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Merchandise Planning Controller

Job Description

To design and implement a merchandise planning structure, enable transparency in stock control,
allocation and delivery in a timely process; ensures that all Brand Partners strategies and the
Companys trading strategy are complied with..
1. Designs and implements a merchandise planning process and procedure; implements the stock
flow process which incorporates and interprets the Brand Partners strategies in order to deliver
and preserve the brand identity within the particular Retail Group.
2. 2. Incorporates Profit Planning Strategy for each brand with various profit parameters.
3. Implements a distribution/ allocation strategy, taking into account the detailed buy plan for
each merchandise division and the brands within it and based on the Business Plan and the
seasonal cycle rolling forecast.
4. Designs and implements a merchandise financial calendar to incorporate, 18 month rolling
forecast, 12 agreed plan, pre-seasonal plan review and reforecast. Season, quarter, and monthly
5. Produce an annual, seasonal and monthly product capex forecast and review with merchandise
controller and CFO.
6. Exchange key market information with each brand partner on the market level of acceptance
of new fashion garments and trends acknowledging the need for setting trends in the local market
in order to maintain and increase market share of fashion garments in KSA in line with market
7. Ensure the effective distribution/ allocation of merchandise of the right product, right market
and right quantity in time for the seasonal merchandise launches in line with brand partner
guidelines through affective process management and implementation within the Retail Group
and through the Divisional Merchandise teams.
8. Optimize the assortment of Fashion Garments for each brand in terms of size ratios, top and
bottom ratios and colour combinations (mix and match offering) in order to expose the customer
to the full selection of assortment of garments in the store, assisting in achieving all promotional
9. Comply with the stock turn parameters for each brand in order to benchmark against industry
standards and best practice and take the necessary action to improve stock turn performance

10. Ensure the markdown targets are minimised in order to maximize profitability
11. Optimize the utilization of Human Resources in the Department through ongoing coaching,
performance appraisals, training and development and motivation in order to maximize
productivity in line with departmental succession plan.
12. Utilize the procurement MIS system in order to submit regular MIS reports to management
for decision making.
13. Assist commercial Retail Groups , Divisions and Brands Partners in translation of
merchandise financial plans into product procurement plans, range and space plans.
14. Implement planning structure to ensure highest productivity with minimum headcount, initial
proposal 3 divisional planners.
15. Manages the Merchandising and Procurement function for a) Pre Season b) In season and c)
Post season analysis for each Fashion Retail brand