s your fault for
being so pretty.” I asked her if she was Italian. “No,” she said, “I’m from India.” I don’t
know where India is. When the smiling man got off at Fullerton he shook my hand and
thanked me.
I heard clay directors of line against my window.

Heaven is broken when we speak simultaneously.

Know that it is very old, it is the sickness.

Another dimension is crossed, sort of,

All the time, I remain – abnormally.

There are no times when the name is forgotten.

Dance of cocaine and reputation.

I like the fact that the image of the teacher is pulled out.
It is struck and bleeding in the brush,
Scrutinizing the blood while
Imitation Unicorns Drip from an angle.
The proper degree does not have to be.
I have become aware of having been exposed.
If I speak to me, your head is broken
Like the dawn’s good behavior.

The yellow fog could be upset - it was.

As for the rain - it was inhaled.
The apple burnt with the branch
And the sky started the water blister.
I am an imaginative thing.

The bit between the skirt is sweet,

It is restricted carefully.

The number of quantities of alarm.

You can divide my number or, or you can increase it.
As I look to conformity.
Under God: one Tabulation.

Handling whatever dimension, are we good?

The rainbow which is seen from a plain surface is a complete circle.
As for black hole there is a gloss from the fact that the tunnel quantity
of protons is dug, you see,
From the membrane that only goes one way.
Like crystals of sugar in black coffee.
I stand aloft
holding the hose
light stay for coffee

later piece together

table shards

keep rolling
let’s make a feel
I try to make this room
less hollow

each sound a new voice

art objects
break in my gaze

what we need here

is a vast tree
climb it and regress

a climate of regret
close the velvet
curtain of the booth

kneel, squeal, and

peel off black mourning
step out in yellow morning
I want pictures of beautiful lives. I want my life to be filled with beautiful pictures. I
want to live in a beautiful picture. I want beautiful. I want pictures. I want to be a
picture of something beautiful. I want to be a beautiful picture of something. I want to
take the beautiful out of a picture and put it into my life. I want God to be a painter. I
want him to paint beautiful portraits of all the angels and the people in heaven. I want a
beautiful picture of my tombstone. I want to die while looking at a beautiful picture. I
want a beautiful painter to kill me with his self portrait. I want to be a beautiful painter
and die by my own hand. I want to cover myself in paints and become beautiful. I want
my bicycle to have color wheels. I want to build a brick wall with all the beautiful colors
in my life. I want all the beautiful pictures to have my name on them. I want beautiful
pictures of myself on the cover of my autobiography. I will name my children Red,
Yellow and Blue. I will love them because they will be beautiful. I will love them until
they become beautiful. I want all the beautiful pictures I love to love me back. I want to
kill myself when I become too beautiful. I want beautiful people to come to my funeral.
I want beautiful dancers to dance on my grave. I want to decompose and fade like a
fresco. I want the cemetery to have beautiful fountains of paint. I want to feed beautiful
flowers. I want to be remembered for my beauty. I want my children to be orphans and
starve like painters. I want beautiful pictures of my children starving. I want angry
beautiful young painters to piss on my grave and kill all the beautiful flowers. I want to
be the patron saint of angry beautiful young men. I want to die and come back more
beautiful than before. I want to puke rainbows…
if only I could access my atoms
wait, I can

each thing penis

each thing cunt

I think of that boy

who tried to escape from not
knowing the truth
standing baffled on the German road
attempting to absorb the car.
The period of five days works as you
Nurture the entire matter to the suitable position.
The period of five days works as you march to the Capital.
The deep person completes the song as he sings.
The period of five days works as the one hole
In all Walls which your dream quilt Draws.
Yes The time is right. Your partial Records
Call this place “the grassy plain.”
As for that wild Horse
The period of five days works as it melts into docility.
The period of five days when these are used
because it is essential to Agriculture.
The period of five days when he pulls out by the big flood.
The wound mark is corrected.
The period of five days works as the city quilt Lifts From Putty.
O Something to say You Ball Possibility It is,
Dawn It reached In light It depends,
It is like this It is haughty, Us In big sound It called What
twilights It shines Continue
Who It is wide Stripes And It dawned Star It peels,
It was dangerous With battle
And Us Sample Rampart
It is like this Hu hyep it does, It flows, It was
And Rocket thu It is deep-red Glare
Inside air It bursts Bomb
At night Evidence It gave
Us Flag Yet From that place Was
Star Banner But Green onion It shines, It did OSomething to say It does
It is free Thing On ground skies
And It was brave Thing Family.
losing all prose
people die, hobby
distance runner mindset

white corners
with sick air
don’t stop running
or the cape will fall
lover plus lover equals everything
you take the heat, I’ll take the light
I’d rather be blind than burned

each mountain-shape in our hands

earth vs. sky place your bets

you don’t talk just listen

when you stare long at the wall
the wall become sky
and blam you see god.
Model for God of Multi Items of Information:
The system which is many insertion systems and truth of high action,
Each one under direction of single human.
To end show you speak comparatively.
When all peace explodes, the gate opens,
And the falling of the curtain is like the snow of velvet.
God is the encore. So it is.
The bow is devoted to our self-sacrifice.
Old Woman in green pants.
She strolls truly.
Her Walk is controlled by the autumn.
She looks at her shoe frequently.

A Light year person of Illusionist Disposition.

Girl (His lover or sister)walks several paces behind.

The Asian grasps behind his head

and observes the restaurant window which passes.
He is putting on a sweater
And pities the cedar in winter.

An unusual girl
Black but truly yellow
Hair in Cornrows,
Goes home from the school.
Her leg is silent
Gods Move under the denim of her skirt.
As for night heavy step circular yard being agreeable,(Stove, House,
furnace?) Circular earth. Starting the sun the egg of the forest goes
away from the. The saint of the candle which is attached there of the
house where we are dark Lucia SaintLucia With, it appears.
The night is large, goes to silence. This time The wing of all silent
rooms which whisper the way you hear from the wing. Look at our
boundaries. There as for her saint of her hair Lucia Saint Lucia The
light/write and white it is covered, it stands
The darkness it starts from the valley of the earth eventually in this
way, speaks the word where she is splendid in us. Day rises from the
sky of rose color freshly. Saint Lucia Saint Lucia.
psst Joker to Queen
open drawers of overlooked science

who takes the sword gets the wound

my mind has no place to go but ridiculous,

no one has power, power has everyone

this means the devil.
She looks at the dream completely,
She looks at the crow dead on the lawn.
The hand that holds the book is heavy.
Neither of you tell dreams.
Outside, the bird blows the whistle with the nose of God.

The song returns to the good, dark earth.

The only magic is in the shift from one species to another,
And perhaps in the temple which sinks gradually under the wave.

You are the sugar cube, God is the tongue.

My bones are breakable but you will not break them.
I feel the lion of my skin.
Deformation is color here.
But this the only life, and the edge the edge.

What is weak struggles

With the power that holds him.
By doing this, he becomes the broken eye of freedom.
stagecraft. spacecraft.
how open is your eye?

when my magic powers come

I hope I have the decency
to ignore them

follow child to cliff over sea

drop in pebbles of increasing size
through those doors
is a forest, don’t knock

sleep it off
this is a plate,
this is a spoon

give it a name
“sly dancer”

cabin feverishly
I reserve the right
to barge in screaming

a sphere at most
where next
shall we carve our name
the bird flies north
driving the broken cage wire
deeper into his chest

there is music now in space

but the earth is silent
the circus tiger
gave his wildness
to the audience of children

make way for the beating heart

this is my golden shot

I have multi doors

and windows to subdue

“look, a pelican”
In the amicable method
which memory really was and spoke how wildness of pursuit of the
is taken excessively in the distance, it is tried partly, change that.
Calm hallucination you caught that, the veteran.
So at the point where the place and several people who possess the
impression which is the outside where that is born, do.
One part of understanding, as for him the remoteness maintenance
and harvesting with respect to was thought the thing which which
changes guidance, that ardently the mouth which immediately goes to
starting point.

- This pursuit? Person

the earth is my pedestal
my tongue cries in its cave

I want to know what this paper wants

I want to dig a trench and walk
where they walked a thousand years ago

I wish the song still alive.

the iron atoms of the heroes
stop shining at dusk
and the husk of armor
becomes a form abstract

towel stretched
cross knees fabric
more than casual
the machines themselves
the mercury sea
echo of lost years
lay your head in my oven
these books, these books
are all battling for my mind
to the victor go the coils
please god, I’m dying
let the balloon go
old coffee calls me back
and this girl takes her time
this girl, whose glasses were clouds
this girl, who knows what things are made of
things like our minds
the mice are crawling
in my foot
on my leg
on my shoe
the ants are crawling
up and and down
north and south
in your pants
the rabbits calling
from the field
barely dressed
sunshine medallions
the moose is bowing
to the moon
the fish are sleeping
in the shallows
god is winding
everyone’s watches
books are binding themselves
by the stream
I believe the first words were sung by children. Human language was like the
language of bees. The used it to give directions and keep calendars. Then the
children made it something more. The came up with ideas, which led to theories.
And stories. Time was encapsulated in the word. And the children were having so
much fun
the old man had a new idea:
(it killed him)

how to make war unprofitable –

all bullets shall be gold.
The sun approximates.
The day shines.
Some animals sing.
Some animals fly.
Nothing is the best.
Even if the sidewalk breaks
They can still go on it.
Some memory windows reflect you
As if to sell you.
In some cities
The highest building is a Holiday Inn.
It is like someone comes along to your city,
And then establishes the highest building,
And then leaves.
In some timbered sectors,
The highest tree is a telephone post.
In some timbered sectors, the trees
Cannot receive daylight
Because of a highway transfer.
I think that the trees are persecuted.
Some fields have been a farm
And a Fairground
And a football catch
And a place to have a picnic.
Finally everything becomes
Blocks full of houses
Which remain empty
No matter how many people live in them.

But main roads.

Main roads were always main roads.
Them Black Hall Lower part It hame down Political party leisureAlicesIt
Them In North Pole Mountain It does Inside palace Flesh?
Them Walk HazardJupitereansOnly At outset It happens?
Them Clothes of silk brocade It does Other Misconduct Water bottle
place Viviparity Person It happens?
Them Diamond As after Pebble This E In eye Lizard Is With coal?
Them leprXXOhs Wizard AndVikingGuy, Or Work Is And Trawl?
ThemaFrom Milk And Honey It drinks It was enormousphallusesIs It is
enormous Bowl?
Malice What Them Us Is Joh AssXXXX Destruction It taught Them Aim It
Them Force And Comfort Inside rolling, It writes It Is A scroll?
unmoppableSoul cap Them It is like that It does, Or Portion This Is The
It goes out, It is It peels, Who Inside controlling Egg Sip it increases Me It
does not think It is not.
There Is No Alternative

I entered the broken theater. Tina with a large bosom was on stage performing with a
bleacher full of nubile cheerleaders. Giant football screens are mounted on the rafters for
those bored with the main event. Huge young men compete in Bozo-style ping pong toss
for the chance to be trained in the healing arts. Crippled peasants hobble up, or are
forced, to be healed by being tossed into a plasma Jacuzzi in the center of the stage.
Every time a body is tossed in, the lights get brighter and Tina’s voice becomes louder. I
got up to leave. I walked past miles of occupied seats.
There is no blanket in my bed.
In addition the bookcase has been less crowded.
The television is excessively a person who has not lived.
It remains simply a white and black hole.
I am here, wooly
My head like the balloon it expands
And those others are attached to the wall.
The person of the inland
Makes plates of silver transport
And offers you a drink.
Melody he knows And Evenness.
To be in my blankets, I cried to be on horseback.
In every great revolver, an unanswered letter lies open.
Become more truthful, as time keeps messing up.
Return the bundles of faith to the giver of lies –
See which side he’ll reside on.
I’m like a cockroach in most ways.
Not one decent scrap of material language.
In harmony there can be no reason.
I am the days, as the prayers twinkle past.
This always happens to me –
From the moment I get awake I’m ready to bleed.
Two haiku

I have some mass here

In this pattern of being
O god please touch me

A diminishment
Described in scriptural prose
Atoms never touch
Us Leader
Work Man
Brown Grudge Inside punishment Gray
Hereupon Like
To fish This When it is
And It is sad It is dull Cheek -
Him At any time It talked
It is different The world
Law Percentage Possibility It is not It was not In place
Cut off.
wandered, came back,
more somehow

when I enter the skyscraper

I pretend I’m the moon

slapstick on channel mayhem

as I lay there miscellaneous

very lazy but still here

mathematics without cause

I sit up and forget what I am.

What happened

I categorized everything into shit

I love words but not a lot of them at once
I think of how typical I am of a lone nut

The newscasters teach us about small talk

I am a sloppy apprentice to television
Everything we have to work with is tribal

OK as soon as I see the sun I will sleep

Less identity more violence
I would have been happier in _____ world.
what will you catch
with your life as bait

steaming rocks
tumble down the mountainside

in a child and ball

suns powered by suns

in time we’ll
drag trails of heat
behind us
whatever the king says is a law
“some pages are missing, sir”
I would rather delete than repeat myself

the most common tragedy:

an alone person says something quietly.
when I change will you watch me
emerge from my merchandise

how trustworthy is the lake in the morning

what does this city really believe

many round things in hand

stroke against stroke against stroke.

When it Starts to obtain the light,

I have not wanted the clash bridge in the highway
For other humans of possible molds.
I decide while the public steam works the decision to obtain me.
The computation I am can pass by the ironmongery in the sharp
Behind the vehicle I saw this truly biased person which I knew.
He is A Plot theoretician,
"You have any Hobby?”
"Does not have.”
"Any Professional skill?”
"Does not have.”
"You do assorted?”
"Has not been assorted.”
Elephant I Yes Crazy.
Strikes but actually husbands and wives.
The mouse’s thought is filled under the sky with the owl.
The truck is able to perplex me I am afraid.
The main attraction is the drainage of the warm blood.
You Permit the incision flax oil carpet
is five US dollar sharpest bits.
The spatial domain can be the consummation.
Most of the time this is only dry fires at some video recordings.
I climbed under the small bank With Teenaged Girl Skateboarding.
She has an elephant.
This is perfect symbol.
I have aimed at the bit and lagged behind among the circles.
It passes the hors d'oeuvres.
The incision is long-term.
I feel happy heart. I have paid attention to fine day.
This girl collides with me.
The deficient confidence in assorted Words.
When he arrived at my model community colored thorn I said
“This is A Quite good matter”
He asked me if I saw the thing which the people cannot hear.
Or listen to what is seen.
I told him.

I don’t know a thing about you

But I can tell you’re alive
I’ll tell the queen about you
She’s swell, welcome to the hive
Pelicans chew out their hearts
And drop them in our mouths

There is a solemn anthem

We sing as we climb the ropes
It was written by the king, ask him
What it means but don’t get up your hopes

Analog and digital

and everything in between
microphones are magical
if you know what I mean

Take my hand but give it back

I’ll show you what’s in the cave
Understand it’s not all black
There’s a point of light we must save

Pelicans chew out their hearts

And drop them in our mouths
Our queen is the queen of hearts
She listens to our vows.

You’ll stay in the stadium

There’s a water pump in the rear
You can hook up your cranium
To the scoreboard: faith against fear

Every one of us must confess

Our bad intentions to the priest
Go in with a lot, come out with less
As long as you’re not the least.

Pelicans chew out their hearts

And drop them in our mouths
Our queen is the queen of hearts
She listens to our vows
An organism with several parts
Like the holiest of chaos

windless prairie
October snow
the leaves echo
in the trees
the call of ages
rough inland sea
I will keep going
stay here with me

don’t talk
about second mortgages
that world doesn’t exist
speak instead
with the voices of the dead
reaching toward immortality

fallen idols will rise

and the horses will ride themselves

Yes I am the proprietor

Word shot word
Whose ocean, whose sky
Diplomatic scandals, Viking marriages
Liquid take my shape
Shaken baby martini
Laugh at the bottom of stairs
Cry out stolen
Shine five lines
Pull back skin of face
Insert paper clip
What is the meaning of bad news
Tape hiss, snake hiss

Safe behind garage

Call off retribution
Demons are often happy
Cable cross ocean
I lost the tune
Every year new cars
Hint of cat piss
I often sat at that
Teenage computer
Couplets streaming down
My pocked face
Gliding across plastic
Ever ergonomic
Lines fastened themselves
To my mind like lampreys
Did not suck, did not suck,
Gave me blood, gave me blood,
Where are those drunken
They are gone words
Ten miles between sentence fragments
And bob Dylan has no friends
Too late to play a song
In orbit around blank
Alone at the podium,
No one to thank,
Anxious with words,
Too many letters,
I am many decades,
I know your dad,
Rhyming is psychotic
If you see me say hello
Tell me every thought you have
Describe the person
Who understands you best
Every tenth word is holy
So much is contained
Yoko Ono was my favorite Beatle

click heels to create

select power level
right – how now to transgress –
I’ve got it!
forget English language

a lack of pride
is a gift
alone in many rooms
lift jewel from stone
speak softly, be forgiven
my heart is a resonator
the winner is white patrol
to help you get more air
throat opens and closes
thirsty spinning lotus
list of things to ignore:
these people around me
don’t seem to be working
focus on one dark point
the lord death is this
from starburst to carousel
is that the best self defense
you could come up with?

face of melting candles

some kind of factory
tell me something to do
I can repeat until death
what file is this
We jumped in the valley
Using that kind of power
Our sacks
Our back sections were written
And it remains there
Coming and others [bi] and kana sand
The donkey could to have
But those regarding the sea urchin

I came to my feeling
Hole of a certain kind.
The torch was in the wall
And the animal was in the following room.
Those had the ancient Chinese food in me
And designate the brown as yellow.
I appreciated in those of my eye
Because my tongue was cut off.
Use of your tongue thank you.

Outer space
There is no religion
Worship us
Independently the canned blood plasma feeling
And what is larger than necessity?
Cover me of the earth
First burn that of the oven
I am with just shape
In basketball coat step
Black jeans
Transfer that stone to me
The page of empty king
The radiator has meditated
The key whose language is new
Scale of position
My tooth dries when I smile, completely
The attempt which does not give damage to the flower
Basket of brown
Pool of blood of horse
Opposition is hungry
It had the orange someone
Gather to van
I on the other hand look at the cloud
Is this what kind of cloth?
Growth of tooth
Rabbit for dinner
The dog ate my assignment
New Language The word cooks
food which boils
A cup morning is solitary
I think my Book
And they Looking at Each Other
And Both look like
The spatial bottle is happy
Happy spires
Who Having The time is
New Hearing
I hear my sound Happy
Washing Washing My Brain
And I have analyzed
Firm Hard oats
Gui Xiang is not sweet
Flying The line enters Paris
Ice spread-eagle
room Going against
Five degree high
Spring moves Foreword
Paint in my blanket
Lining Clothes in my pillowhead
The hillside clutches Killing
In my Book With my song it
Again turns Translating After Surface
Fragrant depilation
Roasts the ground
Fermenting Made Prunus
pseudocerasus Peach
My knowledge
Knowledge Obtains me
Moving, The thing is surprised
Porpoise nanobots
Electricity Seminal fluid
New robot species
Melting Equipment
This is the heaven and the hell
In the bed bind me with the string
Mother God
It is written on the wall
My blood
My handwriting
As for me it is permanently here
I do not die under any condition
I do not sleep under any condition
God, I desire you
Is it possible to reach the apple juice

I can’t distance at arm's length

my tongue’s Head
You can listen, if
I extremely Soft soft
Speaking Speech
Which liquid
I Belt Coming
I Play my Song
New year’ s Iraq lotus
You are beautiful

My costume is laughable
I am not Approving
name one member of the audience
Five US dollars at the Gate
Positive Righteousness Quinine water
Positive Righteousness Toxic weather
Who’s the dj
My parents come Near
Whether that is an autoharp ?

Before I became undomiciled,

I looked at many unclean movies
And the fruit was anywhere
No one drank the juice
And I remained
Using the glass where my hoodie was broken
And my basement of guitar
5 days which do not have sleep
1 day which does not have life
A better Now
My coolie hat Head
knew For Assorted lengths
Considering I am strong
Violates deceitfully
Female Power Indictment
Width Accommodates the indictment
The nature is bad
This is The name
the sound knows the junction
are you my law Teacher
I may not be believed
He Reveals Showing This Electricity Shade
according to this electricity shade
I want the last substance
the simplicity on the other side of complexity
one direction:
around and around.
one destination:
the center’s edge
Human flesh and blood,
but does not Think himself man-eater
He had waited for it, easier to choose it becomes
Stimulation To your cell, fuel to your cell
Elephant Burns down your house
maintenance to be warm
Organs not basic In order to survive
A higher cover is under this one
Concept exportation
Hungry quota
In another ship, canned Food
Discovered in the fable the waterway
And it exhausts him
coldest weather in 700 years
Never Seen living
9 Famous officials Sum 15 Individuals
Cutting Open the dead
Not before dependence
on one Final measure
boiled flesh and blood
England's Hears the sobs slander
He Moved along the floe south
Because The Inuit person knew
Lead poisoning from canned food
deranged He Refuses to separate with the heavy useless object
He And sat down and waited for the dying。

I’m glad I’m not the only member of my species,

but this is ridiculous
the bones of the elders
if this were the only life,
and the end the end
the blacksmith stood with his
index card at the morning prayer,
which read
“you are the sugar cube, god is the tongue”
he builds the great brain.
Some day he Lives completely there
It will be secondary Complex
The structure was knowing universe
It will wrap it’s tendrils around your
And Extrusion
drug tent
I was a weatherman of sorts
looks like some more hot dinner
it’s a throw pillow
bonnie and clyde were real life
enjoy cash stalkers
oh jeez what did I miss
to the betterment of American
pop culture?
The private type day gives the syndicate
the few see
throws a ball the pillow
Charm, nature life
Private He state runs away
human Big
“if you carved it into your skin, I’d believe you.”
trying to make a harmless battle
sunset with apples
above the field
the price of five hundred years
from the rock over the ocean
I hoped to fuck your entire self
with my entire self
I was hoping to feel again
the invisible hand grab my crotch
and pull me into the sea.
who is it that lets you live
like playing blindfold chess
I always feel closer
when someone has something terrible
about their past
the shape of an outline
lead me to you
sharing resources
tying together, yes, all bundles
in this one, grain,
in this, ellipses,
in one, grass soaked in whiskey
in others, the teeth of children.

every man is a religion

all men worship themselves
I think of a motorcycle,
but that is too obvious
circular seclusion
in a drop dead cave
climb out the honey hole
alike as two rabbits
the taste of grass lingers
like strong wine
collapse my attraction
to words across pictures
across oceans.

I wake up at ten and go out.

At night, to the Ohio Bar.
Some artists are there
with their traveling lovers.
“I like how you incorporated
your father’s golf swing
into the dance.”
One shot of toxicity.
There goes another orgasm.
The balls are numbered, like prisoners.
I send them into solitary confinement.
We go smoke a joint
on the fire escape.
When I drop it, they laugh
Weed makes me collective,
but narcissistic
red flesh covers blue bones

What will the blank page summon?

Respond to the muezzin.
He says there is no god but god,
what do you say?
Stupor is what I have to offer.
What are hermits good for.
To what extent am I just a big retard.
The break through the clutter.
To add to the clutter.
Lovers book.
God is the marketplace.
Connect with women thru
the latest styles.
the name of my book
is what nothingness teaches us.
what I have imagined
is more vivid
than what I have experienced
up or down the spiral
reclaim innocence
hope of love
is a type of love
my dreaming self took over
acres of minor ideas
behind each curtain
another curtain
things are not amazing enough
for me
I hike across walls hung
with maps of the
dim hopeless past.
who laughs when everyone is dying
who laughs at that
where are the sunken eyes crying
what are the facts
god is the engineer
we are machines
angled into sunlight
chaotic and weird
a hooked staff with black paint drying
the plague in a rat
where are the serpent’s eyes prying
what are the facts
god is the engineer
we are machines
angled into sunlight
chaotic and weird
we look into the sky admiring
the moon is fat
if you squint you can see it smiling
like a Cheshire cat
god is the engineer
we are machines
angled into sunlight
chaotic and weird

super bowl Sunday

classifying people by perception
most people have the same perception
we have the same perception.
What you hate, fear, love,
what gives you pleasure, what
form of pleasure you prefer.
What out of life gives it meaning
and which meaning do you prefer.
in another life in another land
people move in groups of ten or more
I consume the fire I excrete the rain
I imagine everyone is moving toward a
single point and I am there
and life is fair
all illusions have a truth of their own
there’s a whole world underneath this stone
our desire is not to be relieved
heaven waits for those who don’t believe
don’t believe
there’s another knife in another hand
people move like troops of men at war
I presume they’re tired of defeat and pain
I imagine a man walking towards a door
but never entering
and we all sing
all illusions have a truth of their own
there’s a whole world underneath this stone
our desire is not to be relieved
heaven waits for those who don’t believe
don’t believe
The sky which is not happy
That’s Me
Heart to tragedy’s Reaction
The method of saying the story of my life
In order it should quote, to ignore who
The people pass by me
Like walls of beads
blankness can be less crowded in the page
Sound recording for my child
Baby sitter for infancy period
Each night Has its Page
Each castle has one Field wind Storm
Each Gate Grasps one Key
Each Riding gentleman has
one Committee Meeting
In This Studio
Wheel Sub-is the ghost
Topic Writes in magnetism Belt
King Boss’s garden
Mingus plays chess above me
Rock and roll In porcelain
Only 12 secrets
Fight with the giant's thumb
Screen scream
My tea is Green
And so is my color
Some one clenches teeth
cuts Tooth In my chest
I dissolve Medicine
The piece enters it
My ribcage is warm
And you receive a Happy Welcoming
The arrival which asks
Me Because it wears a time
My space becomes wasteful
And my surface is pasted
Bulletin board
The highway is my own
With all the cars
What is my horsepower
Mouse of my hand
Spatial Becomes skilled
Pure music
Pen Recording
Making For them
Avoid attire Decorations
Clear eye shadow
I today feel the Sense of Egypt
Three Plants of medicine before noon
I needed a spiritual healthy day to not work
I coughed into Telephone
I didn’t Know my boss gives up
He Dons Considering Sues
If Rare earth Now unites,
And I am its Steward
I have a holiday
And she didn’t Telephone
I thought of Saying Something
I need several months
Right Word
Essential and happy Love
Strength two
She is autonomous
And I am one with God
we concerning autonomous collective
to quote film dorkiest
Port sleeping
and I do not fatigue
I was so close to Verrücktheit
last night I took
my pills early
and one night designated

God Sheng melts the land

There god
Whose world is This
Buoys one up, receives
Recognizing It
Your flesh and blood is weak
This Yes This is the world
Yes This is A person
The god comes one time again
The universe is not
Foot Sufficing
Big For Two

corn laid in neat rows

first place at the cattle shows
I knew my father was drinking
mother in tight jeans
acres of soybeans
alone in the hay only thinking

don’t ask me why

in a purple sky
the bulls are charging
and standing at the gate
I don’t know when I’ll die
but I hope it’s in July
death comes in barging
and then it’s too late

out playing football

drinking till last call
up in the attic with Anna Belle
here on the porch swing
listen to the crickets sing
I hope I can make it out of hell

don’t ask me why

in a purple sky
the bulls are charging
and standing at the gate
I don’t know when I’ll die
but I hope it’s in July
Death comes in barging
and then it’s too late

school’s over for the year

I’ll work the pedals you can steer
fishing by moonlight in the creek
tomorrow night we’ll pack our stuff
leaving here will sure be rough
but there is a vision
that I must seek

Step Line in my corpse

Pure Conception
Bernadette and spring
Preparing Good Francis
The water is cold
I can look at you and my leg
I can feel Senses
God original Forgiving
I am blind
And Presently believing
Team Five from world
For Criminal pray
She can Alone Say
I am Pure Construction Thinking
only if you asked me would I
say a final goodbye
I’m planning on staying a while
I could always walk another mile
the snow is a blanket
the city’s asleep
if I could thank it
I just might weep
you and I are partners in crime
we stand on the face of time
we’re helping each other be good
I once was a boy made of wood
the snow is a blanket
the city’s asleep
if I could thank it
I just might weep
together could mean a number of things
we’re still finding harmonies to sing
but four hands are better than two
I’m alive and I’m looking at you
the snow is a blanket
the city’s asleep
if I could thank it
I just might weep

listen to the sound

of the world spinning round
witness the sight
of the day and the night
but always keep in mind
there’s more you can’t find
don’t be the fool
who knows all the rules
the truth is bright observing
beyond these walls
don’t even try to understand
you’re only a man
let it pass away
into darkness and decay
we are all blessed and cursed
in this universe
my money’s on
the golden dawn
I probably will die because of you
That edge it is dying mercy
Head of gold dragon
In regard to leaving our saintly triunes
The police here are many
The place where it is
The person noted the casket quickly
My father was killed
He died at least because of the reason
Open the umbrella
I need backup
Now what
You think that your money can pay
Sexy it is young and it is beautiful
It waits disorder by the fact that it hides
Suburb bleeds
Foot of [tora] for selling
Some shape has?
Death is the bald hawk
Hunger and pain
How you did not know under any condition
I was damaged
Damage to profit
The predicator who damages
My line is disjointed
My limb is disinfected
Growth is the sickness
Death is the only
Hole of your sack
Using the gun
In regard to bland illusion
The point which is not the clamp
Fake of blank meaning
I now have remembered
You called to me
We shared the room
It was simply half empty
And there were our lives
But everyone is us
You knew that

Death of grain of death of decrease

Dead stop death of policeman
If I can stop death
The deceased of track/truck
Riding the horse you brag
The optical tower is explosive
And the people eat themselves
I desire the fact that I am another person
Another time
The ocean is wide
Space of time

Holy story
Violin of clue
Or perhaps the harp
I had known that this happens
Many days of bad year
In time time
Hardship is our lot
That it is hard, but certainly sufficient
You must have elegance to proceed

I am the bad news god

The loudspeaker is vigorous
The wind opens Putting
Elephants in Books
And I Recording Results
in the sea Beach
Nobody there
Except a person and his dog
And dog idea
He Understands me
And I Consider his Understanding
we have nothing in common
with the men who make history
all the shooting and bombing
all the misery
we are just toys
for them to destroy
we have no strength of our own
we are just weeds
who whimper and bleed
they shake us and break our bones
until we come together
we’ll let them grow fatter
until they topple down
and then it won’t matter
who’s the king and who’s the clown
what are the odds
that we were the gods
all along and we never knew
our list of demands
falls out of our hands
whatever we want we can do
because we came together

underneath the earth

there lives a
secret race of men
they’ve never seen
the stars and anyway
they have no eyes to see
the stars they play guitars
and sing
their songs are very dark
because they live in darkness
and because
they have no eyes
there’s not as many of them
as there used to be because
their leaders told them
to stop breeding
cuz what’s the point
in having kids
when you can’t see their faces
because they have no eyes
they can’t even weep
it’s very sad
that’s why they sing
another thing that’s very sad is
we’ll never hear their songs
cuz they have nothing to record them on
and because they never give performances
above the surface
if I were one of them
I’d sing their songs to you
but I’ll just sing
this song instead

today was a good day

snowflakes fly by like insects
she’s picking me up
we’re going bowling
she’s teaching me
how to sew
after I skip class
and drink a beer
I wrote two songs today
and recorded a third
I am learning
and changing
brain to brain
connected by a wire
tell me how to proceed
this man’s in pain
the situation’s dire
do I have all the tools that I need
surgical precision
I make the decisions
I’m in charge of you
the world is just a zoo
Heron pinot noir
Heron pinot noir
Heron pinot noir
Heron pinot pinot noir
your first command
worship me as god
your existence is a gift
you don’t have to understand
the truth is very odd
tell me when everything starts to shift
surgical precision
I make the decisions
I’m in charge of you
the world is just a zoo
at the wheel I labor hard
put another hole in my punch card
and all I can do is wonder why
the answer is written in the sky
it’s written very small
and I’m not tall enough
to read it after all
at the wheel I never rest
though my work is not the best
cuz my thoughts are with you through the day
the answer is always far away
in a distant land
in a stranger’s hand
I want to meet that man
come on let’s have another drink
and you can tell me what you think
will the answer let me in
if I reach it do I win
is that the finish line
at least my sins are mine
I’ll scrub them till they shine
it seems to me that all my songs are about
the blessed and the cursed
in this universe
that’s what their all about
too bad I’ll never know just what it is I’m saying
I make it up as I go I guess it’s a form of praying
this room of mine is a temple too
I worship there and so can you
so can you
the blessed and the cursed
in this universe
that’s what it’s all about
scenes of the earth go in and out and into my mind
it may not be real
but it feels good to feel
in and out of my mind
I’ll ride the river down to where it joins the Mississippi
I’ll be a holy clown or maybe just a hippie
this world of ours is a temple too
I worship there and so can you
so can you
the blessed and the cursed
in this universe
that’s what it’s all about
on a planet much like ours
their dreams a lonely poet
love for him is all that is
and sadly he does not know it
he’s heard it’s name
and all its fame
but the days pass anyway
and all he can do is dream in blue
and red and gray and pass the day
there is no sign will you be mine
it never comes he’s turning numb
he doesn’t even dream a girl
he thoughts will not go there
he doesn’t dream a woman’s shape
he doesn’t dream of golden hair
his heart lives alone
in a birdcage made of bone
the days pass anyway
and all he can do is dream in blue
and red and gray and pass the day
there is no sign will you be mine
it never comes he’s turning numb
you’re looking out your window
is there something looking back
does it know your name
do you think so
well you’re not alone
some call it god
I refuse to give it a name
tell me where does all the sin go
are the walls of hell all black
let’s just play the game
we’re more than blood and bone
some call it a soul
I refuse to give it a name
birds of America flap their wings and sing tunelessly
underneath I search for the sun mixing in with the clouds
If I don’t see the sun I’ll die
I know it’s somewhere up in the sky
I fully expect that the sun will always shine on me
this is my faith and something I take a priori
the bus is never late I am just early again I suppose
if the roads were not wet I’d have my bike like I usually do
the cars are malicious and blind
and the spaces between them aren’t easy to find
if I were a bird I would not be able to write
if I were a bird I’d stay awake all night
the bus finally comes and I wonder to myself
where are these people when they aren’t riding the bus
underneath the streets chasing each other around
killing themselves over something that they found
here aboveground they try their best to appear civilized
their game is an ancient one and not many see through their guise
if I don’t see the sun I’ll die
I know it’s somewhere up in the sky
think back and remember your first days
now think further back until its all black
that’s the end of the maze
product is ready to enjoy

You who the job exhausted

have much apparatus
and piece the driver
is about 1 tunnel 3 anger
and cut the bank of the battery
that is breathing safely to his death
that can not understand
that the path scratches and sets up and throws down
It is that the path stabilizes the nerve
like the experience of the explosion
that 6 males who go to the sun way
and sound technology rattlingly
and have a huge crowbar
and have the courage of the tricks
that makes the hole
camping should dig and increase to them
I am corrupted by the experience of contempt
entirely after the direct implementation of art
quit the social organization of appearance.
The merchandise world where we see the enemy
who grew old the confirmation of the control merchandise
of the merchandise that is attending right away
and be absent in the name of the power that is not known
and not be implemented
who that grows up the meaning that quits do not I speak
as for ethe music from cold of the humidity and drop fill my fair similar lady return flight
path about of refrigerator amid exceeding the news of repair survival mode from that
engineer, the good get your sliding rule and the text consoles damaged of ship of your
wounded person which it should translate grapple occupy here Ethe music from my fair
ladyreturn flight pathabout as COLD as a refrigerator amid damp and dripping consoles
damaged beyond repair survival mode the news from his engineers is not good get out
your slide rules and grapple occupy your wounded ship text to be translated is not here.
I have written people paper I'm too caffeine throwing stones and high on klonopin I
played many guitars in more work and today my brother in the other room watching
movies, I save her over. I 'm not crazy yet. I am not crazy. \r\n \r\n
I’m trying not to write this song about you
there’s a world out there and many things that are true
gin and tonic on the deck
the universe is just a speck
Writing songs is easier than thinking
I’m either doing that or working or drinking
I’m glad you’re growing out you hair
I knew you’d show up in here somewhere
I’ll translate this song to Chinese then back
the words will come out wrong and only I’ll know
what they lack
I don’t believe in demons anymore
but I’m still waiting for the Babylon whore
a statue of unprecedented lamp of proportions in a hand, lance in the other direct communication
with the God of helium interrupts hty'pim in the knee under the Helios that nothing could not
conceive his resemblance
G you treat me Am like a stranger G when we dance D
G anyway I Am already know what you G got
in your D pants
and C I love
and D I try
to be G more than
a Em nice guy
and C we learn what D we know
G slowly then Em we grow
Am in the third century C bce G
Am their lived a group from the famed C Mycenae G
in the D hills of Siberian Russia they still C talked
D the way their ancestors did when they C walked
C the tiles of mosaics in the sandals of good Am leather
going G out in boats and coming D in on stormy weather
C in on stormy weather coming G in
in a land
far away
over the sea
under the sky
there’s a man
I heard him say
that I will see
with more than two eyes
and he looked at me
hard with eyes of green
and blue and brown
and golden red
and gray and black
and everything in between
in a land
around here
I built a fortress
under the sky
I drew the plans
you wore a short dress
you were my alibi
when these towers fall
I’ll know it all
and I won’t say a single word
when these towers fall
I’ll know it all
and I will turn into a bird
Adjoining Neighbour and reason
State of mind normal The brains thought
And I divide Opens stands
Is taking the Rod and
Anchoring it To Earth
Like a root
Or Tree
Gate after you is closed.
Wound in you
Nursing Raises your heart
And is warmed by the coffee
And cooled by the beer
And disinfection Pill
once again Opening
And even more healing
it Only increases Long
red and unfinished and aching
Tool user in home
And I slipped in the street tumbled
Meets her
She will feel very guilty
And is raped
On her way to the family in evening
Beer bottle urination in me On desk
Considering The user washes his hands This time
The lithium causes the Going
Robert Lower You are on Lithium
Brain alight
Sound wave youth The time causes to serve as the daydream country
I listen to it in
the hayfork
She entered into the bed
And At the time it made me awake
You thought of that it has been restricted
Using the cat for comfort
I was delightful with her
Those two times
She shouts, that is hard You said
As I grasp her before work,
Industrial language
It is designed by the engineer
Tobacco of rose color
Her name was Lenore
She inquired about my album
“fucking the future”
Hodg gave me a tin of Altoids tangerine sours filled with pot. On the lid was a mad lib
that used the word “love” a lot. Hodg wasn’t around, she left it there for me. I went to
bed, and Mary the retard from work was there. She was lying close to me. Then Susan,
another resident, came over. We cried, hugged, and said we loved each other. Susan left,
and Mary tried to touch me. I noticed her ear was partially bitten off. I wouldn’t let her
touch me. She said she loved me and I kicked her out of bed. Hodg, I’m glad we got to
have sex so early in the morning.
Hodg For pot
Altoids Tangerine Sours
I who am filled with the pot.
In lid use the Word Love Very many times
one Crazy liberation.
Hodg wasn’t She Leaves behind its there for me.
I went to bed, and
Mary decelerates
from the work in there.
She Lies suffers me tightly.
Then Susan, another inhabitant,
comes. I Sob, hug, and said
our each other falls in love.
Susan leaves with Mary tries to contact me.
I pay attention to her each part is clipped.
I wouldn’t Let her contact me.
She Said she loves me, and I
have kicked her outside the bed.
Hodg, I’m High Is popular our
that early morning to obtain has the nature.

I want to establish your self-respect.

I want to help you as a good person
Having When I think of you
Making For knowledge goddess,
And you Should know all of you
Is one Type important elephant all
Knowledge Knows the goddess。
I may Believe it Said I never think of you,
when you aren’t there
That Is not really Solid,
at least no longer.
Now I want to adopt the rest,
therefore you here in my Awaking.
This is your family, here and I.
My bed is yours. Let me hear your music.
I feel run Moves about you

In acquisition your medicine was left here for me

When we take what is just,
there are both ourselves
taking me as a medicine
Health it maintains me
And love is better than grief
Way month forms increase
Around our centers

new community
not drinking until the afternoon
for a change
I’m in my life
and you’re in your life
and it’s Sunday morning.
She and I both have to work,
and tomorrow.

Present being seated of washroom

As for me there is love with You
I first remembered
She kissed me,
Her tongue felt the same
as now.
We still are in beginning.
We are always in beginning.

I play between songs

And during commercials
When no one is the house,
So no one has heard
I hear at last
In by my, I trace exactly
the Line of my brain
That carries the wave.
make love and war
the end becomes the beginning
and the beginning revolves
tornadoes to the west
I was disappointed to find out
that all words lie
but we are the words.

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