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Book Review 3: The Making of A Leader

Dr. J. Robert Clinton

Submitted to Dr. David Nemitz

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of

LEAD 510-B01
Biblical Foundations of Leadership

By Noe Rodriguez
July 8, 2016

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Concrete Response 3
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The Author Robert Clinton gives insight in his book on leaders or leaders that are
emerging, a necessity for this leaders is what the author calls a road map in order to go or be
directed to Gods will, the main reason for this road map is in order that this leaders can
understand where they have been gifted.1 As Christians it is a life time process there is no
difference for a leader this takes hard word and time God uses many different things in which he
molds leaders, but the author mentions that there are some developing factors in order for growth
to be produce in leaders.
There are about six things that the author mentions, and they are Foundations, the life growth
within, the maturity of ministry, Maturity of Life, Convergence, the last is Afterglow.2 This can
serve as a guide in order to observe the growth of the leader and the Lords work within their
lives, for example the first phase can be seen when the person is chosen as a leader by God
because it is God who chooses his servants so it is the beginning in which God starts to build the
leader in order for that to happen there must be a solid foundation in which the Particular leader
can grow, and have a developmental stage. The next step is where the leader can develop the
correct character, the book can help young leaders and old alike the steps that are divulged by the
author will allow Leaders to understand how to get where they need to be and most importantly
how to get there. Becoming a leader will not happen overnight especially a Godly one with a
Godly character it takes hard work and determination and most of all obedience to God.

1 Robert J. Clinton. The Making of a Leader, Colorado Springs, Colorado: NavPress 2012. 21.
2 Ibid 37.

Concrete Response
When I was an interim pastor for a church that had no lead pastor I was challenged in a way that
I can still remember today. I was asked by the board to preach only on certain topics in which I
responded that if I was going to help them I would have to preach what the Lord would give to
me; I would not preach only on certain topics because that is not what God had called me to do.
The Board stated to me if you do what we tell you will give you an extra bonus for
helping us, my wife and I were not doing very well financially I was very tempted at the
proposition I was young and didnt really have much experience, this was one of my first jobs in
pastoring however, I felt that this was not a correct thing to do no matter if I got fired, and so I
know now I should have handled this differently but that Sunday I stood before the congregation
and told them that I was very sorry but I could not continue to help them anymore.
The problem was I did not tell them why, I just left, and that turned out to be a very
difficult experience, because I never really told them the truth of why I was leaving, and I had no
idea if they ever found out or not. I went to help a friend of mine that was a pastor in the Dallas,
Texas area at the time, but I felt really sad for a very long time I felt that in some ways I had let
that church down not only by leaving but because I really never told them the real reason. Today
I understand that my character was still developing, that my anger fogged my judgment in how
to deal with the situation, and I ran from the problem.


For any church Leadership is of crucial importance when the Clinton describes his stages
of leadership he uses the word convergence3, however he also uses maturity, the word
convergence can mean many things, such as a butterfly when it is growing wings, so I would
have liked to see a better explanation of the word convergence.
This book is for those that are in leadership there should never be stones left unturned, a person
that is coming into leadership may get a mix message about this particular word because I am
doing my academics I try to make sure and see all angles of what I am reading, however
someone that picks the book just to get better knowledge can have a problem with this word.
Even so The Author Uses the word convergence as when God matches the leader to his
particular role and gift however not every leader will experience this phase at the same time
some may never experience this phase it all depends on where the maturity of the leader is so I
would be hard press to say this is when this happens, because individuals are so very different be
it Christian leaders or not. I really dont see how some will experience this or not, only God can
have determined how a leader is used to its full potential, I can understand some of this
leadership structure is important, however the author cannot assume to know how God will use a
leader, and when his full potential will come into fruition, I dont agree with this it is only God
who can determine that time, and If God calls us the Bible mentions that his gifts and calling are
irrevocable.4 This are my thoughts on this part of the material that Clinton wrote leaders will
always keep growing because as Christians it is a lifelong process we cannot reach a point where
we can say we have arrived not until we get to heaven.

3 Ibid 38.
4 Romans 11:29 NKJV

This book helps me understand that as a Leader and Pastor I have to guide those around
me to grow to their full potential, my main goal after reading this book is to train more efficiently
all my staff from our childrens minister to our worship leader, and gauge every six month to see
where their growth is.
I am not just going to do this with my leaders but I am also going to implement this
learning process on myself. If my leaders are doing well and reaching their goals in where they
want to be with Christ, then they can in turn be more effective with the people they are also
ministering too. God has called us to a ministry of reconciliation and that is what we have here
we have people that are coming into our ministry that need to be lead in the love of Christ, and I
want our staff to be in a position where they are able to do this without hindrance.
I would like to see growth in our ministry in two different but important area in the area
of begin an example to new comers. The second is taking initiative without begin asked these
two things are where some of our people are really needing guidance in, our leaders are doing
their best but we want to do better than our best, because at the Heart of God we want to see
transformation. And I want our leaders to feel that divine affirmation from God I think it will be
like almost a second wind to them, There is no reason why our leaders cannot reach their full
potential, but I have to guide them and give the challenges that help the grow as well I am giving
myself till January 2017 to see how much this new plan has changed our leaders, there is no
doubt in my mind that if this is working, then we will start to see it in the congregation, we love
our people, as leaders we need to guide them into what God has called them to be, and the only
way we can do that is if they see our example. Therefore, the goal is that by January 2017 I want
to see at least 3 leaders emerge from our congregation through seeing the change in our staff and

myself. I pray that God will guide and help me through this time, and that this may be a time of
sowing and reaping.


Clinton, Robert J. The Making of a Leader: Recognizing the Lessons and Stages of
Leadership Development 2nd ed (Colorado Springs, CO: Navpress, 2012).