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FIAMM Batteries are configured as standard in the CK Street Cabinet

Charge voltages need to be changed if Northstar are use d with the Enatel
Rectifier System.
This booklet shows the diffe rences and g ives instructio ns ho w to make the
Commissioning and Maintenance troubleshooting approaches are

.USUALLY AGM SEALED LEAD ACID TYPE 4 STANDARD F IAMM AND ALTERNATIVE NORTHSTAR BATTERY CHARGE SETTINGS 4 EXAMPLES FROM SM3XCONFIG FOR CK STANDARD CABINET F IAMM SETTINGS 5 CHANGES REQUIRED IN SM3XCONFIG IF NORTHSTAR BATTERY IS INSTALLED 6 ALARM MAPPINGS TO RELAYS 7 ALARM TESTING 7 TROUBLESHOOTING ADVICE 10 TELECOM MOBILE CHECKLIST FOR SITE NAME 11 Draft 1 December 2010 Due to product development specifications and pricing are subject to change without prior notice.. ABOUT ENATEL 2 OVERVIEW OF THE STREET CABINET 3 GETTING CONNECTED WITH SM3XCONF IG -IF YOU NEED SM3XCONF IG ON YOUR LAPT OP 3 CHARGING OF STANDBY BATTERIES ................. Pictures may be representative............................................ along with our talented team.................................... networking................... Our knowledge and experience of the global marketplace............. ............................................ enable us to create power supply solutions that meet each customer’s unique specifications..................Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet ABOUT ENATEL We are specialists in the design and manufacture of a range of standby power solutions for the telecom....................... 2 of 12 ........................ wireless and industrial markets.... Enatel’s smart power design offers intelligent solutions at an empowering price......... Errors and omissions are exempt.....

Provided the Enatel system is powered up !!! 3 of 12 . Plug in a USB to miniport USB cable. GETTING CONNECTED WITH SM3XConfig -if you need sm3xconfig on your laptop The Enatel Support CD is shipped with every system along with hard copy of the above documents. If Scan port does not find the USB port you may have to go into Control Panel\ System\ Hardware Device manager \ USB port and load the USB driver located in the Program file\ Enatel\sm3xconfiguratio\drivers folder. Once USB is connected click start scanning on the monitor page and you should see the system voltage and currents. Rest your laptop on something flat and stable.Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet OVERVIEW OF THE STREET CABINET Street Cabinet Locked closed Street Cabinet before Huawei BTS is installed Note 2 Strin gs of FIAMM Batteries are fitted Battery capacity is supplied as 3 strings standard . After installation you need to check that you can establish USB communications to the Enatel Controller. Install the setup file.

i. however over 4 hours it will provide 20% less there C4=144 or 38A for 4 hours. ALTERNATE SETTINGS for Northstar batteries – only to be used when a F IAMM battery is not available At 25C the float voltage that must be loaded into the Enatel Supervisory module for Northstar = 54.5mV/C//Cell rise in battery temperature. NSB170 require 2. The battery temperature sensor must be reading accurately and located near the centre of the battery.usually AGM sealed lead acid type Modern sealed lead acid batteries require precise voltage control from an intelligent rectifier system to maximize there performance when they are required to power the load during periods when the AC Mains is not available.29V/Cell @ 20C with -4 mV/Cell/C rise temperature compensation Each battery must have its C10 and C4 rate loaded if the time re main ing calcu lated screen is to be accurate.27V/Cell @ 20C with -2. there will be specified a slope by which the voltage must be varied as the battery temperature changes. This minimizes overcharge at high temperature and in creases the battery capacity at low temperatures. STANDARD F IAMM and Alternative Northstar Battery charge settings Enatel Supervisory software needs to have the float voltage parameter entered for 25C so the CK shelter as supplied with a F IAMM Battery has the float voltage set to 54. The values stated on the front label are the best ones to use. 4 of 12 .48V (2. Each battery can have different manufacturing values because each manufacturer feels a different combination is valid.2 Vo lts with temperature compensation slope of -2. In the manufactures application data. F IAMM UMTB160. A 180Ahr battery will deliver 18 amps for 10 hours so C10=180. FFT160.29V x24Cells) – (4 mV x 24 Cells x 5C) The Northstar float voltage is higher because they use a higher specific gravity acid and needs more compensation for temperature changes.5 mV/Cell/C rise temperature compensation Northstar NSB155. FIT180 require 2. They will be stated as a charge voltage at a certain temperature.e -4mV/C//Cell .Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet CHARGING OF STANDBY BATTERIES .

Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet EXAMPLES FROM sm3xconfig for CK Standard Cab inet FIAMM settings From config uration file 5U8(Street-Cabinet-PSC14070521-107) Rectifier Float Voltage Set point = 54. Three strings of the new F IT180’s is C10 540AHr and C5 = 460Ahr See the Northstar sectio n for how to load the correct values.2 V Temperature Compensation slope = -2.5mV/ C/ Cell FIAMM Battery capacity = 480Ahr INSTALLER MUST Check and correct this setting if necessary Note 3 strings of the old UMTB160 is 480 Ahr. 5 of 12 .

Battery Capacity for 3 strings of NSB170 C10 = 3 x 170 = 510 Ahr less if only two strings C5 = 440 Ahr le ss because of the faster discharge being less efficient 6 of 12 . To write the new number into the controlers memory you must log in as customer. Temperature Compensation Slope = -4 mV/ C/ Cell Make sure the temperature sensor is indeed positioned near the centre of the battery and is not still coiled up in the rectifiers hot exhaust air stream.Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet CHANGES requ ired in sm3xcon fig if Northstar b attery is installed Rectifier Float Voltage Set point = 54. You must be authorized to get this password from Telkom Mobile or CK.48 V Charging at 54 volts as per Battery technologies rectifier setting turns a Northstar 170Ahr battery into a 150 Ahr as it is undercharged When you change the float voltage setting. the numbers will go red and a “W” will appear alongside.

you can see what conditions create each alarm. Relay 1 Relay 2 com no com no com no Pin 7 Pin 6 Pin 5 Pin 4 Pin 3 Pin 2 Pin 1 Orange Black Red Green Yellow Blue(Brown) Brown(White) com nc Pin 8 Gray(Blue) Battery Integrity Battery Low Relay 3 Relay 4 Rectifier System Fail Rectifier Module Fail When there’s no alarms.Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet ALARM MAPPINGS to RELAY S By clicking of each of the four rela ys in the Relay/Output Logic view of sm3xconfig. Beware the actual configuration is always the latest one and copie s on your hard disk could be out of date. Remember the live configuration in the Supervisory module is always the current version. Mains fail Rela y 4 = A recti fie r m od ule h as fail e ALARM TESTING Alarm wiring needs to be tested end to end by simulating the approriate alarm condition and checking the site and alarm name are correct at the alarm monitoring centre. Here are the alarm connection details. bu zz the relay’s: Beep No Beep No Beep 7 of 12 No Beep .e. See example for Rela y 1 below Summary Relay 1 = Battery Integrity = Battery Temperature high OR Battery Temperature sensor faulty ( disconnect to test ) Relay 2 = Battery Low = Battery below Low Float volts setpoint Relay 3 = All Rectifiers failed i. To see what alarms in the Supervisory module are extended please look at the Relay/ Output Logic with sm3xconfig connected to the site you are working at.

Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet RJ45 Jack to SAM (Inala system) Pin 1 Pin 8 Alarm Descriptions Your/Label Description Program Description Gate Relay No. Battery Temperature High OR Battery Temperature Fault - Battery Low Low F loat (Bus 1) - 2 Rectifier Syst em Fail Rectifier Module F ail All Rect ifier F ail Rectifier Non Urgent - 3 4 D C Fan O n Battery Temperature High AC Phas e 1 Lost /All Rectifier Fail OR - D C Light On AC Phas e 2 Lost /All Rectifier Fail AC Phas e 3 Lost /All Rectifier Fail OR - - Battery Integrity 1 .

You can raise the low float alarm bus 1 set point to above the present bus voltage while the battery is discharging to test that battery low Relay2 is working correctly provided you put it back to the original setting afterwards.Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet The Battery Low Alarm signals that the battery has discharged deeply. LVD Set point is below the alarm values. It is triggered by the bus voltage dropping below the Low Float Volts Alarm Bus 1 Set point.60 volts like below it means the battery is in the last third of its discharge and you can expect the site to run for half the time the AC Mains has presently been out before the LVD disconnect at 43V occurs. Typically when the low volts alarm is set at 45. 9 of 12 .

“Is the DC polarity of the battery and load correct. Most parts are modular and can be replaced. It is common for modules to be returned and checked as no fault found when a single AC phase is lost for long periods. If one or more modules are showing failed and others are going check that all three AC phases are present before returning the supposed modules for repair. Battery Low can initiate an operational callout where a portable generator is towed to the site and provides emergency AC power until the mains is restored. Always carry a spare RM2048XP in your vehicle when going to a Rectifier failed maintenance check. If the site has been running fine for a long time usually only one relatively simple problem exists and the symptoms will lead you to the cause. Sometimes several equipment specialists need to be co-ordinated during commissioning. This is a waste of time for all involved in the repair process.Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet TROUBLESHOOTING ADVICE There are two types of troubleshooting and each needs a different approach. The second type is when the system has run correctly for some time and develops a fault. but the person who has the best understanding of the systems that interact. Red lights mean Urgent Alarm module malfunction. It is a team effort to get a BT S site going. Restore AC power to get the site going again. allow a minute and then plug it back in. push module in correctly. 10 of 12 . Should the rectifiers all be shutdown then try the same and look for some interference on the DC bar. Most of the major checks are. If the battery voltage is very low belo w 43Volts the rectifiers will not be charging the battery because they have no AC Mains and the LVD has tripped. 3) If module has a non argent alarm on the module and not on the SM32 .” The alarms can how ever be quite time consuming if they do not work first time. Other trouble shooting tips from CK Maintenance Manager 1) Logic error. The first is commissioning when no part of the system can be assumed to be wired or operating correctly. If a rectifier has shutdown due to high DC volts it may recover by unplugging it. In this scenario one must convince themselves that something quite fundamentally simple has happened. check I/O board 2) For unusual high/low temperature readings check that the temperature sensors is in the correct place. Orange Light means Non Urgent Ala rm symptom may go away Green Light is all go When alarms are up more detailed information on the type of alarm is available via the front panel or On your laptop. This requires a commissioning engineer who can understand the interfacing between the various parts of the plant and can check wiring then simulate alarms to test the end to end connections.

Telkom Mobile Street Cabinet Configuration Booklet TELECOM MOBILE Checklist fo r Site Name Step N umber Description Comment 11 of 12 Pass/F ail .

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