Exhibit 15


THIS GP,EEMENT made as of the 11th day of October,
1984, by and between FAHR MUSIC CO. (hereinafter referred to
CompanyM) and Z-IDD MUSIC CO. (hereinafter referred to
as "ParticipantTM)

W I T N E S S E T H:
WHEREAS, it is the intention of Company and Participant
that they shall jointly own the musical compositions
(hereinafter referred to as the Compositions) described
below, so that Company and Participant shall own the
percentages set forth below in paragraph 1. of the entire
worldwide right, title and interest, including the
copyright, the right to copyright and the renewal right, in
and to the Compositions and
WHEREAS, the Compositions have been or shall be
registered for copyright in the names of Company. and
Participant in the Copyright Office of the United States of

NOW, THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration the
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged by each party
hereto, it is agreed as follows:
Company and Participant shall jointly own the
Compositions, written or co-written subsequent to the date
of this agreement by James Avery, Tony Fisher, Robert Reed
and Taylor Reed and which are performed on master recordings
featuring the fórementioned individuals as members of the
musical group wTrouble FUnk, which are commercially
released by Island Records Inc. or its licensees pursuant to
the terms of the October 11, 1984 Production Contract with
Participant's recording company affiliate T.T.E.D. Records,
Inc. (hereafter referred to as the MIsland Contract),
including all of the worldwide right, title and 'interest,
including the copyrights, the right to copyright and the
renewal rights, therein and thereto in the following shares;





The Compositions shall be registered for copyright
by Company in the naines of Company and Participant in the
office of the Register of Copyrights of the United States of

take ail reasonable measures to
the Compositions in those territories which are siqnatorìes to the Universal Copyright
convention. If the Composition have heretofore been
registered for copyright, the registering party shall simultaneously herewith deliver to the other an assiqnment of an
interest equal to the percentages set forth in paragraph i
America and Company shai

protect the copyright in

Company and Participant shall administer and
exploit their respective shares of the Compositions,
including, but not limited to, the right to print, publish,
sell, use and license the use of the Composition. throughout
the world, and to execute in their own name any and all
licenses and agreement affecting or respecting their shares
of the Compositions, including but not limited to licenses
for mechanical reproduction, public performance,
synchronization uses, subpublication, merchandising, and
advertising and to assign or license such rights to others,
Neither Participant nor Company shall have the right to
execute or enter into any agreement or license (oral or
written) which affects or binds the other party's share of a
Composition, and any such agreement or license shall be null.
and void and of no legal force and effect as it relates to
the other party's share. This statement of exclusive rights
is only in clarification and amplification of the rights of
Company hereunder and not in limitation thereof.

Company and Participant shall each be entitled to
receive and coUeet and shall receive and collect all gross
receipts derived from their respective shares of the
wGross receipts,N as used herein, shall mean
any and all revenue, incarne and sums derived from the
Composition from any and all sources whatsoever. Whenever a
licensee or user of the Compositions pays without
segregating the writer's sharew from the NpublisherS
share. N (e.g., mechanical license royalties), then Company
and Participant will in good faith advise such licensee or
user to pay Company in addition to its co-publisher's share,
the percentage which is customarily and contractually due
the writers of the Compositions.

The term of this agreement shall be co-terminous
with the term of that certain recording contract of even
date between Writers as members of the group NTrouble Funk
and T.T.E.D. Records, Inc., and shall automatically
terminate upon the expiration or termination of said
recording contract.


- 2 -


The perorring riqht in the Composition, to the
extent permitted by jaw, shall be assignt?d to and licensed
by the respective societies, either 2\SCAP or BPI, or both.
Such societies shall be and hereby are authorí2ed to collect
and receive all monies earned from the public performance of
the Composition and to pay directly to Company and
Participant fifty percent (50%) each of the amount allocated
as the publisher's share of public performance fees.
(intentionally deleted)
Statements as to monies payable hereunder shall be
sent by Company to Participant semiannually within ninety
(90) days after the nd of each semiannual calendar period.
Statements shall be accompanied by appropriate payments.
Participant shall bee deemed to have consented to all
royalty statements and other accounts rendered by Company to
Participant, and said statements and other accounts shall be
binding upon Participant and notsubject toany objection in
writing, setting forth the basis thereof, is given by
Participant to Company within two (2) years from the date
Participant or a certified public accountant in
its behalf may, at reasonable intervals, examine the hooks
of Company usual business hours and upon reasonable notice.
Said books relating to activities and receipts during any
accounting period may only be examined as aforesaid during
the two (2) year period following service by Company of the
statement for said accounting period only during Company's
normal business hours and upon ten days' written notice.

Each party hereto shall give the other the equal
benefits of any warrantjes.or representations which it
obtained or shall obtain under any agreements or licenses
affecting the Compositions provide6, however, 8UCh
agreements or licenses were entered in to with the expresa
consent of the other party.
Company shall havé the sole right to prosecute,
defend, settle and compromise all suits, claims, and actions
respecting the Composition, and generally to do and perform
all things necessary concerning the same and the copyrights
therein, to prevent and restrain the infrinaement of copyrights or other rights with respect to the Composition. In
the event of the recovery by Company of any monies as a
result of a judgment or settlement, such monies, including
counsel fees, shall be deemed additional gross receipts
hereunder. Participant shall have the right to provide
counsel for itself, but at its own expense, to assist in any
such manner. Company will not settle any claim respecting
the Composition without Participant's consent, which consent


- 3 -

RET 1203 84

shall not be unreasonably withheld.

The rights of the perties hereto in and to the

Ccmposition shall extend fcr the term of the copyri&lt of
the Composition and of any derivative copyriqhts therein in
the United States of .merlcan and throughout the rest of the
world and for the terms of any renewals or extensions
thereof in the United States of America and throughout the
rest of the world.
This agreement sets forth the entire understanding
between the parties, and cannot be changed, modified or
cancelled except by an instrument signed by the party sought
to be bound. This agreeuent shall be governed by and
construed under the laws of the District of Columbia applicable to agreements wholly performed therein.

Participant and Company each hereby .arrant and
represent that they have the right to enter into this
agreement and to grant to each other all of the rights
granted herein, and that the exercise by the other of any
and all of the rights granted in this agreement will not
violate or infringe upon any cormnon law or statutory rights
.ration, including, without
of any person, firm or co
limitation, contractual rights, copyrights and rights of
privacy, and the rights granted herein are free and clear o
any claims, demands, Liens or encumbrances.

All notices, statements or other documents which
either party shall be required or shall desire to give to
the other hereunder must be in writing and shall be given
the parties hereto only in one of the following ways:
by personal delivery; or (2) by addressing thes as indicate
below, and by depositing them postage prepaid, in the Unit
States mail, airmail if the address is outside of the stat
in which such notice is deposited; or (3) by delivering th
toll prepaid to a telegraph or cable company.
Zf so delivered, mailed, telegraphed or cabled, each such notice,
statement or other document shall, except as herein expre*
provided, be conclusively deemed to have been given when
personally delivered or on th date of delivery to the
telegraph or cable company or 24 hours after the date of
mailing, as the case may be. The addresses of the partie
shall be those of wTich the other party actually received
written and until further notice are;
"Company W
Raphael E. Tisdale, Esquire
1101 - 15th Street, N.W,
Suite 806
Washington, D.C. 20005


William R. Hyde, Esqu.
1004 6th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C.


RE': I

This agreement shall not be deemed to aive any
riqht or remedy to any third party whatsoever unless said
right or remedy is specifically granted to such third party
to the terms hereof.
The parties hereto shall execute any further
documents including, without limitation, assignments of
copyrights, and do all acts necessary to fully effectuate
the terms and provisions of this agreement.
Company and Participant may each enter. into
subpublishing agreements with, or assign, or license any of
their rights hereunder to, one or more other person, firms,
or corporations for any one or more countries of the world.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have
agreement as of the day and year above

executed this

set forth.



RET: 120384

IN CONSIDERATION of the sum of one dollar (51,00) and
other good and valuable consideration, receipt of which is
hereby acknowledged, the undersianed do here sell, assigne
transfer and set over unto FIiRR M1'STC CO., f. Z-}lDD MUSIC
CO,, their successors and assigns, all of its right, titi?
and interest in and to the copyrights in the following
musical compositions which were written by the following
indicated persons;

Copyright Office
Identification No.


and al]. of the right, title and interest of the


vested,and conngent, in and to the full term of copyright
therein and thereto.




Musc1 Composition Title

Iecord No.

'Drop The Bombe


"In The Mix"


"Say What"


"Let's Get Small"

4001; also T.T.E.D. 41

4001; also 41

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