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sufferers in developing countries ---.. Philosophers have debated the relation ---thought and emotions ---.keeping steady pressure ---. 6. Most companies would prefer to concentrate ---domestic rather than foreign markets because of their greater familiarity ---.astronomy ---. A) of / with B) A) in / of for / from B) on / with C) at / over C) over / by D) in / for D) at / from E) with / by E) for / to 5. our definition ---“normal” varies ---..the good or service that they provide and a lack of viable substitute goods. 2.the past decade has been the discovery of planets outside our solar system. A) from / with B) by / in C) to / by D) in / for E) through / about A) in / to B) at / over C) with / for D) to / at E) on / with . Severity of autism ranges ---.showing that much of it would end up in the sea. .less than one-twentieth of the standard cost in the West..its key source of energy: oil. least two millennia.1.those who are mute and have no functional behaviour ---individuals with high IQ scores. As regards breast changes...their own environments. Bleeding after oral surgery can usually be stopped ---.. .the burning of fossil fuels were correct ---. 7. 10. One of the great advances ---. A) from / over A) by / for B) over / in B) about / in C) C) between / for at / under D) in / by D) from / on E) through / to E) with / around 8.the surgical site for the first hour. Roger Revelle’s calculations about what happens to the carbon dioxide released ---.. A) into / among A) for / to B) in / about B) in / to C) between / of C) with / up D) through / for D) by / on E) from / to E) from / of 9. An Indian drug company has offered to supply an anti-AIDS drug ---.. A) of / over A) up with / out of B) through /at B) out of / up against C) in / to C) down to / away from D) for / by D) up for / through E) with / for E) over to / into Monopolies are characterized ---.age and experience. 4. For decades presidents have been coming ---plans to deal with the fact that one day the world will run ---.a lack of economic competition ---.

the area.. ---.which they rely to analyze phenomena such as growth rates. and have noted the explosion of diet-related disease ---. 19.. Much can be learned from a study ---... A) by / on A) through / through B) about / for B) on / within C) at / from C) at / across D) over / between D) of / for E) in / among E) after / between .affection and acceptance. international partners in the Human Genome Project agreed to formalize the conditions of data access.physical and mental work.chemotherapy followed ---radiation therapy or surgery. People who travel ---. A priori knowledge ---.a proper diet is to achieve and maintain a desirable body composition and a large capacity ---. A) at / for A) with / in B) about / from B) to / for C) over / by C) D) out of / through about / over D) through / with E) in / on E) for / about 14.all particular experiences.two Medicare bills that are currently working their way ---..airlines all have stories ---how bad the experience is when things go wrong. About 20 to 40 per cent of pancreatic cancer cases are cured ---.decades..Western philosophy is knowledge that is independent ---.11. Foreign policy is composed of the goals sought. E) 18.the sophisticated statistical techniques ---.. E) with / from 17. as opposed to a posteriori knowledge.rejection. The objective ---.. A) for / in In February 1996. values set. A) with / for 12. B) throughout / over A) C) through / about at / within B) from / in D) by / off C) E) of / at in / by D) during / to 13.. decisions made and actions taken ---states and the national governments acting ---their behalf. 20. including release of the sequence into public data bases ---. A) in / at A) about / over B) for / into B) from / to C) to / over C) with / by D) of / through D) of / into E) from / for E) at / through 15.. and they have a strong desire ---.a meeting in Bermuda. on / through People with an avoidant personality are oversensitive ---. inflation. Economists take pride ---. trade and fiscal practices. which derives from experience alone. 16.Congress. B) in / of A) at / for C) on / about B) in / of D) at / over C) through / by E) through / to D) beside / towards Scientists have studied the health status of native people in the South Pacific ---. unemployment.24 hours.

The Weddell seal can swim under the ice ---. ---.some cancers. A) Except A) With / through B) Rather B) About / in C) Unlike C) For / of D) Just as D) At / within E) Besides E) On / to Archaeological records show evidence ---. To protect whales and dolphins ---.tuberculosis (TB) each year. One can see ---..the outbreak of World War II.a depth of 500 metres ---. A) to / between A) B) in / during C) from / at B) about / with at / for C) of / to D) on / through D) by / in E) with / about E) with / through 25. ---. and chronology of his plays.the Axis powers.. and where it was a pleasure strictly limited to the enormous amount of investigation ---. 29.a military exercise in the area. radiation..the authorship. and a guide ---.the coast of Hawaii. A) at / over A) into / within B) in / on B) through / around C) before / through C) down / before D) off / during D) after / above E) within / with E) for / to . in the British Isles drinking chocolate was made available to the middle classes from the outset. As it had in World War I. Almost 2 million people die ---. 28. a court in California has temporarily banned the US navy from using powerful sonar equipment ---... text. The modern era of Shakespeare scholarship has been marked ---. 27. mostly in developing countries lacking access ---. accurate testing technology.these noisy. 23. colourful toys. the best therapy is a combination ---.personal morality and wisdom. A) at / to B) A) over / after in / by B) for / with C) with / for C) at / on D) by / with D) about / through E) of / to E) from / above 22. an instructional textbook. A) about / at A) from / at B) of / in B) by / into C) with / by C) down / over D) from / for D) out / of E) on / to E) in / for 24.. 26.a glance why small children are immediately attracted ---. but in the closing phase it declared war ---. Argentina proclaimed neutrality ---.more than an hour without coming up for air..local plants being used as medicine ---.the Byzantines was simultaneously a literary model.. Homer ---..21. France.ancient Egyptian and Stone Age times.

B) through / for A) within / at C) between / of B) on / in D) over / from C) through / by E) with / at D) into / for In was made by a tourist who paid £14 million to Russia to visit the International Space Station ---..and understanding ---.31.the comedy of ideas and other forms ---. Lisbon began to emerge as a significant market ---. The most expensive trip ---. From the mid-fifteenth century ----..the invention of the printing press and improved methods still left unconquered ---. he began to feel an increasing admiration ---..a given time than does a person ---. ---.. When he had grown accustomed to their ways. the rapid spread of knowledge became possible..slavery. E) by / into 38. A) with / at B) by / to C) in / about D) from / on E) through / with A) of / on B) for / to C) over / with D) within / from E) in / at . biological responses are measured ---. 36. E) for / with 40.. A) about / in 35.the everyday lives of ordinary people. Perhaps the most crucial factor ---.patient noncompliance is poor verbal communication ---the practitioner and the patient.higher latitudes. E) Through / on 39.comedy is that it does not depend on a situation for its humour. A) of / for 34.. Because of Earth’s rotation.. 37. Chaucer was successful as a poet because he could combine his great learning ---.making paper.eight enthusiastic love ---.their tribal customs..the person being tested. B) to / in A) at / to C) from / for B) to / from D) for / of C) with / for E) over / at D) through / of The arctic is one of the few areas ---.. and the status of those responses is immediately available ---. B) over / from A) For / about C) in / with B) By / from D) on / by C) With / of E) for / to D) At / in The main difference ---. A) up / about A) for / by B) away / in B) of / among C) out / round C) about / of D) on / of D) in / between E) over / at E) to / for 32. a person near the equator travels a longer distance ---.solo explorers. A) of / by 33. primarily because of the extremely harsh conditions.electronic instruments.

an eruption of Vesuvius.rock and ash until the 18th century.D. 48. had hardly any cars. but it had more than three million bicycles. lay buried ---. and people carried their children ---.. Penguins are short-sighted ---.. ---. B) at / by A) towards / above C) over / for B) in / by D) as / in C) on / of E) by / on D) to / upon E) through / into .the year 1983. A) by / under A) over / on B) at / for B) in / off C) with / below C) on / under D) in / on D) onto / into E) through / over E) from / through 49. 44. A) with / on 50. this one crop usually accounts for about 60% ---. A) onto / below A) at / for B) on / by B) from / at C) for / at C) on / in D) about / in D) for / to E) towards / on E) to / for 45.the effects of fossil-fuel carbon dioxide ---.the backs of their bicycles. the Dominican Republic encompasses the diversity of an entire continent ---.which the nature of economics as a discipline was transformed. 79 ---..the atmosphere. island setting.. They say that the best things ---. A) Toward / for A) in / on B) By / in B) at / at C) From / through C) by / to D) At / within D) through / in E) During / with E) of / over 47.its natural parks. 46. Despite attempts to lessen the country’s dependence ---. Ancient Pompeii.the operation of foreign policy and diplomacy. destroyed in A..water. A) in / for A) With / within B) from / at B) By / on C) in / up C) From / in D) with / from D) Of / for E) within / beside E) Along / over 43.economists.. but see clearly ---.significant controls imposed by Congress. lakes and desert areas..Brazil’s export earnings. We need to worry ---.. information economics became an increasingly important field of specialization ---. The US President and the executive branch have responsibility are those worth waiting ----..the end of the 20th era ---. but this is subject ---.41. ---. The 25-year period following World War II can be viewed ---.

SORU CEVAP SORU CEVAP 1 A 41 A 2 A 42 A 3 D 43 C 4 A 44 D 5 B 45 D 6 A 46 A 7 C 47 A 8 E 48 A 9 B 49 D 10 D 50 C 11 C 12 A 13 E 14 D 15 A 16 B 17 A 18 B 19 C 20 D 21 A 22 C 23 B 24 C 25 D 26 C 27 C 28 B 29 C 30 E 31 D 32 D 33 D 34 C 35 B 36 D 37 C 38 C 39 D 40 E .