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Acts 29: continuing where Luke left off some questions for reflection.

Acts finishes in such an abrupt way. Why do you think Luke finishes like this? How would you
have finished the book of Acts?
Do you think Luke planned to write more about Pauls life and ministry? From what you know of
Pauls life (from the epistles etc.) what do you think happened after this?
In some ways, Luke has finished his task of showing the expansion of the church from a small
group of Galilean disciples to Jerusalem, through Judea and Samaria, being embraced by Gentiles
from across the Roman Empire until reaching Rome itself.
If Luke hadnt stopped his story here, where could he have stopped?
That was Lukes task documenting the expansion of the church. But is the task God has given his
church finished? When will it be finished?
We can think of Acts 29 as the ongoing story being written about the expansion of the church.
What do you think of that concept?
What do you think about us being part of Acts 29? (Maybe were actually up to chapter 42,376
rather than 29, but you get the idea) Does that excite you? Frighten you? Inspire you?
In what ways be practical! do you think we can be part of Acts 29? As a church? As an
Acts is the story of the expansion of the church but very much also the story of the Holy Spirit at
work through his people. Acts 29 will only be written by those who are part of that story too. What
does it mean (practically) to be full / filled with the Holy Spirit? What other words could you use /
how can you describe what this means?
What do you think will help you / us to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit as at that time? As an
individual? As a church? How can we help one another to be filled (and remain full!) of the Holy
What have you learned from our journey through the book of Acts? What are the three most
important things that stand out to you from this?
Pray for one another, that each of us can see our names written in the ongoing work of Acts 29.

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