Hello Dear Amateur Radio Friends (receive an movie – 4,6 Mb – showing almost everything from my home sending an e-mail to me with

subject “WRTC PY2NY”. An automated reply will be sent for you with movie).

WRTC 2006 is coming and all Brazilian hams are doing their best to receive all of you very well here. I will be at Friedrichshafen this year to invite everybody. One of our goals will be having not only competitors but ham-tourist as well. Anyway, this message is specially directed to those friends that will try to be here running at competition, remembering that I’m not an Official at WRTC2006 Committee. But I would to invite you coming here at my house and use my station during next IARU 2005 Contest, just to feel something about propagation conditions not so far from Santa Catarina (2h30 flight). We are living in Jaboticabal (GG-58-UR), a 60.000 inhabitants city, 45 minutes from Ribeirao Preto, where is the nearest Airport, linking Sao Paulo with 50 minutes flight. How you can see, will be easy to take you at Airport and give you all support at transportation. Our house is a very common type, and our lot is 12 x 30 meters space, with just one self supported tower. We can receive 3 to 4 friends at hour home (two bedrooms x 4 people x 1 guest bathroom) or even more at close hotel (US$ 17 by night); I prefer to receive you at my home, for sure. Of course, the station isn’t exactly what you expect or like to use, but similar to WRTC 2006 stations, and be sure that would be a pleasure to us have you here, just because all of you had your arms opened for us at last eight years, during PU2VYT and PY2NY travels or specially on radio operations. My wife and me have no children, just a little poodle dog, and we can understand English, Spanish and Italian very well, we like a lot about World History and Politics, and Ana PU2VYT like to spend some time at kitchen. We like good wines too, and we still need to finish a lot of bottles of Brazilian wines together with our

friends, including you hi hi hi; remember that the language isn’t a problem for amateur radio operator!! Well, let’s talk about this station: Tower: Self supported, 22 meters high. Steel Pole, 5 meters high. Antennas: @20m AlphaDelta DXA 1/4 Sloper 80/160 band. @22m KLM KT-34-XA six elements 10-15-20 yagi. @25m CushCraft 40-2CD two elements 40 meters band. @5m CushCraft R7 vertical 10-40 meters band. Feedline: 7/8 inch hardline to yagis Rotator: Yaesu G-1000-SDX Radios: Yaesu FT-1000-MP-MKV-field (all filters installed) to Yagis and slopers. Yaesu FT-1000-MP (only CW 500hz filter installed) to vertical. Internet/Computers: Two Toshiba notebooks available, A75-S206 and Satellite 1805S with Windows XP; internet home Wi-Fi available, you need to make network configuration and software installation (WL, NA, CT, TR or anything you want). Devices: Alpha 91B amplifier is working usually at 700 w output; MFJ 1.5 kW antenna tuner between amplifier and antennas. Automatic Switch will be changed soon by MicroHam, but now is working with Ameritron RCS-4 and you can change antennas from shack, manually. Best bands: 20 and 40 meters, working really nice. Little problems: SWR at 15 around 2:0 and 10 meters erratic, some times. Average 2:0 SWR at 80 meters, but not good to me there; maybe an inverted Vee can do better. Thank you so much and even if not possible for you, please be yourself welcome all the time here. Just call us 2 or 3 days before and we will take you at Ribeirao Preto, land of the best “chopp” (pressure beer) in Brazil. Best 73 and DX… If you need to call me, my home telephone is (16) 32033039; work (16) 32021888 or 32020011; cell phone (16) 97854218. Vitor & Ana (qrz.com)