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Stretch nylon gloves, worn at night, help keep the hands warm.

Better yet, keep your

arms and hands under the covers at night.
Deep breathing exercises out-of-doors helps those with RA.
Alternating hot and cold baths help. Give 6 minutes for the hot and 4 minutes for the
cold, to increase blood flow to the area. The healing is in the blood.
Aloe vera gel helps relieve pain.
See "Arthritis" for much more information.
Also see the author's book, Arthritis and Rheumatism (see order sheet), detailing the findings of 63
research studies on various arthritic and rheumatic conditions.
Also see "Arthritis1; Rheumatoid Gout."
ENCOURAGEMENTBy His life and His death, Christ proved that God's justice did not destroy His
mercy; but that sin could be forgiven, that the law is righteous, and, with Christ's help, can be perfectly


GENERALAbsolute rest in bed. Abstinence from all solid food for a few days, allowing only ripe
fruits, fruit juices, well-dextrinized (well-cooked) cereals, and malted foods. Avoid meats, animal
broths, beef tea or extracts, eggs, oysters, cheese, and all foods rich in proteins.
COMBAT INFLAMMATORY PROCESS IN JOINTSSecure active cutaneous circulation by Hot
Blanket Pack and Sweating Wet Sheet Pack; hot Fomentations to the joints, followed by Heating
Compress. Keep him sweating until acute pain ceases and temperature falls.
MENINGESby promoting activity of the skin and kidneys, the building up the general vital
resistance, and by carefully administered cold applications. The Hot Blanket Pack, Hot Enemas, Hot
Trunk Pack, following each hot application by Cold Mitten Friction. Administered carefully to all
portions of the body that are free from local inflammation.

ENCOURAGE ELIMINATIONThe prolonged sweating bath - given by means of the Hot Blanket
Pack - should be continued for several hours, and is a most valuable measure. He should not be taken out
of the pack suddenly, but gradually; Cold Mitten Friction being applied to each part until good reaction
occurs before uncovering another portion. After rubbing, the surface should be carefully protected by
flannel blankets. Free water drinking and large Enema twice daily.
PAINS IN JOINTSHot Blanket Pack followed by dry wrapping (Dry Pack); Fomentation to joints,
repeated every 2 hours; during the interval in between, a well-protected Heating Compress applied as
soon as the Fomentation is removed. Smear joints with Vaseline daily.
FEVERHot Blanket Pack continued to full sweating, followed by a Sweating Wet Sheet Pack that is
prolonged for several hours is the best means of lowering the temperature. When the temperature is very
high, the Neutral Bath, at 920-950 F., may be employed. Ice Compress to head and neck. Cold Mitten
Friction or Cold Towel Rub may be given after the Sweating Wet Sheet Pack or the Hot Blanket Pack, 23 times daily.
PROFUSE PERSPIRATIONDo not check during the early stage; simply wipe him with a dry cloth.
If the temperature is very high (1040-1050 F.), the Graduated Bath may be given; the temperature should
not be lowered below 850 F. As the temperature is lowered, he should be rubbed with sufficient vigor, to
prevent chill. The Cool Enema may also be used in connection with the Fomentation to the back. Be
careful not to check perspiration suddenly, nor at all until acute symptoms (of pain, high temperature,
etc.) subside.
DURING CONVALESCENCEEncourage blood making by Graduated Cold Baths, especially Cold
Mitten Friction.


Prevent it by Ice Cap, Cold Mitten Friction at 500-400 F., or Cold Towel Rub at 600-500 F., 2-3 times a
day, when temperature rises above 101.50 F. May precede cold application by very Hot Sponging. (2)
Combat it when temperature rises above 101.50 F. by Cold Mitten Friction at 600 F., given every 2 hours
and continuing until temperature falls to 1010 F. Continue application to each part until reddened, so as
to prevent retrostasis. Graduated Baths (1020-850 F.) may be resorted to in obstinate cases, also the Cool
Enema. In all cases apply Ice Cap and Ice Collar, to offset cerebral congestion and coma.
Fomentation (and it should not be very hot) should be applied over the heart for half a minute at
intervals of 1 hour. This should be followed by the Ice bag or Cold Compress above the heart.
CEREBRAL RHEUMATISMIce to head; Prolonged Neutral Baths at 920 F.; Colonics at 800 F., 3
times a day; ice to head and neck; Cooling Wet Sheet Pack; Sweating Wet Sheet Pack, repeating 2-3
times a day.