Internal Factors
1. Product

2. Place
3. Promotion
4. Price
5. Personnel

6. Power of
7. Power of

- Uniqueness in terms of raw
materials used as the base of the
product itself. (Internet connection
- can control the device even though
the distance is far
-The only distributor in Laguna.
-Easy access to target customer.
- Different approaches in promoting
the product are implemented.
- Can compete to the prices of
- Flexible employee
- Good management- employee
- Growing industry for
accommodation and tourism.
- The current generation is about the
advancement of technology
- Good management and supplier

External Factors
1. Technological

2. Competitive
Rivalry within an
3. Substitute
4. Entry of the
New Competitors


- Difficulty in having a market share
since the product is new to the market
- Customer may tend to refuse the
product due to standards of hotels and
- Competitors are influential enough
that sometimes, location does not
- Level of advertising expense
- Effectiveness of the promotion
- Fluctuation of price due to the
different variables
- Training expenses
- Conflict of interest of the employee.
- Challenges in building a talented
- Small initial customer base.
- Customers patronage on the existing
- Buyers information availability.
-Supplier may refuse to work with the


- Advancement of tools and
- Flexibility of the organization
to adopt in technological
- Competitive advantages
through innovation.

- Visibility of the competitors items
on the web.
-Technological advancement of the
competitor’s product.

- No quality discrepancy
compared to existing

- Relative price performance of
- Effectiveness of the promotional
activities of the competitors.
- Brand and quality of the new

- Customer’s loyalty.
-Healthy competition resulting
to upgrading of the product.

- Competitors powerful competitive

In the demo. they will be required to attend seminars and trainings twice a year. The use of this new technology. is one of a kind. These competitors will help the company to grow even more. a power system controlled by a Wi-Fi. the total market share of UEMC will be 71. The customers can easily contact UEMC due to the fact that it is along the highway and is the only supplier located in Laguna. This will help them to also have a good relationship to their customers. The location of the company is another advantage against their competitors. One of the abilities of the product is that it can be controlled even though the distance with the device is far which indirect competitors cannot do. good packaging and official Facebook page.46%. With the growing industry in tourism. The proponents would like to take this opportunity to share this new technology to hotels and restaurants by giving them a demo of the product. the proponents will discuss its importance to hotels and resorts as well as the safety it brings to the customers. The raw materials used in manufacturing the master power controller can be used as an advantage against their competitors. Emerging competitors will be taken as a positive growth for the company as well. The proponents will also use different promotions like tarpaulins. The proponents wanted to secure their market share in the industry by providing the customers with a safe and user friendly master power controller. The proponents will use that as one of their points when they are promoting the product to their customers.United Engineers Manufacturing Company projected that for 2016. the future of this product can grow even more. In order for them to have a flexible and good management-employee relationship. The proponents will use this as an advantage to maximize the amount of sale they can sell for year 2016. .

.upgrading its product while still promoting quality and reliable innovations through the Master Power Controller.