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Naturalistic observation

Naturalistic observation is a research method commonly used by psychologists

and other social scientists. This technique involves observing subjects in their
natural environment without any manipulation by the observer. During
naturalistic observation researchers take great care to avoid unduly affect the
subject's behaviour. Naturalistic observation involves looking at a subjects
behaviour as it occurs in its natural setting. Naturalistic observation as a
research tool comes with both advantages and disadvantages that impact its



1. Natural Behaviours
When there is no effect on the
behaviours of the subject, the data
collected is much more correct.
Humans or animals shows their true
feelings, reactions, and behaviours
when they are in natural settings.
2. Aids In Research Validation
Naturalistic observation is used to
validate results from experiments that
have already been done. They help to
confirm or disprove this data because
it gives a truly accurate account of

1. Outside Influences
When conduction a naturalistic
observation you have almost no
control over the influences around you
subject. These interferences could
easily impact the results of the test
and render it useless.
2. Difference of Opinion
Everyone looks at things different, and
this includes researchers and
scientists. Two people can observe the
same subject do the same exact
thing, and yet they may draw two
very different conclusions from the
actions or behaviors. This bias is the
biggest things that critics of
naturalistic observations argue.
3. Difficult To Keep It Natural
As you would imagine, it can be
difficult to conduct an examination or
experiment on a person without their
knowing. You would often have to be
at such a distance that you may not
get the full scope of what is
happening or the behaviors that are
being exhibited.

3. Puts Thing In Real World View

Tests can be conducted in a real world
setting. This makes the answers that
are obtained much more relevant to
the hypothesiss impact in true, real
life settings. This is a type of view that
is much more difficult, or nearly
impossible, to get with other types of
experiments and observations that
can be done.
4. Allows You To Study Unethical
There are many things that need to be
studied in depth in order for us to
understand them better. However, not
all circumstances are fit for throwing
people into a scientific study of their
behaviors or emotions. One good
example of this would be the effects

4. Can Take A Long Time

In order to draw true results, you have
to observe the same subject doing the
same thing for a long period of time.
This shows you what the true data
and results of the experiment are.
Some naturalistic observations can
last months or even years to

that school shootings have on

students at the school. Naturalistic
observation allows researchers to
gather valuable data, without
interrupting the emotional well being
of the subject.