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First off, I would like to introduce the family and friends who played significant parts in this
afternoon’s wedding rites.
May I introduce to you the people who stood witnesses to the couple as they took their vows.….
Of course it will be my pleasure to introduce to all of you the loving parents of the couple.
And now, I would also like to acknowledge the following people who have also played
significant roles during the ceremonies. (BRIDES MAID AND GROOMS MEN)
The little hands that shared their precious time with the couple: RING BEARER and
Next is the little bride and little groom: LITTLE GROOM AND LITTLE BRIDE
The handsome best man and the beautiful maid of honor who assisted the couple in their needs:
And now… the moment we’ve been waiting for… I’ll have to ask everybody to stand up, up on
your feet and direct your eyes to the hallway… Ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and
privilege to introduce to you for the first time as Husband and Wife, our lovely newlyweds –
Mabuhay ang bagong kasal!
And now I would like to call in BROTHER ROMEL SALARDA to lead the prayer of
thanksgiving. (Ask everyone to sit down after)
Why don’t we start off by wishing Marlou and Jingque best wishes and a happy marriage, Pag
sinabi kong Happy, you all should say Marriage. And when I say Best, you say wishes. Ready?
Happy (marriage), Best (wishes), Best (wishes), Best (wishes), Happy (marriage).

May your marriage be as happy and beautiful as your wedding. * Mr. These are the people who literally saw the romance between Marlou and Jingque blossom into a serious relationship. May I call on the……. For 7 participants.Marlou and Jingque … the crowd has spoken. They symbolize fidelity. Rosal (from the groom’s family) Next is messages from……. The girl who catches flower can safely return to her seat while the one without having to catch one.. TRADITION: DOVE-RELEASING Doves. is the winner. FIRST SET OF WELL WISHERS Now we would like to proceed with some messages from friends and family of the couple. The sharing of this food symbolizes the couples’ willingness to fulfill each other’s needs. is a symbol of good luck and fertility. Zamora Jr. new beginnings and of course. the best man.2. TRADITION: CAKE SLICING May I request (Groom) and (Bride) to prepare for the cake slicing ceremony. true love. creating a bond so simple yet so strong. they say. . The cake. the bride throws one by one 6 roses. Wine toasting is a symbol of us wishing the couple of good fortune and better future and the best life possible for them. TRADITION: WINE-TOASTING I would like to call (Name). shake (lean to the front) Who ever makes the first error. Celina A. Boys Game: Dance Move: If host says. peach and serenity (COUNT 1.3). Silverio C. This should make the girls catch every flower thrown. Thank you for your wonderful messages. *one set of Ninong and Ninang. is the winner. The white dove chooses its mate for life. (from the bride’s family) * Mrs. banana (lean to the left). which has been a part of wedding celebrations since the Roman times. are a symbol of true love. SINGLES GAMES Girls Game: Catch the Flower. He is the younger brother of (Groom) and is very close to him. apple (lean to the right).

San Carlos. CROWD ACTIVITY: HAPPY MARRIAGE AND BEST WISHES WELL WISHERS TRADITION Dove Releasing Cake slicing Wine toasting VII. VI. we just also want to say thank you for inviting us all too and witness this milestone in I. We all enjoyed that. Anilao. Introduction your lives. III. that was fun. V. Thank you very much everyone for coming. PRAYER OF THANKSGIVING Lunch …happy eating…. once again. Thank youZamora’s everyone who participated in the games. the couple would like to say a few words. Residence Brgy. 2015 Whew. PROGRAMME CLOSING And that’s about it. MR and MRS (Groom) and (Bride) (Last Name)!  PRINCIPAL SPONSORS  PARENTS OF THE COUPLE      BRIDES MAID AND GROOMS MEN RING BEARERS and FLOWER GIRLS LITTLE GROOM AND LITTLE BRIDE BEST MAN and MAID OF HONOR THE COUPLE II. Ladies and gentlemen.. Iloilo COUPLES’ SPEECH Thank you to our loving parents and this time.GROOM TO GET THE GARTER FROM THE BRIDE GROOM TO GIVE THE GARTER TO THE WINNING BOY Briones-Zamora Nuptial BRIDE TO GIVE THE THROWING BOUQUET TO WINNING GIRL December 26. VIII. IV. I am sure (Groom) and (Bride) will never forget this day and will never forget that you have been part of it. And (Groom) and (Bride). IX. SINGLES GAMES COUPLES’ SPEECH CLOSING ****END**** ..