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No classroom routine can substitute which is possible while working in real situations. Application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations is the bonanzas of this survey. Working under her was an extremely knowledgeable and enriching experience for me. it’s not easy to achieve anything. which we express to others for the help and the needy services they render during the different phases of our lives. Anup Gupta. Without a proper combination of inspection and perspiration. Her perceptive criticism kept me working to make this project more full proof. Manisha Parashar who was always there to help and guide me when I needed help. I too would like to do it as I really wish to express my gratitude toward all those who have been helpful to me directly or indirectly during the development of this project. Arpit Bindal BBA VI SEM 4 . First of all I wish to express my profound gratitude and sincere thanks to my esteemed learned Director Dr. I am very thankful to her for all the value addition and enhancement done to me. Mathura who allowed me to conduct the survey. GLAIPS. I would like to thank my Lecturer Miss.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Survey is an excellent tool for learning and exploration. There is always a sense of gratitude. I am thankful to her for her encouraging and valuable support.

to evaluate them and to provide feasible recommendations on the provided data. Research also helps the student to devote his/her skill to analyze the problem to suggest alternative solutions.PREFACE The research provides an opportunity to a student to demonstrate application of his/her knowledge. Although I have tried my level best to prepare this report an error free report every effort has been made to offer the most authenticate position with accuracy. The research is on the topic of “COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDERS”. skill and competencies required during the technical session. 5 .

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INTRODUCTION Telecom Industry in India 7 .

History of Indian Telecommunications Started in 1851 when the first operational land lines were laid by the government near Calcutta (seat of British power). India has nearly200 million telephone lines making it the third largest network in the world after China and USA. Compared to that India ’s share in Asia Pacific Mobile Phone Market is 6. .India‘s mobile phone subscriber base is growing at a rate of 82. Indian telecom industry has the highest growth rate in the world.China is the biggest market in Asia Pacific with a subscriber base of 48% of the total subscribers in Asia Pacific. Telephone services 8 . .Much of the growth in Asia Pacific Wireless Telecommunication Market is spurred by the growth in demand in countries like India and China.The telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India. Considering the fact that India and China have almost comparable populations.4%. India’s low mobile penetration offers huge scope for growth. With a growth rate of 45%.2%. .

The first wind of reforms in telecommunications sector began to flow in 1980s when the private sector was allowed in telecommunications equipment manufacturing. led Indian policy makers to initiate a change process finally resulting in opening up of telecom services sector for the private sector. which resulted in better quality of service and lower tariffs. In 1883 telephone services were merged with the postal system. Telephone and Telegraph (PTT). Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) was created. Telecom sector was considered as a strategic service and the government considered it best to bring under state's control. It was an exclusive provider of domestic and long-distance service that would be its own regulator (separate from the postal system). In 1985. Also. examples of telecom revolution in many other countries. In 1997. a monopoly run by the government's Ministry of Communications. Department of Telecommunications (DOT) was established. National Telecom Policy (NTP) 1994 was the first attempt to give a comprehensive roadmap for the Indian telecommunications sector. TRAI was formed to act as a regulator to facilitate the growth of the telecom sector.were introduced in India in 1881. In 1990s. all the foreign telecommunication companies were nationalized to form the Posts. Indian Radio Telegraph Company (IRT) was formed in 1923. After independence in 1947. In 1986. telecommunications sector benefited from the general opening up of the economy. two wholly government-owned companies were created: the Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) for international telecommunications and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) for service in metropolitan areas. New National Telecom Policy was adopted in 1999 and cellular 9 .

such as leased lines. and handset prices has driven demand. Opening up of international and domestic long distance telephony services are the major growth drivers for cellular industry. Internet Service Provider (ISP) 10 . international long distance. Fixed line services consist of basic services. national or domestic long distance and international long distance services. national long distance. which along with rental was the main source of revenue. Cellular services can be further divided into two categories: Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). account for almost 90 per cent of revenues from basic services. and offer reliable. However. Private sector services are presently available in selective urban areas. The reduction in tariffs for airtime. closed user group and videoconferencing. Cellular services 3. Cellular operators get substantial revenue from these services. Basic services 2. and collectively account for less than 5 per cent of subscriptions. The GSM sector is dominated by Airtel. and compensate them for reduction in tariffs on airtime. while the CDMA sector is dominated by Reliance and Tata were also launched in the same year. ISDN. Classification of Telecommunication services 1. and Idea Cellular. The state operators (BSNL and MTNL). VodafoneHutch. and Cellular Services. Telecommunication sector in India can be divided into two segments: Fixed Service Provider (FSPs). private services focus on the business/corporate sector. high.end services.

Cellular Service 11 .


There are five private service operators in each area, and an
incumbent state operator. Almost 80% of the cellular subscriber
base belongs to the pre-paid segment.


The DoT has allowed cellular companies to buy rivals within
the same operating circle provided their combined market share
did not exceed 67 per cent. Previously, they were only allowed
to buy companies outside their circle.

Growth Drivers
Opening up of international and domestic long distance
telephony services are growth drivers in the industry. Cellular
operators now get substantial revenue from these services, and
compensate them for reduction in tariffs on air time, which
along with rental was the main source of revenue. The reduction
in tariffs for airtime, national long distance, international long
distance, and handset prices has driven demand.

The Key players in the Telecom Market in India
Cellular Service provider:

2. Airtel
3. Vodafone
4. Reliance
5. Tata indicom
6. Spice

Wireless subscribers crosses 200 million
Tele density reaches 21.20%

The total number of telephone subscribers has reached 241.02 million at
the end of August 2007 as compared to 232.87 million in July 2007. The
overall teledensity
has increased to 21.20% in August 2007 as compared to 20.52% in July
In the wireless segment, 8.31 million subscribers have been added in
August 2007 while 8.06 million subscribers were added in July 2007. The
total wireless subscribers (GSM, CDMA & WLL(F)) base reaches 201.29
million at the end of August 2007.
The wireline segment subscriber base stood at 39.73 million with a
decrease of 0.16 million at the end of August 2007. Circle wise wire line
subscriber base of service providers is given at following chart ..


Market Share of the telecom Company in India

Company Profile


[2] It offers its mobile services under the Airtel brand and is headed by Sunil Mittal. Internet Connectivity(DSL) and Leased Line). The company also provides telephone services and Internet access over DSL in 14 circles. Airtel is the largest cellular service provider in India in terms of number of subscribers. Long Distance Services and Enterprise Services (Telecommunications Consulting for corporates). With more than 60 million subscriptions as of 13th February 2008. Bharti Airtel owns the Airtel brand and provides the following services under the brand name Airtel: Mobile Services (using GSM Technology). 15 . The company also has a submarine cable landing station at Chennai. which connects the submarine cable connecting Chennai and Singapore.INTRODUCTION “Bharti Airtel” formerly known as Bharti Tele-Ventures Limited (BTVL) is among India's largest mobile phone and Fixed Network operators. VSATs. The company provides reliable end-to-end data and enterprise services to the corporate customers by leveraging its nationwide fiber optic backbone. The company complements its mobile. ISP and international bandwidth access through the gateways and landing station. Broadband & Telephone Services (Fixed line. last mile connectivity in fixed-line and mobile circles. broadband & telephone services with national and international long distance services.

Leading international telecommunication companies such as Vodafone and SingTel held partial stakes in Bharti Airtel. In July 2007. Bharti Airtel signed an MoU with Nokia-Siemens for a 900 million dollar expansion of its mobile and fixed network. In September 2006 the Office of Utility Regulation in Guernsey awarded Guernsey Airtel with a mobile telecommunications license. the company announced it will be launching a customized version of Google search engine that will provide an 'array of services' to its broadband customers. 16 . In May 2007 Jersey Airtel and Guernsey Airtel announced the launch of a relationship with Vodafone for island mobile subscribers.[3] In August 2007. In April 2006 Bharti Global Limited was awarded a telecommunications license in Jersey in the Channel Islands by the local telecommunications regulator the JCRA.

including 17 . though sadly after his unexpected demise on 6 July 2002. It is capable of delivering a range of services spanning the entire infocomm (information and communication) value chain.INTRODUCTION A DREAM COME TRUE The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India — an India where the common man would have access to affordable means of information and communication. data and video) digital network. Reliance Communications has a reliable. had stated as early as 1999: “Make the tools of information and communication available to people at an affordable cost. high-capacity. who single-handedly built India’s largest private sector company virtually from scratch. the auspicious occasion of Dhirubhai’s 70th birthday.000 route kilometres of a pan-India fibre optic backbone. Dhirubhai.” It was with this belief in mind that Reliance Communications (formerly Reliance Infocomm) started laying 60. They will overcome the handicaps of illiteracy and lack of mobility. integrated (both wireless and wireline) and convergent (voice. This backbone was commissioned on 28 December 2002.

It is the flagship company of the Reliance-Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group. applications.75 per cent of the company. and consulting. along with Reliance Telecom and Flag Telecom. truly bringing about a new way of life. Reliance Communications (formerly Reliance Infocomm). Reliance Infocomm is currently managed by Anil Dhirubhai Ambani. Anil Ambani controls 66. Between 1999 to 2002 Reliance Infocomm built 60. state wise. Reliance Infocomm also offered for the first time in India. Today. FOOTPRINT At present.000 km of fiber optic backbone in India. This network was commissioned on December 28. is part of Reliance Communications Ventures (RCoVL). Reliance Communications is revolutionising the way India communicates and networks.It uses CDMA2000 1x technology HISTORY Reliance Infocomm was founded by Dhirubhai Ambani. financial services (Reliance Capital) and telecom initiatives of the Reliance ADA Group. which accounts for more than 1.[1]Reliance Infocomm is an Indian telecommunications company. mobile data 18 .36 billion shares of the company.infrastructure and services — for enterprises as well as individuals. comprising of power (Reliance Energy). Reliance's CDMA services are available in 19 states and cover about 65% of the country. 2002. Reliance Telecom's GSM cellular services are available in 340 towns within its eight-circle footprint. According to National Stock Exchange data.

489 million) from Rs. and EBITDA increased by more than 6 times. 2007. 1. 519 crore (US$ 120 million). from 15% in the corresponding period in the previous year. This portal leverages the data capability of the CDMA 1X network. 1.271 crore (US$ 295 million).250 crore (US$ 522 million). revenues of the Wireless business increased by 46% to Rs. through its R-World mobile portal. The EBITDA margin crossed 45% in the twelve months ended March 31. 19 . 2007 to Rs. Wireless EBITDA increased to Rs. In the same period. EBITDA margins increased to 24% from 12% last year. 7. 3. the Broadband business achieved revenue growth of 123% to Rs. 2. EBITDA of the Global business increased by 98% during the twelve months ended March 31.364 crore (US$ 1.144 crore (US$ 265 million).709 million). 2007.984 crore (US$ 924 million) from Rs. to Rs. BUSINESS REVIEW During the twelve months ended March 31. Margins expanded to 37% from 31%.728 corer (US$ 2.

an Indian Conglomerate. Tata Indicom launched the Talk World plan.TATA TELESERVICES INTRODUCTION Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) is part of the Tata Group of Companies. the company acquired the erstwhile Hughes Telecom (India) Ltd. specifically in the state of Andhra Pradesh. both CDMA operators in India. an International Long Distance Plan. fixed line and broadband. The company provides unified telecommunication solutions including mobile. along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited (TTML) and VSNL. TTSL was incorporated in 1995 and was the first company to offer CDMA Mobile services in India. In September 2007. The company forms part of the Tata Group's prescence in the Telecommunication Industry in India. It runs the brand name Tata Indicom in India in various telecom circles of India. In December 2002. which was renamed Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited. fixed wireless. Other 20 . Tata is the direct competitor with Reliance.

over 250. Tata Teleservices has created a Pan India presence spread across 20 circles that includes Andhra Pradesh. Rajasthan. With a committed investment of INR 36. Airtel. 119000 Crore (US$ 29 billion) Tata Group. BSNL providing GSM based mobile telephony. MTNL. Idea.000 Crore (US$ 7. Aircel. Uttar Pradesh (E). 21 .8 million shareholders. Delhi. Mumbai. the Group has a formidable presence across the telecom value chain. Gujarat. Tata Teleservices is part of the INR Rs. Karnataka. Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal.924 Crore. Tata Teleservices was the first to launch CDMA mobile services in India with the Andhra Pradesh circle. Kerala. Orissa. Tata Teleservices spearheads the Group’s presence in the telecom sector. Uttar Pradesh (W). Punjab. Tamil Nadu. that has over 87 companies. (India) Limited [now renamed Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited] in December 2002 the company swung into an expansion mode. Himachal Pradesh. Kolkata.000 employees and more than 2.5 billion) in Telecom (FY 2006). With the total Investment of Rs 19. They launched a unique scheme providing lifetime rental free connectivity on its mobile and fixed wireless for a one time charge. Bihar.competitors are Vodafone. Incorporated in 1996. Haryana. Maharashtra. Starting with the major acquisition of Hughes Tele. The company was first in India to provide free intra network calling within city limits.

Tata Teleservices today has India’s largest branded telecom retail chain and is the first service provider in the country to offer an online channel www. new mobile handsets and new voice & data services such as BREW games. which heralded convergence technologies in the Indian telecom sector. group calling. post-paid Internet services. polyphonic ring tones. picture messaging. 3-way conferencing. Tata Teleservices’ bouquet of telephony services includes Mobile services. astrology. is today the market leader in the fixed wireless telephony market with a total customer base of over 3. Lucent and ECI Telecom for the deployment of a reliable. Tata Indicom redefined the existing prepaid mobile market in India. public phone booths. Wireless Desktop Phones. Ericsson. Public Booth Telephony and Wireline services. interactive applications like news. etc. Voice Portal. calling card services and enterprise services. Wi-Fi Internet. Some of the other products launched by the company include prepaid wireless desktop phones. by unveiling their offering – Tata Indicom ‘Non Stop Mobile’ which allows customers to receive free incoming calls. roaming. data cards.Having pioneered the CDMA 3G1x technology platform in India.8 million. Tata Teleservices has established a robust and reliable 3G ready telecom infrastructure that ensures quality in its services. technologically advanced network. 22 .in to offer postpaid mobile connections in the country. USB Modem. Other services include value added services like voice portal. The company.ichoose. It has partnered with Motorola. cricket.

Tata Teleservices Limited along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited serves over 21 million customers in over 4000 towns. which will include 10.000 jobs. With an ambitious rollout plan both within existing circles and across new circles. Tata Teleservices offers world-class technology and user-friendly services in 20 circles 23 . TTSL has created more than 20. Today.Tata Teleservices has a strong workforce of 6000. In addition.000 indirect jobs through outsourcing of its manpower needs.

It has the status of Mini-ratna . 24 .15b (US$ 9.7 million GSM Mobile subscribers.90 billion). As on December 31.06b (US$ 1. 2007 stood at INR 397.BSNL INTRODUCTION Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (known as BSNL. 2007. BSNL is India's largest Telco and one of the largest Public Sector Undertaking with estimated market value of $ 100 Billion.5 million (Basic & Mobile telephony). The company is planning an IPO with in 6 months to offload 10 % to public. BSNL's earnings for the Financial Year ending March 31. Harish Chandra Mathur Lane.67 b) with net profit of INR 78. Janpath.7 million Wireline. 2007 BSNL commanded a customer base of 31. Currently BSNL has a customer base of 68. It is the India's largest telecommunication company with 25. New Delhi. India Communications Corporation Limited) is a public sector communications company in India.a status assigned to reputed Public Sector companies in India. Its headquarters are at Bharat Sanchar Bhawan.14% market share as on December 31. 4. It has footprints throughout India except for the metropolitan cities of Mumbai and New Delhi which are managed by MTNL.1 million CDMA-WLL and 32. BSNL is India's oldest and largest Communication Service Provider (CSP). Today.

Whether it is inaccessible areas of Siachen glacier and North-eastern region of the country.8 million cellular customers. MPLS-VPN. is World's 7th largest Telecommunications Company providing comprehensive range of telecom services in India: Wireline.3 million line basic telephone capacity. In fact there is no telecom operator in the country to beat its reach with its wide network giving services in every nook & corner of country and operates across India except Delhi & Mumbai. Today. BSNL cellular service. Internet.5 Lakhs villages. GSM Mobile. making focused efforts and planned initiatives to bridge the Rural-Urban Digital Divide ICT sector. expanding the network. IN Services etc. 480196 Rkm of OFC Cable. 2000. 287 Satellite Stations. BSNL is the only service provider. 20. 7330 cities/towns and 5. 18000 BTS. The company offers vide ranging & most transparent tariff schemes designed to suite every customer. CDMA mobile. formed in October. CellOne. BSNL serves its customers with its wide bouquet of telecom services. has more than 17. it has about 47. Carrier service. BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country and now focusing on improving it. 63730 Rkm of Microwave Network connecting 602 Districts. 4 million WLL capacity. Broadband. Within a span of five years it has become one of the largest public sector unit in India. VoIP services. introducing new telecom services with ICT applications in villages and wining customer's confidence. VSAT. 25 . garnering 24 percent of all mobile users as its subscribers. BSNL is numero uno operator of India in all services in its license area.Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. more than 37382 fixed exchanges.1 Million GSM Capacity.

BSNL has more than 2. Scaling new heights of success. At present there are 0. the present turnover of BSNL is more than Rs. 85 per cent share of the subscriber base and 92 percent share in revenue terms.351. In basic services.99. BSNL has set up a world class multi-gigabit. DIAS. The company has vast experience in Planning.820 million (US $ 8 billion) with net profit to the tune of Rs.630. BSNL is miles ahead of its rivals. 733 crores (US$ 16.5 million WLL subscribers and 2.26 billion) for last financial year .5 million Internet Customers who access Internet through various modes viz.e. BSNL plans to expand its customer base from present 47 millions lines to 125 million lines by December 2007 and infrastructure investment plan to the tune of Rs. multi-protocol convergent IP infrastructure that provides convergent services like voice. BSNL has been adjudged as the NUMBER ONE ISP in the country.390 million (US $ 2. Installation.6 million Data One broadband customers.1 million Basic Phone subscribers i. Account Less Internet(CLI). The infrastructure asset on telephone alone is worth about Rs. with 35.000 million (US $ 14. Dialup.That means that almost every fourth mobile user in the country has a BSNL connection.67 million) in the next three years.37 billion). network integration and Maintenance of Switching & Transmission Networks and also has a world class ISO 9000 certified Telecom Training Institute. Leased Line. data and video through the same Backbone and Broadband Access Network. 26 .

In 1975 the Department of Telecom (DoT) was separated from P&T. In 19th century and for almost entire 20th century. It is a well known fact that BSNL was carved out of Department of Telecom to provide level playing field to private telecoms. 27 . comprehensive range of telecom services and the desire to excel has made BSNL the No. the Telecom in India was operated as a Government of India wing. nationwide coverage. reach. DoT was responsible for running of Telecom services in entire country until 1985 when Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) was carved out of DoT to run the telecom services of Delhi and Mumbai. The Government of India corporatised the operations wing of DoT on October 01. Earlier it was part of erstwhile Post & Telegraph Department (P&T). 1 Telecom Company of India. The history of BSNL is linked with the beginning of Telecom in India. therefore it became necessary to separate the Government's policy wing from Operations wing.The turnover. History The foundation of Telecom Network in India was laid by the British sometime in 19th century.Subsequently in 1990s the telecom sector was opened up by the Government for Private investment.BSNL operates as a public sector. 2000 and named it as Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL).

Spice Communications is a joint venture between Spice corp. (India)- the
flagship company of MCorp Global” that first introduced India to mobile
phone services and has interests in the field of telecommunications, office
automation and information technology and DISTACOM (Hong Kong)-a
company with over 20 years of experience in mobile communication
which was responsible for bringing mobile telephony to Hong Kong
along with Hutchison Telecom.
Spice Corp was the first private sector organization to make a
strategic shift into the telecommunications arena in 1995 as it
launched India's first Cellular Service network in the metro of
Spice Communications is one of the largest high value networks in India.
Starting operations in June 1997, Spice today is also the singular cellular
operator in Punjab with an extensive highway coverage that links nearly
76 key towns and cities, accounting for 95% of the urban population and
over 1000 villages across the state. Spice Punjab has already achieved
coverage of 95% District head quarters as per DoT tender conditions,
having already covered 14 out of 15 Districts HQs, including Chandigarh.
Launched over nine years ago under the brand name of "Spice Telecom",
the Company's cellular services have already built up a strong customer
base of over 1.5 million in two of India's most challenging and lucrative
markets – Punjab and Karnataka.


The Foreign partners for Spice Communications Karnataka are Distacom,
AIG and Prudential.

The infrastructure vendors are Siemens and Motorola.

Launched over six years ago under the memorable brand name of
"Spice", the Company offers cellular services in Punjab and Karnataka.
Spice Karnataka launched its services in April 1997.

Pre-paid /post-paid Service
Spice Communications Limited is presently operating Cellular Phone
Services in the states of Punjab and Karnataka. The pre-paid service in
Karnataka operates under the brand name "Simple" and In Punjab under
the brand name “spice”.


Vodafone Essar, previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operator in
India that covers 16 telecom circles in India Despite the official name
being Vodafone Essar, its products are simply branded Vodafone. It offers
both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India
and is especially strong in the major metros.
Vodafone Essar provides 2G services based on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
digital GSM technology, offering voice and data services in 16 of the
country's 23 licence areas.
Vodafone Essar, previously Hutchison Essar is a cellular operator in
India that covers 16 telecom circles in India . Despite the official name
being Vodafone Essar, its products are simply branded Vodafone. It offers
both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India
and is especially strong in the major metros.
Vodafone Essar provides 2G services based on 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
digital GSM technology, offering voice and data services in 16 of the
country's 23 licence areas.


The company used to be named Hutchison Essar. consolidating its services under a single identity. which is the owner of the remaining 33%. the brand was marketed as Hutch. On September 20. Hinduja Group. 2007 Hutch becomes Vodafone in one of the biggest brand transition exercises in recent times. and Essar Group. Vodafone agreed to acquire the controlling interest of 67% held by Li Ka Shing Holdings in Hutch-Essar for US$11. The Company entered into agreement with NTT DoCoMo to launch i-mode mobile Internet service in India during 2007. Along with the transition. the company was rebranded as Vodafone Essar. reflecting the name of its previous owner. pipping Reliance Communications. Hutch Essar re-launched the "Hutch" brand nationwide. The whole company was valued at USD 18.8 billion . The transaction closed on May 8. cheap cell phones have been launched in the Indian market 31 . and other Indian nationals. 15%. After getting the necessary government approvals with regards to the acquisition of a majority by the Vodafone Group. Essar Group 33%. However.OWNERSHIP: Vodafone Essar is owned by Vodafone 52%. PREVIOUS BRANDS: In December 2006. The marketing brand was officially changed to Vodafone on 20 September 2007.1 billion. Vodafone Essar is spending somewhere in the region of Rs 250 crores on this high-profile transition being unveiled today. 2007. On February 11. 2007. Hutchison.

undercutting Reliance Communications' much-hyped 'Rang Barse' with cheap handsets beginning at Rs 777. Meanwhile.under the Vodafone brand. which is looking to set-up a manufacturing unit in the country. the industry is abuzz that prices might start at Rs 666. Earlier this year. Vodafone Essar sources said there would be no discounts or subsidized handset offers -. 32 . is expected to provide several Vodafone handsets in India. A popular daily quoted a Vodafone Essar director as saying that "the objective is to leverage Vodafone Group's global scale in bringing millions of low-cost handsets from across-the-world into India.rather handset-bundled schemes for customers." While there is no revealing the prices of the low-cost Vodafone handsets. There are plans to launch co-branded handsets sourced from global vendors as well. Incidentally. Vodafone penned a global low-cost handset procurement deal with ZTE. China's ZTE.

Analjit Singh of Max still holds 12% in company. By the time of Hutchison Telecom's Initial Public Offering in cities like Mumbai. In February 2007. the company grew its business in the largest wireless markets in India . In these densely populated urban areas it was able to establish a robust network. a strategic and well managed business plan is critical to success. Hutchison Telecom announced that it had entered into a binding agreement with a subsidiary of Vodafone Group Plc to sell its 67% direct and indirect equity and loan interests in Hutchison Essar 33 . In 2006. it was able to establish leading positions in India's largest markets providing the resources to expand its footprint nationwide.GROWTH OF HUTCHISON ESSAR (1992-2005): In 1992 Hutchison Whampoa and its Indian business partner established a company that in 1994 was awarded a licence to provide mobile telecommunications services in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) and launched commercial service as Hutchison Max in November 1995. By adopting this focused growth plan. it announced the acquisition of a company that held licence applications for the seven remaining licence areas. Then it also targeted business users and high-end post-paid customers which helped Hutchison Essar to consistently generate a higher Average Revenue Per User ("ARPU") than its competitors. In a country growing as fast as India. Hutchison Whampoa had acquired interests in six mobile telecommunications operators providing service in 13 of India's 23 licence areas and following the completion of the acquisition of BPL that number increased to 16. Delhi and Kolkata. well known brand and large distribution network -all vital to long-term success in India. Initially.

A recurrent theme is that its message Hello stands out visibly though it uses only white letters on red background. another mobile service provider in India 2008: Vodafone acquired Dishnet Wireless.Limited for a total cash consideration (before costs. Hutch was often praised for its award winning advertisements which all follow a clean.1 billion or HK$87 billion. with the tagline. Andhra Pradesh and Chennai 2003: Acquired AirCel Digilink (ADIL .Essar Subsidiary) which operated in Rajastan. our network follows. Wherever you go. 1992: Hutchison Whampoa and Max Group established Hutchison Max 2000: Acquisition of Delhi operations Entered Calcutta and Gujarat markets through ESSAR acquisition 2001: Won auction for licences to operate GSM services in Karnataka. minimalist look. Uttar Pradesh East and Haryana telecom circles and renamed it under Hutch brand 2004: Launched in three additional telecom circles of India namely 'Punjab'. 'Uttar Pradesh West' and 'West Bengal' 2005: Acquired BPL. 2008: Vodafone launched the Apple iPhone 3G to be used on its 17 circle 2G network. The simple yet powerful advertisement campaigns won it many admirers. Another recent successful ad campaign in 2003 featured a pug named Cheeka following a boy around in unlikely places. 34 . expenses and interests) of approximately US$11. a service provider in Orissa and has successfully launched its services in the following circle.

INTRODUCTION TO THE TOPIC "COMPETITIVENESS IN ADVERTISING BETWEEN VARIOUS TELECOM BRANDS IN MATHURA REGION" The term "advertising" is derived from the original Latin Word "Advertise" which means to turn the attention Every piece of Advertising turns the attention of the readers/ listens/ viewers/ on lookers towards a product or a service or an idea therefore it can e said that any thing that turns the attention to an article/ service/ idea might be well called advertising. It is the power packed process pertaining to the dissemination of information concerning an idea. It is that magic force which turns an instinct to acquisition. a desire in to demand and a dream in to reality by influencing the consumption the directing the production. It is that instrument of marketing which acts as effective multiple sales-people. 35 . Adverting is a mass communication process of persuading the prospects by convincing them to by products or services with in creased satisfaction to the consumers and profits to the sponsors. reaching good many people at one time quickly effectively at relatively lower cost. diverting the distribution and affecting the very course of exchange. It is a tantalizing teaching of popularizing a product. service or a product to impel on action in line with the intension of an advertiser. Advertising is salesmanship in print. It is the main stay of human civilization and the corner stone of the culture. It is the magnate that motivators the world of business.

R. 36 . goods or services by an identified sponsor" 2. 4. this massage. service or idea. The Institute of Practitioners in advertising – “Advertising presents the most persuasive possible selling massage to the right prospects for the product or service at the lowest possible cost".DEFINITIONS OF ADVERTISING 1. John E.Stanton – "Advertising consists of all the activities involved in presenting to a group a non-personal.H. 6. develop attitudes the induce action beneficial to the advertiser (generally the sale of a product or service)". oral or visual. openly sponsored massage regarding a product.J. New Encyclopedia Britannica – "Advertising is a form of communication intended to promote the sales of the product or service to influence public opinion. to gain public support as to advance a particulars cause" 3. Colley – "Advertising is mass paid communication the ultimate purpose of which is to impart information. American market association – "Any paid from of non-personal presentation of idea. Kennedy . 5. W."Advertising is simply a way of selling something in the most effective method possible good advertising create sales and not just attentions. called in advertisement is disseminated through one or more media and is paid for by the identified sponsor".

4. 37 . 1. Sings. materialistic. Advertising in its written from begin with the Romans when they began spreading literacy around the world.ADVERTISING HISTORY Advertising is known to have existed in one form or the other ever since goods were available for popular consumption and the concept dates back to as 3000 years before Christ. Ancient Rome. They stenciled the bricks used to build temples with letters announcing the name of the temple and the king who built it. 2. London and the early American Colonies saw criers promoting goods as varied as remedies. However. Street criers and "barkers" strode through ancient streets. A system of brand and trademark differentiation as it exists today had its roots in this period. and a shinning weal meant weaver. Most of the advertising was oral. Advertising was really launched by the ancient Baby loonies who had a reputation for being. 3. Some of them even prepared "Institutional Advertising Campaign for their kinds. as shop doorways were another way of representing goods. a mule driving a mill meant a backing shop. They were a symbol of each sellers wares were developed for these unable to read for example a goat an a sign in Roam meant a dairy. fish and dairy products. making public announcements about their goods. It starts with public announcement on town walls. Athens.

for beauty that lasts after girlhood is gone.catching graphics were being created. "For eyes that are shining. the woman who knows will by her cosmetics of Aesclytos". for prices in reason. to be sure" 38 . "Sprats as big as herrings. for cheeks like to dawn. sprats an live. ho" "Stinking shrimps today! Lor! How they do stink today. SOME EXAMPLE OF EARLY ADVERTISING Examples of a verse received in Athens for a cosmetic product. Some of the early London street criers used exaggeration to sell their seafood products.The "Dark Ages" which flowered the defeat of the Roman Empire in the fifth Century was a brief period of gloom for advertising commerce in general by the end of fifteenth century advertising re-grinned its glory sign marketing become an art and eye.

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Tata Teleservices 44 .

Tata Teleservices has created a Pan India presence spread across 19 circles that includes Andhra Pradesh.924 Crore.8 million. It has partnered with Motorola. Tata Teleservices spearheads the Group’s presence in the telecom sector. Chennai. Bihar. Uttar Pradesh (W). With the total Investment of Rs.Tata Teleservices is part of the Rs. Haryana. over 289. Ericsson. Starting with the major acquisition of Hughes Tele. Kerala. Tata Teleservices was the first to launch CDMA mobile services in India with the Andhra Pradesh circle.500 employees and more than 2. With a committed investment of INR 36. Karnataka. Tata Teleservices has established a robust and reliable 3G ready telecom infrastructure that ensures quality in its services. Maharashtra. Tamil Nadu. the Group has a formidable presence across the telecom value chain. 119. Mumbai. The company. Delhi. is today the market leader in the fixed wireless telephony market with a total customer base of over 3. which heralded convergence technologies in the Indian telecom sector.000 Crore (US$ 29 billion) Tata Group.5 billion) in Telecom (FY 2006). technologically advanced network. Himachal Pradesh.9 million shareholders. (India) Limited [now renamed Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited] in December 2002 the company swung into an expansion mode. Having pioneered the CDMA 2000 1x technology platform in India. Orissa.000 Crore (US$ 7. 19. Lucent and ECI Telecom for the deployment of a reliable. Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Kolkata. Rajasthan. 45 . Incorporated in 1996. that has over 98 companies. Uttar Pradesh (E). Gujarat.

In addition. etc. data cards. calling card services and enterprise services. Tata Teleservices offers world-class technology and user-friendly services in 19 circles. Tata Teleservices today has India’s largest branded telecom retail chain and is the first service provider in the country to offer an online channel www. public phone to offer postpaid mobile connections in the country. 46 . Tata Teleservices Limited along with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) Limited serves over 25 million customers in over 5000 towns. picture messaging. Public Booth Telephony and Wireline services. by unveiling their offering – Tata Indicom ‘Non Stop Mobile’ which allows customers to receive free incoming calls. Wi-Fi Internet. post-paid Internet services. roaming.000 indirect jobs through outsourcing of its manpower needs. With an ambitious rollout plan both within existing circles and across new circles. new mobile handsets and new voice & data services such as BREW games. Tata Teleservices has a strong workforce of 6000. cricket. polyphonic ring tones. interactive applications like news. USB Modem. 3-way conferencing. TTSL has created more than 20. Other services include value added services like voice portal. which will include 10. Today. astrology. group calling. Wireless Desktop Phones. Tata Indicom redefined the existing prepaid mobile market in India.Tata Teleservices’ bouquet of telephony services includes Mobile services.000 jobs. Voice Portal. Some of the other products launched by the company include prepaid wireless desktop phones.

the Board of Directors has at its meeting held today appointed Mr Paul W Cheng as an Alternate Director to Mr Jay Dehejia. -Hughes Tele. Mr Dehejia has also been appointed as a member of the Audit Committee and Employees Stock Option Plan Compensation Committee. Mr Vivek Sett will however continue as the Company's Chief Financial Officer.Mr. -Hughes Tele confirms appointment of G Varghese as President & CEO. Director has resigned and Mr Pradeep Kaul has been appointed in his place. 2002-Hughes Tele. -Hughes Network Systems. Mr Jay Dehejia is an Independent Director for the purpose of Clause 49 of the Listing crosses 150000 live customer lines. -Hughes (India) Ltd (HTIL).YEAR EVENTS 2001 . Vinod Shukla.Further. a shareholder of Hughes Tele. 2002 signed a Memorandum of Understanding to discuss various possibilities for entering into a transaction with respect to the investment of the HTIL sponsors in India Ltd has informed that the Board has appointed Mr Jay Dehejia as a Director of the Company. India Ltd has informed the Board of Directors of the Company has accepted Mr Sett's resignation at its meeting held on July 16. and Tata Industries Ltd on April 23. 47 .

December 6. The Board will shortly be expanded to include one more director. telephony services provider of Maharashtra has been officially renamed as Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) ltd. Mr. J J irani. Mr. Jack Shaw). James Lucchese. 2002. Ishaat Hussain. Vinod K Mittal. Mr. Kaul.e. Mr.Francis X. 2002. -Hughes Tele. Sanjay Chaudhary (alternate to Mr. Pranav Roach (alternate to James Lucchese). Pradeep Kaul. Jaykumar Dehejia & Vijay dhar have resigned from the office of the Director of the Company w.-Hughes Tele.Com (India) Limited has informed the Exchange about the Change in Board of Directors as follows : 1.S. Paul W Cheng (Alternate to Jaykumar Dehejia). Pradman Kaul have been appointed as Directors of the Company w.John-Michael Lind (Alternate to Pramod Mittal) have also ceased to be alternate Directors w. Kishor Chaukar. 2. Francis X Frantz. Arun Kumar (alternate to Mr. Partho Banerjee (Alternate to pradeep Kaul).f. Mr. R Gopalakrishnan.f.) M/s.e. Jack Shaw. M/s. N. Firdose Vandrevala.) Dr.e. 48 . The above changes have been approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Company held on December 6. Ramachandran & Mr.2002.f December 6. -Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) intensified its focus on rest of Maharashtra (besides Mumbai). Frantz). Mr. S Ramakrishnan. December 6. Pramod Mittal. Consequent to the above said resignations.

the Private basic telecom services operator has launched its Voice Mail Services(VMS). -TTSL is re-evaluating its decision to expand its public Call Offices (PCO's) and Cyber Cafe's across the country under the Tata Indicom Umbrella.1. -GTL and Tata Teleservices have been picked up by Andhra Pradesh Government to manage the information assets created by the state as part of its e-governance initiatives.-TTSL . -Trai soughts out for clarrification on tariffs from WLL Player-Tata Teleservices. -Tata Teleservices has slashed its WLL STD rates to Rs.. -TTSL hass received clearance from TN government for setting up an Optic Fibre Cable(OFC) backbone of the state 49 . eventhough the company has maintained that its WLL tariffs have not been put on hold.90 per minute for calls beyond 500kms. -Tata Teleservices ltd and Dishnet DSL Ltd have tied up for sharing of infrastructure and a co-location agreement across the country. -Tata Teleservices has tied up with Tier 1 internet service provider nLongue Communications to set up 400 telephone and internet Kiosks in rural TamilNadu.

Amit Bose has been appointed as president of Tata Teleservices .incharge of marketing. -TTSL has announced an offer which enables its customers to own a mobile phone and a connection for Rs. -TTML is negotiating with the Airport Authority of India (AAI) to offer Tata Indicom Wi-Fi services a high frequency wirefree access to the internet. at airports. -Tata Teleservices objected Reliance Infocomm locking in the customers of its limited mobility services for a period of 3 years and has termed it as anti-curruption practices.-Tata Teleservices inpact withTata Infotech to set up a wireless application Laboratory at IIT-Mumbai. -TTSL has tied up with Motorola for the latters first commercial CDMA software switch. 50 .999. -Tata Teleservices has reached a milestone by crossing 1 lakh subscribers in Delhi. -Mr. -TTSL has unveiled its CDMA -based mobile services in Mumbai with lowest pulse rate at 15 seconds. Nagpur Nasik and Aurangabad. -TTSL has succesfully launched its Tata Indicomm CDMA services in Pune. sales and other initiatives of Tata Teleservices.

Firdose Vandrevala has been appointed as new non-executive chairman of Tata teleservices.-Tata Teleservices has unveiled a new scheme called Tata Shareholder Privileges For its shareholders. -Tata Teleservices has signed a memorandum of understanding with China Unicom for joint development of applications on the CDMA technology platform 51 . -Dr. J. Irani handed over the Chairmanship of the Board of Directors to Mr. through which the company can get mobile Connection without Paying any upfront charges. Vandrevala. J. -Mr. Firdose A. -Launches basis telephone services in Pondicherry from 01/09/2003 -Tata Teleservices starts operations in Prakasam district -Tata Teleservices selects Subex System's fraud management system 2004 -Tata Tele unveils m-tribe to tap talent -Tata Tele awards CDMA contract to Motorola 2004 -TTSL in alliance with Dept of Posts for bill payments in TN -LaunchesTata Indicom PrePay service for fixed wireless phone (FWP) in Andhra Pradesh and Delhi circles.

Virudhunagar in TN -Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL) on September 1.Tata Indicom. on Sept 10. launches its services in Raichur -Launches lower rate slab for its `True Paid' customers -Tata Indicom rolls out first ever PTT service in India 2005 52 . which allows subscribers to connect instantly with other users of similar handsets -Tata Indicom forges alliance with Nokia to roll out gaming package -Tata Indicom's IP-VPN services bags international accreditation -Tata Teleservices has awarded a contract worth nearly $ 30 million to Lucent Technologies to help in the CDMA network expansion of Tata Teleservices in Andhra Pradesh -VSNL joins hands with TTSL to offer global calling cards -Tata Indicom launches new contest on Euro 2004 -Tata Indicom forays into wireless pre-paid segment with new features -Tata Indicom begins services in Sivakasi. announced the launch of telecom services in Anantapur town that would cover fixed wireless and mobile to customers . 2004.-Tata Indicom has launched push-to-talk capable handsets.

Qualcomm  The call duration is measured with accuracy up to +/. VSNL in pact with Indian Institute of Management Calcutta to providing exclusive and customised communications solutions -Tata Teleservices Ltd has launched its first `Tata Indicom True Value Hub' in Kerala 2006 -Tata Tele unveils Tata Indicom Walky -TTML joins hand with TCS. 2005 -Tata Tele launches services in Uttaranchal -TTSL ropes in Trisha as brand ambassador -Tata Tele unveils Tata Indicom mobile services in Kerala -Tata Teleservices inaugurates `Truepaid' campaign -Tata Indicom ties-up with BangaloreOne for payment of its bills by customers at BangaloreOne centres spread across the city -Tata Tele. 53 .1 second as per TRAI Regulations.-Hyundai Motor sign MoU with Tata Indicom on Feb 11.

it is estimated that a significant part of the Indian population would have mobile phone access in the next five to ten years. in the last decade the landscape of mobile phone India usage has dramatically changed first with incoming calls becoming free and then drop in call rates due to increased competition between mobile phone operators in India. Call charges are calculated based on the call units which are calculated by dividing call duration by the pulse rate defined in the Tariff Plan. mobile phone India penetration is increasing at a far faster pace. However. Boasting of a superior network and better call clarity. Mobile Phone India. With new segments of consumers joining the Mobile Phone India revolution. Postpaid & Prepaid Mobile Phone India Mobile phone usage in India has been growing at a very fast pace in recent times due to affordable handsets and calling rates. subscribers had to pay exorbitant call rates as high as Rs. 8/min for incoming. 54 . Initially when mobile phones were launched in India in the mid 1990’s. Mobile Phone India growth potential Even though computer and internet access is increasing rapidly in India. Tata Indicom is reaching out to more and more Mobile Phone India users. Tata Indicom drives Mobile Phone India usage Tata Indicom has been at the forefront of driving Mobile Phone India usage and expansion by providing unmatched coverage in more than 3500 towns across 23 circles in India. 16/minute for outgoing and Rs.

value added services like ringtones. Samsung. Currently available CDMA Mobile Phones: New CDMA Mobile Phones: 55 .Tata Indicom has the widest range of CDMA Handsets for you to choose from. With high speed internet access through mobile phones becoming a reality. Motorola. Tata Indicom has become the fastest growing mobile service provider in India. Choose from a range of the top CDMA mobile handsets from Nokia. At the same time. CDMA Mobile PhonesTata Indicom : Widest range of CDMA Mobile Handsets & CDMA Cell Phones at attractive prices. Huawei and Haeir.With a variety of prepaid and postpaid tariff plans to suit every budget and calling requirement as well as a large portfolio of economical and feature packed handsets. Mobile Phone India future The mobile phone user base in India is likely to continue to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years. welcome tunes and voice station is likely to fuel greater interaction between the consumers and mobile content. Mobile Phone India users are likely to have an even better mobile experience in the years to come.

 Haier c3010  ZTE-C336  ZTE-C335  Huawei C2821  Samsung Max  Huawei C2802  Huawei 5320  Nokia 2505  Huawei C2905  Samsung DUO  Samsung FLO  Motorola MotoQ Other CDMA Mobile Phones Available:  Haier c3000 CDMA cell phones  Haier c2020 CDMA cell phones  Haier 2010 CDMA cell phones  Samsung Explore CDMA cell phones  Huawei C2605 CDMA cell phones  Samsung Champ FM CDMA Mobile Phone  Huawei C2801 CDMA Mobile Phone  Nokia 1325 CDMA Mobile Phone  Huawei C2900i CDMA Mobile Phone  Samsung Champ CDMA Mobile Phone  Huawei C2900 CDMA Mobile Handset  Huawei C2285 CDMA Handset  Haier C2000 CDMA Mobile Handset  Huawei C 2601 CDMA Mobile Phone  Nokia 6265 CDMA Mobile Phone 56 .

 Keep the CDMA cell phones away from water and moisture. However. TTSL/TTML is not 57 . Nokia 6275 CDMA Mobile Handset  MotoFone F3c CDMA Mobile Phone  Nokia 2865 CDMA Mobile Phone  MotoRazr V3c CDMA Handset  Pantech Slider CDMA Mobile Handset  RadioMoto W170CDMA Handset  Indicom Star CDMA Mobile Handset  Motorola A840CDMA Handset  Konquer CDMA Handset  Samsung Wideo CDMA Mobile Handset  Nokia 2255 CDMA Handset  Nokia 6235 CDMA Mobile Handset  Haier T1100C CDMA Handset  Kyocera Topaz CDMA Mobile Handset Tips for use of CDMA cell phones  Kindly read the User Manual carefully before using the CDMA cell phones.  The CDMA cell phones are manufactured by various OEMs and for any faults or claims the purchaser of handset should approach the Authorized Service Centre (ASC) of the manufacturer with the warranty card.  Please avoid use of CDMA cell phones while charging. chargers etc). Kindly buy accessories from authorized centers only. The use of the same could result in mishaps.  Do not use unauthorized accessories (batteries. TTSL/TTML sales/service outlets would provide information about ASCs of handset manufacturer and will facilitate such an approach.

To check your order status click here Internet Access . Mobile Accessories The following mobile accessories are available for your mobiles.responsible for any claim arising on account of faulty CDMA cell phones and accessory. Car Charger Your mobile phone can also be charged conveniently while traveling in a car. More.. You can even order them online. Driver software (available in the CD provided) required for use. Available for both Serial and USB ports.Data Cable This cable enables you to connect your laptop/desktop to a mobile phone for use as a modem. 58 .. The Car Charger needs to be plugged into your car's cigarette lighter socket. and the DC lead to be plugged in your mobile.

. More. In order to get the maximum life from the battery it should be charged fully after replacing the same.. More. It is a 59 . to be used without using your hands. It is advised not to dispose of the battery in fire. Its small in size and handy to use and convenient to carry while traveling.. Batteries These batteries are light weight and rechargeable.More.... which can be connected to a mobile phone. Travel Charger The Travel charger plugs into standard electric socket and the DC lead needs to be inserted into your phone. Headset / Hands Free The headset includes a soft earphone and microphone.

Tata Indicom : Offers world-class internet through mobile phones.  No separate ISP account or subscription needed.useful tool for a person who needs to keep hands free during the conversation. C5320  Kyocera .C506.MotoRazr. 6155. C2900i. KX444  LG . Phantom. Benefits TATA Indicom Internet through mobile service offers world-class standards for wireless Internet access.  You can receive and make voice calls when no active data transfer takes place (dormancy).AD5235. 6235. using a data cable to your PC or Laptop & get started. 3155. TATA Indicom offers world-class internet service through the CDMA network.  No need to buy an external modem since your existing TATA Indicom mobile phone has one. It is simple. Supported Models: Mobiles:  Huawei . AD6335  Motorola . Rave. 6275 60 . 6265.Blade. C5300. Worldphone  Nokia – 2865. Leaders in Mobile Internet Services. The benefits are:  High speed Internet access. 6255. Just connect your TATA Indicom mobile phone.

700 in per Millennium Edition Rs. AXW P830  Sungil – SXP 800 Plan Charges Rupees Standard Tariff Plan Rs. Extra data transfer @ Rs.1500 month Nil / month Plans (ME) Remarks / Data transfer limited to 1 GB per month. LSP 350T.40 (STP) minute Rs. LSP 340.LSI 250.6700 / 1 Plan 1500 year Rs. Pantech – PA711.0. PA715  Samsung – T-Nimbus.3600 / 6 months Rs.2 per MB International Roaming Tata Indicom is the first telecommunication service provider in the country to introduce the unique experience of international roaming with a Tata Indicom One World One Number T-SIM card. a single T-SIM card that empowers you to switch between CDMA & GSM networks without 61 . S-Magic. Explore Walky’s  LG .5 per MB Unlimited Internet access Internet Charges Pulse Rate Data Transfer Charges 1 MB Rs. LSI 120T  Axesstel – AXW P800.

Tata Indicom One World One Number truly empowers with some very unique features: One World One Number T-Sim Card Introducing for the first time ever. Now the world is no longer CDMA or GSM but one world where you get to choose the best service provider without having to worry about CDMA or GSM. It empowers you to enjoy the services of the best service provider wherever you go without having to worry about technology anymore. One Address Book With a single T-SIM card your address book always goes with you.having to use different SIM cards. Welcome to the world of truly international roaming with Tata Indicom "One World One Number". One Phone Tata Indicom also introduces. for the first time in India. a single card that empowers you to enjoy both CDMA and GSM services by switching between the two networks using Tata Indicom One World One Number T-SIM card. One Number You can now be reached anywhere across the world on the same Tata Indicom Mobile number. 62 . a Dual WORLDPHONE (GLOBALMOTO). Tata Teleservices Ltd. has a roaming tie-up with CDMA & GSM networks across more than 178 countries. The WORLDPHONE has the capability to work on both CDMA and GSM networks.

your CLI will be displayed on the phone of the called party. the tariff plans offered are extremely attractive. Now Boost Your TATA INDICOM POSTPAID MOBILE PLAN with 63 .One Caller Line Identity When you make an outgoing call while roaming.9225510000 for all your needs wherever you are. One Zone One Tariff Enjoy for the first time ever an extremely simple and convenient zonebased tariff for any call you may make when you are roaming internationally in GSM countries. Best Tariff plans for Unlimited Calling from Tata Indicom. One Bill Now you can track local and international roaming calls in the same monthly bill. One Helpline A single point Customer Contact number . Not just that.

Haryana. Delhi.75 (Not Available in Maharashtra & Goa) South Unlimited (South Corridor) Make STD calls to Andhra Pradesh .75 64 . Tamil Nadu . Maharashtra. Kerala at 50 p /min Monthly Rental Rs. Chattisgarh at 50 p /min Monthly Rental Rs.75 (Not available in Andhra Pradesh) North Unlimited (North Corridor) Make STD calls to Himachal Pradesh.Rs. Punjab.West Unlimited (West Corridor) Make STD Calls to Mumbai. Goa. Rajasthan. Madhya Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh ( UP E & UP W ) at 50 p /min Monthly Rental . Gujarat. Karnataka .

STD 500 minutes + 500 T2T SMS free per month to One Tata Number anywhere in India. Additional usage charged @ 25p/min & 25p/SMS (Rs. Orissa and Rest of West Bengal at 50p/min Monthly Rental .75 Most Dialed Local 500 mins + 500 SMS free per month to One Local Tata Number. 100/mth) STD Jumbo STD calls to any phone at 65 . Additional usage charged @ 50p/min & 50p/SMS (Rs.Rs.East Unlimited (East Corridor) Make STD calls to Kolkata.25/ mth) Most Dialed Lite -STD All Calls & SMS to One Tata Number anywhere in India to be charged @ 25paise/min & 25paise/SMS (Rs. Bihar.25/ mth) Most Dialed Jumbo .

Rs. Madhya Pradesh. Orissa & Rest of West Bengal STD Max & other corridor packs are not valid for Mumbai .Rs.50 STD Max STD calls within corridor @ 50p STD Calls outside corridor @ Re1 Monthly Rental .100 West Corridor Gujarat.Re. Rajasthan. Goa. Bihar. Kerala.UP (E) & UP (W) East Corridor Kolkata.1/min Monthly Rental . Haryana. North Corridor Himachal Pradesh. Chattisgarh. Rest of Maharashtra & Goa SMS Max Free 3000 SMSes to any phone in India 66 . Tamilnadu Karnataka. Maharashtra & Mumbai South Corridor Andhra Pradesh. Punjab. Delhi.

Monthly Rental Rs.49 Friends & Family Jumbo Call any 4 local phones at 50% of regular rate (as per the chosen plan) Monthly Rental .Rs.Rs.Rs.Lite First 50 SMSes to any phone in India Monthly Rental .99 Night Speak All Local Calls between 11 PM to 67 .50 Not available in Maharashtra & Goa SMS .50 Friends & Family Lite Call any One local phone at 50% of regular rate (as per the chosen plan) Monthly Rental .25 T2T SMS Unlimited Free SMSes to any Tata Phones in India Monthly Rental .Rs.

25 Middle East / Saudi Arabia Call charges @ Rs.4.Rs.Rs.99 per minute Monthly Rental .49 Week End Speak All Local Calls on Saturday & Sunday at 50% of regular rates (as per the chosen plan) Monthly Rental .50 UK Call charges @ Rs. Canada & SEA Call charges @ Rs.Rs.99 per minute Monthly Rental .6.50/75/99/149 (Tariff Plan 68 .8 AM at 50% of regular rates (as per the chosen plan) Monthly Rental .Rs.99 USA.99 per minute Monthly Rental .25 Tata 2 Tata Free unlimited Local/Intra-circle calling benefit to all Local Tata Phones Monthly Rental Rs.7.Rs.

Rs.STD calls to any phone at Rs. To activate SMS Lite: type Act SMSL & send to 121 69 . Monthly Rental .Rs.Rs.75 Gain Max .First 100 SMSes to any phone in India Monthly Rental .Based) CUG Pack Free unlimited Local/Intra-circle calling benefit within your group Monthly Rental .First 100 SMSes to any phone in India Monthly Rental .Local calls to any phone at 50 paise/min .2/min .Rs.50 Gain Local .To activate this value + PACK type on SMS screen & send to 121 eg.100 A range of 'dO mOre' Plans to choose from * .50/Rs. 25 (Tariff Plan Based) Mobile Family Call any Local Mobile @ 50 paise/min.Local calls to any phone at 50 paise/min .

SMS. Now. Phone book and Speaker phone.Walky Presenting the TATA Indicom Walky with features like Caller Line Identification. with a choice between a Postpaid connection and a Prepaid connection. you can regulate your usage the way you want to. 70 . Internet. Missed Call details. with extremely low tariffs.

71 .

UP (W). Kolkata. The cellular industry has been an enormous success story. Karnataka. partly to less disposable income. 72 . Yet none of these existed as recently as 15 years ago. Haryana.AN OVERVIEW OF THE CELLULAR INDUSTRY Today we take the cellular industry (along with personal computers. growth was slower to take off. the North American market saw a sustained growth rate of 40% per annum in new subscribers through the past decade. Worldwide. Chennai. The reverse side of this coin has been the declining revenue per subscriber In India. with over 40 million subscribers in 1996. UP (E).Airtel. Airtel own's the philosophy is to make the best of mobile telephony available at the most affordable rates. Airtel is on Telecom operates its cellular services as Orange in Mumbai and Airtel in Delhi. and Europe had 30 million users. The legacy of impeccable service quality and coverage has now passed on to a single brand name . partly due to lack of standards. Gujarat. Andhra Pradesh. with Celforce giving way to Airtel Postpaid & Celsuvidha to Airtel Prepaid. with some caveats. From zero in 1984.Celforce & Celsuvidha. Punjab and Rest of Bengal. offered its cellular services for postpaid and prepaid customers under the brand names . but by mid 1996 the number of subscribers in the Asia/Pacific regions was within 10% of the number in North America. wide area alphanumeric pagers and many others) for granted. Fascel Limited. Rajasthan. till recently.

escotelmobile. New Delhi. Voice Response Service. Mohan Co-operative Industrial estate.As an Airtel customer you can enjoy a host of premium value added services. Airtel will constantly provide you with new value added services to enrich your mobile phone experience. Kerala. GPRS-based Service. Voicemail Service. Madhya Pradesh. Gujarat Maharashtra. Mathura road. Short Messaging Service. Voice Messaging Idea Mobile Communications . Uttar pradesh Telephone : 91 -11-2695 9364/236 Escotel web site: www. Brand Name: AirTel Mobile Service Area: New Delhi (Metro). Other Major Cellular companies in Uttar Pradesh Bharti Cellular Limited.airtelworld.Brand name Escotel Mobile Address: A-36. Tamilnadu (INDIA) Bharti Cellular Limited Website: www. These include National and International Roaming spanning over 130 countries and 268 networks. Haryana. Fax & Data Services to name a few. Short Messaging Applications.110044 India Mobile Service area: Haryana. Uttar Pradesh (W). Mumbai (Metro).com 73 . Kerala.

Belapur road. India Telephone: 91 -022 -2762 4000 Mobile Service area: Web site: www. Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City. Thane. India Telephone: 91 -40 -656 2000 Mobile service area: Andhra PradeshWeb site: http://www. Fateh Maidan 74 . Belapur road.Brand name Idea Address: 5-9-62 Khan Lateef Khan Estate. India Telephone : 91 -022 -2762 4000 Mobile Service area : web site : www.. Navi Mumbai IDEA Cellular Limited . Navi Mumbai 406709.. Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City.Brand name Reliance India Mobile Address: Reliance Infocomm Reliance Telecom Limited .ideacellular.Brand name Reliance India Mobile Address: Reliance Infocomm Ltd.Reliance Telecom Limited . Hyderabad 500 001.


76 . product attributes.As learning is a human activity and is as natural. but the marketer’s objectives. They want consumers to learn about their products.The scope of my study restricts itself to the analysis of students preferences. perception of different mobile service providers. potential consumers benefit. How individuals learn is a matter of interest to marketers. maintain or even dispose of the product and new ways of behaving that will satisfy not only the consumer’s needs. They want to teach consumers in their roles as their roles as consumers. how to use. as breathing. Despite of the fact that learning is all pervasive in our lives. psychologists do not agree on how learning takes place. The scope of my study is also restricts itself to RIMT-IMCT only.


 To find out the students satisfaction towards the various service providers. 78 . They are as follows:  To know about the student preference level associated with different mobile service providers.  To know which advertisement media puts more impact on the buying decision of students. This project consists of different objectives.The subject matter for this research Project is to study the students preference towards the various mobile service providers in RIMT-IMCT.

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Survey design: 79 .

Sample Size and Design: A sample of 300 people was taken on the basis of convenience. is divided into 2 bases: 80 . The actual retailers were contacted on the basis of random sampling. dichotomous and offered multiple choices. Research Instrument: This work is carried out through self-administered questionnaires. Research Period: Research work is only carried for 2 or 3 weeks. The questions included were open ended. For the purpose of present study a related sample of population was selected on the basis of convenience. Data Collection: The data. which is collected for the purpose of study.The study is a cross sectional study because the data were collected at a single point of time.

The data has been collected directly from respondent with the help of structured questionnaires. Data Analysis: The data is analyzed on the basis of suitable tables by using mathematical techniques. 81 . Primary Source: The primary data comprises information survey of “Comparative study of retailer behavior towards ITC Candyman and Candico”.  Secondary Source: The secondary data was collected from internet and references from Library.The technique that I have used is bar graphs.

TABLE 1 Cellular Phone Users On the Basis of Gender Table 1 Gender Male Female showing Cellular Phone Users Yes 60 10 82 No 14 2 .

33% female (Absolute no.10) have cellular phone and 2.60) have cellular phone and rest 16.7%male (Absolute no.Total 70 16 This table shows that out of 86 respondents 69. TABLE 2 Cellular Phone users on the basis of age group LESS THAN 21 TO 30 31 TO 40 41 TO 50 ABOVE 50 20 YRS YRS YRS YRS YRS Less than 6 months 6 7 4 83 1 0 . On the other hand 11.63% Female (Absolute no.3% don’t have cellular phone.2) Do not have.

72% (Absolute no. It shows that young generation is habitual of mobile and younger generation is just behind them.28% people (Absolute no.5 where 5 males only). It is followed by 31 to 40 years age with 25.18 where 17 male & one female). and above 50 years with 1.14% (Absolute no.43% (Absolute no. 41 to 50 years age group with 7.1that is male).15 where 11 males & 4 females). Matured people only have mobile when they really need it.31where 26 males & 5 females) belongs to 21 to 30 years age group. TABLE 3 Position of service providers Service Provider TATA INDICOM MTNL Reliance Total Various service providers 25 31 14 70 84 . 44.43% (Absolute no.Less than 1 year 6 Less than 2 year 3 above 2 years 0 Total 15 7 6 1 1 9 3 1 0 8 31 5 18 2 5 0 1 This table shows that out of 70 users in which 60 male & 10 females. under 20 years with 21.

31)are connected with BSNL. and Hutch.The Tataindicom has 27. Reliance has 20% users(Absolute no. TABLE 3 Factors influencing service providers LESS THAN 20 YRS Advertisement 1 21 TO 30 31 TO YRS YRS 0 1 85 40 41 TO ABOVE 50 YRS YRS 1 0 50 .15% users (Absolute no.6) users in the city.28% cellular phone users (Absolute no. IT means that MTNL is no.57% (Absolute no.19). one and followed by Airtel.14) and Airtel has 8.Position of Service Providers In AgraMathura 35 N 30 o. Reliance. 25 of 20 R es 15 p 10 o 5 n 0 de nt s Airtel Hutch h MTNL Idea NLLL L tataindi Idea com aaa a Various service providers Cellular This table shows that out of 70 cellular phone users 44.

It shows that people firstly want to stay connected through network. which influence their decisions. TABLE 5 Showing advertisement popularity of various cellular companies LESS THAN 20 YRS 21 TO 30 YRS 31 TO 40 YRS 86 41 TO YRS 50 ABOVE 50 YRS .48% (Absolute no. It is followed by service schemes 26.3).75% (Absolute no.4) and other factors 3.12% people (Absolute no.23) advertisement 4.56) prefer network strong ness.Service Schemes Network Others Total 5 7 2 15 10 21 0 31 3 14 0 18 0 3 1 5 0 1 0 1 Here the table shows that out of all 86 respondents 65. while choosing a cellular service. Service schemes are the secondary factor.65% (Absolute no. and only few people would like to have a cellular service for its good advertisements.

42% people (Absolute no. TABLE 6 Showing the most recall slogan of various cellular companies. Reliance. Companies Airtel BSNL TATA INDICOM Airtel Idea No.28% (Absolute no.14). It is followed by Airtel with 25.13) and Idea with 4.22) like advertisement of TATA INDICOM. of Respondents 22 26 40 14 23 87 .18).3).MENLO TATA INDICO M Reliance TATA INDICO M Idea Total 3 4 3 2 1 3 2 8 8 6 4 1 0 0 0 7 0 15 9 2 31 4 1 18 2 0 5 0 0 1 This table shows that 31. BSNL with18. It shows that TATA INDICOM advertisements are the most popular advertisement and advertisement of Airtel.57percentage (Absolute no.72% (Absolute no. BTNL and Idea come after respectively. Reliance with 20 %( Absolute no.

26). it is followed by BSNL with 30.51% respondents (Absolute no.58% (Absolute no. Respondents 39 28 33 35 32 of . Idea’s slogan with 26. Companies TATA INDICOM BSNLL Reliance Airtel Idea 88 No.23 %( Absolute no. TATA INDICOM’s slogan “Where ever you go our networks follows You” and TATA INDICOM slogan “Express yourself” respectively.23).27 % ( Absolute no. and Hutch with 16.40) could remember slogan of TATA INDICOM.22). The above information includes those people also who could remember more than one slogan Table 7 Showing Advertisement Recalling. Idea’s slogan “Pre paid ho to Idea jaisa”.14). Then comes BSNL’s slogans “Connecting India / Chhoti si Duniya”. TATA INDICOM slogan 25. It shows that “Karlo duniya mutthi main” of Reliance is the most popular and memory capturing slogan.Slogan Recalling N o. 50 of 40 Re sp 30 on 20 de nt 10 s 0 Hutch BSNL L Reliance Airtel Idea 1 Various Cellular Companies This table shows that 46.74 %( Absolute no.

It shows that most people can recall the advertisements of Airtel It mean it has the largest recalling power in it. Questionnaires: This is the most popular tool for the data collection. 32) . Airtel is recalled by 40.Reliance by 38.and BSNL by 32. 1. 28) .34% people (Absolute no. A questionnaire contains question that the researcher wishes to ask his respondents which 89 .69 %people ( Absolute no.Idea by 32.37% people (Absolute no. 39). of 40 Re sp 30 on 20 de nt 10 s 0 Hutch MTNL Reliance Airtel Idea Cellular Companies TATA INDICOM Advertisements are the most recalled advertisement. 35).20% people (Absolute no.Ad Recalling N 50 o.33 ) .55% people (Absolute no. It is recalled by 45.

is always guided by the objective of the survey. The total value is represented by the full create. 90 . I have conducted a survey that how the advertisement campaign of TATA INDICOM is effective and I found that advertisement campaign is more effective. The lengths of the bards are proportional to the value they represent. This diagram bar chart can make comparison among the various components or between a part and a whole of data Bar Charts: This is another way of representing data graphically. figures & Tables that was very useful for me. 2. which are divided in to a number of categories. The list of questionnaires is shown in Appendix part. it consists of a number of whispered bars. I have collected some questionnaires that is asked by me to the customers during research. I have used certain Graphs. As the name implies. Pie-charts:This is very useful diagram to represent data. This diagram consists of a circle divided a number of sectors whose are proportional to the values they represent. which originate from a common base line and are equal widths.

91 .

So it will be a very good mode of advertising communication. 4- The Advertising is having a very wider scope a large no. 92 . 3- It reeds from the study that respondent will like to listen jingles and video clipping on there mobile will also like picture message as advertising study preview that advertising will be a creative.FINDINGS 1- It’s come out from the study that the advertising can be a very good mode of communication. of people nearly 96% of using Cell phone. 2- Study reflects that advertising will be accepted as a innovative Task. Innovative and its going to large Number of Target Audience in effective way.

93 .

. Those who violate anti pollution laws should be punished. like Advertisements via e-mail 3. Advertising but it must be in SMS Flash or in funny tone. It is imperative on the post of media of mass communication to highlight the dangers of pollution to which humanity is exposed today. There is need to inculcate in all the people consciousness about the harmful effect of the environmental pollution.V. Anti – pollution dries must be launched..Approach of Advertising should not be like T. There are anti-pollution legislations on our statute. There is needed to be making our village clean and green. 94 .Advertising should not be over contend.Small jingle and funny massage must be used preferably 4. The plant and trees purify the air they prevent the accumulation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere beyond permissible limit. But it is lying in desuetude because of its non enforcement.No charge for advertising 2.SUGGESTION The Study was conducted in to very vast group of respondents and so its reflections and interpretations provide a suggestion platform me as: 1. It these suggestion and limitations will entertain properly the should be very brighter. Plantation are very effective in environment protection.

95 .

CONCLUSION Advertising is becoming the most popular communication mode. Conclusively I want to say that the advertising will be a very good mode of sales. It is a Media of largest exposure. IT can hit on the viewers mind very frequently as well as efficiently with in a very short span of time. 96 . of exposures without any delay. Now a days In the study it is observed that advertisement through mobile can be a very good mode of advertising communication. It can increases no.

97 .

in 98 .co. Keval J. Principles of Marketing WEBSITES      www. J. /Ratna V.N. S.bsnl.V. C. M.TATA INDICOM.airtelworld. Mass Communication In India  Sahaf. Advertising and Sales Promotion Management  www.BIBLIOGRAPHY BOOKS  Sonatakki. & Varghese Advertising Basics!  Frank / Deniel Yadin Advertising  www.V. Advertising  Jefkins.

99 .

Do you have any Mobile Phone? Q2. Do you think that Mobile advertisement can create the special attachment? Q10. Who is your service provider? Q3. Would you like to pay the cost of SMS for advertisement on Mobile? Q8. Do you think advertisement aware you? Q9. What type of advertisement would you like on your Mobile? Q6. Since How long do you have this Mobile? Q7. What do you feel after seeing advertisement on your Mobile? Q5. Have you seen any advertisement on Mobile? Q4. Do you think advertisement on Mobile can create a new wave in advertising world? Q11.QUESTIONNAIRES Q1. Can you suggest any idea by which you can get advertisement on Mobile phone? 100 .